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  1. This is very good news. Especially for bombers. The new visibility enabled them to be spotted at such insane ranges (mostly because these planes were being enlarged) that they literally stood no chance of reaching their targets let alone make it back after.
  2. Hey Jason, any word on the Repair/Rearm/Refuel being updated? Are you guys going to add newer features like change skin or loadout? Will the feature be better optimized to run on MP servers? I'd like to see this more in MP but I think many servers feel it's not where it should be and have decided to leave out this feature until it is in a better state.
  3. I think without technochat this function would be hard to use precisely. The function relies heavily on the Technochat. There's little in the way of audible or visual cues which can be case by case depending on the plane. The fuel flow rate is incredibly fast, I wanna say like 3-400 liter a second and I mean...a 109 only takes like 400 l so... You could probably rearm and still know on the German planes because they have ammo counters and bomb lights inside the cockpit, but otherwise you'd be hard-pressed to know. I'd recommend just turning on Technochat hud when at the area. AFAIK, fuel can only be notified when the plane is "on" otherwise, the fuel gauge is just inactive. The Yak is an interesting case though because it's wing gauges only starts reading after you have less than X amount.
  4. You don't need to, just drop your bomb and start firing away the moment your engine starts. To add to that, start with like 10% fuel and don't close your canopy so it can fly off (on a 109 at least). If in a Gunner position, shoot up your plane! There's so many ways you can self inflict damage, for the sake of research. I think I still have the mission files from KOTA when they still had RRR on their maps, if you're interested, PM me.
  5. Again, in its current state, I don't disagree with you, it's far more convenient to respawn than RRR, but SCG Riksen brings out a good point, with RRR, you don't risk losing your plane, you are still you.This is especially critical in a server where the plane is rare or hardcore like TAW. Your opinion isn't unfounded though, at the moment, the game has no punishment for respawn because the respawn is that RRR substitute therefore, to you, respawn is seemingly the better choice. I strongly disagree that it is too complex to add, even now, RRR is pretty intuitive, two more keys to commit to memory is a far less asking price than learning a whole new plane set. I should also note that it's not necessarily an area you need to taxi to, that was just how KOTA did it. If I set the radius of the maintenance area to 1000m you could probably be repaired anywhere inside the AF. I don't play DCS but I know they have RRR and I imagine people there must RRR more than respawn especially the campaigns they have so if you still want to know, there's another source you can ask.
  6. I'm no dev, but it is fairly obvious why RRR is preferable, maybe not in it's current state, but the vision is. After all, it's usually better to do things seamlessly in game rather than go back to a main menu. Would you rather press O to open full screen map or just have a kneeboard sized window on the side instead? I hope you see my point. I can agree with you that in it's current state, it's hardly preferable, but I hope you're not blind to it's would be benefits. To answer your question, the first reasons that come to mind regarding RRR are immersion, faster (well, it should be...), and not wanting to use outdated mechanics, but idk why they decided to add this in it's current state, maybe you should ask them. Many IL2 players come from WT, and one of the most common questions we get (after they land) is "how do I rearm, repair?" To which the experienced IL2 player goes "you don't, you have to respawn" you know this conversation very well, as do I. It's a poor/outdated GUI design that continues to hurt the game even to this day.
  7. Here's a question, why do people choose to respawn instead of RRR? Whatever your answer is, find in it a way to instead make that the reason for RRR over Respawn. Faster, more points, etc...whatever. I'm just throwing out possible ways to do just that, if that requires incentivising then so be it. That is what we as the community can control at the mission making decision level. If the devs choose to change the way the scoring system works because of the new RRR (as they ought to alongside a few other things) then maybe there is finally reason to use RRR for those that care about their scores. The idea of placing RRR on these "Frontline AFs" is a decision made at the mission maker level, not the devs. Every server has a slightly different take on gameplay. It may turn out great who knows? No one has tried it yet and with this current RRR bug, even KOTA has removed it from their server.
  8. Hey, just found out that BubiHUN has removed RRR from KOTA because it causes server to hang and also kicked out players. I wish the devs had properly dressed down this mechanic before they pushed it out...
