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  1. I agree with Borys here. Give the man a break.
  2. Wow, you guys are fast and furious. Love them devs
  3. @Sneaksie I just checked the squadrons on the map:
  4. I just did encounter an AI FW190 over Stalingrad. Mission was made in 3.002.
  5. Error code: 2C171/1

    @CastorTroy: For me the link does not work either. User [CPT]Pike*HarryM has made this working link: (It works for me anyway) Click
  6. You got to love this dev team. Great update.
  7. Better Briefings - work in progress

    Looking very good.
  8. Bomb blast sound too low?

    Maybe off topic, but did you see that dustcloud? It's almost impossible to see if the target is destroyed right away. One would have to wait for the dust to settle.
  9. IL2 User Manual

    In this thread are 2 links to places where the file can be downloaded. I hope some dev/mod will make these a bit more visible.
  10. Joystick ID keeps changing

    Totally offtopic: @RedKestrel: Try this: W10 not auto updating
  11. PWCG 3.4.1 Released

    Thank you Patrick.
  12. graphic design

    It´s possible, Custard. It just needs time. A lot of it......
  13. Some feedback for the new Career mode

    Well, TIR and a larger display, ok. But labels is one bridge too far for me.