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  1. @sevenless What do those books say about MK 103 combat usage? I'm also interested in some configurations like 6 x MG 151/20s and use of rockets.
  2. I guess they are going to make MW 50 as mod, to cover the earlier than April 44 timeframe. Fingers crossed for AS engine as mod as well.
  3. Afaik the thicker die is so it can withstand the temperatures of the soldering process, having a thinner die would risk damaging the transistors as it's heated up for the solder. In the end it's a bit better than the previous thermal paste, but worse than what the enthusiasts were able to do with delidding and applying liquid metal. Apparently since the KS came out the regular 9900K started getting lesser bins and some people complained they can't hit as good frecuencies as previous production run 9900Ks.
  4. I wouldn't be so sure, at least looking at the CPU benchmark thread Jaws posted his 3950X utilization and it was like 2 threads at 40-50%, other 2 at 10%, and the rest of them 0-5%.
  5. It is rumored the 10900K will have up to 5.3 Ghz single core turbo, this could be benneficial for IL-2. That being said still being on the 14nm process it will consume a good bit of power with 2 extra cores and generate more heat, there are some rumors that early samples are consuming up to 300W in heavy workloads giving trouble to the motherboard manufacturers. If you can wait I guess you could get an i7 10700K, it will be 8 core / 16 thread basically a 9900K but in the i7 segment so it's likely to be in the 300 USD price range rather than 500 USD of the i9s.
  6. Nice image of those 410s with the 37mm. Apparently the barrel is much shorter than that of the 50mm but they appear more or less similarly protuding from the plane. This would point towards having the gun mounted pretty forwards in the nose, below the pilot more or less, This would mean the gun only had a single clip like in the case of the Ju 87G or did the pilot reload it himself? (it seeems a bit too far for the gunner to do it like in the Bf 110).
  7. Ah that picture I always thought it was a 50mm one, is there a very high resolution example of the photo? looking at the flash hider we could tell which one of the guns is.
  8. I don't think I have seen Me 410 with 37mm, it's either 50mm or smaller cannons
  9. It will depend on speed, a plane flying at constant altitude means the wing produces exactly the lift to counter the plane's weight. If a plane goes slower the lift decreases, but the weight stays the same, so angle of attack will have to be increased in order to produce more lift. For example this photo of two modern fighters, a Mirage 2000 and a Rafale flying in formation with an old late 40s prop transport plane the Flamant. The Flamant is flying so slow the delta wing fighters have to pull a good bit of angle of attack to stay at constant altitude and not stall. All these three planes are flying at constant altitude but all of them have different angle of attacks in order to mantain it at this speed, since all have different wings and weigth
  10. Clmax varies depending on the airfoils. At the same angle of attack one type of wing can have very different Cl than a different type of wing. The La-5FN stalls at a higher speed than the 109 while having a larger wing, this points towards a lower Clmax. In game tests are a bit complicated, but I more or less came up with 1.72 Clmax for the Bf 109 G-2 (stalling at 150 kmh at idle) and 1.44 Clmax for the FN (stalling at 165 kmh at idle). Mind you there would be some errors as these tests aren't perfect but they show a rather big difference between the plane's wing performances.
  11. so no MK 103? or was there another variant that used it?
  12. That one is polished while others have silver paint. The P-51 in game is depicted as having the silver paint over it, it doesn't shine like the P-38 and P-47. I don't know which one was used in higher quantity. Some are polished for airshows, here is a pic of one silver painted and the other polished
  13. This is very nice of you, thanks! -=PHX=-SuperEtendard + BoN
  14. That's what works for me against the ace AI at least, I use 300 meters convergence.
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