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  1. My system runs RoF on high settings at about 75-80fps average (using injectSMAA instead of the inbuilt AA though)
  2. I have a scan of the performance table of LaGG-3 & La-5 versions in the "Soviet Combat Aircraft - Volume One" as well as a few others which are in good agreement. The 1942 La-5 in IL-2 is 40kmh too fast at sea level and 20kmh too fast at FTH (6250) The 1943 La-5F is about correct at sea level but 30kmh too fast at FTH (6150) The 1943 La-5FN is 10kmh too fast at sea level and 20kmh at FTH (6150) The 1944 La-7 is actually 5kmh too slow at sea level but 25kmh too fast at FTH (6000) This is compared to aircraft marked as "production". The "doubler" and "standard" aircraft are usually the prototype production standard setters (etalon) with performances that the actual serial built aircraft could only dream of achieving.
  3. What about AI? The way IL-2 coops worked was that there was a given amount of aircraft in a mission of which every flyable one was up for grabs.. people filled up the slots as they pleased and those that werent taken would turn into AI planes once the mission starts. How does that work in RoF though (not played it in a while)? Are such aircraft slots simply going to vanish or does it work like in IL-2?
  4. I see... that is why the La-5/7 family is based entirely on "etalon" prototype aircraft instead of actual production planes Or why the LaGG-3 S29/35 "accidentally" flew with the VK-107 engine for 1-2 patches till the "error" was corrected. Or why Soviet bombs had about twice the explosive radius than bombs of similar size/weight of all other nations (except the Japanese, those had some crazy uber bombs as well). That has only been corrected after TD took over development... Btw if you find csThor's comment to your post insulting already then you are a very thin-skinned individual. Calling names is an insult, being of a different opinion is not.
  5. Herr Webb, was machen Sie in einem dt. Forum
  6. Sieht aber harmlos aus im Vergleich zu früheren Bauchlandungen der Maschine: Vergleich 2005
  7. The time it took you posting these two message you could have easily just googled a currency converter online and done it yourself... 1.284$ = 1€ (current course according to paypal) 49.99$ = 38.93€ 89.99$ = 70.09€ No indication of a release on disc up to now so I think it's highly probable that the game will ship via download initially.
  8. I find it weird that the 37mm is a loadout option to the LaGG-3 Series 29, it should not be. It was not possible to swap armament easily in the field and of the early 37mm armed version which was called "K-37" only around a dozen were built and used around Stalingrad. Keep in mind that it used the Shpitalnyy Sh-37 cannon with an ammo supply of just 20 rounds which was very heavy, unreliable and highly unsuccesful, so much that the designers of the weapon were rounded up and shot! http://mig3.sovietwarplanes.com/lagg3/lagg3-37/lagg3-37.htm Later aircraft (not before spring 1943) featured the Nudelman Suranov NS-37 cannon of similar calibre but even these 37mm armed LaGG-3s were the exception rather than the rule. Keeping in mind that currently it is only possible to either fully allow or disallow weapon mods (in RoF) I would appreciate the 37mm armed LaGG-3 to be turned into a seperate aircraft with its own FM, etc. Having hordes of them flying around in the BoS skies would just feel like warped reality really.
  9. Video + Jasons Kommentare live aus Teamspeak um genau zu sein... Leider war der Stream sehr instabil, gab jede Menge Hänger die wohl auf falsche Streamingeinstellungen bzw. zu geringe Bandbreite der Entwickler zurückzuführen sind
  10. Interesting thing about the LaGG-3 is that it is one of the very few fighters that as time moved on actually became lighter rather than heavier. The Series 66 sure is an ok fighter for 1943 and probably gave the early La-5 and 5F a run for their money!
  11. I hope you dont mind Jason (else just edit/delete my post) Here's a recording of todays live stream including the TS conversation with Jason I had some issues with the stream lagging/freezing although I have a 50/5 internet connection but I enjoyed it a lot nontheless. Looking forward to more live streams with live commentary!
  12. Fuel loadouts and the weight decrease over flight time has been modelled every since the very first IL-2 (dont know about other sims). If I recall correctly Oleg once said that the weights of every aircraft made up of the base weight, fuel, ammo, etc. in the old IL-2 were checked once every 10 milliseconds or so. And from my experiences with RoF fuel loadouts make a huge impact on an aircraft's flight characteristics, it is most noticeable in some of the more unstable fighters such as the Fokker Dr.I and Camel. Go for a quick dogfight offline in a Camel with 100% fuel and then shortly after with just 20% or so, should immediately be noticeable!
  13. I maxed it out, still does not prevent issues...
  14. I do have severe problems with false IR sources with my TIR5, especially now during summer and even though all windows are off to my left and not in the back, curtains closed, etc. Basically means that I can only fly with TIR either in the morning or evening... noon and afternoon, forget it!
  15. Favourite aircraft: 1. Bf 109 2. Bf 110 3. P-38 4. J2M 5. P-40 Favourite theater(s): Channel '42 (Circus raids & Dieppe landing), Med
  16. Janes IAF/USAF --> IL-2 --> RoF/CloD
  17. Status update: Our squadron is taking part in the IL-2 Cliffs of Dover "Battle of France" online coop campaign hosted by Storm of War http://sowc.forumotion.co.uk/ Recruits in European time zones highly welcome!
