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  1. Ah yes, thank you - but when did you say will the version 4.008 be released? I forgot it.
  2. Absolutely NOT suitable for our beloved simulation environment and it's objects - this won't blend into one great picture. Just look at the towns with their urban regions - typical "photorealistic" satellite / google earth texture with some objects placed on it. This is definitely not the way to go. So, that being said, I prefer to miss some roads or rivers instead of having those ugly ORBX maps, which may be OK for civil flight simulations where you fly high anyway and only approach the ground for landing or crashing...
  3. Tu as raison, Habu, mais si tu fais régulièrement des sauvegardes (après chaque update), tu risques beaucoup moins.
  4. Tu trouves ça dans ton répertoire de jeux. Copies le répertoire "input" dans un lieu sûr et c'est bon. Et si tu veux, copies aussi le fichier "startup.cfg", qui gère ta configuration du jeux (configuration système graphique etc.).
  5. Yep, but it's some time ago - they said, they wanted this because it reminds them of their childhood - they loved to make soap bubbles...
  6. Oh my god, help! I got AviADD - damn, didn't notice any symptoms...
  7. Comme @Habu la déjà mentionné - tu ne voles pas vraiment en VR, non? Alors pourquoi ce procurer un TrackIR? Je t'ai marqué les position de configuration mal saines pour ton système en rouge et te conseille de changer de Ultra en Elevé (flèche verte): 1. Enable VR HMD - à désactiver, tant que tu n'as pas de casque VR 2. Miroirs - changes ça en simple ou moyen, car ça bouffe énormément. 3. Détail distant du décor - baises sur normal 4. Grass quality - à changer sur normal 5. SSAO/HDR - pas bon pour les systèmes un peu limités 6. Distant buildings - je te conseille d'éviter ça aussi, ça bouffe. Je pense qu'avec ces réglages là, ça devrait mieux marcher. En plus, tu pourrais même augmenter ta résolution d'écran et peut-être aussi changer de mode anticrénelage de FXAA à MSAA. C'est à essayer. Ciao
  8. Didn't forget this detail? Click on the arrow on the right and everything's fine.
  9. I don't know, but sincerely really hope it's going to be done by 1C.
  10. Echt? Bist Du wirklich einer der glücklichen Piloten, die einen der 7 einsatzfähigen Eurofighter der Luftwaffe fliegen darf? Gratulation.
  11. =o=Therion + BoN Thank you very much, mate. Cheers
  12. Well, as long as you're driving a tank, there isn't really an issue concerning performance. Once you sit in an airplane then it's a different story, quite stuttering.
  13. Gentlemen, I hate cheating as most of you all do and it's useless to analyse the psychology / mind set of these poor people cheating all the way to achieve results. On the other hand I'm a bit puzzled that it seems nothing is done by the dev to avoid cheating (I know there is always a way and you can't avoid all), although they once (not to long ago) announced their IL2-Sturmovik Security Branch. Here you got the link: Now, this seems to be a "paper tiger" or did I miss something? As for a remedy I suggest the user identification should not be done through the nickname, which can be changed in a glimpse, but through the mail address, which is bound to the game and can't be changed without contacting support and with a serious reason. This would be much easier and very effective. Email address would be bullet proof, if you ask me. Cheerio P.S.: I even contributed the French translation for this board - pff...
  14. I don't think it has much to do with the new tech. The spotting issue is much older and if I remember correctly it all started with the discussion whereas the famous 9 km bubble is realistic or not. There were many honks complaining about this bubble and stated this was completely unrealistic etc. Before the dev team touched this 9 km bubble, spotting was not an issue or at least not that much of an issue as it is today. In German language there is a saying: "Too many cooks will spoil the porridge". And that's exactly what happened here with the spotting, if you ask me.
  15. Sorry, bad news for you: your graphics card is far to low/weak to run the game reasonably. Your 8 GB ram is also bit tight. The CPU, although not very new, should handle the game more or less well. Cheers
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