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  1. Thanks Airone. My thoughts are with Italians too, ofcourse. Last summer I spent in Italy and it was a blast. You are right about our spirit, we shall never surrender. ciao
  2. Well, in hte middle of the coronavirus pandemic we had (this moring at 6:25) an earthquake (magnitude 5.5 Richter) in the capital od Croatia - Zagreb. After that another one (5.0 magnitude). Older bulidings (specially in the downtown area where even the top of the cathedral fell of)) collapsed partially. Many cars destroyed, some ppl injured and a 15 yr old girl fighting for her life in the hospital. Half of the city lost power and water dude to damage but its quickly repaired. Last such earthquake here was in 1880. Ppl went out after the first strike, still with the masks, since corona. On top of all that it was the coldest day (freezy wind too) of this "winter" (was very mild). People were nervous anyways because of the virus and now this. BTW, spirit within ppl is still strong, some making jokes via wapp and facebook groups, the only way to survive all this. Ofcourse and to stay at home. The good thing is that many are helping older citizens.....in the the middle of the strike the mothers and just born babies went out half naked on this cold weather since some hospitals are old (mainly in the downtown). I feel like shit tbh but I was flying tonite. Because that is what Im doing for years. Maybe this was all with purpose because the world became a place of haters and ignorants. Maybe we will transform in something what we were before when our fathers and grandfathers were young.
  3. That alone is ok but it shouldnt be seen so far away. At least its what RL pilots from our community are saying.
  4. Finally no more cartoonish RC planes falling apart like cards....Looking at the video it looks much more like in real guncam footage, planes can take a lot of damage (sturdier and bigger even more) and there are fires often...Im very pleased. Also its amazing that you are still working in this harsh times. Thank you.
  5. I though we can gift purchased stuff.
  6. What to say than for navigation lights. In RL during sunny day they couldnt be seen so far away. And its getting exploited by squads in online maps. I hate that.
  7. Shouldnt be since it isnt hollywood...its HBO again and Tom Hans.....Tom Hanks is in this movie and thats all....
  8. I was looking forward to the "band of brohters in the air"....hope it will happen....
  9. After latest Midway movie everything looks good to me 😁
  10. FM and DM are priority in combat hardcore sim so Im very pleased with the news. 👌
  11. =VARP=Tvrdi


    This is so cool....
  12. I thought giveaway is over....Birdman won.
  13. Unfortunately I know very well what was asked, from ROF days....but hey....its history now and it repeats like always
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