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  1. Yes the G4 is faster than a G14 at very high alt. but no. Cant catch a 47 by a long stretch. (yellow is the g14)
  2. If the thermo dynamics would be realistic when a plane is standing still. But running the engine at high RPM and MAP and low mix just to warm up the engine is a turn off. TAW came to that conclusion after two campaigns.
  3. Made a soviet skin for the Spit MkXie. I took @ICDP 's template. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvIjd9yP9joeh5BIItPaamqP3KtyMQ
  4. ? I can hardly force you. this is of course a proposal. What else should it be then?
  5. I am for historical accuracy. However there could be some exceptions. For example the Ju87 model we have to to late for the moscow theater. Same for the missing Bodenplatte map, which has to be substituted so long as it isn't available.
  6. More stuff for the website: I would like to see the AK and Gk streak for squadrons removed in the squadron overview. Imho they serve no purpose and are not rewarded at the end of the campaign. Nor is it a good indicator of the squadron skill. I would propose its replaced with the squadrons Ak and Gk and add tank score. You know this one: This way you can even sort by those stats and you can see who is 6th in the correspondent stat. Another one: imho this entire section can be moved further down. Below the map, the cities. Statisics are nice but not the most important stuff. You need the map regularly and I have to scroll down to see the players online, the map and cities and stuff. Move the stats down and the functionality of the site goes up. At least my 2 cents. Cheers.
  7. Even I after 1500h team killed a MC202 back then. It happens. Problem is the part "when you are not sure". Accidental FF happens when somebody is very sure he has an enemy infront of him. There are of course idiots who dont stop shooting after 20 messages in the chat, and multiple server warnings, mostly beginners greedy for a kill. I would say an apology is enough. At least as long its not repeatedly done but that guy.
  8. Can we please have here displayed which team is on offense? Like "Allied counter attack!" So it at least somewhat clear why one team has more stuff? For a beginner its not clear and its not in the manual.
  9. yes. the E bleeds speed like mad in tight turns
  10. I don't want to derail the TAW topic after looking around I found no source, you don't have to google for me, but maybe you can give me a authors name or a book title. The usually very detailed Book "Lavochkin Fighters of the Second World War" does not mention a withdrawal. it mentions the persisting problems, but thats it. And thinking about it, it still makes no sense. the La-5 and the F had both the issues you described. Actually the overheating got better with the F. That the planes get withdrawn for a persisting problem which is there for years makes no sense to me. The superiors of the soviets usually gave zero fucks about teething problems.
  11. That would deeply surprise my and makes no sense to me. From Lavochkin fighters of the 2WW.
  12. And the K-4 with 1.98ata please! Now that I am flying blue again I want everything they got! 🤣
  13. In the meantime you can watch this video xD :
  14. on the topic that the elevaator authority is not sufficient to black out in a 109. I fear you do it wrong.
  15. same... i have a code to give away is taken
  16. Just want to say now that this might be a bad mechanic for your server. Since you have a handful of missions (which are mostly ok! and and good) and those missions have only 2-3 airfields. Knocking out one or two is very very limiting for the attacked team and with the current player balance I see that this goes only one direction. just my couple of cents.
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