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  1. its got the same engines too so...1CGS pretty please with flowers on top?
  2. along with a new engine came more complex aircraft and systems. The 111 is currently a huge aircraft for this game. As you can see the "Scale" of IL2 GB is much smaller. the devs have mentioned that the B17 in current engine will be a huge performance hit. In addition, designing the B17 will take the length of making 4-5 aircraft imagine. So unless the engine sees another massive optimization then the B17 is still very far from being a possibilty
  3. the only time the issue of overpower comes into question is up against the bombers. The 262 will come in and out faster than the current AI can react or comprehend in which the red planes can still counter this by doing their classic pitch evasive maneuvers. I think most of the fear surrounding the 262 being entirely in a league of its own and will just blow everybody out of the water is unrealistic. Let's be real, most of this fear stems from the fighter pilots and let's also be real, you'll be fine. Unless the 262 is flying fast (and therefore detracting its ability to maneuver) anything above the 262 can and should have a good chance to catch it especially the American planes. Other than that just out turn the 262. Sure he'll catch on to where you may be turning after awhile but at that point that's your fault. It's the usual "keep your moves unpredictable" solution and the 262 is not much different from dealing with any other Blue. We all know he's gonna be BnZing.
  4. It will be fine. Many servers will limit the 262s presence in their servers since the 262 is just so late war. The only server that makes sense at the moment is Combat Box and even then I reckon it's presence there will be rather limited. In the meantime, the Reds can continue to slice 111s and 88s in their single passes on any server with any fighter while the Blues have to contend with the Pe2s and A20s which are both agile and tough and have supreme marksmanship. No, the 262 will be fine, if anything, it can finally act as a nice counterbalance to the one-sided bomber killing ability that is currently favoring reds.
  5. I dont think thats true. I distinctly recall reading books where 111 pilots bombed Moscow very low and the B29s bombing Tokyo also bombed very low
  6. Even if the TAW devs refuse to lower the timer of despawning or if they don't render the act illegal, I want to convey that the current 15 seconds offered still provides ample time for one to despawn and therefore not get killed. In order for the enemy to kill the parachute he has to turn back after shooting you down and then fly to you, all in all, that will usually take 15+ seconds. Now if he had a buddy coming to do a follow up "clean up" (I wouldn't even know why you'd need to do that) but that guy still has to determine WHEN you actually jump out and that's a guessing game in it's own. On a multicrew A/C, the enemy's chances of killing the pilot are further reduced because he needs to guess who are the Gunners and who's the pilot. Although PK is generally frowned upon, that's all it is, something frowned upon but totally allowed. As for the guy getting shot down, and I know you are probably guilty of this, but after you parachute just don't linger around and "spycam" where the enemy is now headed or w.e. as long as you linger you are still in danger. That's on you. Finish Mission ASAP, that's really the best you can do for yourself in that situation. Minimize the time he has to be put guns on you
  7. Got 4 buildings in the kill log but sortie still ended up as 0 GK?
  8. After 3k, your chances of being hit drops quite a bit. Only the heavy caliber AA guns can shoot above 3k. However, this does not mean you won't be hit. The chances are simply smaller. You getting hit by one lucky shot doesn't mean "you can't level bomb at 5k" until many others start having the same experiences. It sounds like you did everything possible to minimize your chances of being hit but that's all that does. Minimizes the threat, never eliminating it.
  9. Will there be list of changes since last campaign? p.s really looking forward to next TAW
  10. Probably how I will be using the 262 most of the time when it comes out
  11. shit this looks so sick, could i ask you for the source file?
  12. If this was on the DDay mission, then chances are you had just finished combat over Gold Beach and are now running away trying to RTB back to Hardjie Bie using your radio beacon. You've lined yourself up, you see an AF in front of you and deduced "surely that must be it" and "landed." Except kill log says you were shot down and DITCHED. How come?? Until you realize you may have just landed at the German AF objective (Grid 806)...NOT Hardjie Bie (Grid 0905) which, at a faint glance, bare a few similarities: Open fields, roughly same position, close flight times to/from Target area... Note how both AFs (objective and spawn AF) align almost on the same vector if you are returning from Gold (Grid 507-ish). All this may have happened to me the other night.
  13. Correct, Idk if this is some TAW mechanic but the AA trucks and regular trucks do not render until you are very close. From up above, convoys often look sparse and unlike their actual conditions
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