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  1. I would love to see a pakage of those "final" props, like La-11, F8F, P51H, becasue many reasons, these porps have little chance to perfomance better. Although Soviet pilots join the war, but Soviet/China have too less planes and airfields, their war systems also not so holonomic as USSR, and because the jets well performance, many US props not so famous as their should be. So, if there are a chance to put them in game without the maps and campaigns, just play in quick mission and online service will also be a interesting and exciting thing.
  2. For China/Soviet, the La-11 maybe the most prop aircraft used, although most of us think that La-11 has low performance than La-9. I think there are something wrong views about La-11, just like many "web dates" said that La-11 has 562km/h in sea level, and La-7 is only 570+km/h, if you think about it by your brains, you will find that it is obviously wrong. And if La-11 has so much low performace than La-9, Soviet/China won't use it replace La-9, most La-11 in Korea are used as a night fighter and other mission rather than escort. As I know, there is no sim game realease La-9/11 serious, although the WarThunder do it, but they even can't make a right shape of La-9/11's nose, the cockpit of La-11 is just La-9's, and the flap angle indicator won't move as it in La-9 cockpit, they only want use La-9/11 to earn money. So if IL2 Great Battles can realease La-9/11, it will be very interesting. For players, La-11 has advanced instruments, automatic radiator and supercharger contorl, and gyro gunsight, it will be a good experience. And for those airplanes in Korea, devs needn't to realease as a campaign, may be a extended package DLC which has 6-8 after WWII prop planes, give these planes a chance to fight in online sevice or quick mission, just like IL2 1946.
  3. Want the Mig-15bis, want the F-86, want the La-11, and want the F8F, any plan about the battle of Korea?
  4. If we look the picture about La-5FN, La-7, La-9/11, we will find that La-7/9/11 has a exhaust port after the engine cool air outlet each side, but La-5FN has not, I try to see the engine cool air outlet in IL2 BOS, and found that La-5FN engine's cylinder exhaust direct in air respective. So the exhaust port in La-7/9-11 may be your mentioned "muffler exhaust"? The date I had ever see were said that ASh-82FN has a single stage superchargers with two speed drive, but I think "the late version ASh-82FN has two TK-3 turbo" is not without cause, although it may has lost a fair amount in translation. The article I read mention that La-7 late models has increase its performance in hight altitude, I don't know there is other way to "increase its performance in hight altitude" expect let the engine has better power output in hight altitude. And as a long range fighter ot protect Tu-4, the La-11 also need better power in hight altitude. The engine in USSR often keep a model in many years, but it was improve many in these years. Like T-34's engine V-2-34, from T-34-76 to T-34-85, it still called V-2-34, but it has changed a lot, even some core parts has been improved much, just for better performance and life. So may be ASh-82FN has turbo model in Lavochkin series used. And it also may be only a single stage superchargers with two speed drive in ASh-82FN until it discontinued.
  5. Hi, everybody. In wiki Shvetsov ASh-82, the "Supercharger" said that:"Single-stage, One TK-2 two-speed centrifugal type supercharger on early production. Two TK-3 two-speed exhaust gas-driven forced-induction compressor on FN and FNV models". Many years ago, I had read a article about Lavochkin series in WWII, it said that in 1945, La-7 late models has increase ite performance in hight altitude, so it is ture that ASh-82FN has "gas-driven forced-induction compressor" model in used? Is that mean La-5FN and La-7 used TK-2 two-speed centrifugal type supercharger ASh-82FN, and La-9 and La-11 used Two TK-3 two-speed exhaust gas-driven forced-induction compressor ASh-82FN?
  6. Want to play "final stage" propeller aircraft like La-11/9, Ta-152, F8F, Spitfire IXV as soon as possible! Don't want to wait them one by one campaign many years later! Don't want to play "final stage" propeller to be jet aircrafts' foil in 1950! Need a actual or fictitious battle/campaign and multiplayer map for "final stage" propeller aircraft battle each other, just like IL2 1946. Even if they are playable only in quick mission, I'll like to buy them!!!
