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  1. "Me 109 G:"The maximum speed not to be exceeded was 750kmh. Once I was flying above Helsinki as I received a report of Russkies in the South. There was a big Cumulus cloud on my way there but I decided to fly right through. I centered the controls and then something extraordinary happened. I must have involuntarily entered into half-roll and dive. The planes had individual handling characteristics; even though I held the turning indicator in the middle, the plane kept going faster and faster, I pulled the stick, yet the plane went into an ever steeper dive. In the same time she started rotating, and I came out of the cloud with less than one kilometer of altitude. I started pulling the stick, nothing happened, I checked the speed, it was about 850kmh. I tried to recover the plane but the stick was as if locked and nothing happened. I broke into a sweat of agony: now I am going into the sea and cannot help it. I pulled with both hands, groaning and by and by she started recovering, she recovered more, I pulled and pulled, but the surface of the sea approached, I thought I was going to crash. I kept pulling until I saw that I had survived. The distance between me and the sea may have been five meters. I pulled up and found myself on the coast of Estonia. If I in that situation had used the vertical trim the wings would have been broken off. A minimal trim movement has a strong effect on wings when the speed limit has been exceded. I had 100kmh overspeed! It was out of all limits.The Messerschmitt's wings were fastened with two bolts. When I saw the construction I had thought that they are strong enough but in this case I was thinking, when are they going to break - What about the phenomenon called "buffeting" or vibration, was there any? No, I did not encounter it even in the 850kmh speed."- Kyösti Karhila, Finnish fighter ace. 32 victories. Source: Interview by Finnish Virtual Pilots Association."
  2. Nice Hanu!, looking good! i am dowloding now, thank you Of course thank you also ROTER_BART
  3. Hi guys! do someone here know if there are any Finish G-6 skins somewhere? I have serched but cant find any Regards.
  4. Maybe it could be added as a payed dlc? I would love to have it
  5. Never mind what i wrote before.. it works now Thank you guys!
  6. Hi i just got the G-6 collectors plane i love it, but i have a big problem with it ...no pun intended :P The crosshair is just to big, it fills whole glass of the sight and it makes it impossible to aim, i dont have this problem with any other 109 Any fix for this? Regards! btw it does not look that bad on the pic below, but when i am playing it is alot worse 😕
  7. Hi guys, i have searched but i cant find any benchmarks for BOS with a AMD CPU build. Anyone here that knows how well the game will run with that?, most of you guys run Intel what i have gathered, but i feel the price is just to high for them for the slight performance you get in other games. Here is the build i am thinking of getting, what do you think about it? Sorry for the Swedish site, but it will cost about 1230:- USD http://www.inet.se/kundvagn/visa/8206117/amd Cheers!
  8. I have no experience of online play in BoS so i cant say for sure, but i play other games and hacking are really popular now days... maybe he just used a aimbot?
  9. Yeah that looks right, good job!
  10. You really think that?, the hunting game "The Hunter" have a pegi rating of 16, the same as BOS And in BOS we can already shoot a defenseless man in a parachute
  11. Action shot from the movie Battle of Britain?
  12. From: http://www.virtualpilots.fi/en/feature/articles/109myths/ "109 needs constant rudder pressure to fly straight? This is interesting subject, with much disinformation floating around. Take a moment to read there two quotes: Me 109 G: "The first 30 of the Me 109 G-2s (delivered to Finnish Air Force 1943) were delivered right from the factory production line. After that the delivered planes were more or less used, they were rebuilt. Also the first of the G-6s (delivered in 1944) were new, then later deliveries were rebuilds. The Germans did not make any distinction between new and rebuilt planes, the rebuilds were upgraded with new gear. The used planes were however found to be more awkward in use. They were unfinished. Some individuals could in higher speeds be held in straight course by constant application of vertical rudder. You had to throttle back as your leg began to shake and you were no more able to keep the pedal down. It got the worse the more speed you had. This kind of things. The planes used to veer to the right at takeoff and when airborne to the left. Products of the wartime, I say. Yet some 32000 of them were made after all." - Kyösti Karhila, Finnish fighter ace. 32 victories. Source: Interview by Finnish Virtual Pilots Association. Me 109 E: "Absence of rudder trimmer is a bad feature, although at low speeds the practical consequences are not so alarming as the curves might suggest, since the rudder is fairly light on the climb. At high speeds, however, the pilot is seriously inconvenienced, as above 300 mph about 2 1/2 degrees of port (left) rudder are needed for flight with no sideslip and a very heavy foot load is needed to keep this on. In consequence the pilot's left foot becomes tired, and this affects his ability to put on left rudder in order to assist a turn to port (left). Hence at high speeds the Bf.109E turns far more readily to the right than to the left." - RAF Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE) Farnborough handling trials,Bf.109E Wn: 1304. M.B. Morgan and R. Smelt of the RAE, 1944. - Take notice: this RAE report seems to be the primary source of all the claims, that 109 needs foot pressure to fly straight. But RAE tested a captured and battle damaged 109 E, which clearly wasn't even trimmed correctly. As the 109 DID have a ground adjustable rudder trim, which was incorrectly aligned, making the plane sideslip. So far we haven't found a single primary 109 pilot source, which would support the RAE statement in general. On the other hand the Finnish ace Kyösti Karhila mentions the quality problems with the used 109 airframes - some airframes were so bad that they really did require foot pressure. This demonstrates that the problem could have been more about the quality of the airframe - was it re-built, used, poorly put together? - than a design problem." "The usual reason for turning (when taking off) was that they forgot to lock the heel. If you forgot to lock the heel, the plane began to turn when speeding up. When the plane was taxiing to starting place, the heel was locked from the cockpit and you began to speed up. By pulling the stick you kept the tail in the ground until you felt in the pedals that the plane is responding to the fin. Then you let the tail rise and kept the plane level, until you took off. It wasn't difficult to take off, but if you left the heel to turn freely, the plane began to turn when speeding up, and the results were often destructive."
  13. Just found this, i am thinking of going, any one from Sweden going? http://www.bergstrombooks.se/Lwhelgjanfeb.pdf
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