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  1. Heres hoping we get more mods for the planes already in game, but probably not.
  2. Im gonna guess anything that could be used on current maps so g6 late, fw A6, Spit xiv, and ju88c6. Not necessarily in that order but I imagine those will be the first 4 planes we see
  3. I heard some dont even consider it a plane
  4. Thanks for the reply Pat and everyone else. Pat, you pretty much answered my question. I just wanted to make sure i wasnt facing some perpetual bug/corrupted installation. Despite this i truely look forward to future updates as I finally got coop working with my friends so now PWCG is a must have. As for units in forests and rivers, I havent noticed this in quite sometime but that might be because I tend to stay away from anything bomber or attacker related over Kuban for that exact reason Everywhere else I have to admit I thought it had been fixed I encountered it so little.
  5. Ill start off by saying that I personally think PWCG is fantastic and cant wait to see how it develops in the future but one thing that is really turning me off to it is the ground attack missions. After dozens of sorties I'm only getting a handful of mission templates(?) i guess you could call them. Any "attack troops" or "troop concentration" missions only yield a row of 5 Zis field guns. When im assigned to attack an airfield i arrive at the target to discover that it and the airfields in the surrounding area are already destroyed. The same holds true with any missions targeting bridges, when i get to the target area all the bridges in a large vicinity are already destroyed. I have yet to be given a mission against any kind of convoy be it armor or transport and even when i get assigned AP weapons (AP 37mm, mk101/103) my target is always field guns. So my question is what are your experiences with ground attack missions? Am I doing something wrong? Is there some config function I am missing or is this all part of the progress of the mod? Thanks everyone in advance!
  6. This happens quite a bit with German 20mm Ive found. Several times Ive watched 2-3 cannon rounds land directly on an enemy plane's nose followed by absolutely 0 engine damage. Since I'm mainly an SP player I try not to make a big deal out of it and since this game is so amazing in so many other aspects I just tend to tuck my chin and press on but over all I think there are some scenarios in game where damage just doesn't get calculated.
  7. La5 pilot Borislav Slavislav Bf109 g2 pilot Schwanz Tiggler Bf110 pilot Hansel P. Germany
  8. It seems as though the AI is back to ignoring my wingmen and all focusing on me. I don't know if anyone else is having a similar experience
  9. Jason said they had to choose between the Ju 188 and the Me 410. I cant say for sure but I have a feeling that the C6 was part of the dev's 42-43 vision of the Normandy map but got included here because of the missing Ju 188. Kind of like the Arado and Spit for Bodenplatte coming with Normandy as collectors
  10. The Enlightened Florist dynamic campaign
  11. If I am understanding this correctly, this is incredibly offensive and you should re think some of the things you've posted
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