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  1. How would I discern human gunners from AI gunners in the TAW log?
  2. I appreciate your response @SCG_Wulfe. However, what I'm trying to get across is that the chute killing itself is not the problem. The whole point I'm making is that the mentality behind the chute killing is the wider issue at hand. For all the (correct) assumptions that there are no rules against it, it was clearly demonstrated that the reason why it is so prevalent now is that it has become a relatively common occurrence, nestled in feuding between embittered individuals on both sides. That last statement isn't just manifested from thin air through my own opinion; it correlates with the multitude of ad hominem posts in this very thread as well as in the in-game chat: the mentality of a lot of the players has taken a bitter turn. In fact, I agree with your conclusion that most this resentment ultimately stems from balancing issues. But I respectfully disagree that people's lack of a mature mindset has nothing to do with it. Yes, one could hope that when balancing issues are ironed out - and I certainly would wish so - there is little to no cause left for resentment, but one could with as much logic surmise that each and every one of us can act with a higher degree of respect and professionalism, to colleagues and rivals alike, both in how we conduct ourselves in chat and in the air, no matter how problematic the course of the campaign is. On a final note, I commend your ability to keep yourself from being drawn into an argument. Good on you (and I don't meant that sarcastically).
  3. It was not my intent to make it personal (hence not mentioning any names) and I'm sorry that you feel like its necessary to be personally defensive about an issue that is server wide. That being said, I apologize for not putting more emphasis on the fact that I was paraphrasing: To conclude that I call people narcissistic and immature because they do not meet my personal standards is to conveniently ignore the larger issue I wished to address; that the line of thought and reasoning on both the forum and in-game are indicative of this bitter gaming culture of, as I mentioned, being more invested in denying the other party their fun rather than enhancing your own and that there are no winners in this vendetta, only losers. I tried to - but evidently failed - to make clear that the chute kill was not the main problem, only a symptom of the problem as I think the eye-for-an-eye mentality is causing it to overtake common decency. Hence: I never wanted to start or renew the debate on chute killing as I don't think that's going to alleviate any of the problems. It's much more ingrained than that. Then, labeling me as a hypocrite and/or victim, as well as a narcissist. I believe - and correct me if I'm wrong - that your intent is to call me a hypocrite because supposedly I am myself being narcissistic while calling other individual such. Moments where I have been hypocritical or narcissistic notwithstanding (I am sure I have been somewhere sometime), I honestly do not understand A) why you're electing to make a wider issue personal, and B) how you come to conclude that I am narcissistic on this occasion. I certainly am not better than the next person. However, the big difference in this particular instance is that where I call for more collective decency to prevail so that everyone's gaming experience has a chance to improve, there are others who are emotionally invested in this feud between two embittered parties that is detrimental to the gaming experience of the many. Does that opinion make me goody-two-shoes? Of course not. I hope it's simply common sense, and that the only reason why it was not self-evident is that people are too engrossed with their resentment of the other side to see it. And on a side note, come on, there is absolutely no need to inflate the wish for some common decency in pilot conduct to being pampered: To suggest that I have to earn not getting shot in the face while dangling from a chute is arguably the largest red flag for the aforementioned bitterness that I've seen so far. You are, by the way, correct in saying that I'm a victim. I am. And the experience granted me the perspective outside of the existing lines in the sand that allowed me to see what nonsense is plaguing the server, without being a part of it.
  4. Thank you for that succinct response. However, the parachute kill itself is decidedly not the point I tried to get across. Rather that three blues remarked they started parachute killing reds because the reds did so to them and how that eye-for-an-eye mentality correlates with how people are conducting themselves on the forum. Perhaps that TL;DR version of things gets the point across more effectively; I can get carried away.
  5. After going through the trouble of getting my TAW account sorted - and even worse, making the admins go through the trouble as well - I realized something; it wasn't worth it. To be fair, I should've been wise enough to draw a conclusion from the narrative in this thread before I joined the server; It's rife with narcissism and ad hominem discussions and the eye-for-an-eye mentality is palpable. The two sides of the playing field are so entrenched and emotionally invested in their opinion that no one is seeing they are being equally toxic and childish. There is no moral high-ground left; there is no right or wrong in this argument, it's all equal nonsense. But hey. I ignored all the red flags, took a P-40 out on a stroll, and a few minutes in I am engaged by 2 109s. They get me good and I'm forced to bail out. Then I see one turning around and as he passes he opens up on me while dangling from my parachute. Dead. That annoyed me, sure. Outnumbered, outgunned and instead of getting some pilot's respect for the engagement, I am shot to pieces. But that's not what demonstrated the toxicity that is so ingrained into this server. It's when I sarcastically remarked that it was "classy" to kill me on a parachute that this pilot deigned he was in his moral bounds to do so because, and I'm paraphrasing here, "the reds taught him" and that since I'm one of "you guys" I had it coming and should "deal with it". Then two other pilots pitch in saying that it's the same for them, they started parachute killing because the reds did so. Do I have to spell it out how utterly ridiculous this is? That adult and (supposedly) mature men are acting like kids in a sandbox trampling the other kid's sandcastle because he knocked over his? Relative "casuals" like me are suffering from this arbitrary nonsense. I am not interested whatsoever in being part of some feud that has players more invested in giving the other side a shitty gaming experience rather than making their own more fun. I know that not every individual on the server is having a narcissistic breakdown due to the bitter turn the campaign has taken, but for the love of God people, those that are: grow up. Get your act together. Respect your comrades but also your enemies, and that is true for both the server and this thread. Don't waste the campaign potential on all these personal vendettas. Keep it fun for others.
