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  1. That's why I posted scientific papers and was not just bringing up "my feelings". Ironically the dude who is all in for the current model and is embracing the change is solely going for the "feeling card". Again I like the change, I like G-loc, I dont like total blackout at 6G in non G-Suit planes.
  2. Not going into endless discussions now. But I fail to see how this is now possible and wasnt before. Quite on the contrary. Just to be clear. I am not here and saying revert that stuff. I like that we have finally a G-loc, but I would like to make the pilot a tad fitter so we can have better high speed fights.
  3. I think its too harsh too. According to tac view, calculations and this Sim hardware API ur rusty pilot can pull 5G for a longer period of time, while more or less instantly blacking out beyond that. I read papers on that here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2lmux3xnr2xj7u1/High G Physiological Protection training.pdf?dl=0 https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a170441.pdf (website down at the moment, looking for the file tomorow) https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/751397.pdf (website down at the moment, looking for the file tomorow) And they state that a aerobatics pilot can withstand 8Gs for 15 seconds. While I believe that a current aerobatics pilot has some more measurements up his sleeve than a WW2 Pilot, "our" WW2 Pilot had measures as well. Known in the US as M-1 maneuver, but the Europeans had similar stuff, which added 2-4Gs to the natural G tolerance. Thats why believe that the current "hard cap" at 5Gs is too harsh. Personal opinion: I know I will get flak for this, but for me the game is less fun now. The model crashes 1. with plausibility. Why should aircraft designers build maneuverable planes like the 109, Spitfire, Zero etc, if the pilots cant withstand half of the acceleration produced by the planes at cruise speed? Why should designer build planes like the Fw 190, with a good high speed maneuverbility? Pulling up at 600kph will cause like 8Gs. Secondly, gameplay related the defensive dogfights at speed are now really boring. The defender has to get rid of speed, if he can't the fight just developes into a tight "tunnel" downwards or a flat turn. Furthermore the player can't feel how tired the pilot is, the player cant feel Gs. Despite of playing a sim, this is not reality. We cant feel the Gs. Therefore I am all in for a more lenient approach. I like the system, I like the black outs, he really don't like current limits. And now get the stones:
  4. That is correct. You cant work with that tolerance in a effective way. I guess it happens quite often that you bite into this randomized timer without knowing.
  5. The engine timer has a random factor. The engine wont seize right away. up to 50% of the time gets added on top. With increasing chance of failure
  6. I will tackle this topic soon in testing and in detail. if you you want to help me, I need times for different aircraft. Time to warning Time to recharge For combat power and E-powers And quirks like you described. Another "nice" thing about ur engine limits is, that you can break the engine without actually exceeding any timer. As you said the Epower eats into the C-power. Just use E-Power on the 47 (5 mins max) for example for 3 mins, go back to C-Power(15mins max) for another 5 mins and you will see that you break your engine while having neither used 5mins of E-Power nor 15mins of C-Power. This is not only frustrating, but its in-transparent, confusing and simply unfair. The player has no psyical or HUD warning on expert servers to tell in which state the engine is. I will propose a more stright forward solution as soon as I have enough data on the current model and inconsistencies to make the case. I am not against timers, i think timers are important and a "ok" solution, but we have room for a lot improvement here.
  7. I think thats were are the new players coming from...
  8. With Bodenplatte around the corner I would like a TAW "West" Edition. The Bodenplatte map has enough space for dunno multiple TAW Maps. Or of course just sd a extension (map 9-12 would be in the west then), but going from east to west would be kinda weird.
  9. ahaha this is the dude who asked yesterday how to open the map. I replied "O" only to add that this might be the wrong server for him if he doesnt know that. He replied with "oh don't judge my skill cause I dont know to open the map" I guess he is highly skilled at darting into the ground.
  10. I just tried this... and a normal take off is easier...
  11. I have never flown on TAW to win the map. kthen. That was my stint to the TAW forum for a while. Edit: On TAW i have done everything. Absolutely everything the server has to offer. I blew tanks up in my Il2/Stuka. Dive bombed in E7s and FWs. Cleared AAA with fighters. I have circled the Depots for hours since they got repeatedly raped. I was the only cover for tanks close the an enemy airfield in bad weather, I level bombed airfields and depots. I dive bombed despite of having a high airkill streak. I have literately done everything. At the moment I don't have the time and energy to fly every evening for hours as a relatively new dad. Sry. So my 37 Air kills have to be enough at this point. You tell my about cherry picking data, yet you present us a screenshot with a "typical" moment. No that's not typical if I can show you the data for the last 14 days disproving your point. Who cares about past campaigns? They don't matter now. And I cant show you the data. And you know that. I don't mind to fly on most evenings against higher numbers. I am - and any the other brave souls - are used to that.
  12. Congrats. You found your "typical" moment and captured it for us. Edit: And I am not even complaining, but that was just ridiculous.
  13. true but most chases dont take that long. On most servers you are back to your airfield in 5mins. A little dive helps with the acceleration. and you can extent away a bit. and later to run away at a lower throttle setting until you are safe.
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