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  1. Hi, some of these scripted campaigns are older and therefore not up to date, meaning the game doesn't support some of the older campaigns. With each update of the game, there are new features or even new tech implemented. To keep up these older campaigns to date, they need to be resaved in the mission editor (ME). If you know what you're doing concerning your PC and the stuff, you may resave those old files on your own. Just start the mission editor, but do not run the game at the same time, and you can resave all missions of the scripted campaign - you can even save all the mission files of a scripted campaign in one step, so you don't need to resave all the files separately. Cheerio
  2. And check your junk email folder - for some reason the key may land in there. That was the case with my activation key. Just saying...
  3. As far as I'm aware, you need to register every time TAW starts a new campaign. So, when the server is up after a new campaign is launched, you need to register again.
  4. Hi mod team "War in the West" thank you very much for your hard work - it's really amazing. As if we had a complete new game! I started a career as a German fighter (although I do not support axis side in general - SP and MP) and I have to say, it's very well done. Even on my system (spec in my signature) it looks fantastic. I installed "War in the West" on my mod installation - I have two installations of the whole game, one regular with no mods and the other with mods on. It works really well, although I had to tweak some graphic settings and use "Scattered" for density of the front-line activity. But all in all and until now, it's a wonderful experience! Thank you very much for your passion, for your work and free time you put into this project. Cheers
  5. Now that's interesting?!? It's like some kind of argument, that Adolf Hitler finally wasn't that bad, because he didn't kill people by his own hand - isn't it? Those SS people were a special breed - they were and some still are persuaded about their worldview. Seldom you find one with regrets, and if there are some kind of regrets, then very often only justify their deeds and being victims too. Maybe the "not so voluntary" mobilized in the final month, to stock up the rows after heavy losses of the SS troops, can be considered as victims too, but the rest were fanatics with no remorse. Period! WE SHALL NEVER FORGET!
  6. What ever key you bind - it's not a toggle key. To remove your binocular you have to use the tile key - the one on the left of the 1 key on your regular keyboard.
  7. What collector planes do you actually expect to be available for you with the premium edition? I'm asking, because some collector planes are not included in the premium edition. So, be sure to read the content list of each product correctly, because there are some extra collector planes not included in any of the game editions - premium or not. So be aware of this.
  8. Are you sure SLI-mode really works with IL2 Great Battles? I think I read somewhere on this forum, that SLI-mode actually doesn't work. Maybe someone can some more information about this?
  9. Hi Pjmack, you don't need to change anything, if you ask me. Your work is great from the beginning - there is nothing wrong about it. Sorry for the misunderstanding (EN is not my mother tongue). I was just wondering about how you did these camera windows technically, they already look very convincing and good. As I already told you, I do actually know nothing about skinning etc. I was just wondering if it was actually possible to alter the skin - without hacking the model - just by modifying one of those layers in Paintshop or Gimp. But I actually don't know what is doable or not with a skinning tool. Cheers
  10. It's all OK - it looks amazing. I did not mean this, no, I was asking if we could see some kind of "elevation" of the frames of the camera windows - a 3D effect if you will or is it "just" painted on the skin, like for example a nose art, a tactical number etc.
  11. Well, I wouldn't be that harsh - it's like if you play a demo of a game. These demo versions do not always depict the whole content or the possibilities of the full version. But for those wanting to have a go, it isn't that bad. Sure, these two models are not comparable to the models of the full TC version, but it gives you some kind of a first impression. Btw. with each update, the dev team also alter these two models too, although you still have only two stations on them to man. I think it is still fair and you can still be successful on a battle with these two tanks.
  12. This recon plane looks really great - like it very much. I have a question though: Did you only skin the recon camera windows or did you try to alter it with "bump map" or something like that? Just asking, no criticism intended - I do have absolutely no idea on how to make skins like yours. Thank you anyway - no bad intention, mate. Cheerio
  13. Congratulations, mate, especially for your patience! I tried to do some models with my two sons, but alas it always ended up with me doing the models and the kids in the meantime chose to play with their console or meet some other kids outside. Maybe I was too perfectionist or I didn't have patience, but maybe my kids didn't have the patience too...
  14. We all know, that technology does not stand still and that there is always something new for the dev to jump on - like raytracing? Did you see how many and what kind of games are supporting raytracing? I don't think this is successful story, if you ask me. It is a question of balance, gents. We are a combat flight community and our main interest should be flying historically correct modeled planes, with correctly modeled weapons, flight model and of course a correct damage model. In my opinion, 1C/777 is doing well - it's not perfect, no, but it's well done although there is always room for improvement. Now, talking and comparing FS2020 (beautifully done btw.) is just not fair. FS2020 was built on a completely new engine with the newest technology. Let's see how it will look in a couple of years. With technology evolving constantly, FS2020 might also look "old fashioned" in some years. And FS2020 has not the same community - most of the people there want to fly from point A to point B, maybe tackle with some bad weather, maybe some emergency scenarios to cope with, but that's it. IL2 Great Battles does a really good job. It allows people with different hardware to enjoy the same experience and no one is actually in disadvantage so to speak. Now, if you compare DCS then things are different - to me, only guys with high-end rigs get a chance to fully enjoy their modules. Sure, you can run it on low settings, but then it's fu**ing ugly and performance is still crappy. Whereas IL2 Great Battles allows people not having a high-end rig, to have a good experience in balanced settings and it still looks good. I want to fly over a landscape to redo/relive some historical events. If the landscape points out every single and historically correct detail, but with a low performance, then no thanks. Our community is already starting to become some kind of divided - we have the flatscreeners and the VR guys. VR guy are constantly asking for more and blackmail the devs not buying things anymore, if this or that is not implemented. Flatscreeners on the other hand think, that they are in disadvantage when it comes to situational awareness etc. - you see what I mean? Cheers to all
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