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  1. Totally agree. Although I do play IM, the AI can mess up the fun pretty quick. Just had to limp home in my Yak after a truck convoy attack. No enemies in sight when I was in the landing pattern. Soon after I landed I decided to "view" my squad mates to see how they were doing. All were dead. Viewing the enemy showed that 12 (!!!!!) 109's were zooming in towards my position. Some of them were damaged as black smoke was seeping out of the engines, some had fuel leaks. They closed in, no matter what. They could not have seen me, as I was miles away from them (far beyond visual) yet they
  2. I'm more stoked about AI changes than anything else. I hope the regimental attacks on the player will cease. Sim is marching along fine. Huge "thank you" to the devs!
  3. I really really hope the AI will get some more love. I've been flying lately again. Some 3 years ago I was sick of this behavior (AI following the player en masse without regards for other AI or being shot at). It brought me to the point of quitting the game altogether. It's been better lately (in some regards eg. ground attack) but the regimental attacks on the players craft is still there. Even when leaking oil, fuel and all sorts of nastiness, they keep pursuing the player. Again: I really hope the devs do something about this.
  4. @Oyster_KAI: Great job and congratulations on the recognition you got from the dev team. You deserved it and the happiness in this thread speaks volumes. Thank you for doing this.
  5. Hello team. Is there a way for me to tell that I've already purchased something in the store? Now it all looks the same and after so many years of supporting the team, I sometimes forget what I have and have not (my old memorie isn't helping either). I remember in ROF I could see the things I had and had not in my possession. Anyway: Merry Christmas and a great 2020 for y'all.
  6. I'm a bit late, but I'm also very happy to read this announcement. Thank you devs for bringing the origin of war-birds to us in a broader spectrum.
  7. That was a great read. Thank you for this explanation of G-forces. I sincerely hope you can do this in depth analysis with/for the AI as well.
  8. I always use this: Planner Bottom right symbols allow you to change maps. Hope this helps.
  9. Great stuff. You mentioned three a/c in the video, can I safely presume it'll be done for all others as well?
  10. Awesome. Thank you very, very much. Just awesome...
  11. Hats off to you guys. What a team. Great stuff!!
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