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  1. Hey DD_Arthur and Vaucouleurs thank you for the help, it worked out
  2. Hey guys, haven't been on for a while now, and wanted to play the game but I can't seem to get reshade to work. Ran opengl and had set the installation to .exe and launcher but it isn't loading up in the game.. Any ideas to what I might have done wrong ? Also I did search to forums but didn't find anything about it..
  3. Found a way to fix my problem..this is what I've followed http://www.infoworld.com/article/3105605/microsoft-windows/2-easy-steps-to-speed-up-windows-7-update-scans.html Hope it helps those who are struggling to update their windows!
  4. It gets stuck on searching for update on this computer.. I tried updating windows and looked all over the web but couldn't find anything that works in my case.
  5. Hey guys I had this for a while and am unable to find a solution.. Any tips ? http://imgur.com/a/lUqvt Thanks!
  6. The problem is that when I select your settings nothing changes in game..So I though I was doing something wrong.
  7. When trying to choose 5tukas preset I get this message in mediator : "Loading application preset failed due to the following error: Could not find a part of the path 'X:\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\game\Mediator\ReShade\PersonalFiles I placed the Meditaor folder in my game folder so I know where it is..even when it was on my desktop I was still getting the same errors .
  8. Yea but on Balanced I always have 60 fps, only few times they drop below 40 when on airfield.
  9. Graphics settings are balanced. Anti aliasing is x2 , Vsync (not sure if I need it due I run the game in "windowed" (full screen option is not checked ) Distance is also x2 and I run sweetfx but with them on/off its always the same.. think that's pretty much all. Am I the only one getting those or ?
  10. So I started mission making yesterday and am following an tutorial made by Tangmere Pilots , and I was making a flight of 2x P40 that will be attacking any air targets in the area. But before they spawn they need to be triggered by a German plane. When I have done all that , tutorial said I can copy and paste it over so I can have a flight of 4 instead of 2 , but can they use the same complex trigger , command attack ground and land command ? Here are some pictures : Red and orange are 2 separated flights . if there's even an easier way feel free to help me out. BTW can I add more than 2 planes per flight ? So I can have 8 over all planes in 2 flights ? Triggered by the same complex trigger and that they have the same target and landing command ? And how to I test if my mission works ? **edited btw I noticed I didn't connect one of the main planes to the land command, I've fixed it but don't wanna re upload the screenshot atm.
  11. Our group finally started hosting our own little server being hosted off PC. We have couple of mission but don't know how to add AI planes , Ju88.. So I was wonder if there is anyone who has a good mission that has all of the planes + AI flying around with some objectives..Like Jupp's mission if you guys ever played on his server. Any kind of help would be appreciated, thanks!
  12. It was a nightmare ? Its the same thing but better quality (not plastic) than the TIR5 clips. Its most likely the program you were using the one that was giving you problems. But I did hear that they had some sucky products long time ago..this new stainless still is not giving me any problems at all. Plus the 2 year warranty is really nice feature. Hotas x wont disappoint you ,its thrustmaster and its much better quality than the X52. One of my friends has x52 and I honestly think its crap covered with gold. People have so many problems with x52 first to start with is just the spring , then you have some other problems , I know of this due I was looking into buying a x52 so I did my research , but gave up on buying it.
  13. Pitch, Roll, Yaw , leaning left/right , moving your face close/further , up/down , leaning your head to sides.. Look it up on youtube..I never used trackIR so I can't compare it..
  14. If someone wants it and doesn't wanna buy it send me a message. I bought it and am completely disappointed in it. (Not 100% sure if there's any "one PC" protection or not)
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