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  1. "Yes take it with a grain of salt, but fully believe these numbers I am now showing you"
  2. Lol so multiple videos and pictures of the 30mm arent enough for some people yet because we have 2 or 3 completely random pictures of heavily damaged p47s it should be a flying tank?
  3. I agree with that, but the thing is I have 16 flown sorties which means that maybe 40 sorties have been flown by my unit since i started the career. Out of my 16 sorties i have gotten 45 kills, and only one other person in my unit has gotten one. This includes the 16 sorties Ive flown AND the ~40 sorties not flown by me. To me thats beyond "generally pilots werent that good at shooting", its a problem with the AI. I also want to add that Im not trying to get down on the game or whoever is making the AI, I know that its a constant development and has been improved miles beyond what it was 3 or 4 years ago, but I do think something went wrong in the last patch that fixed ground attackers that is causing this, my bet is on the change that made pilots open fire at greater distances.
  4. I play as the Germans so I never have numerical superiority, i should have clarified that earlier. My experiences are on hardest difficulty in the fw190 campaign over Stalingrad although this does happen just as frequently in QMB and also in my Bf109 campaign over Kuban.
  5. Has anyone else noticed how terrible the AI is at shooting? Also their ability to prioritize targets i.e. not all focusing on the player has gotten worse. Neither of these things were happening two patches ago and the AI seemed quite competent and quite deadly. Now since the last AI update all my wingmen just waste all their ammo shooting inches away from the enemy as if their trigger gets stuck and I have to do everything and then get chased by however many Russians survive. In 16 sorties I have over 45 kills and only a single wingman in all those 16 flights has gotten one too, and he died during the same mission. Additionally there havent been any other pilots in my entire unit that have gotten kills even in missions that I dont fly and have simulated so there might actually be something odd going on there
  6. Looks awesome! When you say visual models of the "first three" do you mean the three collectors planes, or the first 3 Normandy planes?
  7. Boost on maybe? I think that was the perk of the F engine, you could run with unlimited boost.
  8. Thats how you hang it from a Christmas tree
  9. Its also pretty ignorant to be constantly asking for things "literally every single day around here" that the devs have flat out said no to.
  10. After dozens and dozens of ground attack missions I can say I am having the complete opposite experience. What exactly happens on the ground when you play? Edit: Never mind I think I realized you were talking about taxiing and such.
  11. Using air start results in you and your flight spawning at 10k alt and just turning in circles.
  12. Came here to say this and that within 3 anti shipping missions in Kuban no ships have spawned. Same can be said for ground attack missions there is either two field guns or nothing at all.
  13. Anything specific you want us to look for, or you anticipate being an issue?
  14. Would be cool, but I think I would rather have more mission variety and see different versions/sizes of the missions we currently have.
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