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  1. Thanks for the shoutout, good luck to the participants, I want to stay out of the give away, I recommend: Masters of the Air, Samurai, and Günter Ralls "Flugbuch" (Logbook) Seeing all this russian books I wish that those get translated to english at some point (maybe by AI if no human has the time/ressources for it)
  2. These stories get posted on forums again and again and again. As always it would be nice to see a ingame recording to see this for urselfs. 1. In short he probably was diving in a more shallow angle not to exceed the 720kph, 2. This allowed him to stay faster for a longer period of time, since a shallow angled dive is more energy efficient 3. the yak-1 is faster on the deck than a F-2 on combat power 4. The excess in speed helps the yak in a shallow climb. A shallow climb is useful when you have the speed advantage. But call it just horse shit.
  3. Answer is a clear "depends". A G-14 is basically (or can be) a late G-6. We could see a G-6 with MW50, with or without the erla haube (clear view cannopy) with or without a larger tail. To make the confusion complete you can dazzle yourself into oblivion with these charts: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/301637712962781184/627924925688315934/JPEG_20190722_122020.jpg
  4. That the planes are available on the field doesnt mean that you personally can fly them. Check your planes here: http://taw-server.de/pilot.php?name=FlyingNutcase
  5. I am not gonna comment on that any further, but in these videos are no "lame 6 approaches" Nobody is holding still, all attacks come with deflection and speed. Most planes aren't hit in the approach but as they break off. We are talking about hitting a moving target from a moving gun platform. The target and the platform are moving in possible axis of direction. Again we were a few times past the discussion of "yoUr ApproAcH Is wronG" but I am sure this won't convince you, since this is a online forum. And I dont want to convince you. Most aren't here to change his opinion on anything. Fair enough. So I just leave this here as my statement to show that I disagree.
  6. The AI is the same. The calibre and firing arc is the difference. This makes the Pe-2 especially nasty. But the german gunners are equal in terms of accuracy and bull shittery.
  7. depending on the server it could be possible that he was fighting a Spit IX. Which would explain everything. But like always with those posts, we will never know for sure, since we cant see what actually happend. In 99 percent of such posts (they happen often) the OP is a rookie and was missing some crucial parts. Most of the time there was more energy on the side of the attacker than the OP was noticing. On another note, a quick turn at high G can cost less speed than a long turn at medium Gs since the aircraft is less time influenced by induced drag. Highly depended on circumstances, but this is certainly possible.
  8. A group of users who are liking the TAW server recently approached me. They are giving away free copies of Battle of Bodenplatte to the best five players of the last TAW Campaign without dying. Alternatively if the game is already bought, collector planes of their choosing OR a pledge via Paypal. Best five players without a death and sorted by score: 72AG_Bzzzt =LG=Mad_Mikhael (reached) =TY=anaconda_gruesa (reached) SCG_Sinerox (reached) DerSheriff (obviously reached) The players were contacted, but two didn't responded yet, so if you know them/ are playing with them, let them know. I wrote them on the forum already, they only need to reply. The group of players giving away all the good stuff wanted to stay anonymous. They wanted however that I make this public. I understand this generous offer as appreciation and as a sign of respect for players who take digital air combat seriously. I can only say "thank you"! Very generous.
  9. I narrowed the cause of my stutters down to GPU demand spikes. I noticed that my FPS tanked with the update and that my GPU strugged to get 60 FPS. At the same I could see that frame times were sporadically spiking every few seconds Picture of that in the spoiler down low To help my GPU a little I turned off SSAO, shadows to "high" and capped my FPS to 60. This gives me continuously 60 FPS and constant frame times. the stutters disappeared. My GPU runs now at less than 100% usage, giving the it breathing space to meet the sudden demands. While this worked and is good workarond, I still would like my 80-120 FPS pre-patch back. Edit: a soon as my GPU cant produce the 60 FPS on the Rheinland map, the stutters are back. System i7 4790k Geforce GTX 1060 6GB 16GB RAM
  10. That's why I posted scientific papers and was not just bringing up "my feelings". Ironically the dude who is all in for the current model and is embracing the change is solely going for the "feeling card". Again I like the change, I like G-loc, I dont like total blackout at 6G in non G-Suit planes.
  11. Not going into endless discussions now. But I fail to see how this is now possible and wasnt before. Quite on the contrary. Just to be clear. I am not here and saying revert that stuff. I like that we have finally a G-loc, but I would like to make the pilot a tad fitter so we can have better high speed fights.
  12. I think its too harsh too. According to tac view, calculations and this Sim hardware API ur rusty pilot can pull 5G for a longer period of time, while more or less instantly blacking out beyond that. I read papers on that here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2lmux3xnr2xj7u1/High G Physiological Protection training.pdf?dl=0 https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a170441.pdf (website down at the moment, looking for the file tomorow) https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/751397.pdf (website down at the moment, looking for the file tomorow) And they state that a aerobatics pilot can withstand 8Gs for 15 seconds. While I believe that a current aerobatics pilot has some more measurements up his sleeve than a WW2 Pilot, "our" WW2 Pilot had measures as well. Known in the US as M-1 maneuver, but the Europeans had similar stuff, which added 2-4Gs to the natural G tolerance. Thats why believe that the current "hard cap" at 5Gs is too harsh. Personal opinion: I know I will get flak for this, but for me the game is less fun now. The model crashes 1. with plausibility. Why should aircraft designers build maneuverable planes like the 109, Spitfire, Zero etc, if the pilots cant withstand half of the acceleration produced by the planes at cruise speed? Why should designer build planes like the Fw 190, with a good high speed maneuverbility? Pulling up at 600kph will cause like 8Gs. Secondly, gameplay related the defensive dogfights at speed are now really boring. The defender has to get rid of speed, if he can't the fight just developes into a tight "tunnel" downwards or a flat turn. Furthermore the player can't feel how tired the pilot is, the player cant feel Gs. Despite of playing a sim, this is not reality. We cant feel the Gs. Therefore I am all in for a more lenient approach. I like the system, I like the black outs, he really don't like current limits. And now get the stones:
  13. That is correct. You cant work with that tolerance in a effective way. I guess it happens quite often that you bite into this randomized timer without knowing.
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