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  1. =KG76=flyus747

    Armament and equipment

    Brief description: Audio error on the He111H16 top gunner position Detailed description, conditions: The H16 has no open-able canopy on its top turret like the H6 does, yet on the H16 when you switch to top turret position, you still hear the turret "open" like it would on the H6. On the top turret of the H16, you can also still hear the "swinging" gun platform from the H6. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): video linked below. 1st 111 is the H6, 2nd is the H16. turn up volume to max.
  2. =KG76=flyus747

    Tactical Air War

    Good. For what it's worth I did feel bad. I saw your stats afterwards and you haven't died in a long time, I can imagine how annoyed you were. Also, this video shows that the Pe2 came to me (and not really by his own fault, but probably some lag), I hope you can understand that after our ram I was maybe just a bit more cautious
  3. =KG76=flyus747

    Tactical Air War

    A singular event. First in the campaign. and im sure you also remember me apologizing right afterwards. Later on, I was rammed by one of the guys (a spit) from your ts3, no apologies but it seemed like he was suggesting I pulled up into him (therefore causing his ram), in which case I'd say the same to that A20. Watch the video, I think it speaks for itself, I was banking to the left under just about to clear the Pe2 when this happened.
  4. =KG76=flyus747

    Tactical Air War

    On TAW tonight, I witnessed yet another sekrit trick up the Pe2s sleeves as it slid back to cut off my tail and then scooted forward beyond the point from which he slid back. I'm sure it was just another one of those connection issues
  5. =KG76=flyus747

    12 tank kills in Heinkel

    Flown on a WOL server back in November. This was one of my favorite sorties to date. Quick and mostly smooth. The fellow 190 escorting me kept the local airspace clear enabling me to linger over target to completely wipe out the objective. If you're wondering why there's no AA, I cleared it the sortie prior. Looking forward to another year of IL2, happy new year! Sortie log: http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/3714921/?tour=41
  6. =KG76=flyus747

    Tactical Air War

    Hey man, 1)As of v3.008, the devs have implemented a new damage model (which will most likely stay) for their ground vehicles. In short, ground vehicles now have more sophisticated damage sorta like what you'd see in War Thunder. For instance, a shell wipes out the entire crew inside a T34, but from the outside there's almost no visual representation of any damage therefore for us online pilots, we simply cannot determine what is a dead tank or not. Admittedly, it's more realistic no doubt but as a game, this means players are spending precious ammo on tanks that are already "dead". This was a move that was bound to take place due to the Tank Crew DLC schedule to release 2019 I believe. 2) Scan the entire area, I'm gonna go on a limb and say you probably did not recon every inch of that circle. When spotted , the convoy will pop up in the map.
  7. =KG76=flyus747

    Level bombing help

    What alt are you bombing from? If you haven't already, go into Quick Mission, spawn yourself at 3k on NORMAL difficulty settings. This enables the HUD to display your exact alt above current area, input that alt, set up your sights ofc, and then see where you go from there. It also helps to have the bomb assists aimer enabled so you can see if you are setting your sights off. The higher the less accurate, but also the safer you are from AAA. Based off my experience, small bombs will generally have greater spread than say a 1800kg bomb but this may also just be that on smaller bombs its easier to identify where your bombs landed from 5k.
  8. =KG76=flyus747

    Tactical Air War

    +1 +1 Noticed this as well, the T34 started smoking and after suffering direct hits from my 50kg it never wanted to explode. Have this recorded if proof needed
  9. =KG76=flyus747

    Tactical Air War

    1 more week? Server says Christmas break until 25th. Accounting for the different time zones, even the West Coast is on the 25th already though.
  10. =KG76=flyus747

    Tactical Air War

    So uh... when is the server coming back online?
  11. =KG76=flyus747

    Arado AR 234 as a Collector's plane.

    I replayed 1946 again just to fly the Ar234
  12. =KG76=flyus747

    Tactical Air War

    got it now thanks
  13. =KG76=flyus747

    Tactical Air War

    Alright, so what happened here? Was in a 111 bombing Kulkin, dropped 2x1000kg and they landed pretty much where I wanted them, the targets were destroyed, yet not a single GK was registered. Is this a non-hitting AF? I checked the TAW website and confirmed that theses were definitely targets that could be destroyed yet I still ended up with no GKs. 1) 111 with 2x1000kg 2)Kulkin (Before) 3) 1st 1000kg explodes 4) 2nd 1000kg explodes but for some reason it uses the 500 or 250kg bomb explosion. Please fix this bug... 5) Kulkin (aftermath) 6)The sortie log p.s. I really wish they'd fix this bug where the same two bombs have completely different explosions. I wonder if its just a texture issue or the game really thinks I dropped a 500kg bomb
  14. =KG76=flyus747

    TFS Developer Update – Nov/Dec 2018

    Looking forward to the 111 with torpedoes!