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  1. Hope everyone is well... Been working on some tank porn... There's swearing, so just be aware before watching with little humans... Grumpy Tanky - YouTube The commands you hear are modified ones we used in the British 2nd Royal Tank Regiment, but just with a German flair...
  2. I know it's been a while since anyone's posted here... But anyone know if the file structure or naming references have changed on the in-game grass? I installed the mod and it works in the editor but not the game... Cheeeeers... Also any link to extracting textures and meshes... I like to tinker... 😁
  3. Brilliant, cheers! Bummer... Tried it... The grass shows up in the editor, but not the game... File structure or naming change I guess... Anyone know how to extract textures and meshes? Or have a link... Pretty please... Cancel the not working part... I figured it out... I had mods off in my startup.cfg... Still getting flickering bush textures in 2st person though... But still have this question... how to extract textures and meshes?
  4. Video... 😁 Man... Youtubes compression is brutal... Ooooo... may have an idea as to why... I had my grass set at 600.00000 in my startup.cfg... Seems odd that anything over 300.00000 results in bush flickers... 🤪
  5. Just wondering if this has been reported as of yet...? I've seen some other flickering topics, but I'm getting a very certain bush in Tank Crews flickering like mad and then staying semi-see-through until I zoom in on em... They are the bushes around woods and trees... Geforce 2080Ti 32 GB RAM Ryzen 3800x SSD's Latest drivers... I can provide a DxDiag as needed to devs...
  6. For anyone who didn't know... In the startup.cfg file in the data folder there is a line that reads: grass_distance = 300.00000 I've adjusted mine up to 1000.00000 with very little change in performance... But I did get flashing shadow lods in distant trees, and huge RAM usage increase... I scaled back to 600.00000 and it seems to be a good balance, no frame drop seen on the ground in tanks... Just don't change your settings in-game as it will reset... Maybe mark the file "read only" once your happy with your settings...
  7. Yeah, the stutter issue is an odd one to me, it's like the engine doesn't like over 60 FPS? I never really dip below 144+ FPS usually hit nearer 200+ in flight... But there is a noticeable micro stutter that makes the frames perceived to run at 25 FPS at times but all my software is telling me I'm at 144+... I've used both the in-game FPS and MSI counter... CPU is roughly around 23% used and the GPU goes from 73% to the 80's... I have the same frames on the ground and same stutter while looking in external views... GPS (Gunners Primary Sights) and 1st person seems okay in Tanks...
  8. Oops... Okay thank you very much... 😁
  9. Yeah, I was just talking form personal experience with Tanks... I know you can get around an interior of a Challenger 2 (I did it for many years), I know the Leopard 2 has some fencing in the turret, but the WW2 tanks are pretty open fighting compartments... If you had to throwing a rope (track) under your gunners arms and dragging him out (horribly) while in dead ground/turret down you could and would... It would be the same as taking out an injured crewman, but less caring... You'd end up dumping his body off the rear deck and hoping no one drives over him, or just leaving him on the top of
  10. Mein Gott... I hope they poor a lotta love into Tanks... It's the only reason I reinstalled this game... Achtung Panzer! Wo bist du?!!!
  11. The AI to me seems OP... But, maybe it's a balancing thing... T-34's firing at me at 2000m and de-tracking my Tiger... Get outta here... Even on easy they seem to range better then me... I'll let you in on a little secret... Bracketing takes training and practice, of which the poor Russians did not have in WW2... The Americans estimated that a 76mm gun had to fire 13 times for zeroing before having a 50% chance to hit a target standing still at 1500m And the Russian's were less or just as poorly trained in '43-45'... Poor little buggers...
  12. Now... I may be thick... Maybe as much as piggy poop... But I think I've missed the DL link here... Also... Spoiler alert Wittmann got dead... August 8th 1944... On the plus he waaaaaaaaaaaaas described as a bit of a d*ck who towed the party line a bit much... My wife's grandfather told me this after I got em pished on schnapps in a lake house in the middle of nowhere... He was ex-Youth... Which is kinda funny as I'm ex-Desert Rat, albeit 2nd Royal Tank Reg. and modern... It was a surreal moment for me... Annnnnnnyhoo... Links?
  13. Couldn't agree more... At least special attention to optimization would be stellar... I was thinking about a low LOD terrain overlay applied at 50m... But, stellar pilots would run into issues when they'd dip below... A complete transition to Unreal 5? 😅
  14. They need to maybe have separate options for Tank Crew if it's an issue of frames...
  15. Your Sherman looks like a Panzer III...
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