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  1. That is not a subjective matter where its necessary to think about it. Its only necessary to take a look at the statcards and compare the numbers, either in game or from other sources. But yea, I hope we get more allied players when the Mustang is out (which will be probably the last or next to lst plane coming out for Bodenplatte, sadly), since this is also a plane many people heard about and want to fly
  2. Imo: 1. LW has and always had superior planes, now more pronounced than ever. In all online games, may they be as complex as IL2 or as simple as an FPS, people always go first for items/vehicles/weapons/etc that are superior because they want to win. When you are given the choice between a decent and an awesome weapon to take on enemies, which one do you think most people take? 2. LW is more "famous" as an air force than VVS, people want to fly it because they heard about it more I for that matter very often (mostly) take VVS planes nowadays, especially since K4 is out. In my mind, its about fairness. May the enemy have their K4s/Doras/soon 262s, at least I want to help the side that is "suffering" more, doing my small part to increase its strength in numbers, 'cause thats the only thing that I can do (wish I would be a developer, so I could counter K4/Dora with Yak 3/LA7 on the eastern front and P51D30/d25 and P47N/M on the western front leaving out 262 entirely or counter it with a Meteor at least) . The only reason for me to fly LW now is when Axis side is HEAVILY outnumbered, which is most often not the case, especially in late war settings (also on other servers) when German planes have less and less of a good counter on the other side and more and more people are flying blue.
  3. I second that. G14 as maximum for axis. Introduce K4 again when P51 and Tempest are available. The K4 is not limited right now either Bubi, last time I was on there (I cant remember the name of the map though), there were still more than enough (literally) K4s available ( 40+?), and that was just on one of the bases, I guess the other ones had K4s available aswell. Which basically means, that everyone who wants to fly K4 can do it - then it is, by definition of the word, not a limitation. My proposal is, that the Axis on late war maps has to treat the K4 as a valuable asset, which is _really_ limited, so fighting with it or in it should be a rarity and special. 5-10 K4s per map is the specific number I have in mind, so that players have to treat it well, it actually has to matter when a K4 goes down. Now its still so that when a K4 dies, one can just go into the next one, neither was it like that historically, not does it make sense regarding balance. Quote from historyofwar.org (but following fact is well known so you can take any other source aswell):"Whatever its merits as a fighter, the 109K-4 appeared too late and in too small numbers to have any chance against the overwhelming British, American and Russian attacks that it had to face at the end of the war." These "small numbers" have to be modelled if the server description which says "Balanced, historical planesets in numbers, and in plane variants." should be correct. There were about 700 K4s built (including technical flaws and not properly trained pilots mind you), opposed to ~9000 LA5 including variants(FN/F), ~8700 Yak1 including variants(b), ~5000 Spitfire IX including variants (LF) and so on. These numbers, imo, have to be reflected regarding general plane availability on the server. Yes, its okay that the Axis has theoretically access to superior planes in the current planeset, but then at least make them less available and as a result, a few of these superior planes more valuable. This also and especially will be true when the 262 comes out. If I'd go on the server one day and see 80+ 262 available for axis, well ...
  4. Not "imo" Kestrel, there IS nothing that can match K4s performance. This is not an opinion, anyone who can read statcards and can fly the planes themselfes can see that. Completely agree. And therefore the use of K4, I say it again as I said in my videos, should be limited.
  5. I had this aswell occasionally, but only on the first try, the second ignition sequence was always successful.
  6. Noticed and thanks. Please keep in mind that I am a player who never is insulting anyone. When I say something like this, its never an offense. See you on the weekend 🛩️
  7. You do realize that was related to in-game-death right...? Could have also written:" Now the flak gets you all" or something similar. How can anyone interpret this as a threat? Yes, we all know. Its obvious. No benefit of the doubt is needed. I know now WHY it happend but not how my words were understood as an insult. My line of thought yesterday was: - Confusion (Internet went dead?) - More confusion as I found out that the warning message I got was due to being banned - Even more confusion that I found out I was banned because of these words What I said was meant like "Ha! Flak is gonna get you all now." That is not an insult, and was never meant to be one. That is all I have to say.
  8. Yeah. I dont honestly know what IS allowed to say then? That they dont want insults, foul language etc on their server is normal, but this .. ? What I said above + the screenshot + my own recording I mentioned is basically proof I didnt insult anyone. Again the story in keypoints for the other guys reading this: - Was over objective in my Yak, saw 3 190s, didnt engage but went into direction of home base - Noticed they chased me. On the way about 3 minutes in the chase I was surprised/happy that they couldnt catch me, closed rads to increase speed more until I reached home - Reached base, all 3 still in the area, flak starts firing, I flew over home base, then turned around to keep them close to flak while avoiding dogfight with them - Wanted to drag them over base a 3rd time, but one of them got me. Then I said what the screenhot/I myself said. - Result: "Spicysauced banned, Spicysauced kicked, Spicysauced exited". - Me: "O.o." This is the first time I have ever been banned in any game on any server and I seriously have no idea what happened.
