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  1. Hello I would like to understand why I've just been caputured, if I had an emergency landing in my zone, allied side of the map. I mean I was flying a spitfire and I landed inside the russian zone of the map (1533.1 at Kuban #432). Kind regards, Ala13_Knightcrow
  2. Hello, I made a mission to bomb a bridge today,.. I did it and when I was about to land at my base (in about 3 minutes) , something I ignore put me outside of the server (I hadn't had done anything and Il-2 BOS FligthSim was still working so I rejoined TAW without reinitiating anything)... I would like to know what happened? Was I kicked from the server by any reason? http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=1516&name=Ala13_knightcrow
  3. I was flying a il2, and a 109 went down towards me face to face, he started shooting at me and i responded,. .. we crashed... the server indicated friendly fire. TAW website shows a different thing: http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=1584&name=Ala13_knightcrow Date Event Damage Object Type Enemy 05.11.2017 22:23:07 PLANE SPAWNED 05.11.2017 22:27:13 TOOK OFF 05.11.2017 22:56:18 DAMAGED 0.006 Bf 109 E-7 Plane Zergax 05.11.2
  4. I've updated to 382 and I've just been flying for 53 minutes.. suffering from sudden frames drop from time to time.. , it seems to get stuck when trying to zoom in ... but no CTD !! Regards, Ala13_Knightcrow
  5. shame... They don't really care about us... just wanna we give up, shut up and buy another card until the day They want to promote a new driver that make it obsolete too.... Regards, Ala13_Knightcrow
  6. New patch v2010, even worse... now with the old driver version 368.81 i'm getting CTD with dxbufferman11::vb(..) DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED i've just faced these CTD twice at Berloga with very dense action... I've been able to fly a couple of missions at Random Expert where i've suffered from Stuttering and some slowdowns when closed to action flying low...but fortunately i could finish both without crashing to desktop... This needs a hot fix...
  7. Hi mates... just another Nvidia driver has been released.. https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/1007101/geforce-drivers/official-382-05-game-ready-whql-display-driver-feedback-thread-released-5-4-17-/post/5141587/#5141587 just crossing fingers but not too confident... Regards, Ala13_Knightcrow
  8. New driver.. and no news regarding our issue... I've just posted this "https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/1005236/geforce-drivers/official-381-89-game-ready-whql-display-driver-feedback-thread-released-4-25-17-/7/?offset=95#5135355" Kind regards, ... Ala13_Knightcrow
  9. It wouldn't be fair.. when yesterdy with old nvidia driver, everything set to ultra and all options checked including sharpen and v-sync on ('Dynamic resolution factor not checked) I could fly with FPS between 72 and 144, i mean i can't accept that my 780 is a graphic card that has to be thrown to the rubbish bean under these conditions. Imagine you buy a gtx1080 and after several months another problem within drivers arises.. Will you be buying another card? Kind regards, ... Ala13_Knightcrow
  10. Did anyone try new patch 2009 with latest nvidia drivers (owning a 780 Nvidia card)? Kind regards, crossing fingers... Ala13_Knightcrow
  11. Let's keep watching what will happen with the imminent release 2009.... ....I've read that appart from VR some graphical optimizations are part of it.... kind regards, Ala13_knightcrow
  12. I've just read this from NVIDIA's forum "https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/983359/geforce-drivers/the-problem-with-drivers-starting-with-372-64-on-flight-simulators-/post/5113704/#5113704" Next driver branch will be R380. If any 379.xx driver is released, it will still be from the current R378 branch. So it's seems that we will have to wait for yet a long time...
  13. This message gives me hopes... good expectations... thx and... I'll be looking forward to hearing more about this Kind regards, Ala13_knightcrow
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