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  1. Nice mod. I think the "desert grass" and trees might be too green in color. I would propose to use a color which leans towards "tan" might be more convincing?
  2. Hi Jaegermeister I have just started to play this campaign and fortunate enough to also enjoy it with the English voices update (FYI: South African accent is different from the British accent. Furthermore, within the South African English accent you would have 2 distinct accents at that time i.e the English accent from those with British heritage and English accent from those with Dutch heritage - and I do believe both types server in the Kos campaign) You may be interested to know that my good friend and neighbor is currently working on a book about his father's life
  3. Recently I read Sapiens by Yuval Harari. An incredibly well put together story of humankind's history that is thought provoking and with revelations that may rock your foundations. An easy read and I highly recommend it. Since I have recently watched the movie "Hurricane" and "Dark Blue World" I am interested to understand the story of the Polish and Czeck nationals during WW2 especially in the context their migration to Britain and their relationship to and their roles in the RAF. Any recommended lite reading?
  4. Dark Blue Word. If only to watch the spit scenes this movie is 100% worth it. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0244479/
  5. Hi rowdyb00t. I am not sure if this is a bug for laptops: After I install the Graphic preset (using JSGME) my system slowed from 35fps to 5fps (Laptop with two graphics Intel and GTX 960M. In case you are not familiar, that mean application can run with either card (intel being the low spec for basic office application - save power) After investigation I found that my card selection in Nvidia control panel was changed to Intel (Previously I set manually to always use GTX (not auto select) for IL2 application). What is also strange is that even I uninstall Preset with J
  6. I am proposing an alternate logic: There already exist a "signal" from DM to instruct animation to release/detach a control surface from plane body (which we can often see as part fluttering to the ground). I propose to "listen" for that signal then add a feedback effect (sound and FFB). For proof of concept, it could be the same affect as "Stall effect" to start with (and tweak it later), but of course just a brief moment eg 0.5/1.0 sec long. This would simulate "flutter effect" and provide pilot sense that control surface missing.
  7. I like Mysticpumas idea too (except I think it should not be less that 1/8th texture). Out of desperation I have attached the prop texture from the above said P51 (thanks to Shadoh from another forum). Is it possible to use it on the Spit and if so, how to do it? Clean Mustang prop.rar
  8. @216 Lusekoft....seems that someone forgot to send your eyes the memo . Jokes aside, from an empirical and practical perspective down to 25FPS is playable (based on my experience) and adequate to "fool" your eyes in believing the motion is fluid. Of course if you can afford higher FPS go for it but anything above 40 FPS does not add significantly more value (based on my experience) . @VR Driftaholic... thanks for picking up on my incorrect phrasing, frankly I should have used better language to make my point about the 25FPS @wildbill 6641 ICONS...Yes, consi
  9. Amendment accomplished and IMO the result is dramatic improvement and worth the effort if you already use/like this mod. I include here the revised sound file which is just a brief recording of silence. Extract it before use then it will be "close.ogg" Make sure you work with the original modded folder eg don't forget to unistall it before amending the files Method options: 1) Search for "varRange" folder from the root directory of the original. A list of 28 folders appear. Then paste individually to each folder (28) and overwrite the original f
  10. Ok Therion lets trim it down like this....Little bit of stick shudder/vibration on FFB and a synchronized brief but terrible zink plate fluttering sound. No FM or DM should be harmed in this way, only some effects triggered by the event
  11. Dear SAG this is a great Mod. Before I always turn off radio, now nice to understand whats cracking. I would however propose to remove the phrase "its close" as it seems to be rather repetitive in the quick missions I have played and I dont think it really adds useful information?
  12. Oyster, I just tested it and you totally nailed it (especially considering the limitations you have to work with). Incredible!
  13. It is really cool that control surfaces are able to detach from the plane as part of the damage model. I was thinking that realistically such items would not be so cooperative during such a departure, e.g. there are normally a number of hinges on a control surface and most likely not all would be destroyed at the same time. So yes you guessed right! Most likely the loose control surfaces (flaps and gear doors too) would first flutter vigorously before agreeing to depart from their cozy position on the air frame. Little bit of stick shudder (FFB too), a brief but terrible zink plat
  14. Wildbill6641 Optimization is different for different systems. I am going to assume that you are just using a monitor of the Laptop display. VR, which is state of the art display technology, uses a face mask to deliver the images to your eye (not sure if they expose you guys this stuff in your home ) You will want to optimize 2 aspects,(1) your FPS and (2) improved definition to spot planes enemies, both are aspects are joined at the hip as one will have an impact on the other. Based on your specs your system is definitely more than good for non VR. So I give broad exp
  15. Rowdyboot....is is feasible to copy a texture from another game such as DCS for example and transfer it to IL2 and visa versa?
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