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  1. DerSheriff

    Tactical Air War

    very balanced missions, really good. i know its not perfect, but the gameplay really benefits.
  2. DerSheriff

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    For the record: I had the same issue: http://ts3.virtualpilots.fi:8000/en/sortie/log/249215/?tour=26 at the same time:
  3. DerSheriff

    Tactical Air War

    The joke is that they fail each time they try to achieve a new world order 😄
  4. DerSheriff

    Tactical Air War

    we still join red and have this in a loop:
  5. DerSheriff

    Tactical Air War

    Hydra will go red.
  6. DerSheriff

    Tactical Air War

    Holy hell. Is it june already? I really need to get the cocktails and the pool ready.
  7. DerSheriff

    Tactical Air War

    +1 year
  8. DerSheriff

    P-47D Level Speed

    I had no difficulties to keep distance from 109s either. You have to spot them in time. from there on you can drag n bag in the Jug very nicely because of the good diving characteristics and the excellent SA. imho the Jug is fast enough. 150 octane would certainly help however.
  9. DerSheriff

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    Nice that your server is decently filled in the evenings again. At least at times. thats good.
  10. DerSheriff

    P-47D Level Speed

    Yes Read the alititudes as in "up to X meters" so the 1000m refers to 0-1000m, and the cyan colored graph is the G-4. for some reason swallowed again. .
  11. DerSheriff

    P-47D Level Speed

    Yes the G4 is faster than a G14 at very high alt. but no. Cant catch a 47 by a long stretch. (yellow is the g14)
  12. DerSheriff

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    If the thermo dynamics would be realistic when a plane is standing still. But running the engine at high RPM and MAP and low mix just to warm up the engine is a turn off. TAW came to that conclusion after two campaigns.
  13. DerSheriff

    Supermarine Spitfire Skins

    Made a soviet skin for the Spit MkXie. I took @ICDP 's template. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvIjd9yP9joeh5BIItPaamqP3KtyMQ
  14. DerSheriff

    Tactical Air War

    ? I can hardly force you. this is of course a proposal. What else should it be then?