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  1. This whole development is a work of art. The improvements and extras that have been made in such a relatively short time is truly fantastic. A big thumbs up from me guys, thank you.
  2. Is this a windows 10 thing? No such bother on windows 7.
  3. Endy

    Flying the Mig-3

    Lovely video, you got it out quickly too.
  4. Yet another good and interesting update, thank you Han.
  5. Lovely list on the next update, thanks devs.
  6. I just tried another this time on the Lapino map, my one plane against ground targets. Works fine. I set the time to 0100, but I don't think that it's crucial.
  7. Blitzen --- When you set up a quick mission, look at the map, and where there are a lot of red circles all together, that is probably an enemy airfield. Aim to go in that direction.
  8. Just tried a quick mission, searchlights on there too. Don't forget to turn on targets, AAA etc.
  9. Kurdubigelzi -- There are three planes ready, and next week the new update is coming. I think it's only if you have BOS [any version].
  10. Ordering now. The three main things that have changed my mind are ----- The summer map. The up and coming PWCG. Tanks. As I've been away from BOS for quite a while, coming back I've noticed some great changes. A flight log when the mission is finished [Career]. An Orders menu, [nicely done]. Also the feeling of a war going on around you, smoke, explosions, near misses by other aircraft, to name a few. I quite like the career now, although I would prefer a pilot based career.
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