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  1. Hijacking this thread... I need a program that records my CPU temperatures, so after I play a game for some time, I can check them out to see how they´ve changed during the time I was playing. AI suite 3 (came with my asus board) and MSI Afterburner store the temperatures for a very limited time... Thanks!
  2. I love playing with manual engine power. The loss of power from my lack of skill is compensated by the gain in fun!
  3. I just finished playing Microsoft Flying Simulator 2020 for 3 hours with my new rig (without overclock, just with the turbo mode), and, HOLY COW, I can play with max graphic settings (1920x1200) and my CPU temperature was below 75!!!!!! I´m amazed!!!!
  4. Well, yes, but only because I´m more familiar with soviet aircrafts. I´ll try flying for the "dark side" after I finish my soviet career (will take quite some time, I think). Thank you all for your replies!
  5. Thank you! I think that the stock turbo frequency (5.3GHz) is enough. Will check if it´s enabled!
  6. Sooo... After some years without touching the interior of my PC, I decided to upgrade it. So now I have: - i9 10900K processor - ASUS Tuf Gaming Z490+ Mobo - 32gb RAM - Nvidia Geforce 3080 I´m interested in doing a "light" or "soft" overclock, without going too high on temperatures and voltages (I don´t have a watercooler or something like that). I´ve watched some videos on youtube, but most of them about the i9-9900K. Anyone here can give me some tips? Thanks!!
  7. Hi! Just curious, can I play a career on the three theaters of war within the same regiment (fighter or IL-2)? In other words, is there a Regiment that fought on Moscow, Kuban and Stalingrad? Thanks
  8. Hi! I have an i7 4790 with 16gb RAM, and a NVDIA 2080 video card. I know that time scale in SP is based on system power... But I have a somewhat good machine, and I can´t get even proper 2x time scale. Do you have any tips on how to meddle with your system in order to get more time scale? Thanks!
  9. Hey people, I´m thinking about buying a 3080 and I have two models avaliable: Gainward/Phoenix and Gigabyte. Which one do you recommend?
  10. Hi people, thank you very much for all your help and tips. Cheers!
  11. The purpose is just to destroy the locomotive, which is silly to me. Anyway, in ground attack missions (I love to fly the IL-2) almost every time when I arrive at the mission objective, my fighter escort is already gone, attacking bombers and/or dogfighting along the way...
  12. Brief description: game freezes (can´t click on anything, but mouse still moves) after watching any campaign video (even BOM beta) Detailed description, conditions: NA Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Windows 7 GPU: NVIDIA Gforce 970
  13. Hi folks! I've been playing BOS for some time now. However, in some of the game's reviews that I've read, I noticed that the game (used to?) has people walking and moving on the ground (crews, i.e). However, so far I haven't seen any of this. This feature was disabled after the initial versions of the game? If not, how can I activate it? Thanks!
  14. You have to press F10 to save our new view
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