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  1. How's your opinions about the edition??? The thing is, TAW needs big changes if it’s going to survive long term. We’ve had more or less the same TAW since at least late 2018. It's got to keep up with the times man. Back in 2016 when it came out, the idea was still new and cool, but 4-5 years later and we're still here playing the same TAW, players are left wanting more. And it needs to evolve not just for the sake of change, but because it's never lived up to its full potential. Disclaimer: I did not participate in TAW XXIV Western Front (Jan-Feb 2021). My last was TAW XXIII
  2. Would be nice if some of the oil tankers could have secondary explosions
  3. The aim of this post is to bring about mechanic/features which will shift the culture and tendency of players (on both sides) in TAW towards that of cooperation and teamwork. This post is broken into two parts. A. Short Term Issues (most immediate) B. Long Term Issues A. Short Term Issues These are issues that absolutely need to be addressed before the start of the next season. Most of them have already been covered by a few users. If you have not already done so, I highly recommend reading their posts (#1 and #2) in thei
  4. While a disparity certainly exists in playtime and number of players registered per side, that only tells half the story. Is there data that can illustrate the average quality of players on both sides because I don't know how that can be measured. Definitely not by killstreak that's for sure. I think that was what ensured Red victory in this campaign. What they lacked in numbers they more than made up for in quality/competency. While it is true that on average, there were more Blues than Reds etc... I know my personal experience was very much the opposite of this because of the hou
  5. If only the 109s and fockes could do something about that, wouldn’t that be nice?
  6. Imagine if the reds win this map because of the tanks. Pushed to a corner with an untouchable AF actually checkmate blues. Blue tanks spawn at a 2:1 ratio as they launch their attacks from multiple directions but this is proving to be its achilles heel as it now means reds have the means to destroy blue tanks at this 2:1 ratio. Of course, much of these problems could be mitigated if only the blues invested time and effort to supply Maikop, instead of wandering the ends of the world with their 109s and fockes.
  7. The top gunner position of the H-16 sounds really loud ( like wind blowing in my face). Is it still using the H-6's audio files when its top canopy is open? All positions in the H-16 are enclosed so the engine and ambient air sounds should all sound a little softer. Also, is there a way to lower the gunner's breathing sound? It's especially noticeable at higher altitudes above 4km. Is it more audible because the player is now wearing an oxygen mask? And when will the bomber crews get remakes?
  8. Are the German bombers going to get separate crew models? Meanwhile the fighters get....
  9. I noticed that the new German pilot model has One with the oxygen mask and one without. Will the New German pilot automatically put on his oxygen mask once he reaches a certain altitude?
  10. Regarding the A-stand... This is the A stand on an H6 in IL2. You cannot really tell but I have it with the default MG15. Now this is the A-stand for (most likely an early) Heinkel. Look closely and you'll notice that the 'bulge' is more apparent on this gondola. This is the Ikaria GD-A 1114 aka the one that can rotate because the gun mount area looks just like the one in your video. This Ikaria gondola is mentioned numerous times in the book He-111 in Action by George Punka. I've included few segments from that book to illustrate my point.
  11. It should also be mentioned that the Heinkel in game is missing the tail MG17 that is controlled by the dorsal turret.
  12. anyone been getting disconnected a lot lately? Cannot complete a single sortie. I tried WOL and could play for hours with no issue.
  13. The numbers provided were extracted from v4.005d (most recent version) of the game. I don't know if practicing in game is an accurate source. Variations in testing may have been possible due to inconsistent testing factors thus making the SC1000 seem more destructive than the 1800 or 2500. Yes, I think you are right. I looked at older versions of the game (v3.012) and these lines remain "//" out. Maybe its dead lines from the RoF times? Who knows. Yeah it's weird how those two are nearly identical in terms of blast radius. I have heard the amount of TNT packed in th
  14. The document this photo comes from Terminal Ballistics Data, Volume III, Bombs, Artillery, Mortar Fire & Rockets (1944) makes sure to actually explain the targets they tested on to achieve these results. Since this is before the bombing of Japan, the document notes they don’t currently have data on Japanese targets (which are different construction than Germans). It notes that the results from this document (including the photo) were tested against ‘Typical German Load Bearing Walls’ and that effects “may be up to 5x greater” against “Japanese soft targets.” ^ the photo
  15. ever so slightly yes. FAB250 has 75.4 FAB100 has 76.4
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