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  1. Having a radar and talking about cheating with skins. Funny. BTW having a MK 108 locked on G6 doesnt have any justification. It was widely used on that plane. And if Yak1 127 has super backward visibility why not giving german planes transparent headrest mod. I mean, if you want to balance?
  2. Yeah, lol. That is why an intelligent person would say today "My friend is a good man, no matter where he comes from".
  3. Not everything we learned in the school was true.
  4. hmm Allies were so affraid nazis will capture the Meteor. But it was there. During Bodenplatte. To defend the airfield.
  5. Whats your problem mate? Its a legit question. Some templates we got even before the planes are released and Me262 is out. And skinners usually work for the benefit of the whole community. For free.
  6. Well that is, actually, a good question.
  7. I used to run IL2 BOS smoothly (1200p resolution) on G4560 (2+2 cores 3.5 Ghz), GTX 1060 3GB, classic SSD, and 8GB 2400Mhz DDR4. On high settings with SSAO and HDR off. This game can run on rather cheap PCs (as long as you dont use VR) but the real problem is poor netcode.
  8. Doesnt fit into bodenplatte...then again...collector planes. And the fact we cant mimic the RL in current maps, planeset (big bombers) and game engine/netcode.
  9. Anybody managed to force engines so that they caught fire? I didnt....though that is with engine mod.
  10. So what we know now when the plane is here. Me262 is deadly in an experienced hands. Its not sluggish, "heavy" and turns quite ok. It doesnt accelerate too fast but its ok. Its faster than anything in this game. You cant catch it most of the times (takeoff and landings). Maybe P51 and P47 could catch if diving from higher alt. Paired with Dora at high alt it can do whatever f wants. Engines arent sensitive at all as they were in original Il2. With mod your almost safe from probs. My biggest surprise. Its an ultimative vulching weapon and as such is being used now in MP. Sholud be very limited on servers but for now we had a dozen of them in servers I tried last night. Sure, you can try to fly the whole map till you reach Me262 base but thats tricky as its not RL.....maps arent so huge and ppl are on TS always alerted when someone is near the base...
  11. Yes but you need to fine tune the RPM later (on example Spitfires) and mixture (on example Yaks). With spit RPM should rarely be at 100% because of emergency power which isnt unlimited.
  12. First impressions of our Me262 by Stormbirds
  13. It seams its better now but I cant confirm that 100% sure till I test it more than two nights. What I did: 4k skins left ON. Full screen left OFF (using native res of my monitor) Vsync (also in game graphics settings) turned OFF Vsync in Nvidia control panel turned ON. And, very important, BEFORE every flying night, restart your PC if you opened any other app (more demanding, like Chrome, Photoshop etc). So start the IL2 on fresh windows start. Ofcourse you can load TS and any other software which goes with it.
  14. In an old IL2 we had lasers...not that we dont have them here also, to some extent hihi
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