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  1. I just wanted to point out that he has no affiliation with our squadron. And yes, the Yak-1 we have now is the historically correct one. There was an even "hotter", very rare version of it that was used for point defence, performance was increased by deleting radios, armor and leaving just the ShVAK 20mm cannon on board. Other than that the Series 69 is as good as it gets in 1942 as far as Yakovlevs are concerned! The Yak-1B of 1943 (if or when it comes) will be a tad faster overall but it's not going to be the giant leap that suddenly turns tables around completely. Same will hold true for the Yak-9s (9, 9D, 9T) which performance wise are almost indicernible from the -1B. Good fighters but no world beaters...
  2. Havent heard of anything like that before, are you sure there's not some kind of control conflict? Do you have your trim set to an axis or somesuch...
  3. The Giveaway Contest is over, thank you to everybody who submitted a video. It has been incredibly difficult to pick a Top10, let alone a Top3 because I enjoyed watching every single video. I hope you enjoy this compilation as much as I do, here are the chosen: 10th place: Marc Neutelings 9th place: 71st_AH_Bowsewr 8th place: DressedWings 7th place: Jeffery Cole 6th place: JG4_DUI 5th place: 4./JG26_Reinhart 4th place: LG1.Farber 3rd place: JG4_skylon 2nd place: DrZeeebra 1st place: ATAG_Lolsav [VIDEO] [/VIDEO]
  4. Uninstalled & reinstalled, updated successfully but upon game launch now says "Failed to load backend library"
  5. Launcher doesnt do anything for me, gets stuck at "checking update cache". I've closed down and restarted it like a dozen times, oh well back to other things...
  6. Vielleicht solltest du eben dieser Flugsimulationen noch eine Chance geben, da hat sich im letzten Jahr einiges getan. Mit dem neuen TF 4.3 Patch ist es meines Erachtens mit Abstand die beste WWII Sim die es bis dato gibt und BoS wird wohl am Thron nicht viel rütteln können. Das JG4 nimmt jedes WE an den Missionen der Storm of War Kampagnen teil, 90 Spieler auf einem Server, versch. Missionsziele für beide Seiten die erfüllt werden müssen, Zeitstrafen bei Tod / Gefangennahme / Absprung. Das erinnert schon sehr stark an die alten OWs und ist allein schon von der Spielerzahl weitaus gewaltiger. Wenn du dir davon ein Bild machen willst, schau dir einfach ein paar Videos auf meinem Kanal an, die vermitteln dir am besten einen Eindruck davon was dich erwartet!
  7. Hallo alle zusammen, um das Erreichen der 500 Abonennten Hürde meines Kanals zu feiern, habe ich beschlossen ein spezielles Gewinnspiel abzuhalten Um was gehts? Um teilzunehmen müsst ihre euren genialsten, unwahrscheinlichsten oder verrücktesten online Abschuss in Cliffs of Dover oder Rise of Flight aufzeichnen und hochladen. Wenn ihr das getan habt, schickt ihr mir bitte einen Link und ich werde dann eine Top 10 küren von denen die ersten 3 Plätze belohnt werden. 1. Platz Eine Kopie von Cliffs + Rise of Flight Channel Battles Edition + 2 DLCs 2. Platz Eine Kopie von Cliffs + Rise of Flight Iron Cross Edition 3. Platz Eine Kopie von Cliffs Selbst wenn ihr eine oder gar beide Sims bereits besitzt könnt ihr trotzdem jederzeit diese an einen Bekannten/Freund weiterschenken, je mehr Leute am fliegen sind, desto besser! Wie lange geht der Event Ich plane den Event bis zum 11. April laufen zu lassen. Je nach Beteiligung wird diese deadline verlängert oder auch nicht! Weitere Information Am Ende des Events und der Wahl der Top 10 bzw. Sieger wird es ein spezielles Video geben, in welchem die Gewinner gekürt und sämtliche Top 10 Einträge vorgestellt werden. Falls ihr nicht wisst wie ihr Videomaterial aufnehmen sollt, dann gibt es hier ein kleines Tutorial von mir das euch Schritt für Schritt die Bedienung der OBS Aufnahmesoftware erklärt.
