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  1. Yeah, currently I find spotting really hard at close ranges (from 1k to 5k or so) because the planes are rendered with such a small amount of pixels with really low contrast they are really hard to be noticed, and you can even lose them when aiming for a shot. This is a Bf 109 at only 1200 meters closing on my 7 o clock This is way too little size or clarity for a plane at such close distance 1.2 km. And there seems to be an effect with lighting on the LOD that once below 5 km they don't seem to scale with distance much or sometimes even go smaller until they are closer than 1km when they can be seen easily again This is the very same 109 from a different position against the sky background, took screenshots as it got closer and closer The 4.6 km model was similar to the 1.5 km distance model in regards on how easy they were to spot... however the intermediate ones were harder to see. Here if you want to look at the full size screenshots:
  2. The A-8 has the equipment it used to take on the 4 engine bombers, increased cockpit and canopy armor, 21cm rockets, 30mm cannons, same for the D-9 and Me 262 with the R4M rockets In Bodenplatte we got the added pylons for the P-38 which afaik was used by units in Italy, the P-51 got 150 octane fuel which only was used by planes based in England.
  3. The only time where the Me 410's 50mm would need APCR would be to engage a Jumbo Sherman or an IS heavy tank.
  4. What's the performance increase with the four bladed prop? Looks like what's on ww2aircraftperformance is only data with the 3-blade prop. Also did the Typhoon get +11 boost during the Bodenplatte timeframe? I would like to know the performance in that configuration ^^
  5. Looks like they had to modify the plane's hydraulic lines to disable the recovery system, or remove the dive break system altogether. Are there accounts of them keeping the dive breaks but not the recovery system? If that was done a solution could be to set the recovery system as a modification that can be taken or not, similar to the sirens.
  6. There should be intermediate options between 50 and 100, I would pay 70-80 as the current products.
  7. Me parece que si al menos Birmania y Nueva Guinea, por las sugerencias en el foro con mapas de tamaño similar a los actuales se podrían hacer. La que si sería problematica en tema de las distancias es la batalla de Guadalcanal, ya que todo el corredor entre Rabaul por las islas Salomón hasta ahí son como 1000km.
  8. I personally think it would be a wasted opportunity to not include an ASM engine (either standard or as modification) for the late G-6. It's appropiate for the time period, even if not in the highest numbers it fills a gap that's needed for BoBP (Half of the G-14s that attacked allied bases on January 1st had ASM engines). And it's also useful for mission building... Currently in MP if someone wants to have a good German high altitude performance plane he needs to take a K-4 which sometimes isn't available based on the mission timeframe setting, a late G-6/AS fills this gap. In regards to the numbers game the Ar 234 (as pointed out by Davesteu only a couple unarmed prototypes did the recon missions over the D Day landings), the Spit Mk XIV and Ju 88C-6 are already in this category. If not for BoBP, if not as a G-14 mod, if not for BoN... I don't see this coming any other time soon... Afaik they weren't used in the East for an hypothethical inclusion in a late Eastern Front expansion (Looks like the G-10 would be reserved for that scenario). And as a standalone collector plane it would leave a bad taste, as all the tools are available to make it without much trouble (K-4 supercharger, propeller and cowling, G-14 airframe) compared to other candidates for collector.
  9. El Pacifico no es solo perseguir barcos en medio de la inmensidad del mar... hay varias campañas terrestres que se pueden hacer: Nueva Guinea, Birmania, Filipinas.
  10. The plane had a pretty huge combination of different modifications and loadouts (different cannons, gunpods, rockets, bombs), maybe good data to portray them is hard to find (weight penalties, drag, proper blueprints for 3D modelling, how they interacted with the plane's controls, etc).
  11. I think by this timeframe the ASM was the proper configuration, with MW 50. Either way the Spit Mk XIV and P-51 will remain faster at most if not all altitudes so it's not like it's going to be OP or anything like that.
  12. In the original IL-2 (before I found the config file setting) I always thought the tail looked really empty without anything... however I also disliked the war thunder solution of having a balkenkreuz there. When I saw BoX solution I really liked it... because the overall shape is rather close and fills the gap, so while the original still remains a no go, the Great Battles solution is a good compromise imho, I prefer it over having nothing or other type of crosses.
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