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  1. slm

    F-35 helmet

    Here's a video about some features of F-35 helmet. Even better than padlocking targets in sims
  2. It's great to hear news about the sequel. Looking at the plane list though, I must say that since we already have Me-109 F4, I'd not add Me-109 F2. Instead I'd pick a totally different kind of plane: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henschel_Hs_123
  3. Kuban area would have a much more interesting map than Kursk. At least if these maps in IL2 1946 are anything like what we'd get in the sequel.
  4. If players were asked to put these 3 game areas in order according to importance, I wonder what kind of results we would see: 1. single player (individual missions, quick mission builder) 2. multi player 3. campaign For me campaign is the least important *in all games*, not just SoW. Multiplayer is most important, but I do play single player also. Partly for training. Why do I ask this? Because I hope the development teams will use most effort to improving those parts of the game that players see most important.
  5. Now on Sunday evening the game downloaded another smaller update. I wonder what kind of changes this includes?
  6. http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/10918-robot-learns-fly/
  7. slm

    robot learns to fly

    One reason I shared this is because IRL pilots with just little training and experience were often quickly killed when encountering veteran opponents in battle. But when flying against rookie AI pilots in current game development level (75%) I think they are way too good. They know the performance of their plane very well (no stalls because trying to climb too steeply, no turns too tight leading to loss of speed or turns not tight enough which would allow you to out-turn them. They also are very situation aware and immediately react when you are about to get to good shooting position etc. I don't think real pilots or flight sim players always know where the enemy plane is. I am very interested in how AI pilots could be made more human like. Pilot skills, but also how different things affect your fighting performance. Like being tired after flying several sorties per day with very little rest, being wounded or getting tired during a long dog fight. I think it would be cool if the AI system could be taught by showing how sim pilots of different skills fly and then AI pilots could imitate that.
  8. Now games use AI pilots with different skill levels: rookie, intermediate, expert etc. Will we see something like shown in the video used in future flight sims? AI planes of different experience levels would use the results of learning process like this, but after different amount of training. http://topinfopost.com/2014/09/23/tiny-robot-learns-to-fly-a-real-plane
  9. One small comment about this latest version: I tested simple dog fighting with different fighters against novice AI IL2 pilots. IMO they flew too well When I was circling around and above those rookie pilots they were very good in making good defensive moves when I tried to find better attack position. I really don't think novice pilots could fly their own plane and observe enemy pilot's flying so that they can react properly almost immediately when needed. More experienced ones certainly, but IMO novice pilots should react slower to changes in tactical situation (not always knowing where the enemy plane is, like human pilots) and make more mistakes. Programming a badly flying AI may be a tough goal, but it would make this novice level more convincing and like human pilots.
  10. The plane looks very good. Your idea of focusing beta testing effort to a limited number of things (instead of everyone doing whatever they want) sounds very good.
  11. http://www.computerandvideogames.com/433076/russia-to-pay-for-patriotic-games-may-ban-falsely-negative-ones/
  12. Looks very good. I think there will be plenty of night missions. One detail I haven't seen before in a flight sim was the ability to shoot flairs with a pistol. Looked great - I wonder if this can be somehow made automatically by the AI or is it something that can be done by human players only?
  13. IL2 had great looking AAA search lights. If you have those implemented it would would be great to see how those look.
  14. If Barbarossa was the next game after BoS, you could have useful planes like Bf-110, Bf-109E, Hs-123, Brewster, Fiat G-50 for the blue. I-16, I-153, Mig3, Sb-2M, P-40 for the red. And some of these could be used later in Med theater later. I think this Barbarossa game needs to include some widely useful plane types in order to be really succesful.
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