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  1. Scope: Interface Clarification of the proposal: To enable the owners of the server, remove the auxiliary compass and the overload indicator. Advantages: Ability to implement an online project with hardcore settings. Thanks a lot to the developers for the ability to remove tech chat on the server. Unlimited Respect! Now for a complete immersion, please add the above functions. Thank! Like it please
  2. Answer here Before making loud statements, compare in QMB (on a quick departure) how buildings are damaged and then in the TAU mission, the strength of the TAU server missions is set by the server developers.
  3. Designed as a bug report on the Russian forum, let's see what the developers say.
  4. Hopefully the arcade compass will also be turned off?
  5. This insanity has existed for a very long time. Developers are not able to adequately implement airborne shooters.
  6. Prima aprilis ? If this is a joke, virtual pilots will not understand.
  7. I can not understand. I completely destroyed the front-line factory, but the marker on the map did not disappear. What is the reason? I even made a control flight, and recorded it. And even in the replay, I did not find a single surviving enemy unit.
  8. The first impression of the server is a good one. I plan to drag my group to this server. The presence of bots upsets.
  9. Good day friends. I appeal to you on behalf of the entire PanzerJagerStaffel / JG51. In the extreme war of the TAW server, we ran into a problem: There is only one Hs-129 aircraft available for the Sturmovik specialization. This is our main aircraft for completing tasks. Could you be so kind as to expand the number of He-129s available to two units for specializing in an attack aircraft? I hope for your understanding. Do not forget that when a large number of attack aircraft appear, the game is quite diverse. Sincerely, II./JG51, Pz.J.St./JG51.
  10. Dear administration. Pz.J.St./JG51 is interested in the opportunity to increase the number of Hs-129 aircraft from one unit to two? thanks
  11. https://taw.stg2.de/pilots_mission.php?mission_id=397 https://taw.stg2.de/pilots_mission.php?mission_id=398 https://taw.stg2.de/pilots_mission.php?mission_id=399 https://taw.stg2.de/pilots_mission.php?mission_id=400 https://taw.stg2.de/pilots_mission.php?mission_id=401
  12. Because on the map of Kuban, long distances from fields to the front line, and the main tactic of the allies is to throw bombs on Pe-2 planes that are 2 squares from their airfield. This was nowhere and never before, so that the airfields on which the combat squadrons were based were located 1-2-3 squares from the front line. 100km - Such a dislocation was in order to avoid a bomb strike, and the loss of all aircraft. Airstrike airfields - yes, but no matter how not the airfield with the main squadrons from where all take off. And my personal opinion. The fields are too close to the front line, this turns the server into a dog fight.
  13. We express our sincere condolences. Jagdgeschwader 51 "Mölders" Gruppe ll. Luftwaffe
  14. Hello. Have you ever thought about turning off technical messages and a compass? The flight atmosphere will increase significantly. In my opinion, this will improve the quality of pilots on the server and waging war will become more interesting. Such actions will eliminate newcomers and inexperienced pilots, which in turn will relieve the load on the server at prime time, and the vacant places will allow squads to work in large groups. Are there pilots who share my interests?
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