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  1. Still processing, stuck at 95% for some reason for the last 10min or so... be patient guys
  2. As I have stated earlier (post #12) I have no issues with FPS, I play them myself. The games you mention bear no relation to real life, even Battlefield 3 (which is among the graphically most realistic FPS games atm) has no connection to real life or a real conflict. That is a huge difference. I also play Red Orchestra 2 and frequently witness people getting blown apart by arty or grenades, dont mind either, all of them are armed and fighting back. Btw a service pistol can hardly be deemed a defence when you've got aircraft flying around you sporting at the very least a pair or even battery of rifle calibre machine guns, heavy machine guns or even cannons. Thats like fighting people wielding AK47s with sticks.
  3. Here's the video: Might still take a while to process as the upload literally just finished (a >2GB file after all), once its done it should go up to 1080p!
  4. I'm neither capable of speaking/reading/writing Russian nor do I know what kind of Russian streaming sites there are but I'd maybe try the one the developers have been using for todays live stream? http://cybergame.tv/
  5. Uploading a recording of the live stream including Jason's commentary right now, will post the video link when it's finished! Btw, lesson learned for next time: The Russian live streamed seemed a lot more stable and smoother than Twitch's...
  6. That would be interesting indeed and make it feel less scripted... also I hope there will be a first person view with the chute being visible above oneself.
  7. My concern as well, am personally not at all interested in the turning contests between Dr.Is and Camels on the deck that seem to be all there is to arcade servers.
  8. Why do I keep imagining a discussion between the pilot and gunner in the below picture:
  9. I find it very disrespectful online, "adding insult to injury" as they say. You dont have to be friends with everyone but show a bit of respect and you too will be respected. Its like watching Tiger Woods win a golf tour and at the award show seeing him flip off his competitors. And to be honest I find the compulsive behaviour of a select few online towards their personal most hated nationality #1 way more troubling than what some in here make of my thoughts about a flight sim.
  10. A picture showing how the gunner worked the rear firing position... Makes you think they were nuts back then!
  11. I like the plane overall, nice looking and certainly fleshes the early war out some more but the fact that there is no transition animation between the 2 gunner positions is kind of spoiling the immersion. It looks funny to me seeing the AI "teleport" into the positions in the matter of a split second.
  12. Will Jason be there for commentary and questions again this time?
  13. I saw a few, not going to mention names though, as it would just turn this thread into a flame war. Overall however you are right, there were rather few such incidents but I think this was more likely related to the fact that you had a part of your "honor" score taken away if you did that (same for using wingtip smoke or nav lights), not because people felt it was unnecessary.
  14. It is not my aim to force my moral views onto others, just trying to understand why some want it and making my point of view clear to others. Also linking this sim to freedom and the sacrifices of millions is very far fetched, dont you think?
  15. Exactly! And you want to recreate that for... fun?
  16. If you're not bale to jump out in time and get squished on the ground, then thats entirely your problem and self inflicted, not related to someone else taking your life hanging in a chute.
  17. All three are examples of non combatants that are at your mercy without means to fight back, according to the Geneva convention these would all essentially classify as war crimes. You cannot abuse a person wearing a uniform as you please. Otherwise why even bother taking prisoners, we could just shot them all in the face and get it over with, ey?
  18. This thread is only about BoS, dunno why you bring other games up. I play FPS games myself, never had a problem with them. But you have to admit that there's a difference fighting other armed people and killing them or musing over wether or not to turn a non-combatant dangling in a chute into mincemeat. It is (for me) similar to shooting PoWs and just rotten. For me a pilot is fair game as long as he stays in his aircraft, even if he tries to emergency land, he could bail out any time after all. But as soon as he has left his plane I just leave him alone, but thats just me.
  19. It is a matter of good taste... Want some animated people on the ground being blown to bits or burning to a charred skeleton when bombing cities/towns, too? Where do we draw the line on graphical violence?
  20. I do not know if there has been an official statement yet but I would like to know if shooting parachutes will be possible in BoS, in any case I would vote against it. AFAIK Cliffs of Dover does not have a collision/damage model for parachutes and to be honest it has never felt unrealistic to me or as if I was missing something just because I cannot shoot helpless pilots in their chutes. Now I know that there are some who like to throw around phrases such as "it happened in real life so it should happen in BoS too" or "its war, get over it" or even better (my favourite) "war is hell". But I think these people are somewhat disillusioned, BoS is still a simulator and not real life, sure we are getting closer with every new generation of simulations but IMHO there are things that we should not strife to recreate. I can live without the ability of shooting farmers and their horses to pulp, I can live without being able to shoot parachutes and I can live without the ability of seeing refugee columns bombed to gibs on the ground. I do not see anything enjoyable coming from it. What is the general opinion on this issue?
  21. Hey Flanker, the Series they are going to model is the 29th which had the M-105PF engine and was armed with a single UBS machine gun and a hub mounted ShVAK. AFAIK these aircraft were produced and available from about mid-late 1942 onwards. Even with this more powerful engine the LaGG-3 should not be of any concern to the 109F/G, the LaGG barely achieves 507kmh at sea level and 566kmh at FTH, compare that to the 109F-4s 525kmh at sea level @ the early 1941 1.3ata boost or the G-2s 534kmh at sealevel @ 1.3ata. Plus the Series 29 does not yet feature leading edge slats, those were introduced around the Series 35. Heres a comprehensive list of approximate performance figures for the various marks of Lavotchkin fighters of WWII. There's one error though, the La-5FN listed is not a '43 model but from '44! A 1943 model La-5FN would be about 15kmh slower at most altitudes. http://www.wio.ru/tacftr/lag.htm I'd really like to know what performance we are going to get for the F-4, if its the 1942 1.42ata DB601E its going to be a really hard nut to crack for the VVS but thats the correct version for a Stalingrad scenario, just wouldnt feel right to be cruising along castrated at 1.3ata " '41 style"... PS: What I personally wonder about is the fact that the Sh-37 37mm cannon is just a loadout to the Series 29 when in reality it saw very limited use and service. There were only 12 planes built and tested with this cannon (designated "K-37") in and around Stalingrad so I would have preferred this to be its own seperate aircraft, it would seem awkward seeing dozens of these flying around online.
  22. Those groups would be highly interesting, is there an ETA?
  23. I found the videos made by Syn_Vander incredibly helpful What I think is not very well thought through is the fact that the ME is seperate from the game... and you cannot run both at the same time. Which means that in order to test a mission you have to close the ME and go into RoF. Then you stumble over something that isnt right, you close down RoF and start the ME again (which actually takes a bit of time). That is one point that IL-2 and even Cliffs have on RoF, you can access the ME in the sim and test a mission with one click of a button!
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