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  1. Moebelwagen

    Night fighters over the Kuban

    Hi Juri, regarding the U-2s, I also first tried a few times to reduce speed by lowering the flaps, until I found out, that even with flaps down I mostly overshot the very, very, very slow biplanes. I then switched my tactics and I tried to attack the biplanes from the side and low, assuming that this is the rear gunner's blind spot. From that point you have a good chance to bring down the U-2 with a deflection shot/burst and get away without being hit by the rear gunner.
  2. Moebelwagen

    Night fighters over the Kuban

    Another wondeful campaign, Juri! I just played the first four missions - although at the moment heavily involved in the "Platzschutzstaffel Pitomnik" campaign 😉 - and I already love it! To search for enemy aircraft at night is very intense and so is the feeling while playing the missions. Absolutely intense! It's so much different from any other daylight campaign. Vielen Dank!
  3. Moebelwagen

    Welche Sprachausgabe von IL2 BoX nutzt Ihr?

    Zumeist nutze ich die englische Variante. Ich hab mich schon so daran gewöhnt...
  4. Moebelwagen

    Platzschutzstaffel Pitomnik Campaign

    Thank you very much, Juri! I already enjoyed the single missions very much, but binding them together as a campaign looks very promising and I will definetly play them again! ;-) Vielen Dank!
  5. Moebelwagen

    Red Star against the Swastika?

    Same here! Back in the old Il2 days I loved these missions very very much!
  6. Moebelwagen

    Engine sounds got quieter.

    To me the sounds also seem a little bit quiter than before the 3.005 update (even after the hotfix, that came out shortly afterwards). It feels a bit strange now, as I realize, how much I obviously listen to the sound oft the motor when in combat. I seldom look at the motor gauges.
  7. Hi Manstein16, my flight simulation career does also track back into the 90s and I also earned my wings with games like RB, Aces of the Pacific, Dawn Patrol etc. And I also appreciate very much, what 1C is doing for the flight community. That's why buying these great games is a no-brainer to me and supporting these games and the community feels good.
  8. Moebelwagen

    Der Tank Crew Thread

    Hallo Yogiflight, Danke, das war sehr hilfreich! Natürlich waren genau diese Tasten bei mir mit anderen Befehlen belegt. Jetzt läufts!
  9. Moebelwagen

    Der Tank Crew Thread

    Ich versuche gerade die "alten" bei IL2 mitgelieferten T34 und PzKpfW III zum Laufen zu bringen (bevor ich mich in das Abenteuer TC stürze). Irgendwie stehe ich aber was die Motorsteuerung anbelangt auf dem Schlauch. Ich habe im englischen Forum auch jene Tastenbefehle gefunden, die Veteran66 oben gepostet hat: Cursor Tasten für die Steuerung des Panzers. Diese funktionieren bei mir aber genauso wenig wie WASD. Ich bekomme den Panzer keinen Meter vorwärts. Gibts irgendwelche Tasten, die in den Settings belegt sein müssen? Ich bin für jeden Tipp dankbar.
  10. Moebelwagen

    Ivan's War scripted campaign

    Thank you very much Juri! I already played that campaign twice and still love it! Looking forward for a third attempt ;-)
  11. Moebelwagen

    "Fire and Ice" - Bf 110 E-2 Scripted Campaign

    Thank you very much, netscape! Looking forward playing a scripted campaign in a Bf-110 - that's what I was truly waiting for!
  12. Moebelwagen

    Eindrücke von BoX

    Danke, ram!
  13. Moebelwagen

    Eindrücke von BoX

    Kurze Frage zur neuen Spitfire in BoBP: Kann man die Gyro Modes verstellen und falls ja, kennt jemand die Tastaturbefehle? Ich hab in den Settings (Tastaturbelegungen) danach gesucht, aber (wie zumeist) nichts gefunden bzw. übersehen. Danke im Vorab für die Hilfe! P.S.: Ja, die G-14 und die Spit IX rocken schon ganz schön!
  14. Moebelwagen

    I'm more ticked than a stray dog in LA right now...

    Same system as in RoF - if you want to use the (dynamic) campaign, you have to be online. Only static, scripted campaigns work offline.
  15. Moebelwagen

    LIONS OF KALININ - scripted campaign

    Thank you very much, Juri! I like your campaigns a lot. Looking forward to play this one! Danke!