  8. Hey guys, I am organizing a giveaway event as part of a celebration of my channel hitting 500 subscribers and have thought up a little contest Whats this then? In order to participate you need to record & upload your most awesome, luckiest or outright retarded/hilarious online kill in either Cliffs of Dover or Rise of Flight. Send me a link to the video and that's it, I will pick my Top 10 of which the first three will receive rewards 1st place A copy of Cliffs + Rise of Flight Channel Battles Edition + 2 DLCs for it 2nd place A copy of Cliffs + Rise of Flight Iron Cross Edition 3rd place A copy of Cliffs Even if you own one or both of these sims you can always gift them to a friend, the more people into flight sims the better When does the submission deadline end? I am planning this to run until the 11th of April. Depending on participation this might be extended further! To clear any confusion: You can also submit videos of kills that have been achieved in flights prior to this event! Further information After the end of the event once I have picked the winners and top ten there will be a special video once again announcing the winners and featuring all of the top ten videos. Also I am planning for a YT livestream event in which I together with a squadron mate will take two volunteers up for a few flights in Cliffs of Dover. In order to be eligible you of course need to own the game as well as posses a microphone as well as Teamspeak so that we can actually communicate with each other. I think that should be good fun, I'm aiming for some epic & hilarious flights. If you've got no clue as to how record footage ingame then here's a small tutorial I made explaining step by step how to use the free OBS video capturing software.
  9. Would be interesting to have a Ju87D-5 with 20mm cannons & working StuVi sight at a later point
  10. Am SweetFX sollte es bei richtiger Installation nicht liegen, hab schon 4 verschiedene Grafik Injektoren probiert und alle haben funktioniert (injectSMAA, SweetFX 1.5, SweetFX Injector von Boulatour und die Kombi der beiden letzten). Habt ihr vor der Neuinstallation auch den gesamten 1C Game Studios Folder unter Programme (x86) gelöscht? Das könnte womöglich helfen...
  11. Meinst du mit Launcher den Installer oder das Programm welches nach erfolgter Installation sich vorm Start öffnet? Versuch mal rechts klicken und als Administrator ausführen Oder check mal ob deine Firewall nicht z.B. das Programm blockiert, braucht ja ne Internetverbindung für die Installation!
  12. https://il2sturmovik.com/download/ Installer downloaden Spiel deinstallieren Spiel neu installieren fertig Was is da so schwer dran?
  13. Twitch is not showing anything, only the russian stream service is working... Also what is going on with that annoying hall effect on the commentator's voice?
  14. I think it will be a nice gimmick for when you play short amounts at a time (30min or so), anything more than that is just going to be too tiresome. I have been using TIR for a long time now and still on a regular basis have a stiff neck when using it for an hour or so. It was the worst when I started using it because I was not used to keeping my head still when aiming which resulted in me kind of cramping my neck muscles, now it's much better but still I cannot fly with it more than say 1 - 1.5h without my neck hurting. I imagine this is going to happen even more so with the Occulus because it also adds more weight, I'd be wearing that thing plus my headphones. And if there is no way to adjust response as with TIR and you have to move your head in a 1:1 ratio thats going to be quite tiring...
  15. Aufnahme des heutigen Live Stream, leider hab ich aber einen guten Teil davon verpasst, z.B. den steuerbaren T-34 und die IL-2. Außerdem gibts nur russ. Kommentare (Jason war soweit ich weiß heute nicht im TS).
  16. Recording of todays live stream, unfortunately I missed the drivable tanks and the IL-2 and all commentary is only in Russian (think Jason was not online in TS this time around).
  17. Yea, 3100kg for a clean G-6 should be correct
  18. Thought I'd share with you the 2 video recaps of our new year's flying on ATAG on the 1st of January. We had over 25 members flying at the same time which made for some epic formation flying. Here's sortie #1 with JG4 splitting up into Bf109s & Bf110s on the autumn map marauding up and down the southeastern part of England. And this is sortie #2 which was flown on the regular summer map after the server changed maps with a mixed formation of He111s & Bf109s. Love how that Blenheim at the very beginning charged at the airfield, must have been quite shocked to see so many Bf109s flying about ^^
  19. I think you are vastly overestimating the La-5s performance, we're not getting the FN version, we are getting basically the very first serial produced version... which was balls...seriously
  20. What has helped in my case is setting the control curves to perfectly linear within BoS for all axis and applying 3-4% of deadzone around the center, aircraft are a lot less jumpy now !
  21. Week 3 video with both the Bf109F-4 & LaGG-3S29 in action
  22. This isnt WarThunder, meaning you wont be able to rearm after landing and get back up instantly in a single player mission. In real life rearming and refueling would take a good hour or so (including basic check ups). I am sure however that online you'll be able to just land, hit refly and get back into a cockpit with minimum time loss like is the case in most sims these days...
  23. 2nd week, 2nd video, this time with the Friedrich! What a beautiful aircraft, the external model is really gorgeous but unfortunately I cannot express the same enthusiasm about the cockpits, they feel somewhat lacking in feel compared to CloD. In the air the Friedrich is a real thoroughbred and handles beautifully but the landings can be challenging. The 109 does bounce a lot more on touchdown than the LaGG-3 which is the reason why I succeed in messing my gear up on the very first touch&go landing in the video. That however is not a bad thing as I get to show off the damage modelling in the 2nd landing. Thereafter 2 good landings at night and a friendly encounter with a pair of 109s.
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