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  1. This is exactly it! The ranked servers settings force enables this. The more you know!
  2. Quick question: After three folks slot into your second Hell Froze Over, it labels Rodnik as "MAX" and no other players can spawn there. Can you tell me what dictates this, so we can tinker with it a bit for group play? Thanks much!
  3. Just wanted to let you know that my community has been using your original mission, and it's very highly regarded. Can't wait to try this one this afternoon! Did you come from RoF? Your grasp of the editor is incredibly impressive. Edit: also, this set is missing the .list files. Not sure if this is intentional and is an easy fix, but figured I'd let you know.
  4. This issue was actually caused by the .list file directories not matching the actual location of the mission on the server.
  5. Hey Pand, We're getting this same error on our server. Could you go a bit more in-depth on how to resolve this issue? Edit: At least for us, the locations he was referring to were the file locations in the .list file. They were incorrect.
  6. Thanks much, Haash. It's not specifically waypoints, but anything I might want to OL to a player. Is the only way to activate a trigger via Player Plane through Check Zones?
  7. For sure, that's what I thought was the case. The issue is that (and we're talking about this in that other thread, so I apologize and we can let this die and get back on topic here) means I can't actually assign any waypoints/objectives/triggers to them, since they're not actually present in the editor, only in game, after a player join and spawns.
  8. Sorry! No, not hosting from the same PC. We have a dedicated server. Example of what is happening: Folks spawn at marked airfield. Since these units did not exist in the editor (only the airfield), I don't know how to attach anything to them. Say I wanted to trigger a Subtitle when the player plane takes off. I can't set a 'onPlaneTookOff' event to trigger that subtitle. It's the same deal with anything else I might normally assign to players. I can't OL to any of them because they don't exist in the editor. So, I can manually plot out waypoints like normal, but I don't know how to connect them to player aircraft. Does that make sense?
  9. @Habu That's the exact Airfield I am using, and we're doing it that way. You can definitely spawn when you connect to the server at that airfield, so that stuff works. The issue we have with this method, is that I don't know how to assign anything to the planes that spawn there. Normally, I can attach waypoints, triggers, etc. to manually placed planes, but I don't know how to link anything to the planes that come out of there. RE: Download issue, I think we have all of those ports opened. Anyone can browse to the server and connect to it, but if you don't already have the mission, it'll fail to transfer to the player joining. Thanks again for any help or guidance! You folks are top notch.
  10. @Haash I believe RoF actually used the Cooperative flag, which would let you spawn players using Cooperative Start, and save as Cooperative, which sidesteps the whole 'fakefield' debacle we have to use. I could be mistaken on any of this, though, and if anyone could point me int a direction, I would love them eternally. My community and I are super excited to finally get up in the air together.
  11. Does anyone have a multiplayer cooperative mission yet? Looking for something I can pull apart and see how things are done. As it is right now, as far as I can tell, missions must be saved as Deathmatch, meaning we need to assign a 'fakefield' to spawn planes. This would be fine, except without player plane objects to assign waypoints/objectives/triggers to (since they aren't spawned until the play loads in, IE, they don't exist in the editor), the entire editor feels pretty neutered. I'm not sure if this is just a massive limitation of the implementation of RoF's editor in BoS, or if I am just an idiot. Idiot is always possible.
  12. It's definitely rough! Having serious issues dealing with either limitations of the editor, or limitations of my brain.
  13. Hey Neph, This information is super important, and had some help figuring out that end of things yesterday, but thank you for it nonetheless. My current issue is not knowing how to assign waypoints or objectives to the required fakefield, which will spawn the players when they select the airfield and load in. Any guidance on that front?
  14. Right on! Thanks for your help, Haash. Habu was already helping me in another thread where I thanked him, but a big shout to him again here. I look forward to sharing this mission, once I get it suitably less jacked up.
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