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  1. iirc Han mentioned there would be 5 modifications, including the lend lease one. So I guess it could be a, b, c, d and the one with Soviet guns. That is a different beast though, like saying a 109F can be used as a 109K replacement.
  2. @Jason_Williams Has the team decided if there are going to be modifications that could cover some of the Yak-9 variations? For example extra fuel capacity turning the original Yak-9 into Yak-9D and DD, or turning the 9T into a 9M, one of the workhorses in the later part of the war ^^ The models are looking really good 👍
  3. The thing with the Fw 190 is that when it entered service on the Eastern Front it still had the earlier reduced engine settings, iirc 1.35 ata at 2450 RPM, it's the same issue with trying to use the 109 F-4 or Yak-1 in the earlier 1941 scenarios.
  4. @LukeFF a G-6/AS with MW 50 mod for an hypothetical Normandy expansion would both give new players a 109 to fly and people with BoBP a needed variant as it can be considered a G-14/AS, the second most numerous 109 that took part in Operation Bodenplatte. It also brings a new tactical aspect to the late war 109s with high altitude performance similar to the K-4, that can be used in an earlier timeframe, but at the same time not as good low altitude speed, so the players will have to keep this in mind. And the possibility of having the 20mm gun.
  5. Yeah the normal XIV at +18 boost is similar to the IX at +25 boost at low alt, but if you give it the same fuel and increase the boost to +21 it leaps ahead close to the Tempest +9 boost / P-51 67" speeds. And with +25 the XIV surpasses the Tempest at +11 even afaik, though I think that last setting was only used to chase V1 bombs.
  6. There is something strange, because I get a stall speed of around 143 km/h at idle throttle with 5221 Kg, and apparently IL-2 doesnt take into account pitot errors, so in theory that would translate to a Clmax of around 1.9 but it doesnt seem to show in the turn performance.
  7. I did ^^ For the Tempest at sea level, 5221 Kg, +11 boost and roughly 280 km/h I got 19.35 deg/s, with the radiator shutter in the open position. What's the value you use for Clmax? Looks like it is hard to find that parameter for the plane.
  8. reducing the specs to 1 hour you get significantly less power than the 15 minute mode, it's not much above max continuous. A better setting imho is 61" at 2850 RPM which is very similar in performance than 3000 RPM and will last for around 30 min.
  9. I think that spot would be better used with one of an /AS variant. And if it has the late cockpit, tail and MW 50 it can be considered G-14/AS which would also make it really useful in the BoBP scenario as well ^^
  10. Was it also at 1000 meters altitude in the Kuban Autumn map (standard atmosphere)? The 19.5 deg/sec looks closer to my sea level results, though you are using less fuel. I can tell it can vary depending on the ability of each one to hold the the turn the best way possible, which I don't claim I'm perfect at 😅. A hold altitude/hold speed autopilot command would be handy for these tests. But we can agree the planes are rather similar, a close maneuvering fight will depend more on the skill of each pilot rather than the turn performance of the planes, unlike Spit vs 190 or Zero vs P-40.
  11. According to the in game specs, for the K-4 the total weight was 3361 Kg (400 liters of fuel), power 1.8 ata, for the P-51 the weight was 4134 Kg (also 400 liters of fuel) power 75" 3000 RPM. I also got some other numbers at sea level and slower speeds in one of my previous posts if you want to check them with your simulation: This is for around 280 km/h and sea level (20-30 meters): For the K-4 at the same 3361 Kg, 1.8 ata: 19,05 degrees/s Bf 109 G-14 3266 Kg (400 liters of fuel) 1.7 ata: 19,78 degrees/s P-51D-15 4343 Kg (690 liters of fuel) at 67": 17,91 degrees/s P-51D-15 4170 Kg (450 liters of fuel) at 75": 20 degrees/s The P-51 and Bf 109 are in clean condition, without wing/fuselage bomb racks.
  12. @Holtzauge thanks for the info ^^ Tried to replicate it in game at 1km and roughly 320 km/h tas. And I get roughly 17.5 degrees/s with the K-4 and 18,5 degrees/s with the P-51 at the same conditions. That being said it is not so easy to mantain the constant speed/alt so there is some error to it.
  13. Flaps and gear up, idle throttle. Yeah the last seconds it's hard to keep it constant, didn't know it could induce so much error.
  14. @unreasonable testing with the planes I get around 1.75 for the 109 and 1.5 for the P-51. At 1000 meters in level flight I cut throttle and try to mantain altitude until one wing drops, note the speed, convert it to TAS and use your calculator, I am not fixing the AoA though as I increase it as the plane gets slower, eventually stalling out. Is my procedure correct or should I do it differently?
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