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  1. pierrelom

    TC Sound Test

    Thanks, tied up a bit with work currently, will give some attention to sounds over the weekend
  2. Some humour about tankers in Italy ‘44 Brits; if the crew can lift it, it will be strapped to the tank Yanks; everything with a barrel is a tiger Kiwis; panther you say? Send the humber Poles; mad...prudence and cover are lost in translation Springboks; how the bloody hell did you get that sherman up THERE??
  3. Now I just need to figure out how to solve the disappearing turret issue.
  4. I am retexturing the tank wrecks to Summer and Winter versions. I want something approximating tanks “freshly destroyed” vs something that looks like it has been serving as a target on a tank firing range for a century. Part of what I plan is to have the displaced turrets remain on-scene instead of dissapearing after a few seconds. Any ideas or info of what scripts etc I need to change to keep them on-site and visible? Screenshots of wrecks https://mega.nz/folder/Xdonib5Q#9lgrC6RIjdHJjOXcLAarXg Summer wrecks for default skins of first person armour. It is a
  5. pierrelom

    TC Sound Test

    Thanks, not done completely yet but I will wait for the next update and the Ferdinand (with electric drives) to see what changes in the sound engine. I got send good factory wartime recordings (without Goebbel's incessant verbal bigotry) of the early tiger that I plan to remaster and get in game.
  6. Or the lend lease Churchill MK III/IV armed with RO QF 6 pdr.
  7. pierrelom

    TC Sound Test

    OK, think I am done for the moment. The alpha version is linked below. It is a large file as it contains the masterbank.bank file. There is unfortunately no other way to do it. Note that the KV and SU's share the T34 sound files. I have tested it on my system and all seems to work. NB. As always back-up your files, and keep them safe somewhere when activating mods. Use a mod activator to enable the mod (beware the double folder error). The file structure in the mod folder should be: TC_sound _alpha/data/Audio/bank files https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T5SGH
  8. pierrelom

    TC Sound Test

    Just an anecdote from my father (RIP, served in North Africa, Italy and France): Tiger: sometimes heard very seldom seen and everyone knew someone who fought one. Panther: crewed by fanatical youths with the tactical sense of mud. PAK, Stug and Pz 4: hated and feared. Crewed by veterans who learned their trade in Russia and Italy, and were still alive in ‘44/45.
  9. pierrelom

    TC Sound Test

    The old workhorse reworked
  10. pierrelom

    TC Sound Test

    Tiger done. With drive train whine
  11. pierrelom

    TC Sound Test

    Jeez, the German armour gives me a headache. Why did they not standardise like the rest of the world. Russian practicality vs German complexity.
  12. pierrelom

    TC Sound Test

    Panther I will leave as is. It was a loud tank due to its exhaust system design, it basically growled its way through the battlefields of ww2. It gave fair warning that it is prowling around, especially in the hedgerow counties of Normandy.
  13. pierrelom

    TC Sound Test

    I am only concentrating on external sounds for now except for the Sherman, I have reasonable sound recordings for the Sherman interior. Reworking the Tiger as well to replicate the distinctive drivetrain whine of German armour. Difficult as I have to bind the sound to maybe full revs sound or tracks, the last which is shared with the KV tank.
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