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  1. hey guys of course i want pacific! but the game cant end there! i was playing il2 1946 the other day i thinking about our il2 bos, and thinking where the game could go besides the pacific and i came up with i think a good idea! Il2 - 1948 with a fictional berlin airlift gone hot story/campaign with a berlin map, a localized war over soviet occupied germany maybe with goal of ground forces keeping west berlin in western hands until cease fire at campaign end or something, only problem would be western airfields but its fictional so whatever just use some airstrips in west berlin. be a lot of cool possibilities like twin mustangs, il-10s etc. what you guys think, and what sort of plane sets?
  2. hey guys, so how historical/appropriate is it to have our bf109 g6 to be used in bodenplatte? i have been researching it and it seems they were used until the end of the war (this one, A/S version, captured in May 1945 https://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?t=112432 ) , but i cant seem to figure out if they were used with the units whom participated during operation bodenplatte. since we are on the subject are there any other earlier version of the 109 that were in use until the wars end?
  3. ohoh i am wondering too, what is player balance like on multiplayer?
  4. how do you guys think bodenplate will look? i have a feeling allies will be the majority with so many iconic birds to fly and the new players that they will bring it. me262 might bring a few but typhoon, p51, p47 and p38 will attract a lot of new blood - but i hope in such a case there is no default balancing, as being outnumbered is historic
  5. hey guys, with blitz, what does or do you anticipate MP to look like player base wise? I always play underdogs and need some suggestions of what sort of planes I should focus on - i'd like a (daytime) fighter and a ground attack. what would be the most rewarding "doable" challenge (as in NOT the tigermoth lol)? the 109 E1 has manual prop pitch, right? that's something I find attractive! im american but currently living abroad in an area with horrible internet, though I bought blitz out of excitement on steam (probably will take 4 days to download). my little goal for myself during my self indulgence allocated "video game time" is to learn to fly decent on single player for when I return to America I can go into multiplayer and the learning curve be not so steep. thanks!
  6. heh yeah i was thinking about reinstalling my DCS today for some jet action but I think I am going to put that time into my beloved WWII (i.e. IL2 sturmovik) instead. enjoy your f-18 in about 2021 or so.
  7. not him, but i ASSUME (emphasis on assume lol) sea level setting will give you rich(high) mixture and best for take off, altitude will give lean(low) mixture for altitude, probable talking above 12,000ish feet here, no idea what max power will give, perhaps leanist mixture? if that is case then have to be careful with engine temp
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