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  1. DerSheriff

    oil gasket leak

    You haven't opened your radiators. you need to open Oil and water rads. They are manually controlled on the E.
  2. Yup like Luke said the D-9 had no cannon firing throught the hub. Two 20mm in the wingroots and two 13mm on the cowling.
  3. DerSheriff

    How to kill Sturmoviks?

    from an angle 25°-45° on the tail. Usually something breaks. Alternatively attack them when they are in a turn and go for the wings. if the shots land ontop of the wings they break very easily too.
  4. DerSheriff

    ACG Moves to the Eastern Front

    We will surely have a look
  5. that is a bug and can be fixed. I have to search the forums real quick. brb that is the fix
  6. DerSheriff

    German fighters

    You could write for ages about the topic. But in a 42 setting you rofl stomp everything in a german plane. They are faster, they are climbing faster, they out accelerate russian planes. There are small niches where the russian planes are faster. The La-5 is faster than 109s below 3k and is about as fast as a 190 A-3 on combat power. As soon as the 190 opens up the throttle to E-Power the La-5 is in the dust. A yak1b is a bit faster than a 109 F-4 on combat power on the deck. On all other alts the 109s are faster, and the advantage increases with alitude. Skilled pilots know all that stuff and they try to lure the german fighters into situations where they can exploit those little advantages they have. Or they use energy to fill the performance gap. When a 109 pilot is catched on high alts by yaks it is because of the following reasons: The Yak had energy The 109 pilot was not throttling up quickly enough, was not using the aircrafts potential. (use that minute you have) The 109 panics and turns around and the yak can cut corners. But thats about it.
  7. DerSheriff

    Tactical Air War

  8. DerSheriff

    Bf109 OIL radiator not working

    Alright! my points were not meant as a offense either. Dunno why people call that FM police or what ever. I just stated how it was perceived by me. and i wish it was more factual. There is no "political correctness" when facts are presented. Maybe a thought for the future. I have no contact to the devs. They never replied to me, they never looked for contact. My emails remained unanswered.
  9. DerSheriff

    Bf109 OIL radiator not working

    While such things always have a benefit for understanding the sim, I would be pleased if people could refrain from the negative mindset from the get go. The introduction is already so negative that it distracts from the facts. There is always the implication that the devs did that on purpose or tried to personally insult you with modelling things like they are. There are surely plenty of inaccuracies. And its right to point them out. But your argument dont get one bit better with things like "a game that wants to be called sim" or things like that. Just state facts and people will see it and understand it. using that language is basically ideal turf to grow a discussion which just consists of "I knew it its bias". I think a similar bug can be observed in the spitfire IX. The Oil rad does not open as well and there isnt even a overheating warning.
  10. DerSheriff

    Tactical Air War

    2nd half of the campaign was ok. The beginning was not so enjoyable. But that was more due to the numbers. The attack/counterattack mechanics are only working if the player numbers are ok. As soon as that is unbalanced it is not enjoyable. But nice to see that the skill level increased. Less "low six" kills. More players were aware of their surroundings. I hope that will be the same in the next one as well where we switch to blue again.
  11. DerSheriff

    Understanding GM's and Why You Should Avoid Them

    I recommend this thread on reddit about the issue. Goes into more depth and more sources here and there.
  12. DerSheriff

    Tactical Air War

    Many of yesterdays missions were basically searching for a fight. The blue fighters tried to avoid a decisive fight for the most part. We tried to force them into one but it ended up in a game of chicken. Kinda boring. I hope it ends soon. Btw: The Ship/warehouse mechanic deserves a look as well. Those things are there for one single mission and impact the campaign pretty decently. But one mission to destroy a target of the size of 2-4 depots is a bit much to ask for. The attacking team has basically to drop everything else. And if the server isn't populated nobody has the chance to do anything about it.
  13. So i am very interested in details 😄