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  1. Bando

    About the grey market....

    The OP has a point. I have purchased all of ROF and IL2 on this website, but there are other games that I bought (steamkeys) on G2A. Until yesterday it never even crossed my mind that the site was selling illegal stuff. I just didn't know. Now I do and I will check if any of my games is revoked by the original publishers. Whatever the outcome, I too thought the website was legit. From now on I'll never buy there again, so lesson learned I guess.
  2. What a great surprise. Ordered both right away. Thank you Jason and dev team(s)!!!!
  3. Bando

    [MOD] HD textures grass

    Thanks for this mod. Looks awesome.
  4. Bando

    Developer Diary, Part 197 - Discussion

    Reading this DD brought me back to all those years ago when I was looking at pictures of some WW1 sim made by NeoQb. I did not have high expectations then, but it turned out to be the best choise ever. I think, hope and expect this to be the case in this product. I absolutely LOVED the planes of WW1 and both the simplicity (instruments, weaponry etc) as well as the complexity of these new flying machines were mind boggling. With this DD I'm that little kid in a candy store once more. I love that you guys are doing this and I hope with all I've got this will succeed and the WW1 saga will expand. Good luck to you Jason and team. Thumbs up!!
  5. Bando

    [MOD] 4k textures cockpit Bf-110E (WIP)

    Geee, that looks great man. Thanks!!
  6. Bando

    [MOD] Historically Correct Official Skins (2K and 4K)

    Thank you Stick.
  7. Bando

    PWCG 4.1.1 Released

    About to DL it. Thanks in advance Patrick!! 👍🛩️
  8. Bando

    Developer Diary, Part 196 - Discussion

    Great DD. Thanks!!
  9. I'm in the same boat as PilotPierre. I'll buy this title, though I don't care about tanks, supporting this team means the world to me. But you never know. I may get addicted someday. The pics look beautiful anyway, so it must be good what these guys are brewing up. Not a small undertaking. WW1, tanks and BoBP all at one go. You guys rock like no other team I've ever seen. Really BIG thumbs up.
  10. Thanks for this update. Things are looking very good.
  11. Bando

    Flight-Sim Expo 2018 Update and Special Thanks!

    That looks great!! Have fun you guys and hopefully a lot of new pilots enjoy the wonders of the IL2 battles.
  12. Bando

    Grass Experiment ( Flowers )

    Whatever people say: It's fantastic to see some wild flowers.
  13. Bando

    PWCG Work In Progress

    Sounds like a great setup. Looking forward to see the new version(s)!!
  14. Thanks for the update. The team did it again. Impressing and surprising the hell out of this crowd. Great things to come. Thanks!!!