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  1. Some stunning videos that seem to capture the spirit of these aircraft! Me 109 - https://youtu.be/ERo0lTyUvOk Spitfire - https://www.facebook.com/1556642047784670/videos/1405694349580694/ Visit this site for some more earcandy https://www.youtube.com/user/PaddyPatrone?fbclid=IwAR2HfTxEo7zF3PI3C1tMYFLxFOj49TNw8utIiLNZwzS7jFsOmVPZUh3-o9c
  2. Could someone please make a mod to allow us to strap a belly gun on the Ju52 and add a gun sight? Me thinks its gonna be some interesting dog fights with JU52s only - dueling each other
  3. Wow! What an incredible idea!!!! I’m interested in Bodenplatte. Good luck on enjoying your career. At least we get to live vicariously though your experiences
  4. Hi Guys We all know that the first most popular recorded UFO sighting was in 1947. Since then we have become more aware of such things and now we know that such sightings have happened throughout our history. So I am sure such things as crop circles and Unidenfied Flying Objects must have been quite common during the war, only we did not pay much attention to it as we did not understand what we were seeing. Would it not be cool if such anomalies could pop up randomly?
  5. I found the manual on line. I see this game is listed as "abondonware" on the link below: https://www.myabandonware.com/game/crimson-skies-be7 Crimson-Skies_Manual_Win_EN.zip
  6. Hi Guys. I was searching the internet for this old game hoping that by now someone had modded it to make i playable on latest graphics. Sadly I could not find anything? This was a wonderful "flight" simulator adventure game with an excellent story line and fun missions. Actually, I have never come across another game that improves on this experience. The graphics were quite advanced as you would even see shadows in cockpit and plane shadows. The planes could be modded as you earned more loot and you could change the paint schemes. The PC version had an in cockpit view. If I remember correctly it even had force feedback on the joystick. I would go so far a to say that this is the best game for any person to cut his teeth on if he has never a flight sim game before. An excellent way to lean how to use the basic flight controls. I would love to find a modded version that improves the graphics, gives coop support and Track IR support. Please advise where to look if anyone knows where to look.
  7. This year October Fest theme
  8. Dear Poochnboo I was thinking more in like this? I am going to use the aerovee motor which is basically the same you had. But this is also nice
  9. Hey there Skinners I have decided to go ahead with building a sonex tail dragger with standard tail feathers. I was wondering if anyone out there would be interested to propose a WWII skin for it. I was thinking in the lines of a spit mark IX. Blue with brown, yellow strip on leading edge. I would also consider some ME 109 paint schema. I have just purchased the kit so will be few years before flying , so I hope to catch some paint scheme ideas in the meantime.
  10. So yesterday I was driving with my friend in his Mercedes. I noticed that when you hook up the seat belt, it automatically tensions up the slack. When it senses a certain tension it automatically releases just enough to allow free movement. This would be the ideal mechanism for this hardware. Any technical guys out there who could be inspired to make this work?
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