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  1. I just tested: Wings of victory - heavy microstuttering, right from the start Combatbox - much less mi crostuttering but noticable and also right from the start TAW - no microstuttering until I get to the enemy base, then I experienced some very interesting
  2. Tell that to yourself after simming for 30 yrs .....
  3. No pacific theatre no stutters in MP fix, here goes my simming...maybe forever this time. It will be whats written.
  4. The main difference is emptier pocket of a seducted customer.
  5. This is frustrating. Now I literally tried everything. Even disabled windows defender and firewall. But it is really a shot in the dar since it was all wokring well before this patch and we know that for some after some big updates stuttters occurs no matter the settings or the hardware. Bah! I will wait for teh fix. Well if doenst come I will definitely end my 30 yrs old simming career. It will be what it will be.
  6. I know you from old IL2 and for many years.....Its pathetic what youv become in older days. You must be really an ***** to react like that to a community member of IL2 who was there when IL2 demo was released. But, you always had that weird, sick sense of "humour".
  7. In fact I have edtracker pro which isnt fixed to 60/120 nad still hase same experience as you. Its not our rigs (I have second best in my squad and Im the only one with stutters CURRENTLY. One guy who used to have them lowered shadows and fixed them) or flight gear. My teammate has weaker PC and same tracker and is free of stutters. Same Windows version. I dont use antivirus;, I turned of all services I could, I tried older nvidia drivers, all kind of settings ingame and in NV CP (that helped few patched before when I had stutters, also after one big patch) but nothing. We need to face it. The code of this game engine is bugged and very limited as i s netcode.
  8. The game engine is crap. Netcode even more. It is an engine which was built for WW1 sim with limited number of fighter planes. Back in the early ROF days we had big problems with stutters online. When I look at my processes I see GPU and CPU just partialy used, FPS are great but still game runs like crap in MP.
  9. Clever guys amongst us already knew this engine cannot hold pacific setup. That is clear since even now the engine and netcode is crumbling and some have stutters in MP no matter the settings or the hardware. Large bombers or big bomber formation wasnt ever possible in this sim, to add. NORMANDY WITHOUT THE B17 in a game which someone calls A SIM? Thats hillarious.. Currently Im unable to play this sim due to performance issues and I was always a supporter of this (small) genre. Hovewer, it seams we reached the wall and the genre will slowly die (many reasons not just described above). Some will still play but that would not mean its alive. I wish you luck with Normandy but I doubt it will sell well since its more or less Bodenplatte planes frames with weaker engines and guns and its practically same theater..... Now Im closer than ever to end my 30 yrs long sim career, sell all my flight gear and kiss goodybe to virtual flying. I cant get the optimism here after the latest announcement. Salute
  10. The price is higher because they are needing addition ppl to fix online stutters, netcode and to rebuild existing flight models (3D models are more or less there) for Normandy planes. AHAHAHAHHA
  11. Are you kidding me...with this engine forget about those.
  12. Battle of Normandy with planes which share (more or less ) 3d models with existing planes. I knew nothing from PTO, this engine and netcode is struggling online.
  13. Why would the bother since most of their customers are single players not to mention they are battling with awfull game engine/netcode since early ROF days when they were NEOQB team.
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