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  1. To me, yes it is. I had issues on the CV1 with spotting and moving my head out of my camera positions. I like VR so much i tried to get the PiMax up to my liking which I justified spending over a grand on getting it to that point.... and the Oculus S still beats it out of the water all things considered.
  2. Despite the beter resolution on the Quest ive seen reviews of people preferring the S instead. I have an S myself and a Pimax 5k+, I used to own a CV1 but gave it away to a friend. I actually prefer my Oculus S over all three and need to offload the Pimax I invested so much into to try and love. Bottom line is, go for the S. Its nice in resolution and you can disable ASW with Right Ctrl + Numpad 3. Its how I normally use it so it doesnt go down to the lower FPS. I can deal with the inbetwen FPS states just fine.
  3. I wana replace one of the Yaks with a P63 personally. Replace the IL-2 with an IL-10 Same reason I wana think of a german plane to replace the Ta152 or 190A9 with another. But I think we've reached the end of plausible alternatives for that faction aside from multicrew large bombers the team isnt likely to tackle.
  4. Just because they have done rare or even near fantasy modifications in the past does not mean they are obligated to do every modification under the sun from now on. That's called entitlement and can skew your idea of what the product is supposed to be.
  5. I started capping my FPS to 80 instead of letting the game go as high as possible so the variation between fast and slow rendered frames isnt as severe. Works like a charm. I dont get dips in fps as much and when I do they go by just about unnoticed.
  6. Perhaps permanently setting the lower turret to the lowest difficulty setting regardless of selected plane skill level is another possible solution. The turrets are slower to react and much less accurate on that setting.
  7. Irrelevant, typhoon what-ifs can wait for typhoon real deal
  8. you can play it in multiplayer regardless of if you own tank crew or not. So as far as its uses to the air players it can serve the purpose of imaginary conflicts in the air based on BlackSix's evaluation.
  9. I've always had the VR flicker when I initially boot up the game. But I figured out that every other loading instance if I was flickering was because I recently changed a setting in steamVR. Forgot what the setting was.
  10. Stated by IAmNotARobot on the russian forum if you search for posts by user. Definitely worthy of spilling the beans over for a short DD tomorrow to get the .com users up to date.
  11. Posting the pics before the decals since it has swas*icas. Ill probably post later with decals when i can shop them out
  12. I was sad to find I was too late for the open Beta enrollment, especially knowing that VR headsets with the angled lenses are a test subject. I have the Pimax 5K+ myself and would like to see improvements in FPS to that technology in this game. So native support.
  13. I'm under the impression that while the manual stated that damage would occur, the turbo was actually a lot more robust than the manufacturer gave it credit for. I think that had more to do with the limits on max turbo RPM than built up pressure but I'm not the expert.
  14. They already model the 109 stick controls as very heavy. The heaviest in game i believe.
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