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  1. Field-Ops

    DD today?

    Darn Europeans have to get the better Christmas...
  2. Field-Ops

    A question on JG51 Mölders and Stalingrad

    As far as i know they were not. Their activities were limited to the western edge of our stalingrad Moscow map. In fact there is a scripted campaign in this forum related to those activities.
  3. Field-Ops

    Det's Hangar

    The only thing that made me accept the Win10 upgrade from Win7 was the OS itself utilizes hardware more efficiently and gets more out of your CPU. So just the performance boost. For the first year I owned it the taskbar went in and out of even working. \ Glad to see you back up and running Det
  4. Field-Ops

    rendering 50 bombers

    With those kind of numbers the engine might be able to squeeze out at least that much in a combat scenario at higher altitude. Tweaks for higher numbers seems feasible too. The engine seems viable to me if the time can be dedicated to that particular type of aerial combat. I dont see why we would need a new engine already.
  5. Field-Ops

    rendering 50 bombers

    How many bombers can be on screen until things start going awry? Mission designers know?
  6. Field-Ops

    Stay alive in multiplayer

    I dont recommend this but you can use your 109 stabilizer to get a better pull on your opponent, even staying your turn rate with Yaks and the like. Definitely not spitfires though. I fly the 109 like I fly my 190, fast with straight line attacks and zoom climbs back up to my starting altitude before finding another opportune target. Turning and burning energy is what used to get me killed before I learned disciplined energy conservation. Since the 190 is better at huge bursts of speed in dives and zoom climbs compared to the 109, with even more control on the elevator at extreme speed, its my preferred plane. If I get back into MP again I'll probably just do my solo act on WOL server in either a 190, or if the reds have a P40 I'll fly that. I seem to do fine soloing though the odds are against me when I'm facing 2 or more that stay together and it looks like they are communicating. If I can see them arrive to the battle area stuck close together I can assume they are communicating and I pull back and report their location and move on to the next area or wait for teammates to show. I prefer to attack furballs from an extreme altitude advantage or pick off people eyeing the furballs if I spot them first. Sometimes I'll go for the 1v1 fight if I see nobody else around to contest things but I'll make it quick cause I never know if my position just got reported via chat. Other times I'll strap on a bomb if its available to me and hit a target before switching to fighter duties so I'm at least somewhat useful if I cant shoot anyone down. If you want to come out on top soloing you have to pick your battles wisely and always try to make your fights in your advantage before even thinking of engaging. Since I aint got time for friends I have to adopt these solo tactics.
  7. Field-Ops

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    That makes sense, I suppose its a field of specialty. So land mass is almost certainly a must... Perhaps it does not necessarily have to be for the main IL-2 product line (say Midway) and products like Tank Crew and Flying Circus could benefit from the extra freed hands for larger and more detailed maps. That still leaves ship building out in the wind...
  8. Field-Ops

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    Ideally the focus would switch from creating a map to creating naval assets. When your map is mostly ocean you can be done with that easily.
  9. I was surprised on mission 7 where you are just on a patrol. Man this campaign is exciting! I'm still sad I havent been able to dedicate more time to it.
  10. Field-Ops

    DCS news

    You mean recycle with minor additions along the way over the course of years
  11. Field-Ops

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    And needs to be
  12. Field-Ops

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    Last time the next announcement didnt happen until a month after release. I think they had to struggle and hash out what would and would work for that time inbetween.
  13. Field-Ops

    Armored glass vs. Bubble canopy

    I'm not disagreeing with you as I have VR and fully realize that having two separate cameras make most cockpit superstructure a non-issue. This is universal for all aircrafts, but there is a separate issue regarding the 190 bar that has been "fixed" a long while ago. Look at the picture below, this is the literal representation of the dimensions of the 190 front glass pane and does not take into account thick glass refraction. Notice how they had to artificially raise the gunsight to even see over the bar. Your game does not look like this any more as they physically changed the geometry rather than add refraction. So while we have a dimensionally incorrect plane it is a whole lot better than if they had done nothing at all. No other plane has received this treatment because no other plane has this much of a glaring issue when the literal geometry is taken at face value with no concern for refraction.
  14. Not to mention we could possibly get some use out of our P40
  15. Field-Ops

    What version is the most active?

    If you want the game on steam youll need to buy BoS from there first, then tack on the rest from this website. If you dont want it on steam you can start with whatever you want