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  1. I agree. I always thought it was weird dropping 2 500 kg from a bf110 and ending the mission with ~17 "facilities" destroyed. Its like wtf are they doing, building buildings inside of other buildings?
  2. I think it would be less boring if the AI wasn't so incompetent.
  3. How can people seriously compare this to Trackir?
  4. I will definitely be using it. Keep in mind it should be available in scenarios starting in '42 possibly earlier. So its not like it will be facing nothing but the apex of allied fighter technology.
  5. Im a little confused. Since its a new map do I need to register again? And while I played as the VVS for Moscow, I wanted to play as the LW over Stalingrad should I register as LW or just play as them?
  6. There is no DM in SP and DM in MP, there is only THE DM. Any discrepancy between the way the dm works in sp and mp comes from ping, latency, connection, etc
  7. How hard is it to understand that to perform a reliable experiment you need a controlled environment
  8. LOL everyone has an agenda but you? Everyones experiences are anecdotal but yours? Roland already posted a video taking place in a multiplayer match proving every single thing you are whining about wrong. So what else have you got? Are you gonna make up your own data table with damage values now to try and prove yourself right?
  9. What does this even mean though? This entire thread has been trying to effectively balance the shvak against the mg151. Why is that?
  10. So now you've found out that tests cant and shouldn't be done in multiplayer and you've admitted that in single player Russian weapons seem to be working as they should, whats the issue?
  11. More irrelevant than the "data table" you posted that looks like it was taken right out of a Dungeons and Dragons manual?
  12. You keep quoting this as if your single test where a bf109 got shot down in 2 hits is gospel. I just finished a QMB where it took me 8 hits from a 151 to bring down a yak 1. Yesterday I had to take 3 passes at a lagg to take it down where I hit with easily 10+ he rounds from an mg151. You aren't proving anything other than you think the game should be changed based off your opinion.
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