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  1. Ooh boy i really love those skins. Just curious does they historically correct or fictional?
  2. Place it in Fw190A8 folder
  3. The coincidence, when I played the Jade campaign a few months ago, I have created skins for Spitfires also, several for each squadron. https://mega.nz/#!U0VlFQZR!s5YAZVlqZwlgf_hFgaJUpluSQ6_c8uDeK-ECMkcd9yc I like that you @FoxbatRu used historiclly correct spits serial numbers exept EP369(white529) i couldn't find that it belonged to 57 GvIAP. (22 Spitfire serial numbers mentioned in trizna.ru)
  4. Hi, just copy luascripts folder from JG51 over Velikie Luki.rar folder and place it in data folder. For me it helpped.
  5. Looks great, keep going on this spirit
  6. In my opinion font is same but a little bit bold, that's why i shared this pictures of Yak-9T.
  7. There is some misunderstand This picture i found in web and shared, because it better resolution. I think it should help you to do much clearly picture (these words) on your skin. (I used this method which i mentioned and i had got good result.) To find correct fonts is difficult so i think this way is beter choise.
  8. This is better resolution of picture. Use selection tool (e.g. Magic Wand Tool in Photoshop) for every leter to select and copy, and than place on your skin.
  9. It would be much interesting to play official scripted campaigns, if we could choose custom skins not for only own planes but either friendly squadron. But this question i think should be addressing for Dev. Anyway i made my vote.
  10. Hi JM, Yes i'm playing without icons, on expert mode. In biefing says Take off from Popovicheskaya airfield.Head south and join a formation of 9 x Petlyakov 2 headed towards Krymskaya. So I was flying by waypoints and couldn't find those bombers until on the back way i reached Staro-Nizhne-Steblievskaya and saw them on runway. That is why i was thinking about some issue there. Maybe waypoint is too far fom PE2 airfield or might be to clarify that in the briefing. Anyway i had some fun fight whith couple 109 Cheers Hi Keeno, I will try it again go throth this mission, maybe i will be lucky to defend those bombers in flight. Becouse when i was playing las time i saw message in left corner that some where is going fighting, but didin't know where. On back way i met couple 109 so i had some fun and mission wasn't so empty. Cheers
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