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  1. I can highly recommend the following two books on the Bf109.


    Vogt Messerschmitt Bf 109 Versuchs Erprobungsträger Weg zur Serienproduktion


    Vogt Messerschmitt Bf 109 Einsatzmaschinen - Das Nachschlagwerk Luftfahrt


    22 hours ago, AndytotheD said:

    So if not a late model G-6, what would a G-10 offer between the G-14 and K-4?


    Think of it as a K-4 that's 70kg lighter but 20-25kmh slower at all altitudes due to the lack of a fully rectractable tail wheel, wheel covers etc. Could fit either a 20mm MG 151/20 or 30mm Mk 108 just like the G-14. It was basically an attempt to mate K-series performance with G-series airframes on existing production lanes.

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  2. The easiest way to install ReShade is to just copy the Launcher64.exe into the parts/core folder and then direct the ReShade installer towards that. Btw I recommend using 3.1.2 and not the latest version of ReShade which has caused a few crashes for me.

  3. Bf110C-2


    DB601A engines with early supercharger, no armor (thus lightest of all Bf110s currently ingame), MG FF cannons, no prop-pitch automation


    Bf110C-4 Late


    Same as the C-4 except for the addition of the prop pitch automation

    DB601A engines with late supercharger, armor installed, MG FF/M cannons, prop pitch automation



    Fighter bomber

    Same as the C-4 Late except for the addition of a bombrack and different engines

    DB601Aa engines, armor installed, MG FF/M cannons, prop pitch automation, bombrack




    Same as the C-4 Late except for different engines

    DB601N engines, armor installed, MG FF/M cannons



    Night Fighter

    Same as the C-4 except for a night fighter gunsight & reticle

    DB601A engines, armor installed, MG FF/M cannons, no prop pitch automation



    Ground attacker

    Same as the C-4/N except for a lack of 20mm cannons and installation of the 30mm Mk 101 cannon in an underbelly pod instead

    DB601N engines, armor installed, Mk 101 cannon, prop pitch automation

  4. Relative to this issue, don´t forget that a real tactic of the lufwaffe pilots were pulling the enemy fighter in to a vertical combat, in the engine supercharger inter-stage altitude, (about 12,000 ft or 3,500 mt.) for over-performing them.

    I think that the lacht of power that Merlin engine suffered at that altitude, must be accuratelly modelled, and you don´t mencioned this thing here.

    I hope that you had thinking to modelled this feature too. 


    The Merlin III and XII currently modelled are single-speed, single-stage engines, there therefore is no "inter-stage" or supercharger gap. Even the Merlin 40/50 series found on the Spitfire Mk.V only had a single-speed, single-stage supercharger. Only the Merlin XX of the Hurricane Mk.II that's coming in 5.0 is going to have a two-speed supercharger.

  5. The mineshell is not based on fragmentation, it's using the blast effect of the explosion to overstress parts of the aircraft structure, hence the very large filler in a thin walled shell. For fragmentation purposes the MG FF/M & MG 151/20 fired other rounds, such as the Panzersprenggranate, Brandsprenggranate, etc.

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  6. - Refine FMs


    All of the FMs are going to be extensively reworked for TF 4.5 now that the atmosphere density bug has been found and eliminated. Other than the handling at high altitudes I personally dont see anything fundamentally wrong with them though.



    - Fluid cockpit animations


    Care to elaborate on this? What animations specifically?



    - cleaned up HUD


    The HUD is as cleaned up as you make it. CloD lets you customize what you see on your screen in terms of information.




    - better structured controll settings (getting lost there each time)


    Not sure if that is on TF's radar. It definitely is cluttered but you dont need an aweful many controls set up to get started.



    - improved loading times


    Loading times on a modern PC are round about the same as with BoX in my experience. Also keep in mind that CloD supports a lot of units to be placed on the map at the same time which can cause longer load times.



    - shader optimisations (tweak the blueish gloss on aircraft)


    Havent noticed a blueish gloss myself, maybe it's connected to your monitor setup? 


