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  1. You can setup discord how ever you want. I disabled most notifications.
  2. You started the topic aggressively. So follow adjust your tone for answers that are more helpful. If you even want to have proper answers. Because how you start the topic suggests that you aren't after an answer.
  3. You can still fly with ata but the regimes have changed. You get a very gradual response between 1.35 and 1.6 ata or so. I sometimes fly with manual PP to able to cruise more easily at 1.2 ata.
  4. I find it just great to have the map of that size. I have many things in "my area" too. Since all the nice big dams are missing. Möhne, Sorpe and so on. Operation chastise etc. Also werl and neheim are on the map while arnsberg is not. Looks weird. But I can live with it.
  5. I never have heard that. It might give you some protection but the inlet flaps sre so thin. I cant imagine that this really plays a major role
  6. I rather see them against clouds instead of them beeing swallowed. Even if it looks weird, its more closer to how good a human eye could detect an aircraft against the cloud. Finally some SA. Was about time. Dont complain too much. Otherwise we have "one pixel" contacts again because some one tripped over a piece of spagetti code the power cable again.
  7. I flew the 9 yesterday in wings. Given it was a very cold map but I had my oil at 10% and water at 50%. Other yaks run hotter. But not 100% hot.
  8. I dont know what you are doing with your yak. But you do it wrong
  9. Yeah only really works cleanly with the german planes. Since the US planes E-Power eats very aggressively into the combat power timer. When you use the 2 minutes of the P-39 completely, you have no time remaining in the combat power setting as well. You need 2x the time to get it all back. The timers are all over the place and a clock alone wont help you really.
  10. "now tech chat messages are a difficulty option so the players will be on equal terms in multiplayer" would like to now more about that one.
  11. I see no updated post...I guess not there yet? works
  12. They had radar guidance dude. we dont have that ingame. We have to visually aquire everyhing. And the low lighting rendering is still crap ingame. Also nice find of a 2 year old post.
  13. not gonna lie. Some part of me dies a little reading this.
  14. Which doesn't help the OP because he wants to play now. Really surprising I know.
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