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  1. I wouldn't waste your time on this - if there really was a serious censorship concerning all those avatars sneaking around here on the forum, I guess half of the community would be banned, be it for their names, tags or ridiculous wannabe SS, big Nazi avatar pictures. Sad but true!
  2. The two versions are absolutely 100% the same. So, the only thing I think of, might be a dependency on some software components of STEAM, which tells me NLR software would only work/support the STEAM platform, which would be a complete nonsense, if you ask me.
  3. I understand your point, especially when you already have some different gears and may not want to have another type of gear on top. On the other hand, this new gear has its own right to be on the market. REPLIKA gear has a new view of concept as the brand already suggests, if you ask me. This is a complete new approach. You get a gear to replicate WWII airplanes. And for enthusiasts like me - more interested in WWII air combat - this is the way to go. Although I also enjoy flying modern airplanes and WWI crates too, I sincerely don't feel that comfy to control my SPAD, Sopwith etc. with my actual gear (X55 Rhino) - it doesn't feel right. I know, maybe I'm a bit weird - no, I'm actually weird because I sit in front of my computer pretending to be a WWII pilot fighting for my life and the good cause... Well, another brand for flight gears some may say. I think, you are doing great! And you are right, to follow your philosophy and keep it on. Making your sticks compatible with other brands makes you some kind of dependent to others - be it discontinuing their product line, modifications forcing you to change your gear too - you will always depend on them in a certain way. Keep it the way you started your product line - flying nuts like me will be glad to start a new collection with your REPLIKA gear. I'm really looking forward to this.
  4. I'm not an aerodynamic expert, but I imagine with a serious damage of the whole rear fuselage structure, the center of gravity may change dramatically to an extend that with deploying the undercarriage and the sudden added drag, the plane becomes uncontrollable.
  5. OK, I see. The update process is some kind of starting, but then stops. In Steam settings you can change the download location for Steam. Did you try to switch to another server (f.ex. Netherlands if you from Europe)? I did this some days ago, when update 4.501 had some trouble getting installed (always started automatically, but immediately paused only to restart again - like a loop).
  6. Deutsch ist wohl nicht Deine Muttersprache, oder?
  7. Well done, mate, nice video and gorgeous hardware you produced - BUT, do me a favour, please! No more videos with shorts!!! I hate shorts and I don't want to see any hairy legs! Damn it!
  8. Do you run IL2 from Steam (I suspect this)? If so, just check integrity of your game on the Steam platform.
  9. You got the Windows Taskbar when not in fullscreen mode? Strange, this never happened to me. I have the taskbar fixed, not in hide mode - maybe this might be the issue. Before using SRS I tried both fullscreen on and off on different occasions when fiddling around with my graphic settings / performance optimization. But finally I did not see any advantage in having fullscreen on. SRS is a good thing...
  10. Unfair advantage you say? Well, then what about users with eye problems (colourblindness, bad sight). And I can continue and tell you, I find it unfair that some of the guys can afford the newest GPU and newest monitors/VR headset and I can not?
  11. Hi and welcome maybe you want try these school missions done by @Utopioneer - although not all planes are available yet (bombers), but it's a start for sure: These missions are very well done, and even for experienced virtual pilots it's fun to fly and learn some new aspects. Cheers
  12. Are you aware that the Pe2-35 does NOT control the RPM via handle but with a switch? Only the Pe2-87 controls RPM via handle. Just saying.
  13. Hi mate, may I ask you to share your startup.cfg file? Just make a copy of it and rename the extension *.cfg to *.txt. This should allow you to post it here as an attachment. With this, can you indicate us the path you have installed your game? Would be helpful too. And while you are at it, please tell us something about your system (like f.ex. WinOS, CPU, GPU and RAM). Thank you. Cheers
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