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  1. Voted for Channel 1940-44, Barbarossa & Med as these are the scenarios I would be by far the most interested in Early - mid war is where it's at for me!
  2. Well lets hope for the best then, would also love to get a few RoF FMs reviewed if they now have a larger crew dedicated to flight models!
  3. I voted "Online campaign" as in online war A moving dogfight server mode wouldnt be bad either, maybe ???
  4. Btw awesome screenshots, love the external one! Is it just me or does that red/white paintscheme scream "here I am, now shoot me"? Damn, I hope we are in for a christmas surprise
  5. LOL you have to be either suicidal or insane to take an Eindecker up into the air with Dr.Is and Camels around
  6. I thought that CoD was "VAC" (valve anti cheat) protected and that if you were using any mods online you risked getting banned from the game entirely!?
  7. I personally see no sense in a cockpit off setting as imho it completely destroys the immersion of flying a plane but if a large number of people want such an option then why not...
  8. Will spend most of my flying time in the Bf109s and hopefully 110s but will surely take each of the flyables for a ride on a regular basis, even if its just offline in a quick mission.
  9. +1 to the OP's request It will also be necessary imho for the sim to accept advanced scripting like in the old IL-2 sim in order to allow for online wars of the AirForceWar kind to take place - if the devs manage to fulfill both demands I have no doubt that this sim will take off and be a long term success!
  10. This has neither been featured in CoD nor RoF as far as I know but: 1st person bailout animation It's an immersion killer when you are flying your aircraft 1st person, then get shot down by AAA or whatnot and once out of the aircraft you're watching yourself hanging in the chute from over the shoulder I want to see my pilot extract himself from his stricken aircraft first person, maybe experiencing a few somersaults until he has stabilized and is ready to pull the chute, that would be insanely awesome!
  11. The most critical thing imho will be how many ground targets will be supported by the engine per mission file, that is the biggest issue for me with RoF! There are only so many things you can put into a mission, it will be a huge let down if the same holds true for BoS
  12. Er, which one? IL-2 Sturmovik IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles IL-2 Pacific Fighters IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 IL-2 Cliffs of Dover You will need HyperLobby for all titles but Cliffs of Dover, the latter has an ingame server browser that does all the work
  13. Hey Hunin, long time no see! Good to see you on the forums
  14. FlightSim Pilot Shop has it for even less (8$) at the moment! http://www.fspilotshop.com/rise-flight-iron-cross-edition-download-p-2740.html
  15. If the FM is true to life the La-5 of the Stalingrad period will be a sore disappointment for the red pilots, they will all go for the Yaks! Do not take the old IL-2 FM as base of any kind of serious rating of the aircraft, you have to keep in mind that the La-5/7 family in IL-2 1946 was generally a good 20kmh too fast at altitude as they were modelled after the prototype "etalon" models which were of course far better performers than the actual machines that left the factories! The La-5 version present at Stalingrad was the very first serial produced model without bubble canopy and the initial M-82 engine (no F or FN yet). Performance figures for the early razorback La-5 are: Takeoff weight: ~3350kg maxspeed at 0m: 525kmh maxspeed at 2000m (1st charger gear): 560kmh maxspeed at 6250m (2nd charger gear): 585kmh Soviet turn time tests performed at constant height and speed are as high as 25s for a full turn just to put it into perspective! For the La-5F with M-82F engine which however only arrived at front line units from spring-43 onwards: Takeoff weight: ~3290kg maxspeed at 0m: 550kmh maxspeed at 2000m (1st charger gear): 585kmh maxspeed at 6250m (2nd charger gear): 600kmh Lets compare the 109F-4 & G-2, shall we? Bf109F-4 (@1.3ata): Takeoff weight: 2890kg maxspeed at 0m: 520kmh maxspeed at 6000m: 635kmh Turn time for this model should be in the higher 19 - low 20s region 1.42ata which was used from mid-42 onwards on the DB601E of the late 109F series would provide an extra 15kmh at all altitudes! Bf109G-2 (@1.3ata): Takeoff weight: 3030kg maxspeed at 0m: 535kmh maxspeed at 6700m: 660kmh This model is commonly quoted with a 20.0-20.5s turn time (from soviet sources) No 1.42ata for the DB605A at the time because of engine related problems, it wasnt until late-43 that the full 1.42ata boost was cleared to use! I guess it is fairly easy to guess from these figures who is going to come out on top of this matchup The La-5 is nothing but a dog and even the 5F is not the uber fighter that it has been depicted as in IL-2 1946. It is slightly faster than the 109G at altitudes lower than 2000m but climbs worse and is also decidedly slower from 3000m onwards!
  16. http://stabjg52.weebly.com/ We are an international squadron currently flying and fighting for the German Luftwaffe & Luftstreitkr???
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