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  1. @=LG=Blakhart can I ask how are the early planes such as "Yak-1 early" and "Bf 109 F-4 1.3 ata" implemented? do they have locked bomb racks? I'm curious about how you managed the issue of people possibly de-selecting the modifications in the hangar screen.
  2. Kicking based on forbidden loadout could work I suppose, though I guess many people would complain about it 😅 The problem with reducing buildings hit points so that they are easier to kill with bigger bombs is not the small bombs though, more like with low HP they become vulnerable to cannon fire, so something with large number of cannon rounds can clear the depots with just strafing at the buildings, it has happened to Combat Box in the past IIRC.
  3. Looks like modifications can't be forced locked in anymore, you can click them off since a good while now. At least in WoL you can do it.
  4. I see mentions of "Yak-1 early" "LaGG-3 early" and "Bf 109 F-4 1.3 ata", what do these mean for the actual game? We don't have these early planes and there is not a way to modifiy them to have the lower engine output of these planes in game.
  5. Won't being limited to just a plane type hurt the players that like to do both jobs?
  6. Imho a bit of an oversight given players would have appreciated the position even if no gun is present, having the glass nose helps with navigation a good bit.
  7. Found this one at the ww2aircraftperformance website. I wonder if it can be extrapolated towards the lower speed regimes to come up with good Clmax estimate based on listed stall speeds? http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/mustang/rae1501.html
  8. @VO101Kurfurst yes, HE should be much better at skin damage than a purely kinetic projectile, the problem is the ratio used in game. A single 12.7mm Berezin HE is equal to 100 rounds of Berezin AP in regards to skin damage (drag and lift penalty), that just doesn't feel right. I think it would be better if it was say 15 times more powerful, not 100 times.
  9. Arctic Freezer 34 esports duo CPU cooler, decent price for a nice performer. Keeps my 5600X quite cool. Also 10 year warranty on the fans. Now GPU choice would depend on which monitor you plan to use, resolution and refresh rate.
  10. The level 3 scaling stop can be an issue in some of the tougher planes such as IL-2s, once they have level 3 damage in all their wing sections while they can't really maneuver anymore they can keep going straight and level tanking hits, and from a damage modelling perspective there would always be more damage to be done, unless the wing is a completely exposed skeleton of ribs and spars, at that point there wouldn't be any lift left and the plane should fall out of the sky. This is why I think there should be a more granular model overall, either having many more smaller sections or ideally co
  11. @Mac_Messer Ok I did some testings to show data numbers in regards to the skin damage. I took a Pe-2 series 87 on the Kuban Autumn map, with full fuel, tested top speed at 100% mixture and 50% water radiators, and measured how much of a drag penalty (skin damage) different amount of hits of the different types of rounds the Berezin uses (AP and HE) incur on the outer wing section. The 12.7mm Berezin in the Pe-2 top turret has the following belt: First round is an AP one, second round is an HE one, third and fourth rounds are AP, fifth is HE, and it continues with a AP-AP-HE pattern. S
  12. @Mac_Messer It is an inherent AP vs HE problem, it is reflected in the M2 .50 cal because it is one of the main guns that only has AP only projectiles. The problem here is that given how the DM works, the targets need a disproportionate amount of hits to suffer skin damage compared to the very small explosive content HE rounds. Roughly 1.5 grams of explosive filler is 62 times more powerful in regards to causing skin damage than an AP projectile doesn't take into account exit holes and tumbling, they are also only half as powerful as a round with 20 grams of explosive filler. The model
  13. You can easily put 30 rounds on target in a single pass with something like a P-47. If we used the values in that table it would equate to 2 to 3 rounds of 30mm impacts, it would rip planes appart both structurally and aerodynamically, I don't think anyone would like that.
  14. The relationship between chemical and kinetic energy isn't properly portrayed/weighted in that table. As you can see the overall results don't make that much sense, like 30mm vs 12.7mm as I said in my post. Trying to argue with that table and saying "look the game is correct" shows a lack of understading of how the current damage model works and the problems it has.
  15. Yeah, I would even think it's quite overestimated to be frank. 30mm only 12 times more destructive than the heavy machine guns... it doesn't sound right.
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