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  1. Same here! It's a pity that Desastersoft ... is gone. Their campaigns were worth every Penny/EUR in CloD! Best single player campaigns imho in the IL2 series.
  2. The cockpits of the Bf-109F-2 and the Tomahawk look incredible good!!! IMHO the CloD Blitz cockpits were the best cockpits ever in flight simulations, even compared with those we have in BOX. I am always stunned when I jump into a CloD Blitz pilot seat. Can't wait for the North African theatre expansion pack!
  3. Und abseits der Techniktipps: Immer wieder mal auf der IL2 Shopseite vorbeischauen bzw. den Newsletter abonnieren - von Zeit zu Zeit gibt es teils gravierende Preisnachlässe auf das eine oder andere Produkt (Collector Planes, Kampagnen, etc.). Im Sale zu kaufen lohnt sich hier m.E. wirklich!
  4. Hi Jade! Thank you very much for this campaign! I love your single player missions very much and therefor I am looking forward playing this campaign.
  5. Wow! Another campaign from Gambit - awesome!!! I played the A20-B campaign over the Kuban and loved it! (Not playing multiplayer that much, I am thankful for every single player (scripted) campaign.)
  6. Same here. To me the Rheinland map was disappointing, too - especially the virtually non-existing cities in the Ruhr area. The Normandy map is a logic next step and kind of a prequel to BoBP. With the Yak-9/T and the Hurri now available as collector planes, I will stay on the eastern front for some more time ;-)
  7. I've read the Gruppen-history of II./JG52 from Bernd Barbas, too. Very nice book with lots of information and storys. And as I have said before, I never came across this black and white "battleaxe" badge we have in the game. Anyway. As long as we have this little mod here, everything is fine for me.
  8. ... like sevenless said "... That's true! But we don't know, if this symbol was still used in later stages of the war. The Picture of the Bf-109 E1/E3 is from 1939/40. I doubt that this machine still flew in 1941 in the east. To my knowledge, some Luftwaffe units (Geschwader, Staffeln) didn't change their symbols throughout the war, whereas some units created and adopted new symbols and other emblems/symbols disappeared completely .
  9. ... same procedure and same problem: with the new update out, the default - and in my opinion wrong - unit badge has come up and sevenless' solution isn't working anymore. BTW: is it only me, who thinks that the ingame II./JG52 badge is totally wrong. I've read some of books about this unit and never came across this black and white "battleaxe" badge we have in the game. II./JG52 is commonly associated with the "sword against black and red background" logo.
  10. Perfect! Thank you very much sevenless!
  11. Hi, it seems that with the new patch 3.201 out, the II. /JG52 badge is "broken again". Before the recent update, the updated version from sevenless worked perfect for me.
  12. Me too! Those flight sims had a fantastic game play and the career mode in EAW, RB or Aces over the Pacific/Europe was absolutely great!
  13. Hi Juri, regarding the U-2s, I also first tried a few times to reduce speed by lowering the flaps, until I found out, that even with flaps down I mostly overshot the very, very, very slow biplanes. I then switched my tactics and I tried to attack the biplanes from the side and low, assuming that this is the rear gunner's blind spot. From that point you have a good chance to bring down the U-2 with a deflection shot/burst and get away without being hit by the rear gunner.
  14. Another wondeful campaign, Juri! I just played the first four missions - although at the moment heavily involved in the "Platzschutzstaffel Pitomnik" campaign 😉 - and I already love it! To search for enemy aircraft at night is very intense and so is the feeling while playing the missions. Absolutely intense! It's so much different from any other daylight campaign. Vielen Dank!
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