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  1. Karaya

    Operation Mirror

    Some footage from my PoV of the event on 17th November.
  2. Thanks for the heads up! Now there's only 8 left. I cancelled my UK order and put an order up via the German Amazon page 🙂
  3. Ordered mine on Amazon.co.uk, looking forward to reading it. Currently says "This title has not yet been released" however.
  4. I think Clostermann also wrote on the subject of Luftwaffe training in his book (even though he was with the RAF). He said that too little time was spent actually flying and too much time was wasted learning Luftwaffe regulations. He also said that about 70% of the Luftwaffe fighter pilots were sub-par, and thus basically cannon fodder, while the other 30% were experienced aces, leaving no middle ground. I think that's a pretty fair assessment.
  5. The Luftwaffe never suffered a shortage of aircraft, in fact fighter production steadily increased until the end of the war even during the time the allied strategic bombing campaign was at its height. This was due to production slowly shifting to untouchable underground factories and the generous use of forced labor. What really broke the Luftwaffe's back was that pilot training could not keep up with frontline casualties. Compromises had to be made and training was shortened again and again until freshly trained pilots barely had enough training to master the basics of flight. Also very little effort was made to send experienced pilots on a rotation and have them teach their experiences back home to recruits. The Luftwaffe would have been much better off with a rotation system like the USAAF had, rather than having its aces fight to the point of total exhaustion and until they went MIA/KIA. Also no matter how good you are, some freak accident can end your life in a heartbeat, see Mölders and Marseille for that. With a system of aces like that of the Luftwaffe, every loss counts double and triple.
  6. Registered for Wednesday and Saturday! 😎
  7. Probably depends on what engine it has. Does it go up to 1.35ata and 2600rpm? --> C-4N/NJG/Trop
  8. Yes, according to Airone there's a mission planned for Wednesday.
  9. Video of BoB mission 4 including an infamous death spree 😐
  10. Some impressions from this week's BoB event. The escort scattering above their bomber charges Bombers are inbound to target Target ahead Climbing back into the formation after a successful bounce
  11. Bullet hit effects depend on the type of bullet. An ordinary Ball or AP round does not create an impact flash which is historical. That's one of the reasons why both the LW and RAF have observer rounds for their rifle caliber machine guns. These rounds exploded on impact in a bright flash indicating that your gunfire was on target. HE and certain API or I rounds create impact flashes as well as is historical. I don't see a reason why this should be changed.
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