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  1. On 7/31/2020 at 5:30 PM, LLv34_Flanker said:

    80. The Ju-88A cockpit. You can transfer fuel, select tanks etc. Gunner is a bit creepy though 


    The Bf110 also allows to transfer fuel between tanks btw!

    Also my 2c:


    88. Tracers which are only visible over a reasonable distance and cannot be spotted for miles.

    89. One of the best contact spotting systems around. And it can easily be adjusted by the server.

    90. G-lock modelling that isn't too punishing or too forgiving.

  2. From the store page



    In this exciting new IL-2 STURMOVIK: CLIFFS OF DOVER - BLITZ add-On, you can fly with the Regia Aeronautica, the Luftwaffe or the Royal Air Force. Experience everything from 1940 biplane dogfights between Gladiators and CR-42's to clashes between sleek Macchis and rugged Kittyhawks in 1941-42. Fly stubby Martlets, sturdy Hurricanes and the graceful Spitfire in combat against deadly Messerschmitts as they battle over this far-flung part of the globe. 


    Stubbyness confirmed 👍


    As for what to fly first:

    Bf109E-7 trop and after that the Stubby Mk.III

  3. 10 minutes ago, simfan2015 said:
    It is not yet appearing in my steam library either (only CloD itself ... of course)
    Would be crazy *not* to buy this work-of-love that had been a WIP for so many years ! 
    Good Luck and succes to the team !


    There won't be another entry in Steam for Desert Wings. It is DLC so runs off the same game entry.

    On launch day you will see that your Cliffs of Dover: Blitz receives an update. Once that is downloaded you should have 5.0 and Tobruk installed!


    And indeed: Good luck and success to Team Fusion Simulations! 😎

  4. 17 hours ago, ATAG_Flare said:

    It's almost impossible to blow engines on the planes with the constant speed props, Spitfire Ia, Hurricane Rotol, 109 E-4, etc. Just set the rpm to 2800 on the merlins and you're good to go. You can basically firewall the E-4 with radiators mostly open and you can fly it around like that for ages.


    Yes, you can run full power pretty much indefinitely with fully open rads but that way you wont get anywhere near max speed out of the aircraft. In the Bf109s getting the most speed out of the aircraft is tricky business. The prop pitch automation is very helpful in a dogfight because it takes workload off the pilot but in a high speed chase situation (chasing or being chased) it is best to go manual and manage rpms yourself as in some variants the automation runs too high rpms which can and will lead to overheating and engine damage. It takes experience and quick reactions to handle rpms, radiators and the aircraft itself all at the same time.

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  5. 19 hours ago, HRc_Tumu said:

    Lets compare Bf110g vs Yak1b


    Data we know :


    BF-110 height : 4975 kg - 1100 HP x2 (2200hp)  sealevel

    Yak-1b Height; 2330 kg - 1240 HP sealevel


    Sry but the data you are starting with is complete bonkers.

    I dont know where you got your weight values from but these seem rather like empty weights, not normal takeoff weights.


    The Bf110G-2 weighted ~7500kg on takeoff (full fuel, full ammo, no external stores)

    The Yak-1B weighted ~2900kg on takeoff (full fuel, full ammo)


    Engine power for the Bf110s DB605As was 1310PS at Combat, 1475hp at WEP rating, both attained at sea level.

    Engine power for the M-105PF was 1260hp on takeoff (max).

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  6. All depends on the Spitfire model, there's basically 3 types of props modelled in game:


    Spitfire Mk.I - 2 pitch prop that only allows to switch between fine and coarse. In theory it's the fastest Mk.I in level flight at altitude but the worst to fly and fight in as you are stuck with the option of either over- or underreving the engine.


    Spitfire Mk.I 100octane - Has a variable pitch propeller and allows for the use of +12 lbs boost. It's lighter and a tad faster than the Mk.Ia as it lacks the bulletproof windshield. However the disadvantages with this model are that 1) you have to constantly adjust prop pitch on the fly based on boost, engine rpm and air speed and that 2) due to limits of the prop itself the engine will overrev at full power in a high speed dive. You have to reduce power as well in order to avoid engine damage. In terms of handling and workload it is comparable to the E-1 and E-3 models of the Bf109.


    Spitfire Mk.Ia 100oct/IIa - Both have a Rotol CSP which allows to set a desired engine rpm and the prop mechanism will automatically adjust prop blade incidence to keep said rpm, "fire and forget" so to say. By far the easiest in terms of handling, takes a lot of workload off the pilot during flight.

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  7. Was definitely a good call to put priority on the C.202 over the C.200.

