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  1. Just came home from a work related trip to Berlin, made my girlfriend record the live stream however and am now cutting the video for YT upload, stay tuned!
  2. I think you completely misunderstood Helofly's posting. He doesnt ask for the devs to churn out the most popular aircraft in order to cater to the "must fly the best aircraft there is" crowd. He is simply stating that when you are given a variety of aircraft choices people online usually gravitate towards those that are deemed the "best" (for whatever that means) or easiest to fly & fight in and that the rest of the planeset is not being touched and starts to collect dust, which is a pity...
  3. Is it just me or is there absolutely no mention of the Mamba joystick on the manufacturer's homepage!?
  4. OE Segelflugschein Klasse II mit Berechtigung zur Mitnahme von Passagieren und Berechtigungen für die Startarten Motorhilfsstart, Winde, sowie F-Schlepp. Läuft aber nächstes Jahr ab, da ich einfach nicht mehr die Zeit hab von 9 bis 9 am Flugfeld zu stehen. Und Motorsegler in nem 15km Radius um den Flugplatz fliegen ist öde...
  5. Cybermat, this is a (combat) flight simulation, if you want to see people die in all sorts of brutal ways, hear them cry, moan & scream in agony then go ahead and play Red Orchestra 2. All this has very little value for IL-2 BoS... As to the original question of wether the FW190 should be in: Not a FW190 jock myself but I dont mind it being in the sim, we will hopefully expand onto theatres that saw the 190 in force!
  6. Why should it only show 30fps? While running fps counters it always shows up to said 58fps...
  7. Hmm, just read on the RoF forums that "Common" shadows are meant for both 400 and 500 series cards... starting to wonder if they are also supposed to be used with 600 & 700 series cards. Does anybody have any official info on that!?
  8. These are my settings Note: They are optimized for a good compromise between quality and performance, my system specs are in my signature. - As said earlier I have VSync on to prevent screen tearing and my framerate globally locked in the graphics driver to 58 to remedy input lag. - I personally dislike the bloom effect in RoF thats why I disabled it completely, not a performance compromise here. - Forest visibility is set to Far because of performance considerations, very far and maximum chop off a good 25% of my overall fps (when Vsync and framelimit are disabled). - Shaders is not at maximum because it takes up a lot of performance and is only noticeable at low altitudes. - AA is set to 0 because I use high quality SMAA injection. Looks better, takes up less performance and doesnt make the planes blend into the surrounding at medium-far distances.
  9. Jaws, why are you running "common" shadows? Those are only meant for 400 series Nvidia cards! See this RoF forum post for details... http://riseofflight.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12384 Also setting a frame rate limit when you are already using VSync seems kind of redundant unless your refresh rate is 62!? If you use VSync I recommend setting the frame rate limit to a value 2Hz lower than your refresh rate to prevent input lag, I myself have VSync on (60Hz refresh rate) to prevent screen tearing and have my Nvidia driver set to a frame rate limit of 58 via Nvidia inspector, that way I dont get said input lag.
  10. Some friendly advice regarding your settings: 1) You might want to either disable Super Sampling or drop AA down to 2... the two dont work well with each other and you are going to burn a lot of performance for little to no gain. The devs themselves recommend to never exceed 2xAA when using SS because it's such a performance killer! 2) Setting up a framerate limit, preferrably to the same value as that of your monitor refresh rate, can also improve performance because it will stop your system from rendering excess frames that are of no use to you anyways (your monitor can only render as many frames as its refresh rate). 3) I recommend to disable high contrast and instead edit your startup.cfg (found in the "RoF/data/" folder). Search for the line "saturation = " and increase the value (default is 0.75, I use 0.85 myself), it makes textures seem less washed out and more vivid. 4) Talking about the startup.cfg: Few people know but there is a hidden "Depth of field" effect hidden in there. Just search for "post_dof_enable = " and set its value to 1 to enable, 0 to disable. It will quite obviously only work with post effects globally enabled. So what does it do? it simulates the auto focusing of the human eye on near/far objects, so when you look at your instrument panel objects that are further away will get blurred and vice versa. It is a very neat thing but never got past the experimental stage in RoF.
