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  1. Actually and according the Mission Log, Spitfire only suffered 7% damage from my bomb. This clearly does not match the visual damage you can see. At least in my humble opinion.
  2. Please have a look to the enclosed video: a Spitfire IX chasing me gets my 500 kg bomb, tearing off half of her right wing and bending half of her left wing; but still upto 25 seconds later the plane is stable and controlable. After that the pilot realizes the damage and bails out. Shouldn't it have been uncontrollable after having lost half of her wings? Shouldn't it have gone into a spin to ground? But she is even rolling!! With what ailerons? IMHO, such DM should be revised by programmers. Kind regards and have a safe 2021! FAW Spit IX gets bomb 2021.01.10 720x4
  3. Seeing several videos from Mr. Monostripezebra's channel in Youtube, it is clear to me that the "collision between planes" Damage Model is not well resolved in IL-2 GB. IMHO, there was not a lag or bad connection issue in the Pe-2/109 incident. There was a clear collision between both planes. My plane's right wing "crosses" neatly through the left wing of the Pe-2. The program detected well such collision. My point is that the part of the program calculating the damage for each plane involved, resulted in assigning 100% damage to my plane (seeing the log of the mission
  4. I would kindly ask Devs to check Damage Model of Pe-2. One can collide wing to wing against a Pe-2 and you lose yours, but hers shows not a single scratch and keeps flying happily. Please see this video, enclosed. This is not a lag or connection problem IMHO. .NTRK file is available for further investigation, please let me know if you need it. WOL collision_with_Pe-2.zip
  5. Thank you all, then it is clear: - FW-190 has no rudder trim, neither IRL nor here in IL-2 GB - FW-190 trims up and down moving the whole horizontal stabilizer by buttons RShift+up/down arrows - FW-190 trimming up and down cannot be made by rotary axis. So I keep rotaries axis to trim other planes like Bf-109 horizontal stabilizer, Mustang, and Ju-88 rudder and pìtch trims, etc.
  6. Sorry if this has been already answered but, does Fw190 pitch and rudder trims work? I have them working in Mustang and Ju.88 both with rotary axis of my X52 joy. Up/Down mobile stabilizer also work in Me-109, assigned to a rotary axis. But they don't in Fw-190. Button assignments don't work either (RCTRL+Arrow Up/Down for pitch trim, and LCTRL+Z/X for rudder trim). Being Fw-190 a more advanced airplane than 109, a "full electric" plane as it was, I thought she would have such controls. Thanks in advance
  7. Sorry but IMHO (correct me if I am wrong) the "Edit" facility only allows you to go fast forward/back the track, or change camera's point of view.
  8. Thank you, chaps! But I can only go fast forward or back in the track or edit the file name. How can I cut or remove bits of the track?. And the EDIT button at the bottom does nothing for me. I am talking about an online recorded flight track. Perhaps it only applies to off line tracks?
  9. Hi, I would like to extract last 5 minutes from a 55 minutes flight record (the most interesting part), how can I do it without creating a video file and editing it ? It think recording a track from a track is not possible. Cheers!
  10. Hi all, I am looking at this 25" LED monitor with 21:9 screen from LG: http://www.lg.com/uk/monitors/lg-25UM58 Native resolution is 2560 * 1080. Is BoS/BoM/BoK supporting this size 21:9 ? Or will I see black strips left/right like a 4:3 film on a 16:9 screen? Thanks in advance
  11. About the Yak discussion, just 2 points I believe we should take into account. First, we should not mix all Yaks, -1 / 7 / 9 / 3 in the same basket. There were 2 different lines of planes with different structures and purposes: - Series Yak-1 / 1M (official name of our -1B) and -3 family of, lightweight planes, short ranged, very agile, slighty less armed. - Series Yak-7A (originally an advanced trainer) / -7B / -9 (and all her subvariants), heavier, more range (-9Dx versions aimed to long range escort), less agile, more polivalent, and with heavier weapons. Yak-9B were even armed with
  12. Is this commanding officer the same Colonel Jason "Burnin" Williams from Redlands, CA ? Nice story, it could be used as a screenplay for the next expansions !! Cheers !
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