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  1. Es sind dieselben Bredas auf CR.42, G.50 und C.202, mit derselben Auswahl an Geschossen. Die Bewaffnung wird der größte Schwachpunkt der Macchi, vor allem da die Gegenseite mit 5.0 waffentechnisch aufrüstet mit (noch) mehr MGs oder gar Kanonen. Außerdem sind die Bredas auch zu mittelmäßig was Feuerrate, Ballistik und Durchschlagskraft anbelangt, aber das war in der Realität auch so.
  2. Plane wise we're looking at these new additions: Not guaranteeing this is 100% correct Luftwaffe Bf108B-2 (normal & trop) Bf109E-7 & subvariants including E-7Z with GM-1 Bf109F-1 Bf109F-2 & subvariants Bf109F-4 & subvariants including F-4Z with GM-1 Bf110C tropicalized models He111H-2 trop He111H-6 (normal & trop) Ju87B-2 trop Ju88A-5 & subvariants + Tropical Ju-88C-1 Ju88C-2 & subvariants + Tropical Ju88 C-4 & subvariants + Tropical Regia Aeronautica CR.42 (normal & trop) C.202 Series III (normal and alta quota) C.202 Series VII (normal and alta quota) G.50 trop BR.20 trop French Air Force / Vichy Air Force D.520 Royal Air Force Beaufighter Mk.IC (normal & trop) Beaufighter Mk.IF late (normal & trop) Beaufighter MK.I NF late (normal & trop) Blenheim Mk.IV early/late trop Blenheim Mk.IVF early/late trop Blenheim Mk.IVNF early/late trop Gladiator Mk.II (normal & trop) Hurricane Mk.IFB trop Hurricane Mk.IIa (normal & trop) Hurricane Mk.IIb & subvariants Hurricane Mk.IIc & subvariants Hurricane Mk.IId (normal & trop) Kittyhawk Mk.IA (normal & trop) Martlet III Spitfire Mk.IIb Spitfire Mk.Va Spitfire Mk.Vb & subvariants + Tropical Tomahawk Mk.IIb early/late (normal & trop) Wellington Mk.IA (normal & trop) Wellington Mk.IC & subvariants Wellington Mk IC Torpedo (quite different from normal IC) (Edited by Buzzsaw to correct)
  3. I think what the note means is that it was the fastest carrier-borne fighter available to the FAA in 1940/41. If you look at what else they had available at the time (Sea Gladiator, Blackburn Skua & Roc) this may very well have been the fastest one at the time of its service entry.
  4. Same publisher (1CGS) but not the same developer. CloD and Tobruk are developed by Team Fusion Simulations, Great Battles is developed by 777 Studio. Also I think you are greatly underestimating the amount of work that goes into getting a plane to work in a sim. Building a fancy 3D model is just one part of a long and tedious process.
  5. Some dogfighting highlights from 2 solo sorties flying the Spitfire Mk.Ia. And another solo hunt in the Spitfire Mk.Ia
  6. Taking the Bf109E-1 out on a lone wolf sortie in battle-torn French skies.
  7. I can highly recommend the following two books on the Bf109. Think of it as a K-4 that's 70kg lighter but 20-25kmh slower at all altitudes due to the lack of a fully rectractable tail wheel, wheel covers etc. Could fit either a 20mm MG 151/20 or 30mm Mk 108 just like the G-14. It was basically an attempt to mate K-series performance with G-series airframes on existing production lanes.
  8. My condolences to his family & friends. Rest in peace Kwiatek...
  9. Better not hold your breath over the 200. You already got your answer.
  10. JG4_Karaya

    ReShade + CoD

    You can get any version released via the official site. Just take the download link and change the version number accordingly. Btw 3.1.2 works perfectly fine with Blitz. https://reshade.me/downloads/ReShade_Setup_3.1.2.exe
  11. JG4_Karaya

    ReShade + CoD

  12. JG4_Karaya

    ReShade + CoD

    The easiest way to install ReShade is to just copy the Launcher64.exe into the parts/core folder and then direct the ReShade installer towards that. Btw I recommend using 3.1.2 and not the latest version of ReShade which has caused a few crashes for me.
  13. 4 engines, look again. Also the DBs all have automatic superchargers.
  14. Bf110C-2 Fighter DB601A engines with early supercharger, no armor (thus lightest of all Bf110s currently ingame), MG FF cannons, no prop-pitch automation Bf110C-4 Late Fighter Same as the C-4 except for the addition of the prop pitch automation DB601A engines with late supercharger, armor installed, MG FF/M cannons, prop pitch automation Bf110C-4/B Fighter bomber Same as the C-4 Late except for the addition of a bombrack and different engines DB601Aa engines, armor installed, MG FF/M cannons, prop pitch automation, bombrack Bf110C-4/N Fighter Same as the C-4 Late except for different engines DB601N engines, armor installed, MG FF/M cannons Bf110C-4NJG Night Fighter Same as the C-4 except for a night fighter gunsight & reticle DB601A engines, armor installed, MG FF/M cannons, no prop pitch automation Bf110C-6 Ground attacker Same as the C-4/N except for a lack of 20mm cannons and installation of the 30mm Mk 101 cannon in an underbelly pod instead DB601N engines, armor installed, Mk 101 cannon, prop pitch automation
  15. This! Since the protective plates (on the aircraft that had them) have been introduced in the latest beta fuel tank fires have become noticeably less common.
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