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  1. Dont know how good they are for the ingame Mk IX, aircraft in game can often be pushed more, but i like to immerse myself when flying so i like to follow the irl manuals and i have shoot down people online so i guess it works decent 😛
  2. No it is gone with both, i have tested that combo already
  3. Maybe a mod should move my thread to bug reports for a review?
  4. Sure it have no function in the game, but there are alot of things in the cockpits that have no funktion in the game like radios and deicers and whatnot. But it should be there in the cockpit!, it was there before so why remove it?
  5. Nope they removed it... i made a picture so you can see EDIT: Yes i have moved the throttle and it is not hiding behind, and it is not there with the gyro gunsight either.
  6. After reading the pilots notes this is how i understand it. The document Luke posted just says that there is no mixture control and that is correct, but i am talking about the cut-off lever or slow runnig cut-out. That was not removed! In the the game the lever acts like a mixture control but irl it is not. They should not have removed the lever if the airplane uses the new Bendix Stromberg carbs. If the plane uses the early carbs the ring was used. So they need to put back the lever or add the ring. My pilots notes is from 1946
  7. But you can kill engines with the mixture on several other airplanes, it works on the P-39 for example
  8. OK thank you but it does not say why it was removed, if it is suposed to be the older carb type without the throttle lever, it sould have the "slow cut-off" ring instead.... Look at the pick below Regards.
  9. Hi i finaly got Bodenplatte on Steam and i have realy enyoyed it in particualar the spit 9, but i have a question.. I tried to search the forum and the patch notes but cant find anything... Why was the cut-off control, or mixture lever removed? I have seen it in the game in youtube videos, but when i loaded my Spit it was gone... If i understand it right early Bendix Stromberg carbs did not have it, but then the cut-out was operated by the slow running cut-out, but that one is not modeled in the cockpit either, it should be a ring just under the brake pressure guage. This is not a biggie but it looks wierd for a otherwise detailed game, and i like to stop the engine with it for the immeraion 😛 But if someone knows more about the spit please enlighten me! Best regards.
  10. Yes you should have a emergency gear realase, a red handle beside the fuel selector that unlocks the fairing doors and releases all hydralic pressure, but it is not modeled in game
  11. ZachariasX Think your throttle might not be calibrated right so it wont give 100% power when it is fully forward. Try calibrating it
  12. "Me 109 G:"The maximum speed not to be exceeded was 750kmh. Once I was flying above Helsinki as I received a report of Russkies in the South. There was a big Cumulus cloud on my way there but I decided to fly right through. I centered the controls and then something extraordinary happened. I must have involuntarily entered into half-roll and dive. The planes had individual handling characteristics; even though I held the turning indicator in the middle, the plane kept going faster and faster, I pulled the stick, yet the plane went into an ever steeper dive. In the same time she started rotating, and I came out of the cloud with less than one kilometer of altitude. I started pulling the stick, nothing happened, I checked the speed, it was about 850kmh. I tried to recover the plane but the stick was as if locked and nothing happened. I broke into a sweat of agony: now I am going into the sea and cannot help it. I pulled with both hands, groaning and by and by she started recovering, she recovered more, I pulled and pulled, but the surface of the sea approached, I thought I was going to crash. I kept pulling until I saw that I had survived. The distance between me and the sea may have been five meters. I pulled up and found myself on the coast of Estonia. If I in that situation had used the vertical trim the wings would have been broken off. A minimal trim movement has a strong effect on wings when the speed limit has been exceded. I had 100kmh overspeed! It was out of all limits.The Messerschmitt's wings were fastened with two bolts. When I saw the construction I had thought that they are strong enough but in this case I was thinking, when are they going to break - What about the phenomenon called "buffeting" or vibration, was there any? No, I did not encounter it even in the 850kmh speed."- Kyösti Karhila, Finnish fighter ace. 32 victories. Source: Interview by Finnish Virtual Pilots Association."
  13. Nice Hanu!, looking good! i am dowloding now, thank you Of course thank you also ROTER_BART
  14. Hi guys! do someone here know if there are any Finish G-6 skins somewhere? I have serched but cant find any Regards.
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