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  1. Hi and welcome the remedy for your first issue (which of course is not) is to turn off the cinematic effects in your game. You'll find it here: For the rest of your issues, it might be helpful to tell us what system you are running (system specs), maybe a screenshot of your game'sgraphics setting. Thank you. Cheers
  2. NH = Nose heavy! TH = Tail heavy! All is fine, mate.
  3. Wow, what a finding! And I always thought I thoroughly know each and every little setting of IL2GB. I'm shocked about myself! Thank you for your input, mate. Cheerio
  4. My recent discovery: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwiJnYGg4rDvAhXr-SoKHWhGDBUQyCkwAHoECAIQAw&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DA4Y9V07wry4&usg=AOvVaw3Hx6P0JjjUPqI7bWxAd5-v
  5. Check "Realism Panel" again - because you might overlooked the option "Allow spectators" which is exactly what you are looking for... See above...


    Echt? Habe ich noch nie gehabt - benutze diese Teil aus Bequemlichkeit seit Veröffentlichung.


    Ja eben, dann nutz doch dieses kleine Tool - ich habe es installiert, ist selbsterklärend und da kannst Du nichts kaputt machen.


    Moins, wenn Du ein bisschen bewandert bist, kannst Du dies manuell in der Datei "startup.cfg" vornehmen, die Du im Hauptverzeichnis des Spiels finden wirst. Mit dem Notepad öffnen und dann Änderungen vornehmen - schliessen und speichern - fertig. So sieht es dann aus: Beachte die hier gezeigten Markierungen nicht. Aber der Eintrag "fullscreen = 0" änderst Du auf "fullscreen = 1" und schon hast Du Deinen Vollbild. Falls Du jedoch nicht sicher bist, kannst Du auch dieses kleine Tool verwenden - funktioniert gut und ist absolut
  9. As I already said - there IS NO screen tearing with this setup/configuration - well at least on my system. Did you try these settings point for point?
  10. Reading the description of this mission, it reminds me exactly of those missions I've flown in "Strike Commander" over 25! years ago. Does anyone remember too?
  11. Well, I'm not sure, if this will be possible. As a modification maybe yes, but I doubt that it will possible to use it as it was designed for. Historically, the hedgerow cutters were also ploughs because the hedgerows were not a simple row of bushes and trees, no, this type of vegetation was sitting/growing on some kind of earth walls. So, these cutters did not only cut away the vegetation, but also plough a path through the earth walls. This also to avoid tanks being exposed with their weakest point of armour - the belly - when driving over those earth walls.
  12. Just above your green ACCEPT button you see a small chevron (or arrow if you want) on a grey square - click on it and you will be amazed... Example:
  13. Na - no, no, no. Königs in this context is the genitive of König. "Des Königs Tiger" if you want...
  14. Hi gents, make sure, you change the power management of your USB devices. This might be the culprit. Here is an example on how to change this for all USB devices - I did and since then, I have no issues anymore! Hint: I hope this helps, because not being able to use the SimShaker Wings software is a pity! And now, it's not a demo thing... Cheerio
  15. Ne, ne - Du siehst das richtig. Habe mich nach dem Webupdate auch gewundert. Sieht grauslig aus...
  16. Dans ton NCP (NVidia Control Panel) tu as fait des ajustements qui ne sont pas très avantageux au point de vue de la performance et en plus n'ont aucune influence sur le jeux. Il est donc préférable de laisser tout en standard, sauf la gestion d'alimentation. L'anticrénelage, tu l'ajuste dans le jeux - p.ex. FXAA 4X ou alors MSAA 2X pour ne pas trop forcer la carte graphique (j'ai la même que toi) Cheers
  17. Salut, avec ta configuration NVidia/IL2GB tu massacres carrément la performance de ton système?!?
  18. Come on, mate. Don't you see that EN is obviously not his mother tongue? - it's not mine either. Maybe you should get off the high horse too and be a little bit more tolerant? Cheerio
  19. I think I know what the problem is - hopefully. Go into the campaign folder and look for a file called "info.txt". Open this file with the text editor and change the following line: &tows=1,2,3,4 to &tows=4 and save the file. Don't run the game while you're doing these changes, OK? Of course, I'm not 100% sure, but I think this is it (100%!). Cheerio
  20. I used to be Sgt in the Swiss Mountain Infantry and led the company's commando squad, which was responsible drawing the maps for the commander, doing recce missions and coded transmissions etc. - more than 30 years ago...
  21. No, there is no difference as long as you linked your accounts - to keep it simple: Can you see all modules you bought on the main screen of your game like this (see the mouse pointer)? The other thing might be the campaign to be to old - there were actually a lot of updates in the past, so older campaigns need to be updated. What you can do, is to launch the Mission Editor (ME) and use the tool "resave all missions". This way you can "update" those missions. Scripted campaigns usually are meant to be stored/placed in the campaign folder of your g
  22. These are artillery gun positions and fortified positions (the one with the spiked half-circle)
  23. Well, if you don't own BOS/BOM you won't be able to use this campaign.
  24. Hi @336thTheAngryGamer may I ask you to calm down and be a bit more contributive? Half of your 8 posts are about complaints and rants. I strongly recommend to calm down and also to stay fair. This simulation is not perfect, but to call it crap is disrespectful and insulting, because you not only insult the developers but also all other people spending money and enjoying this simulation. We are not stupid nor ignorant, but maybe we are a bit more patient and decent. Cheers
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