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  1. Until Intel gets their tech up to the level of AMD, I see little reason to buy Intel for a few FPS more when the newer AMD chips annihilate Intel chips in every other conceivable category. I'm still running my 8700k but I plan on moving to AMD when I look for a new CPU, barring some amazing announcement from Intel.
  2. I had a CV1 and upgrade to the Rift S. I'm really really happy with my Rift S purchase. Picture quality is a nice improvement over the CV1, it's comfortable, it's a breeze to setup and use and the Oculus library of games can't be beat in addition to flying in IL-2. I also have a Quest but I've not tried the link cable with it. I don't see the point as I already have a Rift S for my PC-VR and the Rift S is a more comfortable headset to boot with better resolution than Quest + Link cable. But I love both the Rift S and Quest as headsets and what they can do.
  3. Sure there is...go into the main menu..go to settings...guardian..turn off guardian. I do it everytime I play any of my sit down games.
  4. You can turn the boundary off in your settings in game. That's what I do whenever I play a seated game. Then just flip it back on when needed in other games.
  5. I’m loving the rift S as well and agree with all of the above. That 2160 x 2160 resolution is an attractive draw. Really interested in how it looks in person but yes, resolution and performance have been outstanding w my rift S. I’d be keeping both if I did pull the trigger.
  6. So I'm seeing a lot of really positive youtube vids regarding clarity of the Reverb and IL-2. I love my Rift S..but I'm tempted to grab a reverb for mainly IL-2 and DCS. I've got an 8700k/1080ti setup. Is it worth grabbing a reverb?
  7. I'm using Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS setup so I've got tons of buttons that all feel different so it's pretty easy for me after playing so long to know where the button I'm looking for is by feel. I also have a keyboard that has indentions on the A and J keys so it's easy for me to find keys there as well. Sidenote...I've also got Monstertech Desk Clamps for both my Joystick and Throttle and they are without a doubt the best investment I've made yet for my gaming setup. Last forever and super easy to clamp on/off to my desk.
  8. I have both a Quest and a Rift S and, to me, the Rift S is MUCH more comfortable than the Quest. Even with buying some of the extra support from VR cover for the Quest, it's still not as comfortable as the Rift S. I can play for 2-3 hours straight in Rift S without any issues comfort wise.
  9. Personally, I'm using a Rift S with 8700k/1080ti and I think all of the IL2 VR games I have (Flying Circus, BOS, BOM, BOB) look fantastic in VR. No..they aren't in 4k..but they definitely don't look blurry with my eyes and the thrill of being "in" the game in VR completely dwarfs any decrease in resolution regardless. As for the other portion of the original post...for the money...going from a 1080ti to a 2080ti isn't worth it at the moment. If you are running with at least an 8700k CPU and a 1080ti GPU...the $$$ cost in going to a 9700k, etc. and a 2080ti is so much higher than the actual performance gains that it doesn't make sense IMO unless you have money to burn. Regardless....I think the current iteration of IL2 in VR...performance, graphics, etc.....is pretty fantastic and has come quite a long way from the initial offering. Just my .02.
  10. VR is the most amazing advancement in gaming since the original Nintendo. It absolutely blew me away the first time I flew in VR.
  11. Two completely different things. And personally....no Monitor ever made can hold a candle to the "wow" factor of feeling completely immersed in a dogfight in VR. It's not even a comparison for me.
  12. I'm loving my Rift S. Clarity is outstanding, I think the headset is comfy and you absolutely can't beat the price for the quality of picture, etc. Plus I like the other Oculus exclusive games which is an added bonus. I use Apple Earbuds plugged in and audio is great. That being said...I'm very intrigued with the Pimax 8kx and I'm possibly looking at grabbing one in the future once more public reviews come out on it.
  13. I finally got a chance last night to dive in to both and run a few missions. I absolutely can't get over how stunning Flying Circus is in VR. The feeling of being in an open cockpit in tight turn based dogfights over the sunny Aires countryside is just a sight to behold. You get a true sense of scale with those biplanes. Also the winter version of Bodenplatte is gorgeous. Flew an early morning ground attack mission and a intercept mission as well and again...game is just gorgeous in VR. I'm running a 8700k/1080Ti with Oculus Rift S and I'm in love with both.
  14. I've got a rig similar to yours in your sig (8700k, 1080Ti). I use Open Composite. I run high Graphic settings and 1.5 SS in OTT and I get 80+ frames 99.9% of the time. I've not had a single instance..even when running dogfights with 12-16 planes on screen where the framerate got awful. So I don't know what's going on with your rig, but yes....you can run this game with high graphics and get great FPS. I do it every day.
  15. The display looks fantastic with my own eyes..which is a much better gauge than reading a chart of specs, etc. I'm not even sure if you been in one yet, but with SS at 1.4, IL-2 looks fantastic on my rig and that is after using the OG Rift for 2 years. I very well may get a reverb...but considering it's jacked up at the moment with all kinds of issues, Its not a smart move to look at one of those. Every single solitary reviewer has stated that the difference in image quality between the index (at 1000.00) and the Rift S (at 400.00) is negligible. Index is slightly better looking but not by much is the consensus. You are also ignoring the fact that you would need a base station and controllers if you went the Index/Pimax route..and the through the lense and reviewer impressions of the clarity on a Pimax definitely don't indicate a noticeable improvement in resolution with FOV being the major selling point. Long story short...The Rift S is comparable in clarity to every other headset out there (outside of the Reverb which is way ahead of everyone BUT way behind everyone in the controllers, tracking, and issues dept) and costs less than half as much as the "high end" Index. That's not "settling" in any shape, form or fashion. (Didn't even talk about the incredibly strong Oculus Software library backing it as well).
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