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  1. You use the "Sight distance" commands, same as are used to set altitude on the bombsights.
  2. Karaya

    Cannon Bird

    This is taken from the BMW801 engine manual: http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/fw190/bmw801-handbook-pg15.jpg Says that from March '42 on only the bracketed values are valid. And that this is the case "until the permissible cylinder temperatures are ensured by cooling on part of the cell". As far as I know the cooling issues on the FW190 werent solved until the A-5 model where the engine installation was extended by 15cm and adjustable cooling gils were added.
  3. Karaya

    Cannon Bird

    Having flown both sides extensively I can testify that flying the Mk.V against the 109F is not an easy walk in the park. If the 109 pilot keeps his energy up he dominates the fight without much trouble. Will be interesting how well the FW190A will do in CloD. From what has been said, we'll be getting the very first operational versions (A-1 to -3), the first two were running the BMW801C engine, the A-3 was running the 801D. However, the 801D engine was derated until the end of 1942 and could only make use of a maximum of 1.35ata manifold pressure.
  4. Might be helpful to post a screenshot of what you are actually seeing ingame and an example video of what you'd like it to look like.
  5. Karaya

    Cannon Bird

    An action packed sortie on the TWC Campaign Server flying the Spitfire Mk.Vb late.
  6. Karaya

    Desert Rats

    Part 1 of 3 - Flying the Tomahawk Mk.II late on the Tobruk map Part 2 of 3 - Switching to blue to balance sides
  7. Mission 10 including a collision with a friendly He111 bomber.
  8. Enjoying the reworked autumn channel map.
  9. The throttle being picked up as inverted might have to do with how (which direction) you were moving the throttle. If it's inverted, just check the invert option.
  10. Cant wait to see some footage of TrueSky in the actual game!
  11. The extra oil tank has nothing to do with the GM-1 system. As I said earlier it was introduced as a safety measure for long flights when using a droptank.
  12. I think he means the auxiliary internal oil tank on the E-7. The auxiliary oil tank on that model was made necessary as it was the first Bf109 capable of carrying an external drop tank to increase range. However, the DB601 did consume a not so insignificant amount of oil during flight. So in order to ensure that the engine would be sufficiently lubricated during the entire length of the flight when using a drop tank, a small oil tank had to be added. The valve for this was supposed to be opened only after 1.5h of flight and would feed into the main oil tank. Later models starting w
  13. The impact flashes are from DeWilde rounds (Incendiary B Mk.VI)
  14. As said in another thread I'd love to see the winter Channel map reworked. Currently it is all white which is a real eye sore and strain. Maybe mix in a few fields with varying amounts of snow coverage, that would help greatly. Another thing that could be added by Team Fusion is a loadout tool that can be accessed outside the game like this one: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11555 Unfortunately it hasnt been updated for 5.0 and the new aircraft that came with Desert Wings. It could potentially be very helpful, similarly to the c
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