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  1. Sorry for a lack of information about medals and diplomas in Rheinland theatre (summer season, lack of time). This was a second edition of Rheinland war so we checked it for bugs and general working. We used it as a second "test stage". No diplomas and awards will be given this time again. If everything goes fine, in third edition, we will start to give you awards. We will inform you about this, so stay tuned. Then, we will announce the awarding of diplomas and a statuette for the Allied side and name it with an appropriate name, as was the case with the Enkas cup and the Kuznechik statuette.
  2. Hi All, it`s sunday so make some cups, statues and diplomas. Eastern front season XXI is over and you should now prepare for his continuation on the western war theatre. Congratulations for all awarded pilots! CUP & STATUES BEST FIGHTERS BEST BOMBERS BEST TANK KILLERS BEST FIGHTER SQUADS BEST BOMBER SQUADS BEST TANK KILLER SQUADS
  3. Due to some information and misunderstandings that have reached us and appeared on the forum, we would like to once again explain the basis for granting real awards in the form of medals that have recently appeared with the help of our donors. First. The initiative came from colleagues who came to us, expressing a wish to honor, with real physical prizes, the pilots who have not lost a single virtual life. As the donors of these awards, they chose their form and method of delivering them to the winners. As stated earlier, they wanted to remain anonymous. Secondly. Our role, as server administrators was limited to identifying people who deserved it the most. According to our rules, the choice fell on the winners of the Enkas Cup and Kuznechik Statuette. Everyone agreed to this solution. Thirdly. The rules for awarding the Enkas Cup and Kuznechik Statuette are widely known in the community, but I will remind you again of these conditions: 1. The pilot must be in Top 5 on the home page (Top 5 Fighter or Top 5 Bomber, or Top 5 Tank Killer) 2. The pilot must have "0" Death in his statistics, 3. The pilot must have "0" Captured in his statistics, 4. The pilot must have "0" Disco in his statistics. These rules determine the awarding of the highest prize at TAW. In the XX edition of the TAW, no one on the red side met the conditions required above, so no pilot received the Kuznechik Statuette, and thus did not receive any medal from our donors. However, I assure you that if such a situation took place, our sponsors would be ready to give medals to the red side as well. On the blue side, three pilots won the Enkas cup and received awards from our sponsors. By awarding these new types of awards, no one intended to offend anyone, glorify anything, or provoke anyone. TAW is a very difficult server and we've decided that the awarding of such awards will increase its prestige and increase the value of virtual life. I would like to end this discussion with this statement.
  4. It depends of our anonymous donators, but for now we only talked about rewarding the last TAW of the year.
  5. Dear friends, pilots, members of the TAW community. As you know the XX season is over. This is a sybolic number, twenty campaigns have passed in three and a half years. Thank you for trusting us. It is really amazing and very obliging for us. This is also evidenced by the fact that I will tell you now. In connection with the end of the 20th edition of Tactical Air War, a group of people came to us and decided to support us in a wonderful way. I want to thank them very much here. This group, which prefers to remain anonymous, decided to fund prizes for pilots who found themselves in the TOP 5 and did not die even once in this campaign. I am talking about the winners of the Enkas Cup. There was no winner of the Kuznechik Statuette on the Russian side this time. We came to an agreement together and thanks to them, three pilots, and they are: - =TY= anaconda * Tore * 15Span * 1pa1 * - SCG_Fenris_Wolf - =TY= anaconda-samkis-WT they received real medals in the form of Knight's Crosses and 20 Euro for their achievement. The amount of 20 Euro was considered a voucher for collector plane. And now a few sentences about the pilots themselves. =TY= pilots "..are commanders of =TY= professional war thunder team winners of 4x4 gladiators, have joined Il-2 in 2019 and hope to bring their entire team in the next Taw events of Il-2. In their squad the companionship is the first thing. The squad was created in 2017. " SCG_Fenris_Wolf "Fenris Wolf is a young engineer, husband and father from Northern Germany. He got into IL-2 Great Battles Series in 2017 when it introduced VR. He had not played simulators before, but had enjoyed flying gliders IRL. He is a Squadleader in Simulated Combat Group, which he joined in 2017 for their focus