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  1. I was hoping to see the G-14/AS as a modification too but looks like this wont be the case.
  2. A late Bf 109 G-6/AS, being basically the same as a G-14/AS, would be good for Normandy and quite useful for BoBP scenarios as well (it was the one of the most numerous 109 variants in the attack). For the Fw 190... you could get away with an A-6 I suppose, it has 4 x MG 151/20s which are a good upgrade over the A-5, and doesn't have the drag penalty of the A-8, weighting less at the same time, many would have it as the sweetspot mid-lateish war 190 in speed/weight/firepower.
  3. @Finkeren The Soviet tank that had a loader/commander was the KV-1 (the non-S models). The turret was three manned, but the third guy behind the gun was a mechanic assistant apparently.
  4. Fuel consumption isn't that much of a problem in MP servers, the Spit Mk IXe has 386 liters of fuel and a consumption of around 420 l/h in the 1 hour combat mode, and you don't see people complaining about their Spits having low endurance... 50-60 min is your standard longish MP mission. Most planes cooling solutions are able to withstand full power at their climbing speeds, afterall that's how they manage to test climb times to high altitudes at full power. You would have to be constantly turning at very low speeds to ensure overheating with these late fighters with good/automatic radiators. My personal choice would be to have a compromise solution, so the full power is available for the fights (say 10 min for all planes), and being able to be recharged in a 1:1 ratio without compromising the other modes (combat could be unlimited even since we have planes with pretty long combat times to begin with). And a more detailed detonation modelling where if you screw up you can wreck your engine even if you are within the time limit (like you can do with the 262), too low RPM for too high manifold pressure, high air intake temperature, etc. With 40% load it has a similar fuel quantity as the Spit Mk IX, and with the same engine and fuel consumption it would be plenty enough for most IL-2 MP sorties.
  5. I confirm the planes have their correct engines now 👍
  6. The P-40, P-39 and P-47 have both controls, but in order to manually adjust the pitch you have to deactivate the RPM governor first.
  7. Good that's being worked on. Yes the La-5 now has 1180 mmHg as max boost and doesn't need the boost key to activate it. If you engage second gear then the manifold pressure is reduced to 1000 mmHg => ASh-82FN behaviour. The La-5FN now has 950 mmHg as max throttle, but if you press the boost key (no technochat message shows up) it increases to 1140 mmHg => ASh-82 behaviour. The performance of the planes is affected. The La-5FN with 150 less HP now has a maximum sea level speed of around 573 km/h, from previous 583 km/h. On the other hand the La-5 with the extra 150 HP now has a maximum sea level speed of around 555 km/h, from the previous 545 km/h.
  8. Yes, the one I mentioned was the earlier F4D Skyray, but yep the Phantom, MiG-21, Mirage III those are Mach 2 fightes and they don't look like they follow area rule either.
  9. That's how the first supersonic fighters did it, with brute force ^^ MiG-19, F-100, F-8, F4D, F-11, as far as I can tell those don't have area rule fuselages.
  10. You are missing the point, the G-4 isn't a dedicated collector plane.
  11. Compare these 1943 Yak-9s with the 1943 Yak-1B we have currently in game: Yak Modifications Yak-1B Yak-9T Yak-9D Year of issue 1943 1943 1943 Dimensions Length, m 8.5 8.66 8.5 Wing span, m 10 9.74 9.74 Wing area, m² 17.15 17.15 17.15 Wing loading, kg/mm² 168 176 182 Weight, kg: Empty weight 2316 2298 2350 Maximum takeoff weight 3117 3025 3117 Powerplan Engine M-105PF M-105PF M-105PF Power, hp 1180 1180 1180 Power loading, kg/hp 2.44 2.56 2.64 Performance Maximum speed, km/h at sea level 531 533 535 at altitude 592 597 591 m 4100 3250 3650 Time to 5000 m, min 5.4 5.5 6.1 Time of turn, sec 19 18-19 20 Service ceiling, m 10050 10000 9100 Service range, km 700 735 1360 Armament Cannon, 20-mm 1 1 1 Machine guns, 12.7-mm 1 1 1 You can see other than the value of the Yak-9T as novelty (which would be interesting) there isn't much there to the 1943 Yak-9s at least as collector planes. You would end up in the store page with two 20 $ planes which are very similar, and ppl wouldn't be enticed to buy both of them. It's the devs interest to make the collector planes in such a way that one would want to get as many of them as possible. So if you are going to have a new Yak that coexists with the 1B as collector plane, it would need to be a novelty/interesting variant (Yak-9T), or one of the 1944 more powerful ones to go along the BoBP fighters. The early Yak-9 and Yak-9D have their place in the sim, but imho as part of a standard planeset, not as part of a dedicated collector plane, that's my main point. And in regards to TAW, it can be solved by convincing the campaign devs to increase the number of Yak-1Bs available in the hangar for the late scenarios to account not only for the 1B itself but for these new very similar performance Yak-9s that started coming out.
  12. The KV-2 is more appropiate of an early 1941 scenario.
  13. The standard 1943 Yak-9 doesn't have greater performance than the 1943 Yak-1B we already have, it's basically the same: Around 530 km/h at sea level, 590-600 km/h top speed at altitude. And the Yak-9T or Yak-9D would have slightly worse climbrate because of the added weight of the 37mm cannon or extra fuel tanks respectively, compared to the Yak-1B.
  14. "Normal" Yak-9 is very similar to the Yak-1B Imho the interesting Yak-9s to have as collector would be the T, M or U. The others don't bring that much to the table compared to the current Yak-1B which we have as a collector plane already. I could see the "normal" Yak-9 or a Yak-9D being part of the standard lineup of a future expansion though.
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