  18. A better view of the displaced MGs in an Emil's cowling
  19. Sure, why not, you know where/how to contact me, I'm always in need of a good beer! Exactly, also the fact that if we use Soviet data for Soviet & German aircraft we are going to end up with Soviet aircraft with factory fresh performance and the german planes in whatever state they were captured in.. my 2 cents. I would appreciate it if they would show the documentation used to model the aircraft in bos after launch, would go a long way to increase faith in the fms.
  20. You are missing the Bf109 completely, the workhorse of the Luftwaffe fighter arm on the Eastern front, the FW190 never set as much a foot in there as on the Western Front. Leaving out the Messerschmitt is like leaving out the Spitfire in Western Europe, therefore any eastern front scenario without it IMHO is senseless. As in the context of the original thread question, I'd personally go for the P-40 for the time being, simply because the P-39 did not really see much service before 1943 in the East whereas the P-40 did. I would therefore wait with the P-39 until we move into 1943 and beyond...
  21. An example of what happens if the devs use Soviet data for German aircraft. First of all most data is based on captured aircraft that we do not know which state they are in, how many flying hours the airframe has, how worn out the engine is, how rough the surface finish has become through use, etc. These tests are certainly not a good indication of what a factory fresh aircraft is capable of Look for the Soviet report at the end of this post! Notice the figures for the Bf109E & F (2nd and 3rd entry) First of all what is apparent is that the Emil is NOT in anything of a good shape. Speed figures of the report: Sea level: 440kmh 5000m: 546kmh Messerschmitt specifications (Bf109E-3): Sea level: 500kmh 5000m: 570kmh http://kurfurst.org/Performance_tests/109E_V15a/Geschw_109V15a.html http://kurfurst.org/Performance_tests/109E_French_trials/french_109e_performanceT.html Also turn times are excessively high (26.5 - 29.4), official Messerschmitt (calculated) data suggests a best turn time at constant altitude and speed of 18.96s at 1000m. Given that the Emil has a slightly bigger wing area (16.4m^2) than the Friedrich (16.1m^2) and is also much lighter (2550kg for an E-4, 2780kg for an F-2, 2890kg for an F-4) it seems only logical that the Emil would have a faster turn time than the Friedrich and Gustav which are quoted with taking 19.5-20.5 and 20.0-21.0 respectively for a full turn in test reports. http://kurfurst.org/Performance_tests/109E_Baubeschreibung/109E3_Baubeschreibung.html Then there is the Bf109F (no exact model stated). This machine also seems to be wildly underperformant no matter if it's a F-2 or F-4. Speed figures of the report: Sea level: 510kmh 5000m: 556kmh Messerschmitt specifications (Bf109F-2): Sea level: 515kmh 5200m: 615kmh http://kurfurst.org/Performance_tests/109F1F2_Kennblatt/Kennblatt_fur_Bf109F1F2_DB601N.PDF A Bf109F-4, the model that we are going to get, would be even faster than the F-2 due to its more powerful DB601E engine (530kmh at sea level, 635kmh at 6000m) Interestingly the Bf109G-2 (last entry, the 2nd from right is actually a G-2/R-6 with underwing gondolas which increase weight by 215kg and decrease level speed by about 8kmh on average) in the report is actually spot on, both in level speeds and turn times. The values match official Messerschmitt data pretty well and are even a tad on the high side Speed figures of the report: Sea level: 524kmh 7000m: 666kmh Messerschmitt specifications (Bf109G-1): Sea level: 537kmh 7000m: 660kmh Rechlin specifications (Bf109G-1): Sea level: 524kmh 6400m: 650kmh http://kurfurst.org/Performance_tests/109G_Rechlinkennblatt/rechlin_G1_blatt.html http://kurfurst.org/Performance_tests/109G_Erlatrials/Erla109G_13speedrun_scatter_web.jpg http://kurfurst.org/Performance_tests/109G1-6_datasheet/109G_perftable.html I think this is a very good showcase of how picking foreign test data can lead to some very flawed results and a warped picture of an aircrafts performance. Please do not go down that road and be fair to all sides!
  22. For the love of god, please, PLEASE use GERMAN flight test data for GERMAN aircraft, use SOVIET test data for SOVIET aircraft. Anything else is bound to lead to biased and skewed results. Else I foresee similar FM discrepencies as are still present in RoF with most of the mid war German fighters being unbearably slow snailicopters, Camels outrunning anything short of a Fokker D.VII and Pfalz D.XII, etc. PUH-LEASE with sugar on top
  23. +1 I was expecting at least one of the "premium" planes to be the La-5, that the other would be the FW190 I did not expect, especially after the heated discussion about wether or not it actually participated in the air battles over Stalingrad. I personally was expected something more among the lines of say a Bf110 or a Bf109E Jabo, etc. Also I am wondering about the 2 aircraft that will be released after launch, my guess would be that one of them is either the MC.202 or IAR80 and the other is some model of the I-16 family. I find the premium price tag quite excessive, not going to preorder at this time, I will probably wait for the launch, then get the "normal" version and buy the La5/FW190 seperately...
  24. Small? Last time we had a talk I was under the impression you were being paid rather generously (at least compared to what I earn)
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