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  1. The Enlightened Florist dynamic campaign
  2. If I am understanding this correctly, this is incredibly offensive and you should re think some of the things you've posted
  3. I've got the same problems and the same question
  4. Yeah. I guess I just really want the Do 217 and a fritz x. But id also be just as happy with Berlin.
  5. In game several of the flyable german units in Bodenplatte transferred from the Med (according to in game description) so i hope that is next
  6. Very interesting. Thank you! I hope we get both engine models
  7. What were the performance specs of the g6/as? How comparable to the current g6 and g14 was it?
  8. Is it true Jason said they had to pick between a JU 188 and an Me 410? If so I hope the 188 is still in the works. Additionally its not like the devs dont know the Arado doesnt fit the Battle of Normandy timeframe. I personally believe they did this because they wanted the Arado in BOBP but couldnt fit it in. I think the same is true for the ju88c6. If its true that they couldnt afford to produce the ju188 at this time, and they already claim they want the channel front to go back to 42, why not just add the C6 now? It kinda fought over normandy, it certianly was active in the 42-43 scenario, and it was a menace on the eastern front. Thats a hat trick in my opinion.
  9. This is all I could think about before Normandy was announced and I was hoping for the Med.
  10. Really would have liked to get some 30mils and mw50 or gm1 for the bf110
  11. I was really hoping to get MTO cus the prospect of glide bombing ships from a million miles away seemed cool. But with the Me 410 and the ju88c6 coming Im not sure I care about anything else at the moment
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