  9. @-[HRAF]BubiHUN What did I do? Because what I said at 13:05? Thats what I said and explained above. There was NO insult in this, nothing. Well. I would like to get back in. I will be VERY careful with my language then or dont chat at all anymore ..
  10. Funnily, after dragging three guys (one of them at least was from HRAF) to one of our bases and saying in chat "Good work, but now youll all die" due to the flak fire, I couldnt join anymore, its says "Warning, choose another server from the list". I can join any other server. I hope its not because I said that ... I never used foul language, but "combat talk", and what I said above is a quote, I also recorded it. Before that I said "One is enough, not three of you." If the error is on my end though, I dont know what to do, I googled but there is just one result, I also restarted the game and logged back in, but I have the feeling that someone pressed the ban button for whatever reason. Any help?
  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you. These were exactly the points I was always critical about.
  12. Thanks for your answer, airahusky. Well, with all due respect Sir, except the first bug I mentioned (The outdated hit data one) the others have been around for years. To me it seems, that if someone in the dev team mentioned these bugs they were being told "We know, doesnt matter right now, develop [Plane XY, Map XY] first. Why? Because this is where the money is, I get that. No one, also I, didnt say you should stop develop new toys for us, I for example am very much looking forward to the Mustang and Tempest to have something that can match the K4s performance, since the Allies right now dont have anything that matches its speed, climb or dive performance (which is another topic altogether). But what should be done in any company regardless of the product they produce is, to make a product as perfect as possible before releasing something new, making a product more complex and bugs even harder to iron out. Sure people are waiting for these new toys, because dev blogs and announcements are fueling the hype train for those, and the company, in this case of course you, are responsible for creating these hypes aswell. I know, that developing a complex program or game never really stops, its an ongoing process of patching and sometimes patching the patches. But what Im saying is, that the priority should not be to create and fuel short or midterm hypetrains for new planes or maps before the base product as a whole is not free of gamebreaking bugs. I hope you can take these lines as constructive criticism, because thats how they are meant. I am enjoying flying as a hobby as all of us do here, but this is only possible with an as bug free base product as possible. Thank you for listening and understanding and have a great day!
  13. Exactly. Maybe we can get a community thing going here, pushing the devs to put out a patch which actually fixes these long known bugs before releasing shiny new toys.
  14. To anyone flying online this should be a common message, sometimes completely spamming the chat section. And I honestly dont know how this has not become a bigger topic yet, people are leaving servers because of this. It is clearly an error which is netcode related, since its happening on almost all servers with mission objectives. It wasnt there until 3.007 I believe, and definitely not in earlier versions of the game (2.x, 1.x). I once was flying a Spit attacking a 190, spent my whole ammo on him but he didnt react, nor did his plane "react" to my shots until 110(!!) seconds later. I was still following him at this point so I could see the delayed impacts and its results happening "live". This is completely game breaking when it happens and as I said earlier, I cant imagine how this didnt become a bigger topic yet, since its not a rare occasion but happens daily and often. If that happened in any other game, say a so called AAA title, the community would be "up in arms" in no time, here it seems, that most people dont care, even if they spent 200+ bucks on the franchise. So, devs, please fix this. To fix bugs should ALWAYS have a higher priority than getting new content out, that is my opinion. Second, the "grey start button" bug. Anyone knows this aswell. Is that a server issue? I dont think so - I just know that it is in the game since 2014, so right from the start. Why hasnt this been fixed yet? You have to leave the server and come back. Another variation of this is the "lite version" of this bug. You press start, you hear the *clonk* sound of your plane spawning but you still see the map, nothing happens. Then you gotta click somewhere on the map, press "spectate" and for some odd reason only then you are able to be in your plane that just spawned. Also this has been in game since YEARS and hasnt been fixed, although a lot of new content has been pumped out by then. Third: The "cant join server" bug, and again, anyone flying on populated servers knows this. Say you wanna join Wings, it says 52/84. Alright, lets have a go! Or not. It loads the map, and ... you are in the menu again. The cycle repeats several times until the server/netcode/game gods let you join. Ive had instances when I tried 15 times or more to join. And AGAIN, this bug, which leads you to the menu is in the game since years, nothing has been done about it. Lastly, I want to make a proposal about the server selection screen itself. When you go to that screen, it never saves your last "sort order" selection. What I do is, I always click the little arrow to sort after player numbers to find most populated servers quickly. Since players are forced to go to that server selection screen more often than they would like to due to the aforementioned bug, it would be nice if that screen would remember your sort order or sort the servers after player numbers by default. Thats it for now, sorry if its a long post, and Im not really a forums guy who writes often, but this has been on my mind since a long time so I wrote it down here. Greetings and have a nice day
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