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  1. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    Fokker Dr.I Discussion

    In BoX summer maps are at 25ºC, for 15ºC you need to use Autumn maps.
  2. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    Spitfire MK IX Level Speed query.

    Those charts are in True Air Speed while the plane instrument and the tab in game show Indicated Air Speed, the pitot tube reading is affected by air densitiy and temperature which varies with altitude. So if you dont know how to make the comparison the only point in which IAS=TAS is at sea level in a 15ºC day, you can get this condition in the Autumn maps in game
  3. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    HS129 with 75mm cannon

    The automatic propeller pitch mode sets a constant RPM of 2750, which is the 30 min combat power with 1.25 ata. For cruising you need to use manual prop pitch and set 2350 RPM and 1.15 ata, as the plane speed changes you will need to re adjust pitch to mantain 2350 RPM.
  4. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    HS129 with 75mm cannon

    That was the B-3 and we have the B-2 in Battle of Kuban. I dont know what other differences were between the two, maybe there arent too many so it could be portrayed as a modification for the current B-2, it could be a good asset for Bodenplatte timeframe, even though it was in low numbers.
  5. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    Worst enemy for germans

    Pe-2 effectiveness is a combination of AI's very good prediction/tracking of targets, unobstructed field of fire, belt fed gun, and 12.7mm UBT HMG The B-25C in BoBP will be hard to engage, twin .50 cals in top and belly turrets with even better field of fire than the Pe-2. Imho the problem is the AI's abilty to make quick deflection shots at targets coming at high velocity and approach angles. This happens to all planes, but the Pe-2 has the better conditions to maximize its performance.
  6. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    Developer Diary, Part 196 - Discussion

    After looking abit, looks like they are Panzerblitz I after all, they had a sleek warhead and fixed fins, the R4M had folding fins.
  7. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    Developer Diary, Part 196 - Discussion

    those would be MG 151/20s, the MK 108 protruded less from the wings
  8. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    Developer Diary, Part 196 - Discussion

    @IAmNotARobot Will the Fw 190 F-8 modification come with the blown type canopy?
  9. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    Tactical Air War

    A ver si un día volamos juntos The numbers I came up were from a simple mission, having the tanks static and the plane just sitting on the ground with the gun aiming at it, so it's easy to count how many rounds are needed firing them one round at a time. A couple other numbers for Soviet tanks with the 30mm T-70: 3 hits to smoke, 4 to destroy. ==> Can also be destroyed with MG 151 (both 15mm and 20mm) 18-20 hits to smoke, 26-28 to destroy for both 15mm and 20mm (AP hits). KV-1 (both 41 and 42 models): 20-21 hits to smoke, 27-30 to destroy KV-1S: 14-15 hits to smoke, 19-20 to destroy (The KV-1S had slightly reduced side and rear armor in order to make it lighter). This shows there is some sort of HP system related to the armor thickness of the targets, there are some differences in where you hit, but looks like it's a modifier of how many rounds it will take in that spot to smoke/destroy. Hopefully with Tank Crew there will be a more detailed damage model for the tanks, also some of the new 1943 tanks for the German side coming with Tank Crew will give some trouble to the IL-2 cannons, the Panzer III Ausf M and the Panther should be resistant to the 23mm, and the Tiger and Ferdinand resistant even to the NS-37 37mm cannon. Yes I was mostly talking about speed, but yeah the F-2 it's still not the perfect replacement for the derated F-4, but it's imho a better alternative to the fully capable 1942 F-4, for example in those climbing conditions I could get the F-4 to go from 250 to 3000m at 1.37 ata in 2:05 minutes (400 km/h Stalingrad winter)
  10. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    Tactical Air War

    At low altitudes it's similar to the F-2 at 1.35 ata, at higher altitudes it's better, approaching F-2 at 1.42 ata performance. 1.42 ata F-4 is much better than both of those anyway though, and it can use intermediate power settings like 1.37 which is a good compromise between endurance and power. http://kurfurst.org/Performance_tests/109F4_Datenblatts/109F4_dblatt_calculated.html
  11. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    BOS , BOM , BOBP give away

    Very generous of you! Would like to sign up for BoBP
  12. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    Tactical Air War

    And the 1941 F-4 would be limited to 1.3 ata as well IIRC. @StG77_Kondor imho considering the most competitive way of dealing with tank columns for both sides is carpet bombing with 50 and 100 Kg bombs I don't consider the IL-2's 23mm a big issue, it's effectiveness is also decreased by crosswinds and low level turbulence which tends to be common in TAW missions. For what I could test the 23mm needs 20 impacts to destroy a Panzer IV in the side (15 to set it smoking), the 30mm needs 8-9 hits to destroy a T-34 in comparison (7 to set it smoking). So the 30mm is more powerful, but the IL-2 has two cannons and they have higher rate of fire which makes a one pass kill possible. If there was an Me 410 with twin MK 103s in the nose killing T-34s in one pass would be possible and maybe even easier than with the IL-2, seeing it would be a shorter burst and from center mounted guns.
  13. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    Developer Diary, Part 195 - Discussion

    We already have the T-34/76 mod 1943, as an AI tank, it came with the Kuban expansion.
  14. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    BOBP+ Give Away Draw

    Thanks for your generosity man! Would like to enter for BoBP
  15. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    BUG con las nubes y aviones invisibles.

    Es el archivo "startup" en la carpeta data del juego. Ahí están las configuraciones gráficas y otras cosas también. Por lo que vi cuando lo cambié la primera vez notaba que la imagen era como más suave en general, y me ayudaba a reconocer el tipo de avión desde distancias más lejanas por la forma de las alas. Se tiende a revertir a 2 por sí solo, así que lo tengo en 3 y lo configuro en modo de solo lectura así el juego no lo puede modificar. Lo que sí cuando quieras volver a tocar algo de la configuración tendrías que sacarle el modo lectura, si no el juego te acepta los cambios pero en verdad no cambia nada. También tengo la calidad de sombras en medio, más alto me quita algunos fps en cabinas de aviones grandes y en medio se ven lo suficientemente bien para mi gusto.