  9. Might as well just use a truck or hangar instead of a "fake object" I wouldn't jump to that conclusion. I heard someone mention that this was possible (somehow) in SP as well, I don't know how it works there tbh. I imagine you must have made a custom mission. It's hard to see the point of this in dogfight MP at the moment because the RRR was not properly implemented alongside the rest of the game mechanics. Many server stat sites still credit players who respawn with MORE points than those that RRR. At the moment if I did RRR and flew 3 sorties but died on my 4th I would get 0 points, but if I flew 3 successful sorties and died on my 4th, I would still have points from my first 3 sorties. Maybe if the scoring system factored that each time you landed your points were counted like some kind of a "checkpoint" then maybe it would work better, just an idea. As much as I looked forward to this feature, in the weeks leading up to the update, the devs made no news or hint regarding the addition of this feature. It was sort of just plopped out there for us to figure out and now the community can't seem to make sense of whether its a good or bad addition because the devs vision was not made clear to us. This is best highlighted in the scoring system I pointed out above. Why even let us RRR when respawning is faster and scores more points lol it just makes no sense. Now...hypothetically speaking, what if those that RRR got 2x the points than those that respawned did, now would that incentivize some to rethink not using RRR? Perhaps. As of the moment, there just is not as much incentive to RRR than to respawn which is why you see servers like KOTA attempt to counter this with a 3min timer. The devs need to incentivize the RRR so that there's more reason, strategically, for the players to WANT to come back, taxi to the service area, get serviced, and return to battle THAN...evade all this new feature has to offer and just vaporize into thin air and reappear as a brand new Bf109 from the factory. This is controlled by the mission maker. In KOTA, the service area truck can be destroyed thus effectively closing that AF's ability to service planes there. Pilots will then be forced to either land and wait 3min timer or divert to new airfield and get serviced there. Apologies, thanks for adding this...I did not mean to leave our fellow Tank Crew and Flying Circus brethren out. I simply do not own those at the moment 😁 Are there any notable differences in services offered at the service areas? To be correct, it seems only KOTA has made the service areas appear universally the same. Other servers may choose to portray these areas differently. No problem mate, glad to hear it helped you.
  10. That's because of that thingy they have called the Pe2. Legendary in speed, agility, armor, defenses. The Blues? A huge slow 111 that's got laughable defense and the 88 which is just as weak, but faster. You can see why reds love their bombers.
  11. Babushka's shopping list?? That goes on your monitor!
  12. You need to press START, after loading and when the map appears, setup your P-38J-25. It'll be the third tab. Okay does anyone else think they really dropped the ball on not letting us be able to choose from multiple photos? There should just be a folder in the game directory where you can drop all the photos and when in-game just select which photo you want in your plane. The menu in the loadout screen almost suggests that's how it should work.
  13. It was just updated to contain some basic editor info like how to add and enable. If anyone has questions, feel free to ask
  14. Service Areas are where you can RRR. What this aims to do is remove the need for players to ever hit Esc and FINISH MISSION unless they want to switch sides or planes. This essentially means you can fly the same life the entire mission without ever having to despawn. Where to park is something the server should have marked in-game via smoke or placed a marker on the map, if not, there is simply no other way to know if one is in a Service Area. This is just how KOTA is handling it. They've marked a spot on the map and you spawn on the West side and taxi to the East side of the AF. Other servers may choose different. That is correct. Based off my own experiments, I could RRR anywhere I placed the object. That doesn't sound right. I imagine servers keeping these stats will have to refine how points are logged. Imo, players should be incentivized to RRR rather than respawn unless respawn is they need to switch planes or sides.
  15. You place any object with this feature, go to advanced properties and the options can be checked in the middle of the pop-up window. I've reeditted my orignal post to include what I'm talking about, apologies for the delay. I haven't tested this out, but yesterday someone explained that the RRR also works in SP. I reckon this means you only in custom missions not ones in Career Mode which would probably require the devs to make a complete overhaul on each mission Understood, thanks for that. Post updated to reflect this.
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