  7. Yugoslav tests had been quote in some articles, but I didn't found the provenance of Yugoslav tests, and this tests show T-34 armor has 350 BHN, also inconsistent with other tests, so I don't think "Yugoslav tests" is a reliable date. If you have the provenance of Yugoslav tests, I'd like to see it. And don't wuzzle the standards and test results, the penetration can be different because the different standards, but the test results always is yes or not. The date of Soviet test T-34 in March of 1944, said that Pak40 can penetrate T-34 UFP without track links attached at 1000m, but can't penetrate at 1100m is just mean yes or not penetrate.
  8. Your views and date are based on American tests, but remember, Soviet high hardness armor not is American high hardness armor.The link in my post show that Pak40 can only penetrate T-34 UFP at 1000m, and Pak40 has 118mm penetration at 1000m according <WWII Ballistics- Armor and Gunnery>.
  9. I just want flyable La-9/La-11, just can be used in Quick Mission will be OK And I also want to know how devleopers get and collect history dates about Tanks to keep them real, as I know, most dates that we can find in English were full of political prejudice to USSR, for example, the hull front of T-34 armor has about 118mm resistance to German 75mm APCBC(http://tankarchives.blogspot.com/2014/04/spare-track-links.html), but many "Western books" think it has only 90+mm, and the same example to USSR losts in WWII, Russia report their losts mean lost times, but most "Western books" understand it as lost numbers, and in fact, only 24.6% Soviet AFVs losts are "true losts" (irreversible losts) in 1944, and in 1945, it was 14.7%.
  10. Every time I play the campaign, for example, I used the IL2. in plane setup, I need to set the guns, the bombs, the rockets, the rear turret, and paint scheme, then when I get in mission and go to fly it, I need to reset pitch trim from -60% to 0%, oil mixture from 50% to 100%, rockets launch mode from single to pair, bombs drop mode from single to pair..........Oh, please! This is to complicated! Can't devs set a key to save these modifications, just like the key " save current corrections in head snap position"? Or creat a panel in main menu to set every planes starting status and modifications?!!
  11. We can soon pre-order Yak-1b and Ju-52 now, but when the senior piston-engined aircrafts? Like Ta-152, Bf109K4. La-9, IL-10, IL-2 type3, maybe early and mid time of WWII piston-engined aircrafts are good idea, but I think there are more people love senior piston-engined aircrafts, that's why DCS world released Bf109K4, Fw190D9 and P51, not Bf109F4, Fw190A9 and P40. Almost my friends want to fly a senior piston-engined aircrafts in IL2 BOS, so why not make a plan for that? Campaign? We don't need it, just give us a fictitious map or campaign, which can play senior piston-engined aircrafts and other pre-order planes on it will be OK. Too less aircrafts( especially senior piston-engined aircrafts) is a very serious deficiencies of IL2 BOS series, why not try to fix it?
  12. You plan the right planes of USA and UK, but why give Soviet only two antiquated planes in your plan? At least, the Soviet should have La-7, Yak-9 and IL-10 in Battle of Berlin! And as premium planes, Yak-3 and La-9 & La-11 will be better, although La-9 & La-11 not service in 1945, but they are also famous fights and will very interesting if they are added in game.
  13. I will happy to see La-9 & La-11 in game, and yes, I'm very expect to see La-9 & La-11 in game, but I don't know how developers think about this, the game has too less aircrafts now, I think the important thing is to add the most famous planes in 1943-1949, it is more useful to release a DLC which called Battle of XXX.
  14. The first important thing I think is add more famous planes, the disadvantage of game is there are so less planes to attractive people buy and play it. We can add some famous planes first, for example: German: Bf109 G6 Bf109 G10 Bf109 G14 Fw190 D9 Fw190 D13 Ta152 Soviet: Yak9 Yak9U La5 FN La7 La9 Then think about to add what a campaign, I mean, it must have planes to attractive people buy and play it, then work for campaign and think about put these planes in which mission( for example, La9), then people will also like to buy the campaign and other new contents.
  15. Yes, something you said was right, but it is incrrect that if you think China or Japan users just like China/Burma/India front battle, maybe they like German planes, or Soviet planes and US planes, they will buy the Eastern battle also.
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