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  1. Yea same. Lets not forget we play a computer game here. Its not reality, it will never achieve anything close to reality anyway. We all are staring at virtual pixel planes in our virtual pixel cockpits, while not make it a little more easy for everyone while we're doing it.
  2. Yes true! But why settle with 10% better when we could have 80% better?
  3. Guess your username checks out, except its not a the good kind of savage. If you cant make a post without insulting others, just let me know, then its senseless to have further discussion. Nope. The whole equation goes like this: Easy spotting + good flight models + nice maps + up to date graphics engine + stable MP environment = good simulation Of which we currently dont have point 1, 4 and partly 5. I am not 100% happy with how alternate spotting looks like, but its SOOO much better than what we've had all the years before. If they would decrease amplification of planes by 50% at distance I would still be happy, but if I had to decide (and I have to) between normal (bad) spotting and the new one, Id take alternate any day.
  4. Oh, sorry Im not 3L1Te enough for this game. Seriously? Stick these kind of sentences and elitist behaviour to the dark place where they belong. You are not a better pilot or player or human because you prefer IL2 GB over something else. One can hear the look-down-at-attitude of yours from miles away. I might aswell play Il2 CloD, where spotting also never was an issue, mysteriously. Ah right. We all remember this system from WW2 prop planes. These systems are for closure speeds much higher than in IL2, exceeding Mach. Dont compare apples and oranges. Take this logic to DCS jet combat, no need to spot at all, just look at radar blips. Must be super easy right? Give me a break. Once and for all: Hard/Bad spotting ≠ Good simulation.
  5. Well, thats also what devs of IL2 kept telling us for years and years. Sometimes you gotta poke devs to remind them to improve the existing game instead of pumping out new toys. It will pay off over time. Dont give up
  6. I do play DCS, but I can never finds helis (bad spotting 😄 )
  7. Same for me mate. I always fly alone. And theres the difference. I am in here for fun. I know a lot about planes, their behavior, their quirks, etc. but ultimately I am not here for diehard realism, its the fun that keeps me going. .. and they included me when they used it. Thats how it works I guess. Its alright, accpeted. Its just a typical internet thing too Im afraid, we both have two different opinions and we cant convince each other. After all though, we share the same niche hobby
  8. Dont be so unfriendly. I am a friend of very clear language too, but I do not insult people like this. To your so called arguments: I am not a bomber pilot, that is true. I find it boring to start, press a button over the target and return to base if possible, while AI gunners shoot for me. This is personal taste only. You want to fly bombers, fine with me. But dont complain when your 2 houseblocks wide plane is getting spotted and shot at. About "To look beyond my nose". No. Why should I? I dont have a "democratic resposibility" or something like that to vote in everyones favor or responsibility to make a good decision for everyone here, I do vote in MY favor alone, since I am the one who is playing. You do your vote, i do mine. Easy targets? Well, since alternate allows a fighter to spot a potential enemy from much greater ranges than before, its your fault alone if you are presented to me as an easy target. btw, when alternate was enabled at Kota, I didnt shoot a single bomber, just fighters (just in case that makes you feel a little better). About "fight on equal terms" How is it not equal? Everyone can see everyone from the same ranges. I you do complain however that your bomber(?) is a sitting duck against a plane diving on you with 800kmh and equipped with cannons, I have to shake my head. Maybe I wasnt clear enough, I apologize. What I meant is, in short: - Very close range spotting didnt change - BUT: Since you can spot targets from much farther away, you can keep track of them until they are actually close, develop SA of friends/foes in the area Before it was like that: You saw a contact over ground from say 8 km away (if youre lucky). You just saw that one plane. You decide to dive on him, turns out theres a whole enemy armada there, you get shot by planes you never saw ehen you were observing the situation from above. With the new spotting this changed. You can see all the planes BEFORE you make the decision to engage and can actually think about this decision with all variables clearly presented to you on screen "upfront".
  9. The difference and how this affects the game in general is stated in my comment above. Read it: "What it does is magnify planes that are farther away, so one can actually build up situational awareness with the result, that these sneak attacks cant happen so easily in the first place, since you see planes at 10km+ in their magnified shape. When you let a plane sneak up on you like that with alternate on, its your (my) fault alone and not engine related anymore, since you could have easily spotted him earlier on. " THAT is very true indeed.
