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  1. well, I can start the game by going in the bin directory and clicking the il2.exe. Anyway, something server-side mostl likely.
  2. Hi there Swing, mission files 2, 4 and 5 (the ones ending with .mission; not the binary files that end with .msnbin) have a text entry that refers to a media file. This media file cannot be found because it is not in the media folder. Also, the media file names contain non standard characters. Just removing the references to these non-existent media files allows you to recompile the mission files successfully. Search the .mission files for ".mp3". The one you need to replace is the one with the weird characters. Hopefully this helps. Best regards, Auf Edit: sorry for not answering sooner.
  3. Any chance of updating this campaign to the latest version? If I try to resave the missionfiles the game throws an error on the second fourth and fifth mission. It would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance and cheers! Edit: Found the solution my self. The media file names (the ones that did not come with the campaign) have some characters that caused the error(s). Replacing/deleting them worked.
  4. Thank you, that would be great.
  5. S! I can't remember when I noticed Monguse for the first time, but he was a mainstay of the community and a fun person to fly with and against. I've been flying IL-2 since it first came out so it must have been very early days. Those were good times. A sad feeling when an important part of the community and a warm and friendly person leaves us behind. Cherish the memory.
  6. Aufpassen

    The IL2 store

    In my case paypal and VISA both do not work. Never had anything like this before. I am not going to bother spending my time to solve Xsolla's problem. In the mean time, no sale. 😒
  7. I have a code available. Anyone who is interested please feel free to PM me. Best regards Aufpassen
  8. Yes, I do. If you like, and if it's allowed to use them for giveaways, I'll message you the codes. If that's what you are proposing of course. I am not sure if they'll work with other accounts though. Best regards
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