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  1. All this above is as always my opinion and I fully accept that the target group of the server is fully up to you, the devs. It's just that if I have to make the decision what to do with my free time, and I can choose between 2 sorties on CB or two sorties on TAW, the answer is clear. I play CB because i know to see some action. I think TAW got unnessarsarily hardcore and when saying that out loud you get mocked and scoffed at. Ignoring that I used to play a lot. But the added lives, server kicks when you die, balance measures like the locked airfields all make the server just inaccessib
  2. just saying that if a player doesn't enjoy TAW, you get no playtime. With no playtime, no feedback accepted. Hence why your collection of opinions will be inherently biased by the players who already spend a long time on the server. Aspects of the server which are repelling players early on won't be in your feedback. If I would be in your shoes i would try to get all opinions and then later decide how important those are to you. Collect first, filter later. Otherwise you get a very limited spectrum of feedback.
  3. Before I watch the video I ask myself how a spitfire can speak
  4. Because every aircraft is different? Many planes have a nose down moment, as the air resistance increases on the lower part of the plane and rotates the plane over the nose/tail axis. Not everything is lift in that equation. Yes flaps increase lift but they also add drag. The commenters below are ofc right. I had it wrong out of the top of my head. Flaps create lift and that lift vector in relation to the CG of the aircraft results in either a pitch up or pitch down movement.
  5. Looking forward to the face my wife makes when I tell her that war is not a 9 to 5 buisness.
  6. "exact same name" IRFC_SmokinHole =IRFC=SmokinHol Yeah. Almost the same. cant tell the difference
  7. Just my few cents. Imho TAW should add more targets across the map, behind the lines. But get rid of attackable airfields. At least those where people can spawn. You could add static airfields, like there are on WoL and CB, with static planes to attack. Imho the objectives of TAW have to get more rich and unique. more trains, more transports, more and smaller depots. Also make the map a bit smaller, so you still find enemies. I see that its super difficult to find a balance there and I really appreciate LGs effort, but recently the gameplay isnt that engaging anymore. Maybe I played
  8. the commutes are a tad long. What do you think about adding a few more fields?
  9. I havent done any testing to that extent, in general you are right, but I wouldnt break your head over this. the speed differences of slightly imperfect mixture settings aren't really a deciding factor. I would only recomment not to go full rich. From 0-4km use 70-80%. More like 70 for summer and around 80 for winter maps. The engine is smoking a little when the mixture is good for speed. No smoke at all is usually a sign of a slightly too lean mixture. All this is for speed ofc, there are other considerations, like engine temperatures which benefit from a high mixture.
  10. called ergonomics. I have them all on my throttle. So I dont heave to lean over to my kb.. its also easier to recall a binding done by yourself.
  11. @I./JG52_Woutwocampe Since I made the video the mixture mechanics got an update. 70-80% equals now the 100% from before. You can kept it there until 4k.
  12. btw a "mark notification as read" button would be nice too!
  13. I forwarded the video above to the test section. Rapidus is on it
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