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  1. They announced the collectors planes like 2 hours ago on facebook
  2. When playing with In air starts all the climb waypoints are still on the map both in the briefing screen and in the actual mission. My wing and I will spawn at the ingress way point like we should, but my wing always turns around and flies to the first climb way point and then carries out the mission like normal. I have not tested this in 6.3 yet.
  3. In some missions over Kuban A-20s and il2s spawn at higher alts and act like fighter wings. While its incredibly funny I'm pretty sure its not intended.
  4. Thank you for the responses guys. Ill read all that and try what I can.
  5. My friend and I have been trying to get this to work off and on for months at this point. Both of us have all the necessary ports open and we still get the 10019 error. Quite frankly I find it unacceptable that a game mode released what, maybe 4 years ago still need such a special procedure to work correctly , and for me and Im sure several others still wont work. So now my two questions are is there any official walk though or help to make this work properly, and if not, why not?
  6. I personally think its too much. But i also think we should be seeing wing fires/explosion more often, along with with complete loss of control due to wing damage.
  7. Not saying its the first obvious choice for a German premium, but was the Me 410 used on the eastern front at all i cant find any documentation of it. Additionally is there any confirmation that development of the next expansion is under way?
  8. No matter the campaign or version of PWCG I use or the what I change the settings to I am inevitably completely overwhelmed with enemy fighters. Even testing out what would happen if I only allow 1 fighter flight per side within 10 minutes my flight is being attacked by three 4 plane fighter wings. I've tried setting the max number of enemy planes allowed to less than 10 but am met with 16+. Like I said this has been happening to me since I started playing PWCG at version 1.3ish and is pretty discouraging. Maybe I'm not understanding the variables I am changing correctly. Is this happening to others as well?
  9. Maybe they can fix the constant #10019 error problem now too
  10. Do you have any plans for train attack missions or anti shipping missions in the earlier campaigns?
  11. Just had 3 P51s eat multiple mk108 rounds and keep flying. one with no ailerons or rudder, one took a 30mm straight to the engine and was unphased, the other had no visible signs of damage at all. Was George Lucas a consultant for this update by any chance? All jokes (not really) aside I'm very excited to try all this new stuff out and thank you for your hard work.
  12. Attacking trains, attacking ships, intercepting bombers. Really disappointed I cant bust ships in the Stalingrad career. Additionally l, I swear a long time ago there was "attack train depot" missions but it was so long ago i cant remember if the train station was the target or if it was coincidentally next to my target
  13. I would love to have that yak1b. Other than the yak 3 its my favorite Russian fighter of the war.
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