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  1. And to really go the extra mile -as it were, add a gravel sound for the tyres
  2. Maybe something like this - from 1min 45sec onwards
  3. This worked wonders for my system. Asus Laptop, Intel I7, nvida GTX 960M. Frame rates improved from 15 minimum to 23 minimum on same mission. Only change i set AA to 2 however not much worse when I set AA to 4. Thank you Geronimo 553
  4. Propose a subtle rattle sound when the plane wheels roll over the bumps on the unimproved taxiway/runway. Synchronize to FFB.
  5. Just made a small test. Resume seems to work if the internet connect is interrupted, however it does not seem to work if one restarts the PC?
  6. TBAS=Sschatten. Thanks for that confirmation. I suspect that when my PC shuts down due to the power failure it somehow loses the resume point. As the power failures are scheduled I will shut down PC prior to try to maintain the resume point.
  7. Guys, No proposals yet on a solution. I must be the only person in he world with this download problem? Maybe I am seeking the wrong solution. The method I am using to download does not appear to support resume after a broken connection. From your experience, is resume supported. If so then I must be doing something wrong.
  8. Hi Guys I am in desperate need of assistance. I live in an area with frequent power failures and slow internet (ADSL). That means that each time the power goes out it seems that the download starts from the very beginning. The current update is almost 19GB so this method is proving quite useless 😭. I can see some discussion in the forums about using torrent option but I cannot locate such an option available in the launcher. I had the same problem with DCS, however I found that with their launcher, if you cancel the initial download it automatically goes to torrent option. I cannot find the same happening with IL2. I would highly appreciate some assistance on how to find the torrent version of IL2 latest update🙏
  9. Some stunning videos that seem to capture the spirit of these aircraft! Me 109 - https://youtu.be/ERo0lTyUvOk Spitfire - https://www.facebook.com/1556642047784670/videos/1405694349580694/ Visit this site for some more earcandy https://www.youtube.com/user/PaddyPatrone?fbclid=IwAR2HfTxEo7zF3PI3C1tMYFLxFOj49TNw8utIiLNZwzS7jFsOmVPZUh3-o9c
  10. Could someone please make a mod to allow us to strap a belly gun on the Ju52 and add a gun sight? Me thinks its gonna be some interesting dog fights with JU52s only - dueling each other
  11. Wow! What an incredible idea!!!! I’m interested in Bodenplatte. Good luck on enjoying your career. At least we get to live vicariously though your experiences
  12. Hi Guys We all know that the first most popular recorded UFO sighting was in 1947. Since then we have become more aware of such things and now we know that such sightings have happened throughout our history. So I am sure such things as crop circles and Unidenfied Flying Objects must have been quite common during the war, only we did not pay much attention to it as we did not understand what we were seeing. Would it not be cool if such anomalies could pop up randomly?
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