  11. Videomitschnitt vom heutigen live stream mit Jasons Kommentaren
  12. Todays live stream including Jason's commentary Video should go up to 1080p over time...
  13. The G-6 in IL-2 has always been a farce, especially compared to other versions of the same series. The G-2 which IRL was merely 70kg lighter felt like it was an entirely different breed, it matched its published performance data pretty well although the climb rate was rather optimistic but then again the vast majority of fighters in IL-2 was overmodelled in that regard. The G-6 had the turntime and radius of an aircraft with gondolas put on even at default loadout - combine that with a La-5FN in 1943 that had 1944 performance specs and you will be outclassed very badly online in a G-6.
  14. Pledged 62$, thats 47€, less than the BoS Standard Edition which I have preordered as well...
  15. Seems like it will be available on Steam in ~30h from now! http://store.steampowered.com/app/244050/?snr=1_7_15__13 From the looks of it it will include the same aircraft as the "Iron Cross" Edition and on top of that the Felixstowe F.2a as well as the channel map. I'm kind of surprised that this has not been officially announced yet, it has been know for month that there would be a Steam version at some point but no definite release date or anything.
  16. Also there wont (shouldnt) be NS-37s, those only appeared in 1943. The 37mm cannon available back then was the Sh-37 which proved to be a total failure, so much that the design team was executed...
  17. The FW189 had guns and bombs, just not a whole lot of them: - a pair of forward firing MG17s - a rear facing machine gun (either MG15 or MG81Z) - up to 4xSC50
  18. I would assume the La-5 and FW190 will be available for purchase from day 1 of the official release, so there is little benefit there, the more interesting thing IMO is the earlier access over the standard edition.
  19. Hier das Beispiel der besagten FW190A-5 Zeigt pro Leistungseinstellung (Start/Not, Kampf/Steig, Dauer) 2 Kurven, die "schnelleren" weisen folgenden Vermerk auf: "Geschwindigkeiten ohne Berücksichtigung der Fehlanzeige des Fahrtmessers infolge Kompressibilität der Luft" während die "langsameren" Kurven folgenden Vermerk haben: "Geschwindigkeiten bei Berücksichtigung der Fehlanzeige des Fahrtmessers infolge Kompressibilität der Luft"
  20. Die 670kmh sind ohne sog. "compressibility correction", d.h. der wert ist wohl etwas optimistisch angesetzt. Ich kenne die Wertetabelle von z.b. dem "Zeugmeister", etc. Ist genauso wie mit der A-5 die auf 670kmh auf VDH getestet wurde, selber fehler, nur dass FW so klever war die korrigierten Werte in die selbe Tabelle zu zeichnen.
  21. Ok na das passt ja dann, hab nur auf die Instrumentierung geschaut und die zeigte weniger... Der DB601E der F-4 sollte 2500rpm bei 1.3ata und 2700rpm bei 1.42ata bringen. ~530kmh am Boden und ~650kmh in 6.2km Booya
  22. Naja da es der Start war liegt es doch recht nahe... vielleicht hat aber auch sein schubregler gehakt, is mir in CoD auch schon mal passiert dass ich erst den schub komplett von einer auf die andere seite schieben musst um auf 0 und 100% zu kommen.. Mal sehen, es is ja auch "nur" eine Alpha bislang!
  23. Videomitschnitt vom heutigen live stream inklusive Kommentaren von Jason. Die Bf109F-4 sieht sehr toll aus, kann es nicht erwarten die zu fliegen.# Was mich hoffen lässt: Die F-4 zeigt beim Start unter Vollleistung einen Ladedruck von etwas über 1.4ata (aber Drehzahl von nur 2600? Sollten 2700 sein...), von daher kann man ja noch hoffen dass wir ne echte 42er Friedrich bekommen und nicht die lahmere 1.3ata 41er Mühle!
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