    - higher resolution textures for external aircraft models


    CloD currently supports 2048x2048 aircraft textures, not sure if 4K textures are planned for the future.



    - pilot PoV save option


    Not sure if that is being considered.



    - possebility to refuel and rearm on the airfield


    This is already possible online on the ATAG server through mission scripting. Only applies for onboard weaponry though, bombs cannot be rearmed via the script. You'll have to take a new plane for that.

  7. Dihydrogen Monoxide is an Explosive.


    I'm just going to assume you are being sarcastic...


    Reading through this thread I'm at a point where I'd take anything as being meant seriously lol

  8. Re-release of CloD possible, no point buying it now? 


    As stated in the release here:





    3. Within a number of months, TFS releases a new edition of the original game. This will have all the current TF 4.312 'mods', but this time these work-arounds and adaptions will be properly written to the Source Code, and the game will also be upgraded to DX11. In addition, we will provide a number of 'extras' over what is currently in TF 4.312. We can't say what these will be at this point, but we are sure the community will appreciate them. This 'new' game will replace the old one on Steam, and will be a free upgrade to those who already own CLIFFS.


    current owners of the game will get the re-release for free!


    Kurt Welter's video...not mine..........You'd think a wing would come off once and a while. The one that does is a Hurricane


    People get obsessed at times about the Spitfires' wing strength. Yes, their wings are too strong compared to the other fighters in Cliffs but they can be brought down like any other. Hit them with MGs or cannons and you're bound to do damage. Engines will break, radiators will burst, control cables will snap, weapons will be wrecked, fuel tanks will get punctured, pilots will be gunned down,...


    I'm fairly sure that the discrepancy in the strength of the various aircraft and their airframes will be dealt with in time for TF 5.0 when the RAF starts getting their cannons Spits & Hurris!

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  10. Trained in first line.. disciplined... sometimes ;-)

    When it comes to Karaya there is a lot of natural talent... we have another pilot with that, JG4_DUI. Nobody really gets what they are doing, even people that have spent way more time in CloD than Karaya and DUI... For some reason, they are just outstanding...




    As for turn fighting in the Bf109E in Cliffs: I would not advise going for it deliberately but it can be done successfully, especially when adding the rolling element as the Spit & Hurri are fairly poor in regards to roll rate. I have seen many Spits go into the drink in a low level turning fight because of the fairly small margin between controlled flight & stall. And as in every dogfight really individual pilot skill plays a large role.



    No matter how good the violin may be, much depends on the violinist.


    However in Cliffs there simply is no reason for a Bf109 to engage in a turn fight because with its speed, climb rate & diving ability it can dictate most fights against its British opposition. It is all a matter of being patient and picking those fights you actually stand a good chance of winning.

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  11. 520kmh auf 0m gilt bei der FW190A-3 für Steig- & Kampfleistung. Mit Notleistung sind 20kmh mehr drin. Der beigefügte Bericht zeigt erflogene Leistungen für beide Leistungsentnahmen bei einem Startgewicht von 3850kg (also ohne den MG FF/M am Flügelrand).




    Wenn ich mir die gesammelten Werte so ansehen sind alle Maschinen auf 0m gut 25 - 30kmh zu schnell...

  12. Because G-2 have no extreme engine mode, and F-4 have. But both have combat mode. And in combat mode they have same power.

    Combat mode for G-2 - 100% throttle

    Combat mode for F-4 - 80% throttle


    Both have combat modes but these do NOT have the same power because they feature entirely different engines. As I stated before Kampf & Steigleistung for the Bf109G-2 (1310PS) is more or less equivalent to Notleistung in the Bf109F-4 (1350PS). Kampfleistung for the Bf109F-4 would be around 1200PS...

  13. Check your history on DB605A at the time of Stalingrad


    Cheers Daklpilot


    What are you hinting at!? 1.3ata is the restricted boost, unrestricted the DB605A would achieve 1475hp @ 1.42ata & 2800rpm. I think you need to check yours...

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