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  1. screamingdemon

    [MOD] Icons

    Dear Ptk I do appreciate all the iterations you have made already for this mod and I think there will be numerous more iterations until we get the best balance between realism and practical use of in-game icons:. Here are some proposals which I think may add value in this objective: a) Icons should turn off automatically for all aircraft within a practical visible range. b) Cockpit arrows should be turned off for friendlies, arrows should only be visible for enemies. c) propose a small "sparkle" instead of a black dot (similar to that shown on the solar panel below). This could simulate the glint of the sun off an aircraft cockpit/wing/rudder/prop etc.
  2. Update: So after many trial and error I discovered that indeed the game does continue to load very close from where the interruption occurred. As the file was so large and I was a little bit impatient I did not notice that when I restart the download, that the system took some time to check the already downloaded files. When I lost connecting during DCS download there are reassuring messages alerting you that it is checking the "delta data", whereas IL2 remains mute on this point
  3. Puddles on the runways could be a nice immersive touch (reflections optional to keep frame rates good)
  4. Great! now how to convince someone to make this mod
  5. Hey Guys Just did some quick test and I find at least 10% improvement on my laptop when I apply this setting - "Ultimate performance plan" instead of high performance.
  6. I propose the rattle sound effect to be linked and synchronized to the Force Feedback which is dependent on the roughness of the surface, so that should provide an immersive rattle
  7. And to really go the extra mile -as it were, add a gravel sound for the tyres
  8. Maybe something like this - from 1min 45sec onwards
  9. This worked wonders for my system. Asus Laptop, Intel I7, nvida GTX 960M. Frame rates improved from 15 minimum to 23 minimum on same mission. Only change i set AA to 2 however not much worse when I set AA to 4. Thank you Geronimo 553
  10. Propose a subtle rattle sound when the plane wheels roll over the bumps on the unimproved taxiway/runway. Synchronize to FFB.
  11. Just made a small test. Resume seems to work if the internet connect is interrupted, however it does not seem to work if one restarts the PC?
  12. TBAS=Sschatten. Thanks for that confirmation. I suspect that when my PC shuts down due to the power failure it somehow loses the resume point. As the power failures are scheduled I will shut down PC prior to try to maintain the resume point.
  13. Guys, No proposals yet on a solution. I must be the only person in he world with this download problem? Maybe I am seeking the wrong solution. The method I am using to download does not appear to support resume after a broken connection. From your experience, is resume supported. If so then I must be doing something wrong.
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