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  1. The M15 should be fun to use, though kinda goofy trying to aim both the 37mm and .50 cals at the same time given their different ballistics.
  2. Here you can find a comparison with the different map sizes accross most flight sims: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1nEGqkqYUGBipkmMq-NSwixdUHmU&ll=18.229233337588433%2C147.23729264904154&z=4 Other than a few exceptions, most 1946 maps are similar or smaller than IL-2 Great Battles maps.
  3. Always nice to make it over the Hump Gotta watch out for undesirable company though 👀
  4. Could we have the planeset phases last a bit longer? like 4 / 5 days longer I think each phase would be more enjoyable. Also in planeset 8 isn't the K-4 supossed to be DB engine only? so it's in line with the P-51/Spit/Tempest that don't have 150 oct / Sabre IIB
  5. @JG27_M-C At least in my experience disabling the gamma antialiasing in the Nvidia control panel improved with spotting. That gamma settings seems to soften the contrast of the contacts with the background so it makes them harder to pick up.
  6. @chiliwili69 nice, thanks for sharing it with us, have you checked how's the VRAM allocation in DCS?
  7. In regards to skin damage that determines lift and aerodynamic penalty, a single 13mm HE is equivalent to around 62 impacts of .50 cal AP. I haven't tested the Russian 12.7mm explosive round, but I would expect it to be similar.
  8. There is a single bomb behind the wheel well in a separate compartment, the fuselage bomb bay can only fit four bombs.
  9. I don't have manuals but in some pics you can see the belts used, for example: A P-40 in the Aleutians in 1942 iirc By the color of the bullet tips you can guess the type, here it looks like the ammo belt used was M2 AP (Black) / M2 AP (Black) / M1 Tracer (Red) / M1 Incendiary (Light Blue) / M1 Incendiary (Light Blue). Then a couple photos from the late war period: 100% M8 API (silver tip), no tracers. Pure M8 API for the .50 cals and pure HE-I (yellow/silver tip) for the 20mm, no tracers here either for what we can see.
  10. Yep, the Fw 190 A-8 and D-9 also have a pure HE belt in game:
  11. No, it doesnt have them. Its been like this since the G-6 came out, same for the G-14 and K-4. The He 111 H-16 top turret does have AP in the belt
  12. We know already the 13mm in the 109s do not have any any AP, it's all HE
  13. That's not how the chart works, because the end point is after the time passed with that acceleration rate starting from 0G. So in the case of the first chart, with the 1.4 G/s mark: Manuver starts 0s => 0G 1 s => 1.4 G 2s => 2.8 G 3s => 4.2 G 4s => 5.6 G 5s => 7 G => crossed the line => pilot lost consciousness So it's not 5 seconds at 6G, it's 5 seconds to get to 6 G going from 0 G at 1.4 G per second.
  14. Yup, BoM's P-40 has early settings for the Allison, shown here in this chart in the spoiler, notice the 100 octane fuel grade: Later on the 57" setting for 1470 HP at sea level for 5 min got approved with 100 octane, I wish this option was available as a modification though it should come with a manifold pressure regulator since the unregulated throttle all the way in at sea level is capable of 66" for around 1700 HP and that wouldn't be far off the detonation limit though it has been used like that (at expense of the engine lifespan). With 91 octane fuel, these are the more restrictive limits: The Spitfire Mk V, A-20 and P-39 in BoK also have their engine settings corresponding to 100 octane fuel specifications. The P-40 in BoX has a bit too effective radiator for what people have tested in the past in flight. On the ground the cooling is much more effective than it should be, which looks like it's an issue affecting most if not all of the planes it seems (an in game widespread issue), but in flight it isn't as out of place. The P-40E in Tobruk goes to the opposite scale though, the radiator is not as effective as it should be, in ww2aircraftperformance page there are some technical evaluations of the radiator and if you compare it at the same settings it does have excessive temperatures in level flight (in climb they look more correct). More or less as a comparison, in the Channel map which has Autumn like temperatures (16-17°C at sea level) the radiator behaves close to what the real document shows for tropical summer conditions, in the Tobruk map it's much hotter. So the temps you get in the Channel is what you should get in the Tobruk map roughly for high speed level flight. I have noticed this as well for the 109 F-4 and the Spitfire Mk V, high speed doesn't really increase the efficiency of the radiators as it should (high radiator openings are needed for high power setting even at top speed), but given this I guess it's more of a widespread engine issue similar to how in BoX the radiators are too effective on the ground with 0 speed. I do not know if it would be possible to correct this without affecting the slow speed performance of the radiators.
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