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  1. Read on the russian forums the next DD will be about the DM updates
  2. They will add the P47-D28 and the P51-D15 to the singleplayer campaign when it was historically available to the units that used them no doubt. Historical campaigns in this title usually range a little less than a year long so if they place D-Day in the center of that timeline you'll see these bubble tops in the later half of your career. EDIT: That is, if you own both Bodenplatte and Normandy. If you dont own Bodenplatte they will only appear as AI and wont be playable by you.
  3. I think the biggest drawback is the elevator fragility. I think the elevator damage needs to be broken up into sections of thirds to make up for the fact that hits in any location will cause the whole elevator to fail. Other than that its pretty well done visually and in terms of general toughness.
  4. While distance to target is a factor, i think if you hit vital parts of the plane such as the engine or pilot you would have seen much higher damage numbers. As an experiment try shooting a plane really close but only on tips of the wings and such. I bet you'll see that .01% again.
  5. I have high hopes that they will attempt to incorporate technologies into their engine to allow a large flotilla size. They always try to innovate in particular areas and this will likely be one of them since they already made the decision to go there. Its likely already been talked about.
  6. P51 and P47 razorbacks will be more work than you realize. When the team made the Yak1b they said they tried to just modify the model from the yak1 ser69 we already had. They said it was more work than they bargained for and that they will likely build from scratch in the future. I imagine the changes to the props, fuselage, air intakes and canopies all add up to pretty much warrant a new model. I do hope they dont recycle the 109G6, Ju88 and 190A models as they are from generations of recycled lower poly models. If they build them from scratch with the new high polly count then the older 190 and 109 series birds could inherit the new models with minor changes. I am A-OK with the dev cycle taking a little longer for more current game models. Thats my wishful thinking though. The Normandy map has a large percentage of water compared to most other maps and probably contributes to their larger overall map size they are capable of. On first glance I wouldnt be surprised to see extremely similar map development times compared to BoBP. We also dont know if other projects will be in the works in parallel to BoN like Flying Circus and Tank Crew was. I do hope we get more flying circus, maybe even a channel map rendition built along side BoN set in the 1910's. That would be worth some longer dev time for a good payoff I think. They just have to announce another flying circus module.
  7. With the work on a new P47 coming im sure the D-28 will see shared improvements.
  8. The speeds of early fights should be low enough to not be as harsh. it will nullify some of the zeros raw turn though.
  9. I think the new G effects have been the greatest help as of late to even the playing field between better/worse aircraft. Raw performance in a turn wont save you if you cant handle the Gs. Its more situational where you have to plan ahead now. The A8 has been a favorite of mine for a long while, I've found it can hold its own quite well. There are always plenty available too.
  10. I liked that robust DM in 3.08 until I used all my 109E7 cannon ammo on an i16 with no real noticeable effect.
  11. We went through an update earlier this year concerning the damage model and addressed much of the fragility of the general structure of the planes. There are still some examples of wings and tails being too delicate but it was a step in the right direction. Now you can at least take a few rounds before your plane falls apart.
  12. I wonder if in this game the wind resistance as altitude rises is taken into account for bullet speed. Just thought about it, but i think that if the same trajectories are universal on all altitudes I think its wrong.
  13. Id revise the list to have less remakes personally and make it bulge and onward into 45. Admittedly mine is also american biased Tiger II H Panther Ausf. G Jagpanzer IV Jagdpanther Ostwind Sherman 76mm or Firefly M10 Tank Destroyer M18 hellcat T26/M26 M16 Halftrack AA
  14. I think it would be neat to incorporate this resting state of the P51 in the hangar menu if at all possible.
  15. To me, yes it is. I had issues on the CV1 with spotting and moving my head out of my camera positions. I like VR so much i tried to get the PiMax up to my liking which I justified spending over a grand on getting it to that point.... and the Oculus S still beats it out of the water all things considered.
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