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  1. On my discord somebody said that they might have swapped the engines of the FN and s.8. Dunno how that could have happened but that would explain it.
  2. 21. AI guns and tanks aim in a more realistic way, there is a slight fire delay after aiming and before re-engaging; can you quickly elaborate on this? is this only for tanks or is this for AI bomber gunners as well?
  3. does that get rid of the static sound while a voice plays? I deleted specific sounds, like "I am on fire bailing out" "out of fuel" I did that for the MP since it was driving me nuts. But the static was even more annoying.
  4. Sorry I couldn't resist 😄
  5. I like how the weather is done right now. 😄 I feel no need to fly in rain every mission.
  6. Regardless if it was the bottom gunner or not. The approach wasnt that gunner friendly for the top gunner. If you think about the fact that it is a moving gun platform the gunner is shooting from. Further more the plane gets hit through the entire ordeal. I was coming in at high speed at a decent angle from the side. If you have ever played as a gunner manually you notice that following a fighter diving at you with that speed is hard. Just click through the videos in the opening post of the thread posted above and you will see that the gunners are a real problem in the game right now. It got worse for some reason.
  7. I can confirm. it needs 4 active pilots. I know that the admins can lower that threshold.
  8. Nah. And AI combat is not a good test bed as well. Even a toaster can look good against the AI. Regardless how accurate the P-47 is, most complains I read are due to lack of pilot skill. The aircraft is good when used correctly. That a plane which weights twice as much as the adversaries is not the best dogfighter should come at no surprise.
  9. The problem with such statements is that they are subjective, 2nd that they couldn't know for sure since they had only limited access to adversary planes. 3rd what kind of zoom climb is meant? by my definition every climb that cannot be sustained is a zoom climb. I am sure that many German planes out climb a P-47 in many forms of climbs. Then what speed the initial speed of such a statement? So many questions
  10. I would like to add that this got worse in - i believe - the first DM overhaul. The gunners got much more accurate and usually save attacks aren't save anymore.
  11. I dont think that is a good idea either.
  12. ok as well. was just one idea of mine.
  13. I know it was mentioned before but the red plane sets in late maps needs some love in future TAWs. The critism might be obsolete with coming changes to TAW, but I thought I mention it anyway. we have to many types of planes. The airfields look more like the flying circus and not an airfield of the eastern front in 1943. But thats not even my core critism. Lets say you want the La-5FN but you have no P-39, no Yak1-b and no Spitfire. In such a case you need 12 CMs to the FN. That's very tedious and annoying. Furthermore its super hard to get a squad in the air which are all flying the same plane. Everybody in the group is like "oh I have no 1B, I take the spit" "oh I have no Spit I take the 39". Resulting that your squad looks like a kindergarten at toys r us. everbody picked something different. maybe let the player pick one of the base planes (La-5 (F), Yak7B, or the LaGG) which get 2/2 with CM+1 And let him choose two-three higher tier or special planes. with 0/1-2. So in the end we have something like this Yak-7b 2/2 CM+1 (can be swapped for the LaGG or La-5(F)) Yak1b 1/2 La-5 FN 0/1 Spitfire 0/1 one of the three can be swapped for the P-39. This way we have a core eastern front plane as a base fighter and a solid plane to fall back to and a more condensed planset. And we have the La-5 which is a pity that it gets fully removed with the introduction of the FN. the current late red planeset feels to broad.
  14. @Venturi I would be happy if you wouln't shoot me next time as I try to clear your six. But congrats, clean kill
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