on historical accuracy, flight and combat patterns, and the great team spirit. He wants to thank his squadmates in SCG for always keeping his six clear, he states he could not have made it without the great people surrounding him. " Our donors have offered further cooperation and we will talk about further prizes in the future seasons of Tactical Air War. On behalf of campaign administrators, prize winners and all pilots of our TAW community, I would like to thank very much for this selfless initiative. We are glad that you found our server unique and decided to support us in this way. This means a lot to us and motivates us to work even more. I think that from that moment, thanks to you, the preservation of virtual life during the campaign will reach an even higher level, and that was what we, among other things, wanted from the very beginning. Once again, thank you and we send greetings to all donors and all pilots of our virtual sky! Medals can be viewed here:
  6. Hello to All! At the beginning we would like to thank everyone who took part not only in the last campaign, but also those who fought in previous ones in our virtual sky. The fact that there are so many of you shows that you have given us a great deal of trust. We are very happy that you have a great time on our server, and that we can provide you with this large dose of emotions. From the very beginning we are developing, we do not rest on our laurels and we are constantly striving to make our "TAW" better and better. We are aware that it is probably still far from perfect, but we can assure you that we will continue to work so that the time spent on our server exerts as much experience as possible and provides you with unforgettable emotions. Adrenaline is what turns us on 😉 XX "TAW-s" are already behind us and the popularity is not decreasing, it is evidenced by even the questions a few hours after the end of the campaign, when the next one begins. Thank you very much for that. Many of you ask when we will launch the western front, be patient, maybe we will meet on it in the next edition? Who knows...😉 ENKAS CUPS (no Kuznechik statues this time): BEST FIGHTERS BEST BOMBERS BEST TANK KILLERS BEST FIGHTER SQUADS BEST BOMBER SQUADS BEST TANK KILLER SQUADS Cheers!
  7. Hello, Steam didn`t start update, can you help somehow? #10005: Please update your game: new version available.
  8. Hi, I'm also not stutter-free. No matter that I have low or ultra settings. Multiplayer is almost non playable because of this stutters. Upgrading video driver helped, but only at singleplayer. No difference at MP. Steady 60fps but stutter after stutter. Lowering visibility distance to the lowest 40km helped but stutters didn't disappeared completely. And no matter if you have gtx 960 or rtx 2080 this problem occurs to all.
  9. Me too. After New patch I can't get rid of this stutters on multiplayer. I was talking to other players and they have different situations. Some of them doesn't have stutters, and others have it. There's no difference between ultra settings and low. Some have stutters on rtx 2080 graphic cards, some playing smooth at gtx 960. Its a very strange thing. It seems hardware has nothing to do with this problem.
  10. Hello, The problem with stuttering occurs again. On multiplayer servers sometimes it is almost impossible to dogfight because of lack of smoothness.
  11. It is amazing how fast time goes by... It would seem that the adventure with TAW has just begun, but the 19th season has just passed. First edition started in the middle of year 2016, so it was about 3 years ago. Since then, the number of pilots and squadrons has been systematically growing. Some of you have been with us from the very beginning, some have just started their adventure with the campaign. We are happy to see all of you, because it shows the growing popularity of our server. Really thank you for your presence, we wouldn`t be without you. We will try to keep the level as professionally as possible. Soon the XX season will appear on the horizon. It is a large and obliging number. In the meantime there will be many changes in the game itself and we hope that we will also be able to introduce many new things. What exactly will they be - time will tell. For now, time for relax has come. Here are your statues and diplomas, Congratulations! CUPS AND STATUES BEST FIGHTERS BEST BOMBERS BEST TANK KILLERS BEST FIGHTER SQUADS BEST BOMBER SQUADS BEST TANK KILLER SQUADS
  12. Welcome all after the XVIII campaign. We hope that you, again, enjoyed air battles at our server. As usual we have now maintenance brake to make corrections and implementations. See you soon! CUPS AND STATUES BEST FIGHTERS BEST BOMBERS BEST TANK KILLERS BEST FIGHTER SQUADS BEST BOMBER SQUADS BEST TANK KILLER SQUADS
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