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  1. I've got a rig similar to yours in your sig (8700k, 1080Ti). I use Open Composite. I run high Graphic settings and 1.5 SS in OTT and I get 80+ frames 99.9% of the time. I've not had a single instance..even when running dogfights with 12-16 planes on screen where the framerate got awful. So I don't know what's going on with your rig, but yes....you can run this game with high graphics and get great FPS. I do it every day.
  2. The display looks fantastic with my own eyes..which is a much better gauge than reading a chart of specs, etc. I'm not even sure if you been in one yet, but with SS at 1.4, IL-2 looks fantastic on my rig and that is after using the OG Rift for 2 years. I very well may get a reverb...but considering it's jacked up at the moment with all kinds of issues, Its not a smart move to look at one of those. Every single solitary reviewer has stated that the difference in image quality between the index (at 1000.00) and the Rift S (at 400.00) is negligible. Index is slightly better looking but not by much is the consensus. You are also ignoring the fact that you would need a base station and controllers if you went the Index/Pimax route..and the through the lense and reviewer impressions of the clarity on a Pimax definitely don't indicate a noticeable improvement in resolution with FOV being the major selling point. Long story short...The Rift S is comparable in clarity to every other headset out there (outside of the Reverb which is way ahead of everyone BUT way behind everyone in the controllers, tracking, and issues dept) and costs less than half as much as the "high end" Index. That's not "settling" in any shape, form or fashion. (Didn't even talk about the incredibly strong Oculus Software library backing it as well).
  3. IMO..absolutely. And this is using my own eyes, which is the best judge. Coming from OG Rift...it's an absolute noticeable improvement. I'm very pleased (I use SS at 1.4 through the Oculus Tray Tool and I'm running an i7-8700k/GTX 1080Ti setup. Very happy with my purchase.
  4. The display is fantastic, the headset is comfortable, and the price is amazing. Not really sure that's considered "settling".
  5. I can definitely endorse the Rift S for you. Coming from a Rift, the increase in clarity is striking and the headset is very comfortable with the halo. I use my Apple Iphone Earbuds and the sound is great. You absolutely cannot beat the performance, clarity, etc. at 400.00. I have a friend who has an Index and I cancelled my Index order after he told me that while the Index is awesome, it's not "600 more dollars awesome" than the Rift S. You'll love it.
  6. Advantages: Everything. No seriously...it's just a completely different level once you experience VR. If you are all about realism..it doesn't get any more real than physically putting yourself INTO the cockpit. I'm tempted to get the IL-2 Tank Sim as well and see if it's equally as immersive.
  7. I have a CV1. I have a Rift S. I can tell you...by looking with my own eyes...there is a huge clarity jump going from CV1 to Rift S. To me..after seeing it first hand..it is a very worthwhile upgrade. And quite frankly...I may cancel my Index order as the difference in clarity between the 400.00 Rift S and the 1000.00 Index package is minimal. Certainly not a 600.00 improvement. I'm immensely happy with the Rift S.
  8. I've seen probably 20+ reviews of the index. So far, the overwhelming conclusion appears to be. Very nice headset Very nice controllers The best overall HMD on the market BUT....not 2.5 times better than a Rift S, Vive Pro, etc. I've got one on order that will be available in Sept/Oct..but honestly..after spending an entire weekend with the Rift S I purchased last week....I'm very very happy with it and it cost me less than half what the Index does. I've got time to think it over...but the Rift S clarity and comfort are winners for me after probably 20+ hours in the headset since Friday. 1000.00 for another full kit needs to be a "WOW" moment for me to justify it.
  9. I'm a Rift CV1 owner and I bought a quest as well at launch. I decided (since my Index isn't coming until Sept/Oct) to pick up a Rift S to upgrade my Rift as I got to try it out when my brother picked it up and I really liked it. Once I bought it...I reiterate....I really like it. It's much more comfortable to wear than the original and the picture is a big upgrade in clarity IMO. I'm running an i7-8700k with a 1080ti and I have a beautiful, clear picture now in IL-2 with SS in OTT at 1.4 with great frames as well. For the clarity of the picture, the library of native Oculus games, etc. you simply can't beat a 400.00 price tag. I still plan on getting an Index and trying it out for myself..but the Rift S is definitely a very good HMD to use with IL-2 IMO.
  10. You are a rarity. Most folks aren't going to have that kind of setup which is why I bring it up. I've got the Thrusmaster Warthog and HOTAS setup myself, so I've got all the bells and whistles too. But still...having the ability to virtually "push and pull" buttons and levers in game would be a welcome addition and should be on IL-2's radar as more and more people start to move to VR piloting.
  11. IL-2 is by far my go to VR flight simulator..but I do really enjoy the DCS feature in game of being able to actually push buttons, use levers, etc by simply mousing over them (or in VR look at them via my headset then select). As one downside of VR for many people is not seeing the keyboard..adding a feature similar to DCS would be a huge addition for the VR junkies who don't have the means to use muscle memory on their HOTAS setup, etc. Any ideas of if IL-2 has or is considering a feature upgrade like this?
  12. Anyone in here proclaiming that VR is "dying" is completely out of touch. https://www.statista.com/statistics/591181/global-augmented-virtual-reality-market-size/ VR market expected to go from 9 billion to over 160 billion in the next 5 years. Not exactly the death march some on here are proclaiming. I've done both Track IR and VR.... Track IR can't hold VR's jockstrap when it comes to full immersion. It's not even a discussion. Yes...Track IR lets you use your pancake monitor..but being able to flick your neck like an owl and see 180 degrees behind you on that same monitor is not even comparable to seeing the entire plane around you....feel the claustrophobia of sitting in an 109 cockpit. I even put my tower fan on me for extra immersion while I play. I've got monstertech attachments, a Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS setup..... it's just a different level all around. I don't care about competitive MP...I mostly fly SP and I fly for fun. With that in mind....VR is absolutely mind blowing in every way.
  13. I'm a life long intel guy but that was an impressive keynote. Impressive performance increases across the board. Should come in handy in VR applications.
  14. Yup, This video seems to back up the the idea that folks are overblowing how "horrible" the Reverb WMR tracking is. Looks fine to me.
  15. To me, unless the Valve Index reviews are out of this world...I plan on going with the HP Reverb and utilize the lighthouse system for improved tracking. Every single individual who has reviewed the Reverb has said the picture quality is light years ahead of any other consumer grade HMD on the market. To me..that's the number one selling point.
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