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  1. Im not an easy crier but this kind of stuff gets me. What a wonderful, fearless and humble man he was. Salute!
  2. blackram

    Investigating head tracking options

    Again, edtracker pro van use pseudo 6dof..in opentrack you can set your actual roll as lean over nose and lean to the side and behind your back (lean behind your tail)....its even more natural..
  3. blackram

    Investigating head tracking options

    It is 3 times cheaper than TiR5. Also its using pseudo 6DOF (actuall roll can be tied to lean over and behind and lean over and duck below via opentrack software). Also its solution (gyro plus magneotmeter) is superior to camera tracking imho...also no deoendance on light sources, no lost tracking at extreme angles. Only problem I have sometimes when the view goes 180 deg ifIm using opentrack. But thats on my end I need to tune it better. Yes, TiR5 is the way to go if the money isnt an issue.
  4. blackram

    Investigating head tracking options

    If you are on budget - Edtracker pro. If the money isnt a problem then TiR5.
  5. blackram

    Trackir inaccuracy y-axis

    I never said its a 6dof product and with that said it doesnt mean TiR is better tracker.
  6. If its of any help I had simmilar problem with Gladaitor pro MK1. Manufacturer suggestion is not to tighten the "grip screw" too firmly but I did that and it fixed my problem. I hope it will stay that way. BUT...my warranty expired so In your case you should be provided with support from virpil stuff....
  7. blackram

    Tzigy's Happy New Year Gifting Extravaganza

    Tzigy, you`r da man.
  8. blackram

    Trackir inaccuracy y-axis

    You dont know enough to claim that. This product can use pseudo 6DOF, you can tune the tracker in opentrack software so when you roll your head you lean over or below the bar and lean behind your back (to check 6). Zoom function itself I never used when I was using TiR because its useless. I rather use fast/fixed snap zoom in and out views. I have three stage snap zoom setup. Super wide, midrange and on gunsight ("full zoom").
  9. blackram

    Trackir inaccuracy y-axis

    Try to ask here: sales@edtracker.co.uk
  10. blackram

    Trackir inaccuracy y-axis

    Ed Tracker Pro Opentrack
  11. It looks very ergonomic. Pitty there isnt a version for Gladiator Pro MK1 base.
  12. blackram

    Tzigy's Happy New Year Gifting Extravaganza

    Ju 53 please. Thanks and happy New Year.
  13. blackram

    Trackir inaccuracy y-axis

    I was using tir 3, 4 and 5 for years...with all of them I had problem with tracking at extreme angles. Whatever tune in sw or in camera position I did, problem was occasionally back. I lost tracking. With edtracker pro Im very satisfied and its less hw demanding. Also ambient light isnt a problem for edtracker unlike tir. My experience is that IR trackers are inferior to magnetometer/gyro solution. Yes, tir has full 6dof but pseudo 6dof (roll for leaning and leaning over or below) is working great via opentrack and edtracker pro. Price is much less. Trackir is heavily overpriced, better to invest into VR then.
  14. blackram

    Developer Diary 213 - Discussion

    Ahh Dora. And Me262 is coming! Thank you Han and guys. Happy New year to you and now is the time for some festive drinking. I hope.
  15. blackram

    VKB, Still...

    Their EU representative is silent for 2 months. Nothing about when the pedals (or anything else) will arrive in eu store. Amazing how pathetic is their correspondence with customers. Aliexpres order is out of the question sinec VAT and customs from China to EU is very expensive. On top of that there is a shipping price.