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  1. As I remember talks about implementing AI flights, this kind of action will have heavy impact on server performance.
  2. Thank you sir! Words of this type, addressed to us, are rarely seen recently😊
  3. O wszelkiego rodzaju lewiznach, łapówkach i innych szemranych sprawach to do Kathona
  4. Hello fellow pilots! Thank you for participating in our last campaign and we invite you to the next one, as you know, Western Front. In the meantime, let's summarize your recent achievements. Congratulations on doing such great job. Only Cups this time. Best Fighters Best Bombers Best Tank Killers Best Fighter Squads Best Bomber Squads Best Tank Killer Squads
  5. So, in your opinion, what kind of message is this? Following your words about advices on the left side.
  6. So check again this two options and say which one is telling you about for ex. "combat power", "fuel leak", "engine damage", "engine overheating". Hmm?
  7. OK, technochat discussion started shortly, as I can see, but it's very "dynamic" and developing. So I'll put here my 3 cents. Most of you are saying about technoinformation about, axes position, engine selection, bombs, weapons handling, plane hardware in general. I'm wondering why nobody of you will say (maybe I missed something) that technochat is providing also immediate information about engine overheating, state of combat, emergency or continuous power, very important thing during dogfight like damage information in your plane like fuel leak, engine damage (first or seco
  8. This kind of technochat message selection/option isn't possible right now. It's a game developers matter.
  9. Sorry for a lack of information about medals and diplomas in Rheinland theatre (summer season, lack of time). This was a second edition of Rheinland war so we checked it for bugs and general working. We used it as a second "test stage". No diplomas and awards will be given this time again. If everything goes fine, in third edition, we will start to give you awards. We will inform you about this, so stay tuned. Then, we will announce the awarding of diplomas and a statuette for the Allied side and name it with an appropriate name, as was the case with the Enkas cup and the Kuznechik statuette.
  10. Hi All, it`s sunday so make some cups, statues and diplomas. Eastern front season XXI is over and you should now prepare for his continuation on the western war theatre. Congratulations for all awarded pilots! CUP & STATUES BEST FIGHTERS BEST BOMBERS BEST TANK KILLERS BEST FIGHTER SQUADS BEST BOMBER SQUADS BEST TANK KILLER SQUADS
  11. Due to some information and misunderstandings that have reached us and appeared on the forum, we would like to once again explain the basis for granting real awards in the form of medals that have recently appeared with the help of our donors. First. The initiative came from colleagues who came to us, expressing a wish to honor, with real physical prizes, the pilots who have not lost a single virtual life. As the donors of these awards, they chose their form and method of delivering them to the winners. As stated earlier, they wanted to remain anonymous. Secondly.
  12. It depends of our anonymous donators, but for now we only talked about rewarding the last TAW of the year.
  13. Dear friends, pilots, members of the TAW community. As you know the XX season is over. This is a sybolic number, twenty campaigns have passed in three and a half years. Thank you for trusting us. It is really amazing and very obliging for us. This is also evidenced by the fact that I will tell you now. In connection with the end of the 20th edition of Tactical Air War, a group of people came to us and decided to support us in a wonderful way. I want to thank them very much here. This group, which prefers to remain anonymous, decided to fund prizes for pilots who found themselves in
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