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  1. I hope you will do this. This would be the best news for a long time. Current engine struggles online not only for ppl who experiences stutters online. Lets hope you will make it. Fingers crossed.
  2. On russian part of the forum there are tracks and even youtube video showing exactly how it looks like and it was reposted in this topic I believe.
  3. What is even more amazing is that Cpt. Darling and I are the only one not becoming RL pilots in original =IRFC= squadron (from ROF).
  4. Merry Christmas, I hope you will fix the stutters in multiplayer so I can play. My wish for 2020, for this game. All the best.
  5. I wish I have such a "huge" problem with this game. Seriously, SSDs are cheaper than ever. Buy bigger disk.
  6. Update. Tried again on WOL (75 players) and Combatbox (53 players). Same results, both with microstutters, WOL worse. Then I tried Random expert Battle of Stalingrad Tour 1 server and it was stutter free (56 players)....so, what to say now...
  7. Still nothing about MP stutters fix.
  8. Polishing of what? MP performance?
  9. MIcrostuttering has nothing to do with FPS. My FPS is superb all the time.
  10. I just tested: Wings of victory - heavy microstuttering, right from the start Combatbox - much less mi crostuttering but noticable and also right from the start TAW - no microstuttering until I get to the enemy base, then I experienced some very interesting
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