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  1. I couldn't find any up-to-date information on what the replacement part numbers are. So I'm just putting this here for anyone searching for the part number needed. These are available on digi-key. It's the same pot for the toe brakes (X and Y axes) as well as the yaw (Z) axis. So you'll need 3 of these. They are called REPPOT604 link below: https://www.digikey.com.au/products/en?keywords=REPPOT604 They work a treat, my 15 year old pedals are as good as new!
  2. Thanks. I've deleted and recreated those files several times but it doesn't work. However I have found a fix! 1. I plug in my MS FFB as joy0. 2. I then plug my CH combat Stick as joy1. 3. I assign the x axis of the CH joystick to left toe brake and the y axis to the right toe brake. 4. Quit the game 5. remove CH stick and insert CH pedals in same USB port. 6. Start game. Now the CH pedals are assigned as joy1 and this works. This fools the game into letting me have toe brakes again. Who knows how long that will last..... It's definitely a bug in the game.
  3. Thanks, I had already tried editing the current.actions file before, however every time I did the game would crash on startup. This time, going on your recommendations I used notepad though, and it let me edit it, all the other times I was using vim. Also all my axis work in all other games and in ch manager. Plus this all worked back when BOS came out, then an update killed it. However, I have noticed something very odd. If I start the game without my joystick plugged in then my rudder pedals get assigned as joy0. I then quit the game and plug in my joystick. So my joystick is now joy0 and my pedals are joy1 Then start the game and my left toe brake works as roll. That means the game recognizes the toebrake axis as joy0 even though the joystick is now joy0. If I edit the current.actions file copy the right toe brake assignment and rename it left and change the axis to x, the game doesn't respond to input on that axis! I'm going to try plug my pedals into other ports on my pc and see if this makes a difference.
  4. I've tried the repetitive axis assignment 'trick' many times and reversed, nothing registers. Yes believe me, this annoyance and that my wife and I have young twins, so have very little time to play, is enough for me to give up. I'm not some beginner I played IL2 obsessively since the start but have less time over the years. Every time I want to play there is a massive download, as it's been a few months, then I have to remap all my settings as I've plugged my peripherals in differently, and then I can't control the plane on the runway because of the brakes. By then I've had enough and give up. I want differential braking, not both brakes at the same time. So how do other CH pedal users have theirs working?
  5. Believe it or not but I completely stopped playing this game because of this one issue. Every few months I fire the game up to see if this has been fixed. Then I get so annoyed that I give up, that and that all my peripherals need to be remapped as I've plugged them in differently. Does anyone else know a way around this? The axis works fine in all my other sims and did work in BOS for a while until an update killed it. Also tried playing with the current.actions file and manually putting in joy0_x_axis and it stops the game from loading. I then remove the line and the game still doesn't load. Is this an anti-cheat mechanism?
  6. For what it's worth I upgraded to an SSD the other day so I decided to do a fresh OS install. Then installed BOS and still the left toe brake isn't recognised. So it's not a configuration conflict or a bug created by not updating cleanly.
  7. The left toe brake doesn't work on CH pedals either. It used to work but a BOS update killed it a few months back. I'm still waiting for this to be fixed as the Fw190 is impossible to taxi without it.
  8. I've seen one or two people report the issue and I raised it as a bug a few months ago. One guy re-installed his CH management software and got it working. I don't see how that would fix it as the OS recognises the axis, it's the game that doesn't. Out of desperation I tried it anyway but it didn't fix it. I wonder if I should re-install the game?
  9. I believe this is why the 190 took so long to release. They probably debated what to do, as the the bar issue was going to rear it's head again. This time the bar really is below the cowling so removing it doesn't improve the view. Also as mentioned the revi is higher than it should be but now we can actually aim! The 190 in IL2 was a write off for me because of the bar, it really spoiled my enjoyment of an otherwise awesome plane because you couldn't lead the target properly. I learned to shoot blindly with it but it just wasn't as enjoyable so I rarely flew it. I hope people don't whinge too much, otherwise they'll lower the Revi and then we are screwed. Anyway I'm happy with it now. Only problem I have is that my left toe brake still doesn't work on my CH pedals since 4 updates ago. This makes taxing the FW190 impossible. :-(
  10. Wow so many MS FFB2 owners, this many years later! Anyway count me in, mine's floppy too. ;-)
  11. IL2 1946 and COD worked with the 'out of the box settings' in TIR 5. However ROF and BOS I need to create custom profiles as my unit loses sight of the LED's with the default settings when I try to look around. Especially 12 o'clock high was a problem. I'm still not happy with the profile I've created.
  12. I'm also in favour of not balancing, but I know it won't work. I like to fly the bf109 regardless of the opponent since the original IL2 days. However we saw in COD that the Spitfire Mark I wasn't popular and suddenly we had all these 'I fly allies only' players suddenly jump ship and fly the 109. I spent more time in a Spit in COD MP just because there was no one on the allied side playing and it was boring flying the 109 with nobody to shoot at. Just like COD I see myself being forced to fly the LaGG 3 in MP because there will be 15 109's in the sky and maybe two LaGG 3. I don't understand why people join a server and don't try to balance the sides. I'd rather get shot down and dominated than fly around with nothing to do. A lot of players in MP pick the best plane. They won't fly their favourite plane if it is inferior to the opponent. If this series continues into other arenas you'll see everyone jump ship when the Yak 3 and La 7 come around. Mark my words.
  13. Gartenraum: (Garden room) should be Gartenzaun (garden fence).
  14. I started the agent download at 21:00 and the game download at 22:40 last night. I thought I'd get to have a go this morning before work. Nope 75% downloaded at 7:00. Normally no problem, but as access times are limited I'm desperate. I'm also very jealous of the guys already playing.
  15. I kind of like the idea of being restricted to test flights with no combat or weapons. That's the best way to appreciate the flight model rather than starting airborne in a quick mission. It's more like a real pilot career, first you have to learn to fly your new plane. It's more enjoyable to get your new toys bit by bit, you'll appreciate each addition more, rather than all at once where it gets lost in the quantity of it all.
  16. In that G8 in-cockpit picture, does that Pilot have a rear view mirror installed? Or what is that?
  17. I hope that any new developments take this technology into consideration; as something like this is surely going to replace TrackIR. http://www.oculusvr.com/
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