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  1. I remember Chunko from ROF days. Flew with and against him in virtual skies. R.I.P. dear fellow, we all share the same passion which never fades! S!
  2. Yeah. We now can quit or adapt to the new generations.
  3. I miss chivarly from old IL2 46 days. I do it from time to time even here. That could be more fun than actually killing and spawning all the time. Few weeks ago I let the bomber ditch to field and didnt shoot anymore so he can survive. I got an salute from the guy. I dont care about stats, never did (online wars as esxceptions becasue of its nature). Unfortunately most ppl are playing this like Call of duty in the air with some online wars/missions (one life rule) as exceptions. It gets boring playing every day the same shite "spawn, fly few mins, kill or be kllled and respawn." Again, a
  4. Rivatuner and MSI Afterburner used to be for overclocking (and monitoring) the GPU which is really not needed todays as you would not gain alot, specially if the graphic crad is factory overclocked.
  5. Yeah, A6 has nothing to be excited about, compared to A5. With that said, A5 is one of my favourites in the sim and A6 is very simmilar.
  6. How our Spit XIV relates to our Spit IX? Since our Spit IX has Merlin with 2 stage supercharger. I guess XIV would be much faster at high alt and considerably faster at med alts. Also it would climb much better and would be less maneuverable (at low med alts only)? Also interesting that an Spit from earlier (in timescale) battle is overall better than the one that fought a bit later in the war..
  7. Bombers are somewhere in the far future, when the game will use new, better game engine and netcode.
  8. Now is the chance they make Fokker DVII with DIIIau engine (most commonly produced). I mean, how hard is it since there is DIIIa engine and 3D model of the plane?
  9. P47 is no match to g14. It needs a lot of time and engine management to get to that fictional speed. Its less maneuverable also. Btw how many times you guys flew allied planes to comfortable judge them?. Also there were 2 me262s on the server. This is getting ridiculous we are arguing with an "animals in a farm about a farm". I expect you to ban spit 14 in the future. Enough of this for me. bye
  10. Problem is, once you loose spit and p51 your left with p47...our p47 not the real one. And on the opposite side is g14. Also there are alot of 262s....no compensation for that. Temoest isnt a match and we rarely can fly it. Then theres a fact TAW was always LW playground, LW oriented server where LW only squads, naturaly dominate. Lw squads admins. Btw whats up with flying only one side in a freaking game. Thats absurd, always was. Playing the game not for challenge and fun but for stats. Plain wrong. Im telling this since death of SEOW and old IL2. my 5 cents
  11. Here are my problems with this server. If you loose your life and points your only option is P47 attacker. Well, I surprised one BF109 K4 in it but pathetic 50 cals just arent enough for one pass kill so I ended up defeated. Secondly, often on server the odds are very uneven. Also there are many squads out there, so often happens that even if the odds are close one side has 10 players in team on TS. That is ok of the server is full but if there are 20 ppl on each side...Maybe Im seeing things wrongly....
  12. Well..its currently, the best server for us, hardcorers (old SEOW warriors). I like it alot. There is room for improvement, ofcourse. BTW, me praising anything is an epic achievement. So be flattered. 😄
  13. Somewhere on this boards I red that IL2 is alot of CPU hungry (spec in MP) and every Ghz counts as well as speed of RAM. Anyways since Im buying a good 490 mobo and unlocked CPU I would go with good cooler to and I think its better to raise the base clock than to leave it stock and to let the turbo deal with it (turbo can be problematic, vene more so it is not stable always and rasies the cores unevenly).
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