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  1. You are a rarity. Most folks aren't going to have that kind of setup which is why I bring it up. I've got the Thrusmaster Warthog and HOTAS setup myself, so I've got all the bells and whistles too. But still...having the ability to virtually "push and pull" buttons and levers in game would be a welcome addition and should be on IL-2's radar as more and more people start to move to VR piloting.
  2. IL-2 is by far my go to VR flight simulator..but I do really enjoy the DCS feature in game of being able to actually push buttons, use levers, etc by simply mousing over them (or in VR look at them via my headset then select). As one downside of VR for many people is not seeing the keyboard..adding a feature similar to DCS would be a huge addition for the VR junkies who don't have the means to use muscle memory on their HOTAS setup, etc. Any ideas of if IL-2 has or is considering a feature upgrade like this?
  3. Anyone in here proclaiming that VR is "dying" is completely out of touch. https://www.statista.com/statistics/591181/global-augmented-virtual-reality-market-size/ VR market expected to go from 9 billion to over 160 billion in the next 5 years. Not exactly the death march some on here are proclaiming. I've done both Track IR and VR.... Track IR can't hold VR's jockstrap when it comes to full immersion. It's not even a discussion. Yes...Track IR lets you use your pancake monitor..but being able to flick your neck like an owl and see 180 degrees behind you on that same monitor is not even comparable to seeing the entire plane around you....feel the claustrophobia of sitting in an 109 cockpit. I even put my tower fan on me for extra immersion while I play. I've got monstertech attachments, a Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS setup..... it's just a different level all around. I don't care about competitive MP...I mostly fly SP and I fly for fun. With that in mind....VR is absolutely mind blowing in every way.
  4. I'm a life long intel guy but that was an impressive keynote. Impressive performance increases across the board. Should come in handy in VR applications.
  5. Yup, This video seems to back up the the idea that folks are overblowing how "horrible" the Reverb WMR tracking is. Looks fine to me.
  6. To me, unless the Valve Index reviews are out of this world...I plan on going with the HP Reverb and utilize the lighthouse system for improved tracking. Every single individual who has reviewed the Reverb has said the picture quality is light years ahead of any other consumer grade HMD on the market. To me..that's the number one selling point.
  7. I have an Oculus Rift and have been using it since Dec of 2017. I just bought an Oculus Quest yesterday and my brother drove over last night to spend Memorial weekend here and he brought over his new Oculus Rift S as well so we have the entire array of Oculus headsets in my house right now lol. I'll say this...I'm very impressed with the Rift S. I flew 2 sorties with it last night and I can back up what others are saying....it is much clearer than the Rift with spotting much easier from distance as well. I also tried out the Auto ASW that folks have been raving about and it too is very impressive. The flight was buttery smooth with ASW on with no weird effects that were noticeable by me. I'm running an i7-8700k with a 1080ti and I ended up moving my supersampling back from 1.7 to 1.4 and the visuals were super impressive. Personally, I'm probably still gonna wait to decide on my upgrade for the PC headset (want to see Index reviews, may go with Pimax for FOV) but I'm definitely now considering going with a Rift S as well. Very nice headset..comfortable too. Only downside is the lack of built in headphones but that is reasily remedied. Sidenote...Get an Oculus Quest if you can. It's a blast, can take it anywhere and the games are very impressive for a mobile VR platform. Just my .02.
  8. Yeah, it's been said before...but there is just no going back to 2D Flight simming after experiencing IL-2 (or DCS or any flight sim) in VR. It's the single biggest "Wow" moment I've had since first getting a Nintendo back in the mid 80s. I've got the Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS and Throttle, plus monstertech table mounts...plus flight pedals. That combined with VR is basically Flight Sim Nirvana.
  9. Agreed. The clientele who are looking at a 1500.00 Headset will be the same clientele that will have a high end rig to use it with. If it's as amazing as it sounds....being the enthusiast that I am....I definitely may purchase one. But if it's not as amazing as it sounds...there would definitely be some buyers remorse. That's a massive jump in price compared to a Rift or Vive.
  10. I run a 1080ti with an 8700k. I have ultra settings and run Oculus tray tool at 1.7. I get at or near 90 FPS for the vast majority of my missions...excluding small moments of heavy activity but it's barely noticeable. I went from a 970 to a 1080ti and a 4670k to the 8700k. No clue what the difference would be from 1070 to 1080ti but I get great performance out of them as expected. Draw distance is a big factor IMO. Once I tweaked those it got even smoother.
  11. THIS. P-51 Mustang, P-47 Thunderbolt, P-38 Lighting....these are the iconic American Fighters most of us knew growing up, along with the Pacific Theater carrier fighters like the Hellcat, Wildcat and the Corsair. And yes...having English speaking radio chatter will be a welcome addition too.
  12. I bought some of their table mounts and I HIGHLY recommend them. Unbelievable quality and are easily able to clamp/unclamp to my desk in seconds. They have several items that are very impressive. Anyone else use any of Monstertech's accessories? Website: https://www.monstertech.de/en/product/joystick-hotas-table-mount/ My setup
  13. *Re-reads Bodenplatte plane list* How do you not have the iconic B-17 in there? I.... I need a moment.
  14. I would venture to say most American IL-2 players are pumped to see the P-51 mustang in game. That is what I'm most looking forward to flying (in VR of course!).
  15. Can't wait for the first US planes to be available. As much as I enjoy flying the German and Russian planes..it will be nice to understand the voices come out of my radio again. lol Also...the idea of flying a B-17 bombing mission in VR makes me all happy in my face.
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