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  1. The Tomahawk Mk.I did not have aileron trim, the Mk.II supposedly had it.
  2. As did the Japanese who used the same calibre (12.7x81SR, essentially the .50 Vickers) as the Italians on their Ho-103 machine guns. Their HE round was loosely based on the Italian round but with several detail improvements. See also here: http://www.doug-and-dusty.com/Head_Stamps/Japanese 12.7x81SR.pdf
  3. I do wonder why the Italian air force did not put effort into developing a domestic 20mm cannon. It wasnt until the Series 5 fighters of 1943 that Italian aircraft were armed with cannons in significant numbers. And even then the cannons were Mauser MG151/20s which had to be imported from Germany. Maybe it would have been wise to acquire a production licence for the MG FF early on so that C.202s and similar could have been armed with a pair of cannons in the wings like the Emil. That would have seriously boosted their firepower.
  4. The ballistics are the biggest problem. Muzzle velocity of the Breda 12.7mm is not nearly as high as that of the US AN/M2 .50Cal so you have to get closer to your opponent before firing and high angle deflection shots are a lot more difficult. That said however I have scored quite a few pilot kills even from dead 6. The armor on most aircraft does not provide enough protection against anything larger than rifle calibre. Engines are also very allergic to the Bredas and can be destroyed with a few good hits. So my advice is to aim for engine and cockpit if possible, anything else is a waste of time and ammo.
  5. Was fun to take part in. There will be videos of this event "soon-ish".
  6. How about you set up a belt for it that has tracers? Not a problem with the game but with the user setup.
  7. I find speed to be the most valuable trait of the C.202. It is one of the fastest fighters up to around 5000m and only outclassed in this regard by +16 lbs Spit Vs and the Bf109F which is testimony of the C.202s clean aerodynamics as it's powered by what is essentially a 1939 engine. I also find it surprisingly agile keeping in mind the wing and power loading isnt all that great.
  8. The update isnt out yet. This is just the changelog.
  9. I'm usually the "less is more" kinda guy who prefers a reduced takeoff weight over more firepower but with the Macchi I feel like every little bit helps and even the 7.7mm MGs can start an engine fire or shoot out controls. The two 12.7mm Bredas on their own leave a lot to be desired. Besides the two machine guns do not add a lot of weight and drag as they are fitted almost flush with the wings leading edge. Only a tiny bit of the gun barrel sticks out. In CloD there's a number of projectiles to choose from: Ball, AP, I, APT, API
  10. Pick the Series III then. The only difference between III and VII ingame is the armament.
  11. That would have to be a seperate map then I suppose. I dont think the existing map can just be expanded.
  12. Flying both sides usually clears up all of the one-sided claims of "but the other side has it better". I can only recommend everybody to leave their comfort zone once in a while and change sides for an evening. May open an eye or two... High speeds do increase cooling efficiency. In high speed level flight you can run both 109s and Spits at their respective full power for extended periods with their coolant radiators about 35-40% open. Try the same radiator openings in a climb and the engine will be toast very soon. What I am concerned about is that the radiator automation on the 109Fs isnt working well at all. It keeps an unnecessarily wide radiator opening in almost all flight regimes which causes excessive drag. It's as if you left the rads manually at 90% open all the time.
  13. The way it is modelled on the German aircraft is actually more logical. Increasing a propellers pitch will cause it to grip more of the surrounding air --> air resistance increases which results in the engine and prop turning less quickly. Decreasing a propellers pitch will cause it to grip less of the surrounding air --> air resistance decreases which results in the engine and prop turning more quickly. TLDR: An increase in prop pitch should result in a decrease of rpms, a decrease in prop pitch should result in an increase of rpms.
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