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  1. 2 days were to the release date. Two weeks to the date where you actually have downloaded the patch.
  2. Full RPM, Full open Inlets, full open oil, outlets opned as far as needed as much closed as possible, Full Mixture (which is auto rich) and the throttle and additional boost as disired. With that setting the La-5 does not overheat, runs like a charm and is nice and fast on the deck. And the needed engine control is minimized too
  3. I remember a I interview with a p-47 as well. It's clear that this is possible. But the extreme wobbling should be really unpleasant. Ideally in concert with a drastically reduced pos fg tolerance
  4. Only push pull regarding neg Gs However look on the onset rates of pos Gs too 🙃
  5. Like the others said, its not the total amount of Gs but the rate at which you arrived there. You can pull more in the 109 but you have to lean into it. that said, this behavior is not supported by recent papers and should be corrected in the adjustment.
  6. and that above its not a black out, its somewhere between greying and black out. At that stage you can still fully maneuver, see and stuff.
  7. either record in 1440p or higher or upscale it. Other wise YT butchers the quality. but the video looks blurry anyhow. Maybe a low bitrate was used. Dunno. Good insight anyhow.
  8. Its basically the same question if the game should model the average build quality of aircraft. And it does not. All planes are in pristine factory condition.
  9. First "G Whiners" is a "we versus them" move which makes no sense. Remember that we all play and like the same product and have all (slightly) different opinions. I will play the game regardless, but think i can be improved. So back to the topic, the devs have to my knowledge and research used mostly one russian scientific paper. This paper is not entirely wrong, quite on the contrary. Especially if compared to pre G model times this is much better. However more recent research shows, that especailly the G onset (the speed with which the forces set in) play a smaller role than this model suggest. This is very well explained below in the post of floppy sock. The opinion that the model is very strict isn't formed out of the blue. I am armed with papers.
  10. It should be. In my opinion. And I think I can back that with data. But last Time I read the papers was at the introduction of the model.
  11. I partially agree. However I would like to see the pos g tolerance upped by 20-40% and neg g and alternating loads way more punishing.
  12. Like an ace. There are many reasons why i think so. Not only for playability but I also think that seasoned pilots who where exposed to those gforces got used to it. The current model is very restrictive and makes many maneuvers impossible. Maneuvers which are in the books and are done by current acrobatic pilots without g suits. A more detailed comment is something for a later date when I have read again through the scientific papers I have read on the topic.
  13. Its also not realistic to control your ww2 aircraft sitting on an Office chair staring at a screen with a much narrower fov than your two eyes are capable off. It's also not realistic that your field of view is cut into millions of little squares. (Pixels). Hence we need aids to compensate.
  14. I think even with better visibility we would still miss enemies and friends around us, just like in reality. Like many others said the problem is that the rendering of planes across diffrerent distances is sometimes inconsistent. That said the spotting got much better with the new lighting, I dont have many problems anymore. Another factor which was worsening the spotting was the low performance after Bodenplatte got released. Lower FPS and stuttering meant that the overall experience was less pleasant and straining for the eyes. I recently upgraded my system and lowered my settings to get 100FPS and more, and its much better. You guys also fixed the stuttering. But the rendering, LOD issues remain.
  15. I think because in reality 15s is kinda a reasonable time to unbuckle and run to the next foxhole? (even that is kind fast) As long as you arent Speedy Gonzales you wont make that. (even tho I always liked the road runner more)
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