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  1. Yeah, Its not like 5kph really matters on attackers.
  2. I just imagine him with a 30cm knife under the desk hastily cutting everything.
  3. Oh I think western front is fantastic, but TAW needs some planeset adjustment to make it more interesting for me. Personally speaking.
  4. So after this map rolled and since many have plenty of time, can we start a good old eastern front TAW right away after this?^^ #TAWforsocialdistancing
  5. It really depends which 190 and on what alt. Dora is faster on the deck and the A-8 is roughly equally fast on the deck. But you can outrun both high up. But like others said... if you have to accelerate things arent so easy. The 47 is heavy
  6. I do this now quite a while now and I notice that the devs have practically a impossible task. I notice this with every aircraft I compare against RL flight test. Since the comment of Mr JG something something got me curious I tried to find some speedtests I could find with that Power rating. I found exactly two matching 11lb and another one for 12lb with 150 octane fuel. I initially agreed that the 11lb tempest seems to fast at alt. The first I found was a 11 Lb test from March 44. and that one is indeed some what slower than my ingame tests. I found another one from an unknown date which is MUCH faster down low. Over 640 kph on the deck. But has no records up high. Another one at 12lb is basically matching ur Tempest down low. But has no records up high again. All that tells me that the modelling of top speed is a lot of guesswork and reading the reports of the tests carefully since you never know how the tests were precisely conducted. Were the surfaces treated? Were there some bombs racks attached? Another propeller? What was the weight of the plane? Was ammo in the weapons? Where the weapons even on the plane? You get so many variables, that you cant compare most planes 1:1 against the game version. And even knowing that, you cant be sure that the engineers back then made no mistakes correcting their results to standard atmosphere correctly, and for what they corrected it. Did they removed in their calculations some mirrors on the planes? some weapons? I test my planes most of the time with half fuel, to simulate the most realistic encounter, but I vary that for planes with a lot of fuel. (P-51, P-38 and P-47 for example.) So another variable.
  7. I can check later again. But the 11lb Version is quite fast. Even up high.
  8. By chance. If you use more than three graphs in one chart it gets super confusing really fast. So I vary graph thickness and style greatly to aid readability. And yes I tested all planes* myself. *I think I copied one or two aircraft tests from SuperEtendard, since he tests aircraft basically with the same method.
  9. You can download the data and the charts here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7NEbwyXgfdDRVNEZWtuVFFzSXc/view?usp=sharing I recommend downloading and using excel.
  10. @=LG=Kathon I would be curious to know how the current Kill stats look like How many planes fell to players, to AAA and so on.
  11. Would be cool if the 47 would not fall apart when u sneeze at it. Additionally the 47 isnt a good aircraft for the close quarter fighting down low at objectives.
  12. Oh common. A plane which is 20-30kph faster* on the deck than the next adversary cant be compared with a plane that is faster in straight line than the nVe speed of most adversaries. Most of the time you have 200kph overhead in level flight to the next enemy. *The FN isnt even that much faster than the Fw 190 A-5 if full power is used. 11kph difference. And the fw 190 is faster higher up.
  13. That is correct. But it doesn't need to be unnecessarily painful.
  14. Correct. A chance. I flew the 262 a few times. And was just cruising around low. Got bounced a few times. I noticed that by the tracers going by my cockpit and the plane behind me getting smaller.
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