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  1. Patrick, I feel I must clarify. I am not acquainted with the substance of PWCG, so my dismissal of it could justifiably be seen as unjustified. Being of the attention deficit persuasion, I must say I was sufficiently put off by the GUI, and the need actually to try to figure out which planes I have and don't have, to the point that by the time the puzzle of the various settings was put in front of me....I switched off. My ignorance of PWCG is therefore entirely my fault and perhaps also attributable to the limited time I have to try new things. Based on the feedback I can read in the forums, your creation must indeed be admirable and I bow my head to the effort you must have expended. But I point my finger at the devs and question their profit-making agenda. I don't think they see the potential of doing SP right....
  2. So for some reason I managed to complete two chapters in part 2 of the campaign and then I realised there is also part 1. I figured I better start from the beginning and I completed chapter 1 of part 1 now as well. This isn't exactly the chronological path of the Battle of Stalingrad. Ignoring the fact that I am an idiot for not noticing there is a part 1 that precedes part 2, why did the game allow me to jump forward? Also, my Lagg-5 is still locked and it isn't terribly clear at what point this plane unlocks. Or is it that the only way to fly Lagg-5 is to pay for it? I do really complicated stuff for a living, but I struggle to figure this game out. Is it just me? How hard is it to add some menu that tells me....you have X points until Lagg-5 unlocks. All that aside (and crappy SP campaign) this game kicks butt. I love it! C_G PS Please don't tell me about PWCG...it feels too makeshift. It's like pac man.
  3. I've said it before and I'll say it again: developing the missions/campaigns for SP use does not need to be extra cost for the devs. People would pay...
  4. What about using the reflecting thingy that attaches to the hat rather than the clip? No wires required. Is the head tracking performance degraded with that?
  5. What is currently the best head movement kit out there? Not looking for VR. Is trackir5 the obvious choice? Thanks!
  6. Does anyone know how to get the fully zoomed out view when looking at your six? Is it a trackir parameter?? If I move my head towards the monitor and then turn around then I get it, but this is likely to cause spinal injuries in the long term. The idea is to have the back seat as small as possible. At the moment i see nothing but back seat when I turn around. Any ideas? I play with Requiem's trackir profile... Thanks!
  7. I know this was answered somewhere but I can't find it. I am doing low level bombing with 2 x FAB100. I smoked the control tower but was given credit only for soft targets. Do I need plant the bombs on the runway itself? Anywhere or in the middle? Thanks guys
  8. Hi Lucas_from_hell Thanks for that! Didn't know about PWCG...it seemed like another acronym I didn't want to explore... Will look at it. It may be what I've been missing. C_G
  9. Here's a thought. Consider me - I am over 40 and I love the way principle of flight. Simming is the only way I can truly enjoy flight. Most importantly, I have lots of disposable income which I will spend readily if I can improve my experience and feel more joy of flight. Now here's my problem: I don't have the time to become very good at flying my Lagg-3 to make an impact playing MP. I don't have a man-cave to participate in teamspeak, which is a must to survive, as loanwolfing in Lagg-3 is suicidal. So I am resigned to a pretty crap SP campaign which is fast exceeding my abilities. Now I am limited to flying QMB missions to intercept bombers or attack ground targets. Forget Battle of X, make me enjoy lonewolfing in SP more and you will have my money...
  10. I am a newbie here as well. So far I have found the following useful: 1. Make sure hardware/software/settings are optimised. This includes joystick, TrackIR settings, graphics settings to increase contrast (helps to spot enemies), large monitor, appropriate resolution, etc. Also, in control panel to go "set up USB game controllers" and run the set up to make sure your joystick is centred when not touched. 2. Pick a plane and stick with it for a while, so that you don't have shallow experience on many planes and you steepen your learning curve on one plane 3. Try to minimise reliance on "Normal" difficulty, unless you're trying to learn about gauging distances based on the size of the target in your gunsight 4. Do SP ground target missions with unlimited ammo (also pay attention to type of ammo, e.g. armour piercing vs high explosive - look at colour of bullet tips when choosing ammo). This will help you get acquainted with flying the plane and ballistics. You will find you normally only have a few seconds within which to hit your target. You're likely to learn faster what to do with those precious few seconds if you shoot at ground targets. Air targets have have lower speed differentials and spoil you with the amount of time you have. Also, you will get used to looking around this way to find slowly moving objects (compared to flying AI objects), which is a good introduction to spoting flying AI later on. It will also help you learn to control flying the plane in a direction different than where you are looking. Remember to set gun conversion a little bit further than for air targets (I use 400m). Adjust gun conversion to suit YOUR style of shooting - regardless if attacking ground or air targets. 5. Set the FOV of your centre button at the zoom you feel comfortable with using the F10 button. Shoot zoomed in to aim at structural weak points. 6. Use the rudder. 7. Learn how to trade speed for altitude to prevent flying past your target and how to maintain/reacquire visual of your target once you're ready to trade altitude for speed and swoop down on him. Hope this helps. carve_gybe
  11. But: http://www.tested.com/tech/pcs/453848-buying-your-new-monitor-part-one-what-get/ What now?
  12. Hi All So I have been running IL-BOS on 15.4 laptop with Nvidia GTX 680M...on some resolution lower than 1920 x 1080... ...and I could not find the enemy.. so my posterior has been lit on fire fairly regularly. I also had Sweet FX installed and gamma set to .65. I also did that whole .ini file edit, but that's gone now anyway. When I switched to 1920 x 1080 I lost some FPS and I am still dogfighting blind. I got rid of SweetFX anyway as it was crashing my system on occasion and didn't really help with spotting. So the next step is to get a larger monitor. I have no hope of running at resolution higher than 1920 x 1080 and having sufficient frame rate. So what are my choices at this resolution? Should I go for a larger monitor (say 27 inch) with lower pixel pitch or the other way around. I've been reading about the 16:10 vs 16:9 aspect ratio conundrum and I am not sure how relevant this is in this case. I also wonder what will make me see a plane better: the same number of dots condensed to a smaller area or spread out. It is a size vs contrast question. The response may have less to do with IT and more with nature of human sight. Alternatively, perhaps the answer is to get a high-contrast, large monitor? Any advice would be appreciated. Carve
  13. Interesting stuff. There seems to be some consent that early jets are nice to try on DCS. When I was growing up I regularly heard MIG-21s breaking the sound barrier on training flights. That alone may be enough for me to give DCS a try. I still remember the propaganda-rich radio announcement when the air force of my country acquired the MIG-21s for the first time...they said spoke of delivery of a modern fighter capable of locating and destroying the F-16.... Capability is one thing, probability is another... but that's propaganda for you! Anyway, back to WWII...thanks for all the insight. Sounds like I will be spending most of my time in my Lagg-3 Carve
  14. Sorry, I just realised this topic is discussed here: http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/8092-how-does-dcs-compare-bos/page-3 My impression from reading the above thread is that DCS is not a good option for dogfighting WWII planes. Would anyone disagree?
  15. Does anyone fly both IL-2 BOS and DCS? How do they compare? I only returned recently to flight sims after decades of non-play. Things have surely changed since my F-15 Strike Eagle plane was able to fly straight up from take off to 80,000 feet....and landings were made by flying over a triangle on the ground... I just learned about the existence of DCS and wonder if I should try it. I don't have a lot of spare time and my biggest fear is that I'll get addicted and cause my wife to boot me out with my PC and joystick... I understand the high-level difference between the two, but more specifically how do they compare in terms of: - flight modelling - immersion - learning curve - difficulty Thanks! Carve
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