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  1. I can highly recommend the following two books on the Bf109. Think of it as a K-4 that's 70kg lighter but 20-25kmh slower at all altitudes due to the lack of a fully rectractable tail wheel, wheel covers etc. Could fit either a 20mm MG 151/20 or 30mm Mk 108 just like the G-14. It was basically an attempt to mate K-series performance with G-series airframes on existing production lanes.
  2. My condolences to his family & friends. Rest in peace Kwiatek...
  3. Better not hold your breath over the 200. You already got your answer.
  4. JG4_Karaya

    ReShade + CoD

    You can get any version released via the official site. Just take the download link and change the version number accordingly. Btw 3.1.2 works perfectly fine with Blitz. https://reshade.me/downloads/ReShade_Setup_3.1.2.exe
  5. JG4_Karaya

    ReShade + CoD

  6. JG4_Karaya

    ReShade + CoD

    The easiest way to install ReShade is to just copy the Launcher64.exe into the parts/core folder and then direct the ReShade installer towards that. Btw I recommend using 3.1.2 and not the latest version of ReShade which has caused a few crashes for me.
  7. 4 engines, look again. Also the DBs all have automatic superchargers.
  8. Bf110C-2 Fighter DB601A engines with early supercharger, no armor (thus lightest of all Bf110s currently ingame), MG FF cannons, no prop-pitch automation Bf110C-4 Late Fighter Same as the C-4 except for the addition of the prop pitch automation DB601A engines with late supercharger, armor installed, MG FF/M cannons, prop pitch automation Bf110C-4/B Fighter bomber Same as the C-4 Late except for the addition of a bombrack and different engines DB601Aa engines, armor installed, MG FF/M cannons, prop pitch automation, bombrack Bf110C-4/N Fighter Same as the C-4 Late except for different engines DB601N engines, armor installed, MG FF/M cannons Bf110C-4NJG Night Fighter Same as the C-4 except for a night fighter gunsight & reticle DB601A engines, armor installed, MG FF/M cannons, no prop pitch automation Bf110C-6 Ground attacker Same as the C-4/N except for a lack of 20mm cannons and installation of the 30mm Mk 101 cannon in an underbelly pod instead DB601N engines, armor installed, Mk 101 cannon, prop pitch automation
  9. This! Since the protective plates (on the aircraft that had them) have been introduced in the latest beta fuel tank fires have become noticeably less common.
  10. No, that's the "only 2 guns have tracers because I set it up this way" feature.
  11. The Merlin III and XII currently modelled are single-speed, single-stage engines, there therefore is no "inter-stage" or supercharger gap. Even the Merlin 40/50 series found on the Spitfire Mk.V only had a single-speed, single-stage supercharger. Only the Merlin XX of the Hurricane Mk.II that's coming in 5.0 is going to have a two-speed supercharger.
  12. The mineshell is not based on fragmentation, it's using the blast effect of the explosion to overstress parts of the aircraft structure, hence the very large filler in a thin walled shell. For fragmentation purposes the MG FF/M & MG 151/20 fired other rounds, such as the Panzersprenggranate, Brandsprenggranate, etc.
  13. All of the FMs are going to be extensively reworked for TF 4.5 now that the atmosphere density bug has been found and eliminated. Other than the handling at high altitudes I personally dont see anything fundamentally wrong with them though. Care to elaborate on this? What animations specifically? The HUD is as cleaned up as you make it. CloD lets you customize what you see on your screen in terms of information. Not sure if that is on TF's radar. It definitely is cluttered but you dont need an aweful many controls set up to get started. Loading times on a modern PC are round about the same as with BoX in my experience. Also keep in mind that CloD supports a lot of units to be placed on the map at the same time which can cause longer load times. Havent noticed a blueish gloss myself, maybe it's connected to your monitor setup? CloD currently supports 2048x2048 aircraft textures, not sure if 4K textures are planned for the future. Not sure if that is being considered. This is already possible online on the ATAG server through mission scripting. Only applies for onboard weaponry though, bombs cannot be rearmed via the script. You'll have to take a new plane for that.
  14. Late to the party... Here's a video of last week's action
  15. I'm just going to assume you are being sarcastic... Reading through this thread I'm at a point where I'd take anything as being meant seriously lol
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