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  1. Considering the current map I think the most relevant, and missing, are: Bombers: SM79, CANT Z1007 Fighters/Attack: MC.200, Ba.65, CR.32 Transport/Utility/Recon: SM.81, SM.82, Ca.133, Ro.37
  2. I would like to see Malta/Sicily for operation Husky, with following planeset: - Bf109G4/G6 - Fw 190F2/F3/G2/G3 - Macchi 205V Serie I(Serie III?) - P-40F/K (Kittyhawk II/III) - A20B/C (Boston III) - Baltimore - SM79 The planeset for 1942 is already well covered
  3. @Jason_Williams What are the in-game differences between Fw 190 A6, G3, and G3/R5 other than bomb racks and missing machine guns? I expect the G variants having better navigation instruments and possibly low altitude boost...
  4. I agree in principle, but care should be taken in avoiding non-historical loadouts. To my knowledge the P40E, the only version currently in the game, could carry up to 500lb bomb in the centerline rack and 6 small caliber bombs under the wings (either american or british types). Heavier loads were cleared for later variants, likes the 1000 lb bomb for the P40K and F, or the multiple 250 lb loads for the P40N/Kittyhawk IV. Similar situations apply to the other aircraft types...
  5. The argument about temperature is weak IMO, values above 30°C are limited to the summer months. If that was a major factor there would have been little air action above the deserto too, which was not the case.
  6. If the devs will not drop this business strategy they won't reach retirement time doing this job... My 2 cents
  7. Since the Salerno landings the allied took possesion and developed several airdromes and landings grounds in southern Italy, both close to Naples and Foggia. By the time of the Anzio landings even 15th AF and RAF 205 Group were already based in Southern Italy. So allied planes could cross the front without even flying over water...
  8. Well, depends on the time frame. The Macchi 205 and the Re.2005 were used in Sicily, and in the defence of Naples, Rome, and Sardinia before 8 September 1943. But at Salerno it was the Luftwaffe who reacted against the landings, while both pro-Axis and pro-Allied italian air forces were reorganizing.
  9. There seem to be some confusion/errors about planeset in the MTO/Italy scenarios. For example, few if any Italian aircraft were operating against the Salerno landings because the Regia Aeronautica was in the middle of redeployement following the armistice. And those going to the north were flying defensive fighter action against allied bombers. I doubt a map of mainland Italy from Salerno to the Alps will be made...
  10. Used in MTO, Russia, Burma, and likely during the early Sumatra/Java campaign
  11. These boost settings most likely refer to the 100 octane fuel used by the RAF since 1940. If I remember correctly the VVS did use 100 octane fuel provided by the US but only after a certain date ( end of 1942? any hint?). Are both fuel types being considered?
  12. I think the map goes from Sidi Barrani (western Egypt) to Derna (eastern Lybia). Airfields in this region changed owner depending on time period
  13. I hope TFS will keep the MTO scenario open rather than move to other theaters. Sure any map different from the Lybia / Egypt border will require a bigger effort in terms of terrain modelling (larger towns/villages, specific monuments and buildings, more varied terrain textures).
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