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  1. Though If you would sell "combat" footrests for MFGs you would be rich in a no time....
  2. BTW, If any of you ever experience any clicking sound around the center (from the area of the main bearing/magnet) all you need to do is to unscrew a bit (not to much, just a few mms) the nut with the red shrink tube (seen on the preview pic of the video). After that my pedals are super smooth and silent. And....the above video is only for older batches of the pedals up to Serial No. 1964, for owners who have problems with rudder axis centering/calibrating (its explained in the video).
  3. Distant landscape detail is the setting. I had it at 2X when I was using 1060 3GB (on 1200p) and no issues. Try that. This means, when you are at high alt your landscape at distance wont be in lower res. With that card I was also running 4k textures, vsync on (60Hz monitor) and full screen off (resolution must be the same as native resolution of your monitor). Custom skins (for MP) I always have turned off.
  4. For 1080p 1060 3GB is more than enough for this game and 8GBs of RAM also. At least for high settings (just dont use SSAO and more than 2X distant landscape). Never saw this sim using more than 5GBs at 1200p.
  5. Distant landscape with more than 2x settings demands 6gb vram card. Though it depends of monitor resolution.
  6. Its 20:57 in Moscow....hopes are thin.
  7. Newer pedals doesnt have that problem, Serpent. The nut is different so it cant spin even if you force like mad and the glue is better. My pedals had some clicking noise when crossing the center and I fixed that with just releasing a bit (very little) the main nut which holds the main bearing and magnet (and the plate above that). Basically I disassembled the whole pedals and checked all the nuts and all the moving parts. Now its super smooth. But like I said, ask MIlan first. mfg@simundza.com
  8. Ask Milan he has a great support. I dont have such a problem with my pedals. I know there is a way to reset the pedals and calibrate again.
  9. CPU calculates FM, DM and AI. Video settings are mostly on GPU.
  10. Thanks Sharpe. Im considering to migrate from 1200p 24" (60hz IPS) to 1440p 27" (75Hz IPS). I was concerned about spotting planes at higher resolution.
  11. I also noticed that KOTA and TAW are more smooth than WOL.
  12. I never trieed but generally, yes, the bigger the monitor is and the lower the res is - the easier would be to spot dots on the sky. BUT, on example, I wouldnt go for 27" and 1080p monitor just for that. I prefer to have a nice resolution and image quality over slightly more visible enemies. TBH I was thinking on switching from 24" 1200p monitor to 27" 1440p monitor but then I would have smaller dot pitch and Im not sure how visible would be enemies in the distance. Maybe someone who has such monitor would answer. I was looking for 1400p 32" screen also but I have one at my work and it is indeed too big for "desktop style" gaming (I tried).
  13. Roblex. I asked him again and he said that he realised perf drop wasnt from drivers. Now is ok. But he didnt see any gains just like I didnt (1660). So you can stay with the current drivers easily. cheers BTW, 30 FPS boost just from drivers is not possible. I turned off SSAO and I cant see a difference visually but the game is smoother (at least I think so). Though I never dropped below 60fps on my 1200p monitor.
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