  6. Thank you. That has fixed the issue. I renamed the locked account to a placeholder name, then used its previous name to replace the unlocked account. If necessary, the placeholder account can be deleted (1.JaVA_Placeholder).
  7. Good evening, Due to a misspell in the squadron tag I reregistered as 1.JaVA_DeMoor (took the opportunity to change my nickname as well) from the previous 1e.JaVA_Vliegangst. The former is also my current IL-2 account name. However, when I log into the TAW website, 1.JaVA_DeMoor is locked and 1e.JaVA_Vliegangst is unlocked. I wondered if the admins have the authority to swap the status on the respective accounts? Cheers,
  8. Having the same issue. On VR an additional symptom seems to be a black screen.
  9. Greetings! I'm a native Dutch speaker looking for a Dutch squadron to spend some flight hours with. I'm primarily a bomber pilot (I have no idea how strict you take the JaVA designation), with a lot of hours on the Luftwaffe He-111 H-6 and H-16, and the Soviet Pe-2 and A-20B, with a preference towards high altitude level bombing. I'm a regular on TAW (Luftwaffe for the current campaign) and WOL. I have not been a member of a squadron before and as such have no experience in group and/or formation flight. In case you are solely looking for fighter jocks, any information on potential BAs/BomVAs is appreciated! Fly safe.
  10. On the bombing topic: has the TAW team looked into ways to make airfields into more viable targets? And I don't mean the factories added to them; it would be a nice addition to have damage to its facilities such as the hangars affect how many pilots can use the airfield, to reflect the destruction of grounded aircraft and refueling/rearming services. Also - and I know this is a long shot - the addition of impact craters would create a boost in the simulation as well, as to enable bombers to put holes into runways. I realise the engine has its limitations, but perhaps a background calculation that tracks the amount and size of ordinance hitting the runway area would suffice, barring an airfield from use for a certain amount of time (to reflect emergency repairs) after a total amount of hits x payload.
  11. Roadrage on TAW is nonexistent / extremely rare. People tend to be quite careful with the take-off procedures as not to wreck the planes they want to fly. Generally the only danger on airfields are the people who don't read the chat nor watch for nav. lights for incoming traffic .
  12. A whole month without TAW? But... what are we supposed to do in the meantime?!
  13. If I wasn't on the Soviet side this campaign, I would I always enjoyed being a gunner, and I definitely wouldn't mind investing 40+ minutes in more teamplay, especially if VoIP is involved; two sets of eyes see more than one.
  14. I have one suggestion for the server, and it is regarding aerial gunnery. To not allow players to man gunner positions in bombers always has been a missed opportunity in my eyes. For long-term campaigns in which ground targets are key, you want the bomber craft to be enticing to play; they are the lifeblood of the campaign or at the very least the engines behind its progress (nothing against the fighter jocks, but you need bombers to have fighters make sense). There are plenty of people out there who aren't necessarily the best of pilots, or who simply lack the confidence to go up in the air on a server that is about keeping aircraft whole and yourself alive while still contributing to the war. I know I have a friend or two who are familiar with some simple flight models in shooter games who wouldn't mind sitting in the back of my Pe-2 using their mouse to shoot some rounds, but who would be too intimidated by the chance of ruining limited material for other players. For these people it would be a nice introduction to the server, as it allows their pilot to introduce them to some important aspects of the game like spotting, navigation, and in the case of VoIP some simple flight and engine management things. Apart from enticing more new players it also offers the settled crowd some new opportunities for small-scale teamwork, as it is almost barely ever feasible to have enough bombers to group up for large scale runs (exemptions do apply). In the long run there's a chance gunners become acquainted with the server's game-mode to such a degree that they switch to active flight. Now, ideally (and I suspect this was the reason for not allowing it in the first place) you don't want pilots to swap to gunner seats; not as a choice of play as it reduces the amount of active aircraft on the short-term, and definitely not during flight in the sense of engaging auto-level, doing the switcheroo, and spraying away at bogeys... but I think that with some tinkering with the implementation that could be prevented, especially the in-flight pilot-gunner switch. Simply not allowing it by rules goes a long way - isn't that the only thing that's keeping people from going gunner at all at this point? Perhaps it's even a point of implementation for the game-mechanics to have a gunner spot as a limited resource just like particular aircraft, so that you only want to spend your gunnery point on a bomber pilot you trust, and/or to have people prioritise gunnery when they apply for a campaign, just like they pick fighters, bombers or both right now. Anyways, just my two cents . I'm fond enough of the server to keep flying regardless.
  15. Is there any faction in desperate need of more bomber pilots? I know the German side is generally more populated but that the Russians have been winning so far, so I'm a bit torn as to who to join. So far I have played 3 campaigns, of which I've played 1 as German, and I really don't mind playing either. Hence I feel I should join the side that needs it the most. Currently on the Soviet side. Any advice is welcome.
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