  10. From what I understand no. What it does is magnify planes that are farther away, so one can actually build up situational awareness with the result, that these sneak attacks cant happen so easily in the first place, since you see planes at 10km+ in their magnified shape. When you let a plane sneak up on you like that with alternate on, its your (my) fault alone and not engine related anymore, since you could have easily spotted him earlier on. .. And since planes in the vicinity arent affected at all, even the "muh realism" guys normally dont have anything to complain about. With alternate, its just so that there is actually a visible and actually noticeable (!) difference between a 8-12 km dot and a 1 km dot, even against the ground. (Guess thats the reason why the occasional bomber pilot is complaining, 'cause he cant deliver his payload unseen anymore.)
  11. Ah sure, its my system. Cant be game-/engine related at all ... The monitor is a iiyama black hawk 75 hz monitor, its perfectly fine for any other game. Before you blame it on other components of my system, my graphics cards is a Vega 56, my CPU is a Ryzen 2700x. Just accept it. This is how IL2 looks on the moscow map with an enemy exactly 1.38 km away. Here, my expert spotter. There he is: https://imgur.com/a/Y8RV2Mw Btw, interesting how you came to the idea to blame it on my monitor although I clearly stated its a screenshot, which is not affected by monitor quaility at all. Trying to find excuses is not easy .. is it?
  12. Ha, no! Its just a cutout of a full 1080p screenshot. The image has not been resized nor altered in any way. THIS is how IL2 looks like on my normal 1080p monitor with alternate spotting off.
  13. We arent losers, we are tired of 5 years of bad spotting. Again: Enemy in this pic is 1.38 km away. Can you see him? 😄 https://imgur.com/a/QBY24P9
  14. Thats alright. I started again on Kota BECAUSE of alternative spotting. So no loss Just today I wondered if its still on ...
  15. Yes, it appeared to me you were opposing the new system, this was my answer.
  16. The natural beauty of a nearly 10 year old graphics engine designed initially for RoF, a game with closing speeds of 300 km/h, yes. I'd rather prefer some makeup on this old lady then.
  17. I have difficulties getting 60 FPS through VSync. - If set to vsync on together with 60 fps fame limit I get 75 fps - If VSync on without frame limiter I still get 75 FPS - If frame limiter only is active without VSync I still get 75 FPS Background: My monitor is capable of 75 Hz, but for the sake of recording etc., 60 Hz is enabled via Windows settings. My guess: The game asks for the theoretical maximum a monitor is capable of, then sets that value as VSync value, ignoring settings I have made in game. Instead it should ask for the Hz-number that is set in Windows, and use THAT as VSync-Value. I also checked if in startup.cfg the settings Ive made in game are reflected, and they are, but the game just runs happily still at 75 FPS. No other frame limiting software/driver settings were used including FreeSync etc. My hardware: Vega 56 with current driver, Ryzen 2700
  18. Great example mate. That we even have a discussion about this here is beyond me actually. see more from farther away = better
  19. Exactly. But this shows us that devs stance is: Spotting has to be as hard as possible in this game engine. Because if its harder they feel closer to a real Hartmann etc. Its a psychological thing.
  20. Shh! They dont wanna hear that. IL2 is and always was a super professional hyper realistic sim for Pr0s only. Dont disturb the pros!
  21. Just came here to make the proposal to use the new alternate/normal whatever its called now spotting on this server. The one where planes look bigger from farther away. Ive just had 1 hour in my Mustang pre-hot"fix" and it was wonderful. The awful spotting before to a huge degree kept me from playing IL2 since February. There will always be people for and against it, I know that. I also know that the "normal/non-expert" view is not optimal but its 1000 times better than what we had ever before. Id rather have -5% realism and +50% fun than the other way around. Thanks. Little edit: Its interesting to see, that now, that people for a brief time saw, how good spotting in this game could be and ALWAYS could have been, there suddenly is a discussion about it. All these years when I pointed out before how awful spotting was, how laughable the "planes vanish in front of clouds" bug or the 10km bubble were etc. were, I was not being taken seriously. "But its realism!!!" they all shouted, rushing to defend devs from all friendly spoken but on-point and fair critique. Now, 5 years later we have this discussion again. Just as a sidenote, as I said: Interesting for sure.
  22. Correct. So lets remove zooming in aswell. Total realism for everyone! /s
  23. Be careful. You might be accused of lying from the devs like the poor fella in the other thread ...
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