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  1. Hi, I'm also not stutter-free. No matter that I have low or ultra settings. Multiplayer is almost non playable because of this stutters. Upgrading video driver helped, but only at singleplayer. No difference at MP. Steady 60fps but stutter after stutter. Lowering visibility distance to the lowest 40km helped but stutters didn't disappeared completely. And no matter if you have gtx 960 or rtx 2080 this problem occurs to all.
  2. Me too. After New patch I can't get rid of this stutters on multiplayer. I was talking to other players and they have different situations. Some of them doesn't have stutters, and others have it. There's no difference between ultra settings and low. Some have stutters on rtx 2080 graphic cards, some playing smooth at gtx 960. Its a very strange thing. It seems hardware has nothing to do with this problem.
  3. Hello, The problem with stuttering occurs again. On multiplayer servers sometimes it is almost impossible to dogfight because of lack of smoothness.
  4. It is amazing how fast time goes by... It would seem that the adventure with TAW has just begun, but the 19th season has just passed. First edition started in the middle of year 2016, so it was about 3 years ago. Since then, the number of pilots and squadrons has been systematically growing. Some of you have been with us from the very beginning, some have just started their adventure with the campaign. We are happy to see all of you, because it shows the growing popularity of our server. Really thank you for your presence, we wouldn`t be without you. We will try to keep the level as professionally as possible. Soon the XX season will appear on the horizon. It is a large and obliging number. In the meantime there will be many changes in the game itself and we hope that we will also be able to introduce many new things. What exactly will they be - time will tell. For now, time for relax has come. Here are your statues and diplomas, Congratulations! CUPS AND STATUES BEST FIGHTERS BEST BOMBERS BEST TANK KILLERS BEST FIGHTER SQUADS BEST BOMBER SQUADS BEST TANK KILLER SQUADS
  5. Welcome all after the XVIII campaign. We hope that you, again, enjoyed air battles at our server. As usual we have now maintenance brake to make corrections and implementations. See you soon! CUPS AND STATUES BEST FIGHTERS BEST BOMBERS BEST TANK KILLERS BEST FIGHTER SQUADS BEST BOMBER SQUADS BEST TANK KILLER SQUADS
  6. The problem was reposted again yesterday evening here.
  7. Or just try... It also make fun and challenge.
  8. Maybe you would give some specific arguments why we should do it?
  9. Only 1 after 24 hours at the same map. After map reload, you have 3 from the start again.
  10. You should read changelog more carefuly, because it says: "Every time “Lives on map” counter (shown in pilots hangar) <= 0 then pilot has 24 hours time penalty. After this penalty counter is increased by 1 so he may fly again".
  11. Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye! The awards for last campaign has arrived! Congratulations for best pilots and best squadrons. We are very grateful that you participate so much in our event and we encourage you, to participate in the next campaign, which will come for sure (but remember the unwritten +week rule;-). I hope that despite many bugs (a big thanks for Kathon for mastering the situation) that appeared during this season, we will also meet, in such quantity, in the forthcoming 18th season. See you in the skies! CUPS and STATUES BEST FIGHETRS BEST BOMBERS BEST TANK KILLERS BEST FIGHTER SQUADS BEST BOMBER SQUADS BEST TANK KILLER SQUADS
  12. Dear Friends! Despite some problems that appeared during this campaign, like damage model after the newest patch or another one which I will not mention here😉,we managed to bring it happily to the end. Tactical Air War Season XVI is over. We have now new year 2019. New year - new possibilities. Our team has a hard work to do now, because we are planning to implement new features to our "toy"😃. For example new planset which was mentioned at forum. By the way don`t forget to give your opinion in the poll. We do not promise that all the changes will come in the next campaign, maybe after season XVII, but they will come for sure, and we hope that you will enjoy them. Congratulations for all pilots and squads from TOP 5! Statues and Cups BEST FIGHTERS BEST BOMBERS BEST TANK KILLERS BEST FIGHTER SQUADS BEST BOMBER SQUADS BEST TANK KILLER SQUADS Correction: Unfortunately due to misunderstanding, the Kuznechik statue for SCG_Riksen is need to be taken back.
  13. Hi, All about after patch 3.009 I was flying at TAW server and received about 99% damage in almost one shot. One bullet from Spitfire and I looked like fidget spinner:-) Totaly destroyed airplane (BF-109 F4) Thought he rammed me but none of this things. Simply one shot. My friend received similar damage, but in one shot he got 100% damage from Yak-1 69. Can you check this, because it is looking strange and very unrealistic. Maybe something wrong with that? Greetings!
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