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  1. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    Before IL-2 Pacific, IL-2 Battle of the Meditteranean?

    I could see Italy invasion being possible, separated from CloD's North Africa expansion enough imho.
  2. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    HE-129 30mm cannon and fire group 1

    Both the APCR rounds for the MK 101 and MK 103 have 960 m/s muzzle velocity. Iirc the guns have the same barrel lenght. The difference is rate of fire and ignition mechanism
  3. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    Thoughts on the P39...

    The real speed curves are with fixed radiator settings, and my curve was with optimal radiator setting (changing them as the altitude changed). Anyway that data is not correct anymore since with the new radiator changes now planes need to open them more at altitude. Because the radiator valves will release the coolant at lower temperatures as the height increases, and in some cases like the Spit Mk IX looks like it's too much. The Yak-7B had FM/engine refinement and shows a greater fall of performance with altitude, I hope they will translate this to the other models in the future.
  4. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    Ping really bad for us from South America

    It's pretty obvious it wouldn't get enough people. Even North American based servers failed... and not because they were bad. It's just that most people go to WoL and that's it.
  5. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    Ping really bad for us from South America

    This is because most of the servers are based in Central Europe or Russia, which are really far away from South America and Australia/New Zealand. It would be good if we had US based servers, a few were tried but they couldn't break the WoL-hegemony of IL-2 MP.
  6. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    Packard V1650-3 or -6 TBO info from manuals?

    Yes, the extra random factor is around up to +50%. But the 109 time limit being 1 minute, it's just extra 30 seconds which isn't a lot. I personally could have it raised to 3-5 minutes as compromise. And a modification for the P-40 to have 5 minutes at 57" as it was cleared later on for the same engine.
  7. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    Packard V1650-3 or -6 TBO info from manuals?

    The engine keeps working past the original time limit really. With the 5 minute timer of the P-39, I ran different tests to see how long it takes to get damaged and got these results: 7:36 5:36 7:03 6:30 5:24 7:32 8:39 6:12 7:52 6:36 So if you are lucky you can get a good bit of extra time before it is damaged. I know it's still not realistic, but it's not the "surpass the timer and immediately blows up" people often talk about.
  8. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    Were there any radial 190s with more than 1700 horsepower?

    @JtD The A-9 at 1.8 ata wasnt using MW 50?
  9. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    Engine replacing mod?

    I mean that would be nice if it was officially done, but it is unlikely given they are already released products and the new game direction. That's why I ask if at least a good approximation could be done with modding the game.
  10. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    Engine replacing mod?

    Hi there, I wondered if there was a way to change a plane's engine with mods, in particular putting the Pe-2 series 35 engine to the Yak-1 or LaGG-3. Another possibility could be the Bf 109 F-2's engine to the Bf 109 E-7 Thanks!
  11. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    Tactical Air War

    Thing with the 1941 F-4 is that it was limited to 1.3 ata, and the plane gains quite a bit of performance using the higher regimes, and if you manage the intermediate settings, (1.37 ata for example) it can last for a good while.
  12. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    Macchi 202 - really?

    I think the issue with the MC 202 is that the 109 shadows it in speed and maneuverability at low speed, which are important aspects when dealing with the Soviet planes. The MC 202 isn't as fast, and in fact it's slower at low altitudes than the 1942 Soviet fighters, while the assimetrical wing desing makes it temperamental in low speed handling. Think that it has a Bf 109E engine, in this regard it compares favorably with the Emil. On the plus side, the MC 202 has good high speed handling, good roll rate and elevator authority, good dive speed limit and strong airframe. It didn't have that much of a participation on the Eastern Front. It is a plane that's much optimal in it's natural theater against early Hurricanes and P-40s. Also it is described as a plane very well paired with the Spitfire Mk V, however in game the Spit utilizes late 1942 engine settings (+16 boost) which tip the balance in it's favour in speed and climbrate. With a +12 limited Spitfire, and slowed down by tropical filters, I can see both planes being rather similar in their climb and speed characteristics as often mentioned. I could see the MC 205, with the much more powerful DB 605 engine and MG 151/20 internal wing cannons being a very good plane for 1943 settings, however we wont see it anytime soon, unless a radical change in game direction happens.
  13. I think it isn't sustainable to make a game with the quantity of planes the old IL-2 1946 had, with the details BoX has, both graphically and in simulation. The only alternative I could see is if it sold by the millions, which would make them a profit over the millions it would probably cost. But sims are just not popular enough. Notice that they take over one year to develop 10 planes with the current resources, it's just impossible to try to make the 300? planes 1946 has, with the current level of quality.
  14. mm that sounds strange, I can switch them back in automatic mode, never had it happen to be stuck in manual mode, be it a 109F or G. This is the control for the radiators, it's below and ahead of the fuel quantity and fuel pressure indicators: When it's on manual the pilot turns down the handle to Ruhe and when opening or closing them he turns it to Auf and Zu, then returning to the Ruhe. If you switch automatic back on again, he turns it up to the Auto position.
  15. The F-2 doesn't have a manual control mode, like in the Spit Mk IXe, switching off the automatic control make them open to 100% only. The F-4 can control it's radiators manually It says so in the plane specs: I mean it's a feature rather than a bug, or do you say this is incorrectly portrayed and the F-2 did have a manual regulation of the rads?