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  1. Best Christmas gift for me would be medium bombers, new game engine and improved netcode so we can have more than 80ppl on the server, without issues. And an HyperLobby with many COOPS. ahhhh....dreams
  2. Liked that good hearted man since NEOQB days. Lunatic.
  3. Yep, its a problem because chivalry almost deceasen amongst IL2 community, in general. Lately I fly often on combatbox because they have a system where the bases are locking on the side which has "too much" players compared to the enemy team. Not only that but they have penalty for players who exits when their plane is badly damaged. Unfortunately it is necerssary because some people cannot change their mindset and behave like air knights.
  4. It is because 15 yrs ago such pathetic ppl were very few. Whats they joy of doing this anyways?...or shooting at chutes, or strafing crashlanded bomber pilot? We pretend to simulate (to some extent) real WW2 air fights and behaviour. So what would the majority of real pilots in WW2 do, specially on the western front? All theyr doing is runing other fun. Stats? Why we need to play this like its Call of duty..its not. Yeah, stats arent important, specially in dog servers.
  5. Im not whining Im yelling out loud...something must be done to prevent pathetic ppl do this. Its not "exiting properly" its cheating and stealing kills from others. With that said I was on combatbox server and there is a nice settings which somehow prevents pathetic ppl to do this without penalty.
  6. Im more experienced than you in forum and in IL2. dont troll me. He exited for wrong reasons. I exited after landing for completely different reason and I didnt do anything dishonorable and pathetic (like he did). If you think that it is funny try to remember how it was 15 yrs ago in IL2. Oh wait, you cant?
  7. I didnt rage quit becasue I didnt get a kill. I couldn care less. Those times passed long ago. Of course, unless Im saving my teamate in SEOW but for that we will need to wait a bit more. I rage quite BECAUSE OF THe BEHAVIOUR of the downed pilot. When I see pathetic ppl I go wild for some reason. At least latey (maybe casue Im gettin old in sims).
  8. Nope, thats completely different thing and its OK. You PK somebody or whatever, the kill msg is there and he doesnt want to wait till plane crash (but again, why? Its few secs). Im talking about deliberately exiting while your plane is badly damaged and going down and your pilot is still alive.
  9. Im simming for about 25yrs (19yrs with IL2) and for the first time I rage quitted online (doesnt matter the server, its the pathetic behaviour which I see now more often than ever). Ppl just exit the server (deliberately) when I hit em good and their plane is spinning towards the ground. They just exit and I dont get a kill. I dont mind a statistic, I really dont mind not getting a kill, but this kind of behaviour should stop. We should have some kind of disconnection/exit penalty counter. I dont know if ppl are doing that for saving their stats or whatever the pathetic reason it is, but its gettin really annoying and happens more often than ever. I can bare shoulder shooting, kill stealing, name it...but this is gettin on my nerve really hard. Its pathetic. They are gaming a game in a worst way.
  10. Like I said. I only play IL2. That is why I cant decide clearly right away. 1440p is the limit resolution and the question is if I would spot planes better with 32". I somehow doubt. On 27% pic would be sharper and nicer that is true. Im arm lenght away from my screen (24" 1200p). But at work same distance but there I have 32" 4k monitor.
  11. Never heard of that Hurricane aeroplane. I was taught P51 won the war and Spitfire won the Battle of Britain. 😁
  12. I still cant decide. 27" or 32" 1440p monitor. 27" would be sharper with better pic but 32" would have bigger dots (visibility better)? Or the dpi doesnt matter? Which is better?
  13. Kofte.....problem is the planes arent used on servers like in RL and numbers are more or less equal on server....not the historical way anyway....
  14. Seriously? With that said I would like to have Ta152 but not because Luftwaffe pilots are slaughtered online. They arent. On most servers there are enough of 262s and most pilots know how to use them to never be toucjed. So pls dont whine. On top of that we have horders of "dedicated" Luftwaffe flyers who only fly with german planes. Thast funny if you ask me.
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