    For all I know the Macchi fighters (200, 202, 205) shared a lot of common components (wings, tail surfaces, etc.) so it might be a relatively easy job to transform the 202 into a 200 for a future expansion. On the other hand if it's not quite as easy I'd rather see time and effort being put into a more unique aircraft, such as the Re.2001 of which a reasonable number (for Italian proportions) of aircraft was produced.

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  8. On 7/4/2020 at 8:23 AM, LesG said:

    Sieht nach einer rundum gelungen M.C. 202 aus.

    Ich freu mich riesig und wenn die Bredas so umgesetzt sind wie in der G.50 in CloD (nicht zuviel - nicht zu wenig) dann bin ich absolut zufrieden.


    Es sind dieselben Bredas auf CR.42, G.50 und C.202, mit derselben Auswahl an Geschossen. Die Bewaffnung wird der größte Schwachpunkt der Macchi, vor allem da die Gegenseite mit 5.0 waffentechnisch aufrüstet mit (noch) mehr MGs oder gar Kanonen. Außerdem sind die Bredas auch zu mittelmäßig was Feuerrate, Ballistik und Durchschlagskraft anbelangt, aber das war in der Realität auch so.

  9. On 7/2/2020 at 5:33 AM, No.54_Reddog said:

    The questions about what will be in the release haven't been answered except for a "the plane list is in the other thread".


    Plane wise we're looking at these new additions:

    Not guaranteeing this is 100% correct



    Bf108B-2 (normal & trop)

    Bf109E-7 & subvariants including E-7Z with GM-1


    Bf109F-2 & subvariants

    Bf109F-4 & subvariants including F-4Z with GM-1

    Bf110C tropicalized models

    He111H-2 trop

    He111H-6 (normal & trop)

    Ju87B-2 trop

    Ju88A-5 & subvariants + Tropical


    Ju88C-2 & subvariants + Tropical

    Ju88 C-4 & subvariants + Tropical


    Regia Aeronautica

    CR.42 (normal & trop)

    C.202 Series III (normal and alta quota)

    C.202 Series VII (normal and alta quota)

    G.50 trop

    BR.20 trop


    French Air Force / Vichy Air Force



    Royal Air Force

    Beaufighter Mk.IC (normal & trop)

    Beaufighter Mk.IF late (normal & trop)

    Beaufighter MK.I NF late (normal & trop)

    Blenheim Mk.IV early/late trop

    Blenheim Mk.IVF early/late trop

    Blenheim Mk.IVNF early/late trop

    Gladiator Mk.II (normal & trop)

    Hurricane Mk.IFB trop

    Hurricane Mk.IIa (normal & trop)

    Hurricane Mk.IIb & subvariants

    Hurricane Mk.IIc & subvariants

    Hurricane Mk.IId (normal & trop)

    Kittyhawk Mk.IA (normal & trop)

    Martlet III

    Spitfire Mk.IIb

    Spitfire Mk.Va

    Spitfire Mk.Vb & subvariants + Tropical

    Tomahawk Mk.IIb early/late (normal & trop)

    Wellington Mk.IA (normal & trop)

    Wellington Mk.IC & subvariants

    Wellington Mk IC Torpedo (quite different from normal IC)


    (Edited by Buzzsaw to correct)

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  10. 17 minutes ago, theOden said:

    Thanks for that Martlet link Buzzaw.

    I got a bit surprised by this note:


    I think what the note means is that it was the fastest carrier-borne fighter available to the FAA in 1940/41. If you look at what else they had available at the time (Sea Gladiator, Blackburn Skua & Roc) this may very well have been the fastest one at the time of its service entry.

  11. 26 minutes ago, Tomi_099 said:

    Interesting question ..:russian_ru:


    . I don't quite understand it ... the same company or? ...


    Same publisher (1CGS) but not the same developer. CloD and Tobruk are developed by Team Fusion Simulations, Great Battles is developed by 777 Studio.

    Also I think you are greatly underestimating the amount of work that goes into getting a plane to work in a sim. Building a fancy 3D model is just one part of a long and tedious process.

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  12. I can highly recommend the following two books on the Bf109.


    Vogt Messerschmitt Bf 109 Versuchs Erprobungsträger Weg zur Serienproduktion


    Vogt Messerschmitt Bf 109 Einsatzmaschinen - Das Nachschlagwerk Luftfahrt


    22 hours ago, AndytotheD said:

    So if not a late model G-6, what would a G-10 offer between the G-14 and K-4?


    Think of it as a K-4 that's 70kg lighter but 20-25kmh slower at all altitudes due to the lack of a fully rectractable tail wheel, wheel covers etc. Could fit either a 20mm MG 151/20 or 30mm Mk 108 just like the G-14. It was basically an attempt to mate K-series performance with G-series airframes on existing production lanes.

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