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  1. Objects are CPU heavy. Had in MP some FPS drops near the ground, this is gone after an upgrade.
  2. i would guess he meant non marker difficulty settings.... I would recommend to set the anti aliasing to 4 since i gave me much better results and clearer objects. The 1660 is strong enough for that. Also calibrate your screen with the windows color management. Make sure you get good contrast.
  3. my advanced LaGG-3 was removed from map 2 to map 3. I didn't die, didn't crash.
  4. also mix has to be rather high to get the cooling benefit
  5. I think the imbalance measurement could be a bit more lenient on sign up. The current player balance is fine but no one can sign up for blue. Saying this while wanting to fly for red anyway.
  6. http://www.thewetbandits.org/smf/index.php?topic=285.0
  7. if the the skins are on a non SSD - how much are loading times etc affected? I would like to put the skins elsewhere to make my SSD a bit lighter.
  8. judging by his notifications that wont be a problem.
  9. The G-6 "late" we have ingame can be equipped with the AM engine. (Water methanol injection)
  10. The thing is.. the difference between a "G-14" and the "G-6 late" is next to nothing. The G-14 was a failed attempt to standardize the 109 line on the model of the late G-6. So really to distinguish between a G-6 and a G-14 is hot mess to say at least. I bet that the "old" G-6s the got, were really that. Old G-6 without Erla Haube and MW50 injection.
  11. yeah I understood already from the last TAW that war isn't a 9 to 5 buisness
  12. The planeset is interessting, how are planes earned (still CM?) and how flexible is the player to switch plane types? From Fw 190 to 109, or La-5 to Yak? etc? Freely? locked to one row? Also: DOPPELBLITZ
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