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  1. =LG=Piciu

    Tactical Air War

    Dear Friends! Despite some problems that appeared during this campaign, like damage model after the newest patch or another one which I will not mention here😉,we managed to bring it happily to the end. Tactical Air War Season XVI is over. We have now new year 2019. New year - new possibilities. Our team has a hard work to do now, because we are planning to implement new features to our "toy"😃. For example new planset which was mentioned at forum. By the way don`t forget to give your opinion in the poll. We do not promise that all the changes will come in the next campaign, maybe after season XVII, but they will come for sure, and we hope that you will enjoy them. Congratulations for all pilots and squads from TOP 5! Statues and Cups BEST FIGHTERS BEST BOMBERS BEST TANK KILLERS BEST FIGHTER SQUADS BEST BOMBER SQUADS BEST TANK KILLER SQUADS Correction: Unfortunately due to misunderstanding, the Kuznechik statue for SCG_Riksen is need to be taken back.
  2. Hi, All about after patch 3.009 I was flying at TAW server and received about 99% damage in almost one shot. One bullet from Spitfire and I looked like fidget spinner:-) Totaly destroyed airplane (BF-109 F4) Thought he rammed me but none of this things. Simply one shot. My friend received similar damage, but in one shot he got 100% damage from Yak-1 69. Can you check this, because it is looking strange and very unrealistic. Maybe something wrong with that? Greetings!
  3. =LG=Piciu

    Tactical Air War

    Dear Darbzy, Enkas Cup or Kuznechik Statue are awarded for pilots with "0" death, "0" captured, and beeing in "top 5" (fighter, bomber or tank killer). Sorry, but you were not in top 5, mate 🙂
  4. =LG=Piciu

    Tactical Air War

    Welcome Pilots! Summer has come to the end, and also did our TACTICAL AIR WAR Season XV. Now it`s time to recharge our batteries. You can now take a rest, or go to your training sites to become better and better. We will now focus to make another improvements to welcome you in the next season. Here we have Diplomas for best of you, and Cups for campaign survivors. Only blue side this time, none of the reds survived the struggle with "0" death. ENKAS Cups goes to: BEST FIGHTERS BEST BOMBERS BEST TANK KILLERS BEST FIGHTER SQUADS BEST BOMBER SQUADS BEST TANK KILLER SQUADS
  5. =LG=Piciu

    Tactical Air War

    Tell me guys what`s wrong in having own skins, to better recognize your teammates? Do you really guys are thinking, that we are cheating? Where these pilots cheaters? Manfred and Lothar Richthofen Oberleutnant Klaus Faber — JV44 Würger-Staffel, Ainring Germany, May 1944 Developers I-16 red skin Mustang D-Day stripes Erich Hartmann, Black Tullip Saburo Sakai, Tainan Kokutai Alonzo, your words are simply insulting us. And, as you can all see, custom skins are not forbidden in our server.
  6. =LG=Piciu

    Multiplayer Server List Empty?!

    No server list, same to me.
  7. =LG=Piciu

    Tactical Air War

    Good day to All. It's full of summer, and another campaign is behind us. On behalf of TAW campaign administrators, I would like to wish all a peaceful holiday time, and gathering strength for the needs of the next upcoming XV season. I would also like to mention that compared to the previous edition, we now have four pilots instead of two who have won the Kuznechik and Enkas awards. This testifies very well to their style of flying and respecting their virtual lives. Let this trend increase with each subsequent campaign. Good job! BEST FIGHTERS BEST BOMBERS BEST TANK KILLERS BEST FIGHTER SQUADS BEST BOMBER SQUADS BEST TANK KILLER SQUADS
  8. =LG=Piciu

    Tactical Air War

    Hello to all. We have finished Tactical Air War season XIII. Was it an unlucky number? I hope it was for a few of you. Now we can take a little rest awaiting the next edition. At the beginning we want to congratulate the two pilots for whom The Enkas Cup and The Golden Statue of Kuznechik Statue are going. These are: SCG_Riksen and 666GIAP_Muyahidin Good job! And now your diplomas. BEST FIGHTER BEST BOMBER BEST TANK KILLER BEST FIGHTER SQUAD BEST BOMBER SQUAD BEST TANK KILLER SQUAD
  9. =LG=Piciu

    Tactical Air War

    Hi, Nothing is easy to do in this campaign - logarithms, mission maps, planeset, suply and tank columns, airfield pictures or other graphic contetnt also. We all are doing what w can, to get it work correctly, without problems, bugs and ofcourse delay. But sometimes one thing need more time to be finished than other, in particular when everyone has a different amount of time. I can assure you that all pics will be finished asap, day or two. Cheers!
  10. =LG=Piciu

    Tactical Air War

    Pictures are still work in progress, sorry for delay.
  11. Nothing helped for me. Still have stutters too. Singleplayer are slighter but at multiplayer is worse. I tried everything, Jasons tips also. Nothing changed.
  12. I can say that this is not a bug itself, but now when we have 150km environment rendering possibility, this kind of issue, for me is quite annoying. Why planes are dissapearing at 10km? 9.50 exactly. At that distance the shape of aircraft is very good visible. At my pictures you can see a formation of migs which i can see very clearly at 9.49 distance and suddenly after passing 9.50 formation is dissapearing, one by one, not like fading, blurring or something, but like punctured baloons. I think that rendering "circle" shoud be bigger. I can agree if at 9.50 we could see aircraft as a dot which is rising as distance is closer. But 9.50 and whole shape of aircraft? In one second we can see blue sky, then scan horizon at other side, and when we look back at the same direction we now see whole formation which is quite close to us? Thats weird. Airplanes should appear from a single dot and geting bigger as the distance closes. With 150km visibility range in my opinion it`s about time to solve this issue. Pictures were made at maxed zoom.
  13. Same to me. When looking to sides my virtual head is pushed to center of the cockpit. Also using opentrack.
  14. Hi, I have noticed this strange thing today, WOL server, Moscow winter map. Blue shadows. At single player everything is ok. Maybe a bug?