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  1. Visibility is completely broken now. Doesnt matter if alt visibility is ON. Planes are hard to ID past 5km. Unless one is using zoom in constantly but even then its not easy. So many times now happens planes popping up out of nowhere or just suddenly disappear.
  2. So late P47 isnt a joke anymore?
  3. Commander, the question is...do you have an SSD? If you dont...the BON is mine!
  4. Actually, its a joke. Me winning this just by upvoting. If I wanted to manipulate I would make some regular haha joke and ask my friends and squad mates to vote and I would win. This way its more transparent, funny and honest.
  5. Be careful with Win 10 v2004 update as many had performance issues in other games and some other annoying bugs. I couldnt restart my PC after the update so I reverted back to v1009 and all is good again. IL2 works great now so why taking any risks? Microsoft also noted that there are bugs in this update but I dont know if they released the hotfix already.
  6. So basically we need to ask our squad mates and friends to like our post to win BON.
  7. 2080 is an overkill for 1080p even for more demanding games than IL2. 1660Ti would run IL2 no probs on high even on 1440p. With 2080 you would be able to play IL2 on 4k. Take a look:
  8. I have GTX1660 6GB and run this game no probs on 1440p. FPS avg around 85. High settings, medium shadows, landscape detail x3, horizon 100 km, landscape sharp, grass normal, clouds extreme, AA 4X MSAA, sharpen filter on, 4k textures on, other stuff set to off......
  9. That is unbelievable. It was the only "all metal gymbal mechanism" stick (with adjustable stiffnes and center detent) which had buttons and throttle lever on the base. An ideal stick for "hardcore simmer" who doesnt havbe a lot of space for separate throttle and it was cheaper than the Gunfighter is today.
  10. I would just add that I switched from regular Gladiator to Gladiator pro mk1 and would never go back. The difference is night and day. Pro has metal gymbal mechanism, progressive resistance, "better feeling" and is more precise and durable. It comes with a few sets of springs each with different stiffness. There are also CAMs with different center detent. Gladiator pro was succeeded by Gunfighter (Mk3 is actual model) but you can try to find used one (rare occasion). Gunfighter has a metal base and no buttons or throttle on the base (unlike Gladiator pro) so you must own/buy separate throttle also. Ofcourse pedals are must too. So your option is to buy regular Gladiator K (mk3 with plastic mechanism) or Gunfighter MK3 (metal mechanism and base). You can also choose the grip you want with the Gunfighter base (during order). VKB Gladiator pro was unique stick with its metal gymbal mechanism, adjustable springs and cams and "all desktop solution" with buttons and throttle lever on the base. Only problem was its plastic base isnt strong enough for extensions and extra strong springs (which were advisable to use with it) so it wasnt suitable for simpit users who like to use joystick extensions.
  11. Head zoom views used to be instant (if one wants, he could assign 100% speed (0% of inertion) of head zoom in and out, reset zoom etc.). Now its not instant speed even wiith 100% of speed zoom applied. New zoom function is instant but you need to press AND HOLD keys assigned (the new four levels of zoom). Why on earth you changed existing camera zoom views (zoom view)....
  12. They will announce the Battle for Midway and Mig Alley.......
  13. MSAA looks better than FXAA..less blurry and better edges. I didnt notice any significant fps drop with MSAA. But ppl with older/weaker rigs could se much of an improvement with FXAA. If you play on 1440p or higher (even better) you really dont need to apply more than 2X AA..
  14. If you are a pilot and have a wife - you are already flying because you need a lot of weed to get through a day.
  15. Ahh thanks for explanation Blitze! 👍 Now is clear. Do you find FXAA or MSAA better for spotting? Some ppl said the plane is looking better in front of the clouds now with FXAA.
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