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  1. I cant wait for this, joystick or arrow keys are better for tank aiming in a sim IMO. Competitive scenes where mouse aim is used just doesnt account for machinery and gunnery limits IRL like those other tank games.
  2. I think tweaking the LOD for 4k monitors should be the goal here. Try to find a way to take into account resolution used by the user and incorporate an LOD scaling into that. Its not perfect, but neither is peripheral hardware in general. Having total options available to the player to modify LODs on a slider scale is a bad move in my opinion. Especially when you consider multiplayer and having to have another option setting for the administrators to oversee. Its another way to divide the community, its much more programming involved, and adds more complexity layers to the already large and growing preference options over the years. Icons should be the solution as they already are. You have two options, on or off and that goes for your server selections as well. Its fine in that regard. I am in agreeance that realism should take priority over widespread comfort and availability. The more you slip into pleasing the comfort aspect the more you become like all the other products out there, and I would lose much of the reason to love IL-2.
  3. FYI if you ever need campaigns to work with a current version of the game and the author no longer updates them you can resave them in the editor. Every few updates I'll mass resave my campaigns and havent had problems since I started doing that.
  4. Apologies, I just made an educated guess since it doesnt fit the Normandy battle historically. Didnt mean to look like I took your words out of context.
  5. Doesnt appear the teardrop canopy will make an appearance as a modification. An excerpt from the RU forums
  6. I always wondered this myself. To me it should see the stick return to neutral and if possible an additional layer of gravity applied to the stick should play a part. So a plane in a left bank might continue rolling left util upside down. Then the gravity on the stick is returned to neutral. If the dead pilot is still in there then that would be tougher to model because a limp arm may or may not interact with the stick and the direction of gravity would play an even bigger part than the above.
  7. Very nice! Was wondering if we get a bubble top or traditional canopy XIV. Traditional canopy fits better into 1944 from what I understand. So does the C wing but I'm glad to see the E wing make an appearance. I know we community members ask for too much sometimes but it would be cool to see the IX get the C wing for added usage into the Normandy scene. We do like our well rounded products and all.
  8. WHOA, I just heard Jason say an infantry element to Tank Crew? I never thought id hear that!
  9. When you bring your petition forward be sure to bring documentation. They dont listen, and rightfully so, to hearsay.
  10. Its just to tell you what kind of crosshair to expect when it comes into view I believe. Printed on the lens of italian gunsights.
  11. if you mean the live ingame GPS map then I dont think there is a way. However if you wanted to do traditional real navigation you have plenty of options available to you. Such as having the image file of the map opned, a web browser interactive map, there is also a phone app for that purpose if you didnt have a second screen. Check out the link below. i used to have the map images on file but can only find my BoBP map for now. Cant attach it here because of the size. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/62-3rd-party-apps-utilities-tools-and-other-content/
  12. I think he meant the U-2 VS
  13. This part below from the DD looks like you should have more control authority at high speeds, especially since mach tuck actually requires control authority for the phenomenon to the pronounced in a significant manner. The way I interpret quote "elevator load at high speeds" means more control authority at high speeds by being less hard on the pilot to pull the stick back. Might have more roll authority at low speeds with his mention of ailerons, though i dont know what ram air has to do with it. What this means for low speed I cant really put together other than his mention of the stall characteristics showing warning signs earlier. So more buffeting warning and a less snappy wing drop is what I expect with the nose fighting its way back down. Sounds more believable to me in that regard. I do hope that their change to the flaps means the lift characteristics for normal takeoff and landing arent somehow now incorrect though I'm sure they wont oversight that.
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