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  1. I bought a car chair from the car scrap. Mounted it to some wooden frame and I have the best PC chair ever for less than 25 euro's. Car chairs are made to sit on for a long time. I hope you find whatever you need, but you should, at least, consider the car chair possibility.
  2. What an update!! You guys rock. Can't wait for the end of September. Thank you team.
  3. Salute! Hope he'll find his piece up there in the endless blue......
  4. Great read!! Thanks for doing this, looking forward to the rest. Great stuff!!
  5. They did it again. Great stuff!!!!
  6. Bando

    I want one

    Oh man!! What an epic thing. I also want one. nough said.
  7. Great update this week. Love the pictures, love your enthusiasm and I hope this sim will prove to be the standard for many years to come. Have a save trip home and a great weekend for you and the dev team. My weekend is already splendid this way.
  8. Looking better every week. Thanks guys!
  9. Thank you Han and team. Seems like it's all going as planned. Can't wait for the new content. You guys have a great weekend!!
  10. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. Thank you team. Again.
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