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  1. Hello Jaegermeister, Where i can download these beautiful skins, or it's not ready yet?
  2. Hi Look at these differences between subtypes, and you will get that its not so simple to make D11.
  3. Hello, I'm trying add entries in to skin.tab file about my skins, but i can't find anything about the FW190D9 and Me262A. Where get those entries?
  4. Also make sure that your graphic card drivers are up to date.
  5. Hi, just try reinstall campaign files once again and you will get all you need files in campaign folder. Campaign progression won't disappear.
  6. Place it in Fw190A8 folder
  7. The coincidence, when I played the Jade campaign a few months ago, I have created skins for Spitfires also, several for each squadron. https://mega.nz/#!U0VlFQZR!s5YAZVlqZwlgf_hFgaJUpluSQ6_c8uDeK-ECMkcd9yc I like that you @FoxbatRu used historiclly correct spits serial numbers exept EP369(white529) i couldn't find that it belonged to 57 GvIAP. (22 Spitfire serial numbers mentioned in trizna.ru)
  8. Hi, just copy luascripts folder from JG51 over Velikie Luki.rar folder and place it in data folder. For me it helpped.
  9. Looks great, keep going on this spirit
  10. In my opinion font is same but a little bit bold, that's why i shared this pictures of Yak-9T.
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