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  1. The problem with such statements is that they are subjective, 2nd that they couldn't know for sure since they had only limited access to adversary planes. 3rd what kind of zoom climb is meant? by my definition every climb that cannot be sustained is a zoom climb. I am sure that many German planes out climb a P-47 in many forms of climbs. Then what speed the initial speed of such a statement? So many questions
  2. I would like to add that this got worse in - i believe - the first DM overhaul. The gunners got much more accurate and usually save attacks aren't save anymore.
  3. I dont think that is a good idea either.
  4. I know it was mentioned before but the red plane sets in late maps needs some love in future TAWs. The critism might be obsolete with coming changes to TAW, but I thought I mention it anyway. we have to many types of planes. The airfields look more like the flying circus and not an airfield of the eastern front in 1943. But thats not even my core critism. Lets say you want the La-5FN but you have no P-39, no Yak1-b and no Spitfire. In such a case you need 12 CMs to the FN. That's very tedious and annoying. Furthermore its super hard to get a squad in the air which are all flying the same plane. Everybody in the group is like "oh I have no 1B, I take the spit" "oh I have no Spit I take the 39". Resulting that your squad looks like a kindergarten at toys r us. everbody picked something different. maybe let the player pick one of the base planes (La-5 (F), Yak7B, or the LaGG) which get 2/2 with CM+1 And let him choose two-three higher tier or special planes. with 0/1-2. So in the end we have something like this Yak-7b 2/2 CM+1 (can be swapped for the LaGG or La-5(F)) Yak1b 1/2 La-5 FN 0/1 Spitfire 0/1 one of the three can be swapped for the P-39. This way we have a core eastern front plane as a base fighter and a solid plane to fall back to and a more condensed planset. And we have the La-5 which is a pity that it gets fully removed with the introduction of the FN. the current late red planeset feels to broad.
  5. @Venturi I would be happy if you wouln't shoot me next time as I try to clear your six. But congrats, clean kill
  6. There are available. Dunno what you are doing, but I met many 109s with gunpods. Maybe you mean the Fw 190 A-5. If you do its probably not available due to depot damage or so. Yes. That is the obvious conclusion. Not that Ju88 1k bombs are locked now for like 2 years on TAW.
  7. Ty. Sounds good.. we had many good battles in the past. I hope that comes back. really cant imagine a solution. Maybe super strict death and aircraft loss penalties. Dunno
  8. TAW right now with the current "I just yolo airfields" gameplay isnt fun. Nobody cares about tanks, air combat is dead. its flat out boring. just my 2 cents
  9. Guys you should mention HOW I can support the server on the support tab. Not only who did it. or did I miss something?
  10. Would be nice if all reds who are interested in timezone independent coordination could join the discord of TAW. invite link https://discord.gg/RJEhVWF Ask a dev to join the red channel, like this guy. We maybe cant coordinate strikes at the same time but we can let others know what we did and plan to do. Cheers
  11. ' this is so hard to read. its beyond any categories of wrong. The MIG3, climbs faster, is like 50 kph faster, accelerates faster, climbs faster, has about equal armament (two 20mm in the nose). and the performance is not even in the same ball park. the Mig having the much³ better high alt performace. Yes the e7 turns better, so if turning is "all" yes, the 109 is in "all" categories better.
  12. Can somebody tell me how kubinka was captured by a destroyed tank column? There was no symbol left on the map and we just lost Kubinka. There was no DZ to my knowledge.
  13. very balanced missions, really good. i know its not perfect, but the gameplay really benefits.
  14. For the record: I had the same issue: http://ts3.virtualpilots.fi:8000/en/sortie/log/249215/?tour=26 at the same time:
  15. The joke is that they fail each time they try to achieve a new world order 😄
  16. we still join red and have this in a loop:
  17. Holy hell. Is it june already? I really need to get the cocktails and the pool ready.
  18. I had no difficulties to keep distance from 109s either. You have to spot them in time. from there on you can drag n bag in the Jug very nicely because of the good diving characteristics and the excellent SA. imho the Jug is fast enough. 150 octane would certainly help however.
  19. Nice that your server is decently filled in the evenings again. At least at times. thats good.
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