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  1. Every GB module up to date has been handled in this sort of early-access way. You get access to content as it gets finalized. How is that vaporware? If you don't like this piecemeal approach you can just simply wait for the full release and buy at the non-reduced price then.
  2. I'm sure the whole game's lighting will change once TrueSky is implemented. That said, there are already working searchlights and part of the flak guns (mostly small to medium calibers, e.g. 20 - 40mm) also have tracers modelled.
  3. Not quite unfortunately. The A-6s loaded weight with 4 cannons was 100kg higher than the A-5s with 4 cannons. See here for reference: http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/fw190/190a5-performancetable.jpg
  4. You may want to actually read more than just 1 or 2 forum posts before going full smartypants. In the context of the game the 2nd crew member is dead weight, period. Nothing more, nothing less has been said.
  5. Just a sidenote: What is shown in the video is the WGr.21, not the R4M. There's quite a sizable difference between the two. The R4M was never used on Bf109s either.
  6. Really? Yes, the Mossie has the upper hand in firepower. Night fighting is not modelled in the sim right now, the Mossie has no advantage here at all. The FB Mk.VI we are getting never had a bombsight so it will have to go in on targets like any other fighter bomber. Superior range hardly plays a role in IL-2, maps are just not big enough to exploit any range advantage the Mossie might have. An additional crewman (without a gun to man) means nothing in the game, he's just dead weight.
  7. The 960M is a mobile card, not really sure it stands up to it. Also a lot of "gaming" laptops suffer from throttling when operating near peak performance due to heat issues. I'd say get Blitz in a sale, which means it'll be like 7$, and give it a try.
  8. This Wishlist is for the Cliffs of Dover series, not Great Battles.
  9. Der Ladedruckverlauf ist hier zu sehen: Die vollen 1.65ata können wohl nur auf Meereshöhe und unter Ausnutzung der Ladedruckerhöhung durch entsprechenden Staudruck bei hoher Geschw. erreicht werden. Der Ladedruck fällt dann stetig bis zum Laderloch in knapp 2800m ab.
  10. Die 1.58ata wurden im Bodenlader nur die ersten 500-600m erreicht, siehe hier: http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/fw190/fw190-a8-12jan44.jpg
  11. Of course the selection of aircraft ultimately depends on TFS' choice of theater, that should be fairly obvious. TFS are free to expand on Western Europe, the Med or North Africa. Some of the mentioned aircraft only fit one of those theaters, some multiple. That said I think you are far off with your suspicion regarding the next expansion. As much as I'd like to see carriers in the game I don't think that we're going to see those before a potential 7.0 expansion. That crosses out all of the naval aircraft. Also the only aircraft that so far has been confirmed for 6.0 is the FW190.
  12. You're comparing apples and oranges, both sim (GB vs CloD vs 1946) and plane wise (C.200 vs C.202 vs Bf109). Many of the FMs in the old IL-2 are very basic and not up to modern standards, same goes for the damage models in that game. Historically the C.200 was known for its vicious stall & spin characteristics which was a result of its wing profile. This issue was later partially rectified but never completely fixed, even on the C.202. The Bf109 on the other hand was known for its docile handling due to the use of leading edge slats. The 109 usually stayed very controllabl
  13. Speaking of Tomahawks: The AI does not seem to react when being shot at with the two nose mounted .50s of the Tomahawk. They only start evading when the .303s are used as well.
  14. There's lots of options on top of the ones already mentioned. The Bf110F comes to mind, the early Bf109G (G-1 to -4) of course, the early Spitfire Mk.IX (with Merlin 61 engine), the Spitfire Mk.Vc as well as clipped wing versions of both Mk.Vb & c with the cropped Merlin 45M series of engines, the Beaufighter Mk.VI, the Macchi C.200, the Kittyhawk Mk.II with licence built Packard Merlin, the Hawk75 for the French and Vichy French air forces, the P-38F & G models, various Allison powered models of the Mustang (Mustang Mk.I, P-51A, A-36), the Ju88C-6 & A-4, maybe even an
  15. CloD is using 64bit and DX11 now since the release of Blitz (4.5): https://steamcommunity.com/games/754530/announcements/detail/2561850781890660697 See here:
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