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  1. What was the cause of the lost map now? How can a team lose within a few hours? As I logged out yesterday evening, we had recaptured a airfield. Tanks again?
  2. That is ether a thing of the intense groundlevel wind OR a thing since the last patch. With a lot of wind its hard to get planes turning to the right on the ground. (109s due to engine torque, prop wash and 10-15 m/s groundlevel wind)
  3. Yes I know. But I dont know which of the conditions was the deciding factor. Thanks
  4. why the blue team lost over the EU night?
  5. Just met 3 russian fighters. And was happy with the results.
  6. Generally you don't need it. But for the first map you are bound to the he111 and the stuka. However in the next maps there will be more stuff to fly for you.
  7. And I am looking forward to the new campain.
  8. I am genuinely curious what u expect somebody says. However I don't want to argue, I just want to mention my thoughts there And btw I am not a mathematician. However averaged values can be immensely misleading and they are read wrong on a daily basis in the economy around the world. For example in the second season some guys argued "see! only 3 players more on avg" Yeah tells only a part of the story. its important to see how the difference arose. Lets simplify the whole thing to this: an example team1 team2 25 10 25 50 25 10 Team 1 has - oh wonder - a avg player number of 25 and team2 a avg number of 23.3 So 1.7 players less. But when had the second team actually 2 players less? Right, never. Next question is, is the player advantage in period 2 enough to cancel out the disadvantage of period one and three? So I don't want to be the party pooper. However be careful with averages! You can't just wave around with that. As I said I am not a mathematician, but what I know is that it isn't so easy.
  9. just like things are if that is your last airfield
  10. I wouldn't forbidd it. But add a penalty. In reality killing unarmed enemies came at a price first psychological but second many commanders condemned the practise. 'If I see somebody shooting a chute I kill him by myself". (Jg27 in stiglers book) Maybe add a chance that the pilot is grounded(ditched plane). But don't forbidd it.
  11. For me chute killing is like tea bagging in Shooters. So i dont do it, I dont like it. There are other ways of winning.
  12. Seems like that a good bunch of the TWBs are North American. They take Pe2s and Il2s and they clean up airfields. Seems like that in those hours there aren't many organised axis players there to defend. In CET hours I would say that axis does okish. However they attack not enough the airfields.
  13. Very nice. Whats interessing to see is that for example the propellers of the la5 didn't bend. There is surly something to improve in the Networkstuff of the Gameengine. The Maneuvers looked way less out of this world.
  14. As a pilot who is currently in the top 5 I disagree. First I have BoK and second I have Fighter, Jabo and Bomber missions. I am sry if I don't mow the lawn and I don't level bomb from 3k. Imho I attack when the risk to get damaged, to die is below a reasonable percentage. I don't know why we have to generalize pilots and their behavior. Why the germans losing the ground war lies in a bad prioritization of tasks. For example, they attacking the defenses while on the defense themself. Or defending airfields which are less important than others. etc. I hardly believe that the loss of battles is to be blamed on the top X% of the team. its more the average skillevel across the team which is important.
  15. Can somebody explain me how the allies won tonight?
  16. Any new Info for a possible start tomorow?
  17. The dead pilots weren't a factor in maps 2 and 3. However, yeah I see the the objective purpose of chute kills. Maybe there could be a reward for the own team if a parachuting enemy gets captured. Intelligence for example. Or otherwise punishment. Some superiors at least in the German Luftwaffe threatened to shoot chutekillers "by themselves" (The book a "higher call" as a example, depicting the daily life of JG27) I personally think that chute killing should be possible but not directly rewarding.
  18. Don't worry that was on both sides commom practise.
  19. I don't think it's over.. We had two airfields I think
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