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  1. The Bug that the germans have a F-4 from the get go in this map is still not fixed. The planeset states 0/1
  2. This is usually due to Hardware limits. The cpu can't process the game fast enough.
  3. Nope. It does not. You can attack a bomber from left to right at 800kph. The gunners give no fuck. If we could finally bury that discussion (tHAt ThE aPPRoAch is WrOng), that'd be great.
  4. Nah. Ur ingame gunners consider this as a stable gunbplattform
  5. its like 4 posts above you. And it was mentioned in the past. But they remain at a bs level^^
  6. But seriously, could be worse. Way worse
  7. There is a practical limit as well, all our present bombers are kinda short on breath at anything above 6k. I was bombing from 6k a few times and would not go above that. Aligning isn't that hard since you can often align yourself with other landmarks
  8. I think I would try something in between at 3,5k (which is too low on taw, the flak and fighters will have an easy time) at 10km you can use the 5km windspeed, I dont think Il2 models any high alt wind. Which is btw. worth a test at some point.
  9. true. It basically displays the average windspeed to the ground. Check the wind direction and strenght before you take off, plan your sortie and then dial in the correct settings as you are sitting on the ground. As you approach make adjustments, thats less stressful. Its always easier to bomb directly "into" or "away" from the wind. Flying right on the vector of the wind. Therefore avoiding crosswinds.
  10. https://il2sturmovik.gamepedia.com/IL-2_Sturmovik_Wiki Nobody really edits articles so far.
  11. its a mix between hardware, setup and practise I would say. I personally enjoy the flight models, while I am not confident to judge them from a professional standpoint since I am not a pilot. But they feel "good", in the sense that I can understand what the plane is doing. Every plane feels different. Even very similar planes Fw 190 A-3 to Fw 190 A-5. You feel that the center of gravity is different and that you have to trim accordingly.
  12. There might be an engine management problem as well, if you arent handling the engine well.
  13. really nice work. I wish there would be non-swastika versions of these skins.
  14. I rather damage planes than Pilots. Planes are the larger target 😄
  15. Have you mixed ammo loading? I use HE only and have a low rate of pilot kills.
  16. We have a "early" La-5F ingame. A La-5 with M-82F engine but no bubble canopy etc.
  17. Speed it tested manually and converted into TAS and the climbrates are done with tac view.
  18. I could provide some research for Werl (B 157. still needed? Had very limited time lately, but its getting better now. Is written with a D btw. Dortmund.
  19. The climbrates are very similar. The Yak-1b is a bit faster and I think lighter
  20. On my discord somebody said that they might have swapped the engines of the FN and s.8. Dunno how that could have happened but that would explain it.
  21. 21. AI guns and tanks aim in a more realistic way, there is a slight fire delay after aiming and before re-engaging; can you quickly elaborate on this? is this only for tanks or is this for AI bomber gunners as well?
  22. does that get rid of the static sound while a voice plays? I deleted specific sounds, like "I am on fire bailing out" "out of fuel" I did that for the MP since it was driving me nuts. But the static was even more annoying.
  23. Sorry I couldn't resist 😄
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