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  1. So, you can test your axis settings in the game (key mapping section)? And they seem OK? No spikes, no erratic behaviour? In this case have a look in the realism panel and see if you don't have any assistance ticked. Engine management assistance is bad, because it will interfere with your input.
  2. Have you thought about the idea that maybe those two picture were not taken with the same graphic settings? Especially the first one might be from an older DD with the previous graphic options and the second one with the you graphic engine adaptions like Deferred Shading etc. Think about it. Just saying.
  3. Maybe typo? 24 hours instead of 24 missions? Don't know, but would make more sense to me. And if your reputation is generally OK, it shouldn't be a problem. Cheers
  4. @The-Doctor Hi mate, please remove my name from your list - I couldn't resist and pre-ordered BON because I couldn't wait. Cheers
  5. Mirror settings in IL2 GB? Well, I can tell you the following according to my experience: - if you use "complex" mode, then it is certainly nice, but the toll on performance is very high - if you use "medium" mode, it is still nice and you will see all you need in combat and performance-wise it is great - if you use "simple" mode, well as it states, simple and sometimes confusing because you only see your opponent, but nothing more - it is simple - if you use "off" mode, then nothing happens, except you might gain some extra FPS. Seeing your rig's information, you may try "complex" mode, although spotting wise you will not gain any advantage. With my system I set the mirror mode to "medium" - it runs well and I can spot the guy just before he shoots me down.
  6. Yes, this would be very, very nice. But as long as CLOD X is successful and TeamFusion keeps building new content/updates, this actually won't likely happen. Maybe I wrong, but I remember reading something like that in the past on this forum from official sides.
  7. It's actually exactly that way it works - you get all with the first installation of the game, but you only have access to items you purchased and therefore are unlocked. Concerning the maps, you only have fully access for all maps (even those you don't own) in Multiplayer mode - and that is a good thing because how would this be manageable on MP servers? Impossible, if you ask me.
  8. Thank you, but why the heck you stored these files on Keep2Share with those silly download speed options? Better store it on something like Google Drive etc. I've got a 500/500 optic fibre and normally get a file of 10 MB in seconds - but here in more than 2 minutes? Ridiculous - it's like driving a Porsche on a highway at full speed with full breaks on.
  9. That actually what I have and I do not have any stutters, although graphic's options not all on max, but all on high.
  10. I think this issue IS on their priority list and it is actually in the top region. Problem is with the new implemented render technique (Deferred Shading), they have to tune the whole picture with it. It's like a sound engineer having a brand new sound mixer - to keep a band's sound and enhancing it at the same time is not a piece of cake. With every update since, we've always seen some small steps to improve spotting issues - small steps, yes, but they're working on it. So don't be that harsh, because we're all in the same boat - I don't see people having an advantage over others. It's like people wearing glasses and people having a perfect eye sight. That's how I perceive this. And I prefer small but successful steps, than a quick shot like they did with the "bubble incident" only to aggravate a minor issue. Period. Cheers and have a nice comfy day
  11. Hi gents, I would like to know what the new options "FXAA" and "SMAA" actually do and what is the difference of it. Also, it would be really nice to have some more detailed explanation about it, because the manual does only mention these new options, but without going into details. I'd appreciate some info - thank you very much. Cheers
  12. Log into the IL2Sturmovik store and get the key from there - you will get it nowhere else, mate.
  13. Well, I find this attitude some kind of strange - I don't have master degree in economics, but how is the dev team supposed to fund the development of VR? Let me guess, a lot of people are used to get things for free from the community - be it mods, skins, graphical enhancement, support - and the fact that the guys of this dev team came from the "free contributors" (even though being professionals) let them think they shouldn't charge prizes like companies would actually do. I mean, shall they still work for free? I don't like this selfish attitude and I'm sure those complaining about the prize tag are the first ones not willing to work for free. They should think about it.
  14. Yep, this is actually your gunner telling you to break (left = red, green = right) - intercom wasn't present in IL2 or if so, not very reliable. If you watch your video again, you will notice that you're being attacked on your final approach (flak is also trying to protect the airfield).
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