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  1. any answer from a dev regarding ffb in 5.0? any chances we will see actually a good implementation of FFB?
  2. will anything be done with the implementation of FFB? in current il2 it sucks, and in cliffs its not much better...will we get a realistic implementation of FFB with 5.0? the answer will depend whether i consider a purchase in future or not.
  3. i am aware of the possibilty to adjust the .ffe files...the problem is that the buffeting effects and the gunshake effects have the same file...so if you want to get rid of the gunshake, you inevitably lose the buffeting effect as well... imo thats not acceptable...a change from the devs is needed to achieve a proper ffb implementation as far as i understand it...
  4. not as private as it may appear...as defaultface said...we are just a small group of tight friends which to us means more than just an online squadron friendship... whoever is interested in flying with us, could join us on our teamspeak channel....and if we see him fit to our group, we would invite him to become a squadron member...
  5. while DCS has a slightly different approach to ffb implementation, its still far from being really good...yes it doesnt have these gamey gunshake effects...but for example iirc, it still has some gamey ground forces effects at crashlandings...which are anything but realistic...furthermore, in dcs, the overall forces hardly change with speed, except at close to and below stall speeds where the stickforce begins to decrease...but you dont feel a difference between lets say 220kph and 800kph...furthermore, the buffeting effects dont feel realstic but have a certain frequence and strength, which resemble much more the artificial stickshaker feature you find nowadays in modern flybywire aircraft, than natural buffeting effects. so even dcs has much room for improvement in FFB implementation. if its that easy it would be awesome...here is just hoping that they improve it with 4.5 which i understand will be the last free patch before its going to be payware...
  6. ok...just read the current update and about upcoming fixes...many "fixes" implemented by TF, that actually made me leave CLOD, now seem to get really fixed with the upcoming 4.5 patch...and of course new features like tree collision and the like do sound interesting.... BUT....as a guy using a FFB stick, all of the above good things will still be meaningless for me, IF the FFB implementation in CLOD remains as it currently is...its mainly the gunshake effect which makes the whole CLOD experience just an annoyance...and even the most fancy graphical improvements, engine improvements, new theaters or new plane types will not make me even look back, if thats not going to get fixed... i know, FFB users are a minorty, and some of them still fly CLOD as they just live with it..but for me thats the one big "no go".... so, are there any plans to improve the FFB implementation in CLOD?
  7. they are stupid and have nothing to do with reality...so if gamers want them, ok...but make them at least optional as simmers and real life pilots dont like them.
  8. well...this bug is here ever since, like the devs confirmed...i just really hope they soon will give as a fix for this...like tomcat says...you can live with it and the game is not totally unplayable once you get used to it...but it takes quite a bit of time to accustome to it...a fix is needed...having said that...i really really hope, that they not only fix this bug, but also revisit the whole FFB experience in this sim...i dont know who it was who implemented it, but frankly, he must not have flown a real aircraft, otherwise we wouldnt have silly shaking effects on the ground, or this really really annoying gun-shake effect, while the buffeting itself, which should be noticeable on the stick, in contrary to the other two aformentioned effects, is pretty much missing completely...a shame really, and this is one issue, why im still waiting with future investments in this sim...
  9. well dude...thats your view...doesnt mean its the truth...im with the op...the current possible exploits are harming IL2, and denying it as a forum warrior....well, helps only your agenda....but the real question is...how long little fella....
  10. yeah....awesome models airbrush! i told you already, but i just have to repeat it in pubic...well done! greatest respect for this kind of talent! i could never do it.....
  11. that small fact has nothing to do with the flight modeling of the aircraft, and neither with the fighting techniques they used in real life or which are used in combat flight sims.furthermore a jeopardy is possible and used by the mission designers...and if you read defaultface's post, you see that you take the discussion quite out of context now...
  12. you do realise that this doesnt necessarily make any sense? of course you can fly the aircraft in a sim similar to how they flew it in that war or any other...as long as the flight models permit, and as long as the game is worth to be called a simluation....
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